Disney's Mulan | Final Trailer

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“You will now take the oath of the warrior. Loyal. Brave. True.”
Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney’s #Mulan, in theatres March 26.






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JC JJ Hace 10 días
Ironically she feels ashamed to be called a Chinese.
Isaac Cervantes
Isaac Cervantes Hace 2 meses
I just want to see her go up against the witch
Light Hace 2 meses
Oof I don't like this. Where is Mushu and the little Cricket???? That just sucks that they didn't add them...
D'Ascoyne Hace 2 meses
Please I hope it puts the brakes on the gender equality themes. When she says, "people like us", it portends a twist where Mulan convinces the witch to turn against her "master." Please don't make it that. I guarantee it will also perturb the Chinese. It just needs to be about love of family and strength of will. Leave the gender politics out.
Nenad Popovic
Nenad Popovic Hace 2 meses
They didnt show phoenix at all here, yet they are using him as a main logo 😑😐😕 It looks good, but nothing really new that hasn't been seen yet. I really hope the full movie will be good and do the justice to animated cuz Mulan is one of my fave DP girls...
Karen 1221
Karen 1221 Hace 2 meses
I am Chinese! Can’t wait to seeeeee it ! And all Chinese people support Liu!!! Anyone who want to break China and destroy our peaceful and happy life, we can not agree!!
Jessica Arnold
Jessica Arnold Hace 2 meses
Fingers crossed! Mulan’s one of my favorite Disney princesses as a child!
Bia Bastos
Bia Bastos Hace 2 meses
Alguém legenda Pt br por favor!
lilacie Hace 2 meses
DylanTanner Hace 2 meses
People apparently don’t like the wire-flying, old school Chinese fighting movie theme they’re going for and quite honestly I’m the opposite end of that spectrum. The scene where she runs on the wall to fight them kinda confirmed it’s not just the bad guys with the ability to run up the walls, it’s just a stylistic choice the movie is making. I like it 👍🏻
GaberealP Hace 2 meses
I have a strong feeling this is going to be the best live action Disney remake yet.
walter Rodriguez
walter Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
getting Pirates of the Caribbean vibes
Jessica Turecek
Jessica Turecek Hace 2 meses
"A girl threatens our plans?" "A warrior!"
Ella2000 Rogers
Ella2000 Rogers Hace 2 meses
Irpan Halwani
Irpan Halwani Hace 2 meses
MKZaiR LaSauvage
MKZaiR LaSauvage Hace 2 meses
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Disney's Mulan | Official Trailer
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