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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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Sheryl Sta. Ana
Sheryl Sta. Ana Hace 12 días
Where can we see the film safely?
Ck Tam
Ck Tam Hace 17 días
#boycottmulan Mulan supposed to be a female character who fight for justice and female empowerment. Lau expresses her support to police brutality of Hong Kong, which act and stance differently with Mulan. Numbers of harassment by police towards both male and female were recorded and reported.
Pash Vang
Pash Vang Hace 17 días
I would change the line from kingdom to country, much better.
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 21 un día
Wow 🌹
Folklore & Legend From Ancient China, Tai Chi
Mulan (about 412-502) is a renowned legendary heroine in China.
Anthony DeGrenier
Anthony DeGrenier Hace un mes
im so pumped this is PG13
Tigon Hace un mes
This movie deserves a fucking bill at the box office!
Handsome 1314
Handsome 1314 Hace un mes
#Standwithmulan #boycottbully I love you yifei.
Top Insight
Top Insight Hace un mes
Living Mulan #realDragonPrincess sends best wish to the film: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-k2fmFxcV4F4.html
jj Hace un mes
These #standwithHongKong protestors are brainwashed and full of bigotry. Like Mulan, Liu Yifei is defending her country from these hypocritical racists. You guys talk about police brutality, well how about these “peaceful protestors” who’ve set a man on fire and killed dissenters???? So much for “democracy” LMAO
Claribel Morris
Claribel Morris Hace un mes
protect my family 😘😘
Louis Robert
Louis Robert Hace un mes
Rachelle Khoo
Rachelle Khoo Hace un mes
0:12 is lit! 🔥
Rachelle Khoo
Rachelle Khoo Hace un mes
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge Hace un mes
phantom lover
phantom lover Hace un mes
Her fair looks fabulous!
Rachelle Khoo
Rachelle Khoo Hace un mes
Best Hace un mes
Brianna jostle What the?
Madeline R
Madeline R Hace un mes
So cool that they decided to use celldewller for this
FindYourWay Chucky
FindYourWay Chucky Hace un mes
Hello the song used in the trailer is from the God Celldweller why is no one talking about this?!
Boganja Hace un mes
Film is - Gavno
Maria Hace un mes
"I'll Brianna jostle"=I'll bring honor to us all!English auto captain at its finest!!😂😂🤭
Brandy Reyes
Brandy Reyes Hace un mes
Elsa could never💯
Wait, they all will die from corona virus
Lese39 Hace un mes
Don't mind me, I'm here just for klayton
The Only One
The Only One Hace un mes
Celldweller 🔥🔥.
Bill Weasley
Bill Weasley Hace un mes
Why the dislikes? For mushu? Crazy narrow minded people .
Daniel V
Daniel V Hace un mes
Liked her from Return Of The Condor Heroes. Would watch this.
Yu Wei
Yu Wei Hace un mes
Liu Yifei is the most suitable person to play as Mulan. In her country, there are some reactionaries to split the country. These reactionaries kill and set fire to insult all people and things that love peace and beauty.Liu Yifei opposes these demons on all social media and supports those who maintain peace, which leads her to be abused and vilified by these demons. She is brave, loyal, true, and in real life and also is Mulan!
Otakumichibi Hace un mes
Ineresting how there has been no official response to the controversy. Some say it's because Disney doesn't want to close off the Chinese market, others say that it would be too dangerous for an actor/actress to take a negative stance when they still have family living in China. Hard to say with international/foreign news so let's see how this all blows over.
panda fofinho
panda fofinho Hace un mes
disney would be nice if they make the lion king movie 2 please lament
Lawrence Policastro
Crystal Liu Yi Fei was extremely beautiful. A very nice trailer.
ღReal MRღ
ღReal MRღ Hace un mes
This song called: Breathe (Eve) is created By Klayton in Weapons Of War
ღReal MRღ
ღReal MRღ Hace un mes
Lese39 Hace un mes
Best of them all
kin Kin
kin Kin Hace un mes
Here is the fact: The actress of Mulan retweeted a post to support a Chinese journalist who was beaten up by the HK protestors in Hong Kong. The words she retweeted were from that journalist. He was the one who told the protestors that he supported the police and that they can beat him up now. She probably felt angry by the protestors' brutality and violence towards a Chinese journalist in Hong Kong. And frankly, she had every right to support that journalist and the police.
Matteo Zampini
Matteo Zampini Hace un mes
PG-13!!!! PG-13!!! PG-13!!!
Animus Lupi N7
Animus Lupi N7 Hace un mes
Dude hell Yeah
Lucent Shadow
Lucent Shadow Hace un mes
I don't get it - what are people not liking here?
Jen-Wei Huang
Jen-Wei Huang Hace un mes
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Mushu
Felix Satia
Felix Satia Hace un mes
Because of Coronavirus, I see the word "Mulan", become "Wuhan" in the thumbnail.
Paolo Argonza
Paolo Argonza Hace un mes
#freedomforhongkong #notohongkongpolicebrutality #nowushu
Ppppeach Hace un mes
Stewart Tyler
Stewart Tyler Hace un mes
SOLD!!! Can. Not. Wait.
Ken Yip
Ken Yip Hace un mes
Ka Chun Lee
Ka Chun Lee Hace un mes
Boyscott mulan
Angel Wong
Angel Wong Hace un mes
She doesn't deserve to act the Mulan role as she support police brutality! Stand with Hong Kong #boycottMulan
didi ak
didi ak Hace un mes
Genesis Lee
Genesis Lee Hace un mes
#boycottmulan #chinaisterriorist #freehongkong #wuhancoronavirus
samhei03 Hace un mes
Stand with Hong Kong. Boycott Mulan
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn Hace un mes
EXCLUSIVE: New ‘Venom 2’ Plot Details Concerning Carnage & Shriek | HN Entertainment Cletus Kasady (played by Woody Harrelson) is set be executed by the state of California for multiple murders committed and escapes Ravencroft Institute For The Criminally alongside Frances Louise Barrison aka Skriek (reportedly played by Naomie Harris). Barrison (Skriek confirmed for the film) is expected to be a fellow inmate at Ravencroft. Whether or not Cletus already has the Carnage symbiote at this point in the film remains to be seen, but it sounds like he hasn’t transformed into the film’s big-bad just yet. Cletus’ violent past as a child will also be explored in the film after Tom Hardy posted a photo of the remains of the orphanage (St. Estes Home For Boys) that Cletus burns down as a child. We’ve learned that the reason for why Eddie Brock is at that orphanage. After some investigative reporting those 12 deaths from the fire will be blamed on Cletus adding to his already hefty body count. This plot point likely has a lot to do with why Hardy ultimately deleted the set photo from his Instagram account. It’s possible that after interviewing Cletus Kadasdy, Eddie was given information to investigate the fire. After exposing the new victims, Brock’s career as a journalist gets a massive boost and could potentially place on target on his back from the newly escaped Kasady. I’m still curious how they’ll approach Skriek and if she’ll be similar to comic book counterpart or if she’ll end-up the feature film version of symbiote villainess Scream (given having similar villain names). The latter could make sense as Sony Pictures doesn’t have the rights to use mutant characters or their powers without the approval of Marvel, Skriek being a mutant could mean they might have to take liberties with the Sony movie version. However, if Shriek has her power-set from the comics that could allow her to help Kasady escape Ravencroft. While most of the production will be taking place in England, the setting of the film is still San Francisco, California and will be returning to the city to shoot exterior scenes at some point. Andy Serkis is directing Venom 2 with a cast that includes Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock aka Venom, Michelle Williams as Anne Weying aka She-Venom, Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady aka Carnage, Naomie Harris as Frances Barrison aka Skriek, and The Irishman’s Stephen Graham in an undisclosed role. The recently Morbius trailer revealed direct connections to the Spider-Man films with a cameo from Michael Keaton’s Vulture. While there have been rumblings about Spider-Man showing up in the Venom sequel that has yet to be confirmed. I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if we some some threads from the Morbius film in Venom 2. Venom 2 is officially set for release on October 2nd, 2020.
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn Hace un mes
Moon Knight disney+ show info The show will be a true psychological thriller with fantasy elements included in it The show will be where Mr.Robot(tv show) meets mcu. Its not like it has same story elements from mr robot but it has same themes from mr robot like in the show the protagonist suffers from multiple personality disorder and turns into vigilante hacker but in moon knight the protagonist becomes vigilante superhero/antihero the show will be a very different when compared to typical superhero movies/tv shows His origin story will be similar to the comic origins with tiny changes Marc Spector is the first mcu superhero to be flawed and his judgements will be unexpected and scary his intentions and motivations will be both unexpected and also cruel the show plays on the question of if konshu is real or fake till the end the show follows non linear story telling of flash forwards and flashbacks with neo noir elements sprinkled through out the series the show also contains jaw dropping moments from beginning to end the show will be dark, gritty ,edgy ,scary and crazy with wall to wall action elements and will maintain suspense elements through out the show with unexpected twists and turns and will make us guessing what happens next till the end bushman,frenchie,marlene,werewolf by knight(main villan) will appear in the series with stained glass scarlet playing a key role and carries an unexpected twist All three moon knight personalities(marc spector, jake lockley and steven grant) will appear and those transitions from one personality to other will be intresting and shows how screwed he is at psychological level its based on both ellis and bemis run on moon knight the show will be mostly grounded but references all mcu incidents through out the episodes Daniel Radcliffe is not confirmed to play moon knight but is one of the actors on final list
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn Hace un mes
Spider-Man 3 Details Hey guys! So, I have learned from my source at Marvel some interesting info about the upcoming third Spider-Man film. I'm not going to be revealing the entire plot, because the movie's plot is still being decided and the script is in very early stages. Now, here is what I have heard. Please take it with a grain of salt, as nothing is set in stone. The Kraven movie is officially not happening, and Sony is letting Marvel use him as the main villain for Spider-Man 3. Jon Watts actually threatened to walk away from the project if Kraven wasn't used as the main villain, since Watts has a major story arc in mind for the character. Sony and Marvel (mostly Sony) are discussing having Spider-Man wear the Symbiote suit in the film. If so, the Venom 2 ending will be tweaked. I'm hearing that, if Marvel agrees, Venom 2 will end with Eddie losing the Symbiote in New York, and the end-credits scene will feature it being captured by OsCorp, which brings us to another aspect of the film... Norman Osborn will finally make his long-awaited debut in Spider-Man 3. Sony is much more lenient with Osborn than they are with Spider-Man, since they don't have big plans for Osborn in the SUMC. Norman Osborn will be revealed as "The Benefactor", and he will possibly have ties to Spider-Man's origin. Osborn is a narcissist who hates superheroes and wants to replace Tony Stark's role in the world. He was actually helping Mysterio's team the whole time in Far From Home, and is using Spider-Man being framed as an opportunity to have one less hero in the world. His appearance in the movie will mainly be to set him up as a major antagonist in future films. Spider-Man will have a lawyer, and it will most likely be Matt Murdock. Marvel is already trying to get the rights back for the Netflix heroes, and things are looking good. The end-credits scene will set up The Sinister Six, which will essentially be a Sony/Marvel joint production. Mysterio will be revealed to be alive. The members of the team will be Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, Scorpion, Venom and Morbius, with Doctor Octopus acting as a shadowy Nick Fury-type figure with ties to Spider-Man's past. It's pretty much set for a late 2021/early 2022 release.
Joshua Munn
Joshua Munn Hace un mes
Untitled Spider-Man 3 - Partial Script Leak - The are gonna be some changes going on with the script of this movie, but the basics are staying the same. PART I Peter won't be on the run. Neither will he have a lawyer. The Daily Bugle - a web news media outlet - is a conspiracy theory and fake news website owned by it's host J. Jonah Jameson. As the general public is in disbelief of Spider-Man's secret identity to be that of a male-teenager, and debates online begin to surge that Spider-Man is really a young woman, something about Spider-Man's spandex and an "arse" joke is added in the context of the debate. Peter's friends at school begin to treat him like he is Spider-Man which makes Peter the most famous kid in high school. Flash is mad at Peter and in denial and begins to stalk Peter to find the truth. MJ has some side plot drama with Peter on how he is enjoying the "school fame" and all. Herman Schultz returns as the villain with an exoskeleton power suit armor. Half-way into the film Night Monkey is fighting Schultz in the same prison where Adrian Toomes was jailed. At the end of their battle Schultz suit explodes inside the prison and we are to believe he is dead. Steven Strange will have a cameo at the end of the movie. He visits Peter's home in Queens, NY to ask him about something that he has been tracking, but is interrupted when "Shocker" attacks both of them after obtaining the superpowers of his armor after the explosion in the prison. Strange helps Peter "defeat" Schultz who's power now allows him to vibrate the fractures in reality that were let open by "Multiverse of Madness" and he is able to open gate ways into the multiverse and summon "copies" of himself from other dimensions. Schultz can summon thousands of "Shocker" clones of himself that have the ability to fire lightning. PART II Jake Gyllenhaal is hinted to be alive in one sentence during the fight against Shocker, but is not shown or confirmed. Strange basically tells Peter that he was tracking Eldritch magic in Prague and Venice and somehow the trace let him to Peter's home. And asks him if Peter had recently fought someone who had magical abilities similar to his own to which Peter answers no. The real Schultz is taken down and knockout into one of his own portals and we never see him again in the movie. Peter loses Aunt May at the end of the movie as one of the dimension collapses on top of their home swallowing the building, thanks to the portals created by Schultz. Strange holds one of the portals long enough for Peter to go through to go save his aunt. Strange stays behind to deal with the threat and closes all the portals in the area. Strange sees Dormmamu's face briefly in one of the final portals that he closes. Mac Gargan and Adrian Toomes escape through the chaos created by Schultz in prison using a prison bus in the first post credit scene alongside other unnamed characters. POST-CREDITS SCENE GET BACK HERE SHOCKER! SHOCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME! I'LL CHASE YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EAAAAAAARTH!
Tina Cheung
Tina Cheung Hace un mes
Fuck you bitch
Andrew W
Andrew W Hace un mes
Fuck the china
kan sarah
kan sarah Hace un mes
#boycott mulan that actress is someone who supports police brutality
Carlos Escamilla
Carlos Escamilla Hace un mes
Celldweller brought me here!
俊杰梁 Hace un mes
Mulan: I support POLICE STATE! Freedom fighter can beat me now! #boycottmulan
Raymond Hace un mes
Basically this is a story about how to avoid your dad who may has coronavirus
Fly TH
Fly TH Hace un mes
Wuhan mulan
mrPytos Hace un mes
Lacey PowerPuff Girl
K Hace un mes
OMG I totes got goosebumps from watching this trailer.❤️
Chiara X
Chiara X Hace un mes
woooooo she is genuinely strong and fits the role perfectly!!!!!
Liz Pearl
Liz Pearl Hace un mes
Yeah, I agree. Perfect choice for this role, very athletic and fit.
Abulfaz Qurbanov
Abulfaz Qurbanov Hace un mes
If this film will not have this famous scene, where Mulan shoots up a mountain and an snow avalanche destroys the army of the huns, I will demand a refund of my money.
Fernando Wong
Fernando Wong Hace un mes
Essa atriz é porcaria. Ela apóia a brutalidade policial contra o povo de Hong Kong.
H'RiThiK' D
H'RiThiK' D Hace un mes
I have a question Shrek sequel how long to release any tall me
MrToby08913 Hace un mes
#WARS #newSARS #boycottmulan #standwithhongkong China is killing hongkongers that they dont block the border to let chinese infectors in
Nang Naiya
Nang Naiya Hace 27 días
Isn't Honglong a part of China? LOL You guys still pissing out fire and making war between your own people while the people in your own country and the people from all over the world are dying from the Covid 19? What a joke Just pls make peace and fight for the virus and stop the wars LOL
ElusivePenguin Hace un mes
Absolutely digusting how she supports police brutality in Hong Kong. #boycottmulan
Karen 1221
Karen 1221 Hace un mes
All Chinese stand on the side of Liu! We will protect our china! Liu yifei is mulan!she protect her homeland! #supportmulan
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez Hace un mes
Karen 1221 lmao more like betray China for the Police and telling them great job for hurting innocent people. #IStandWithHK #BoycottMulan
Martin Leong
Martin Leong Hace un mes
Karen 1221
Karen 1221 Hace un mes
Liu is just stand on the side of her homeland! And all Chinese support her! Some protesters always want to destroy her and mulan! You can not represent Hong Kong! You punched and even fired people who just not agree with you in Hong Kong! Many people in Hong Kong don’t support the protestors! Be away from China!! All chinses will protest our country! We can not agree anyone destroy it! #supportmulan
Unknown Hace un mes
#boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan #boycottmulan
ABCDEFGH Hace un mes
Don't support CP or Police?
Lau Ching
Lau Ching Hace un mes
Lau Ching
Lau Ching Hace un mes
Lau Ching
Lau Ching Hace un mes
Lau Ching
Lau Ching Hace un mes
Sean Berno
Sean Berno Hace un mes
I’m sorry but this looks amazing
wun wu
wun wu Hace un mes
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee Hace un mes
I can't wait to see this,looks great 👏
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