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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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Comentarios 80
Voldy356 Hace 10 horas
This is technically not a remake...
Donavan Kitchings
Donavan Kitchings Hace 11 horas
There better be a fuckin cricket and dragon
Dommy V.
Dommy V. Hace 12 horas
Amit Kenan
Amit Kenan Hace 13 horas
When Disney finally puts out a cool movie, the Corona virus comes and fucks everything. Thanks a lot China!
Angela marchese
Angela marchese Hace 16 horas
Does anyone know. when will mulan movie come out now. it was supposed to come out today on March 27th. also will it come out in May or June or July or august. or like this fall in October or November. or why can't they put it on Disney plus now.
demaple Hace 16 horas
I wont get to see it for my birthday!!! I have been waiting since the trailer first came out!!!!
Tibatib Jurnest
Tibatib Jurnest Hace 17 horas
*Hey just a quick talk* : *IS THAT THE IP MAN AT ** 1:00 *
ryan chan
ryan chan Hace 18 horas
mulan really just said god is a women
Guillaume Conil
Guillaume Conil Hace 21 un hora
hahaha Disney trying to make movies like chinese do, but they can't haha So ridiculous... A movie made for economical reasons of course
Clara Madera
Clara Madera Hace 21 un hora
Liu Yifei’s acting has improved a lot in this movie.
n i k o l i c h
n i k o l i c h Hace 22 horas
I dont understand, if Shang is removed, will Mulan have a love interest or..? Miss you Shang (& Mushu)😭
Tassanee Kitwana
Tassanee Kitwana Hace un día
I. like it
vip roro
vip roro Hace un día
I am the only one who is looking for Mulan's prince here 😅
Burokkorī Hace un día
*Oh boy, they are really getting down to business to defeat those huns.*
Tasty SHOGUN Hace un día
Mulan is actually more badass in this one
Wings of Fire Geek Owo
Bill Le
Bill Le Hace un día
I miss mushu
Kohrpz Hace un día
Ohhh please, please dont make mulan into a symbol of feminism please dont. She is a strong good character as it is. Making her forcefully embody a feminist trait would make her character bad.
TheMortalMan Hace un día
They're making Mulan into Matrix Like, what? Just re-release the original, it looks way better than this live action garbage.
King Bartu
King Bartu Hace un día
How the fck can everyone walk on walls
King Bartu
King Bartu Hace un día
Feel like the witch will ruin the movie a bit
King Bartu
King Bartu Hace un día
Covid-19 be like i used the china to destroy the china
King Bartu
King Bartu Hace un día
Thanks to Covid-19 i can't watch this movie
James Wang
James Wang Hace un día
This highkey looks so much better than the original
Makoto Shimabukuro
Makoto Shimabukuro Hace un día
Chinese gonna hate this movie.
Elaine Hace un día
as a chinese i am REALLY disappointed at LIUYIFEI who did not even dare to call herself 'chinese' because of the virus that originates from america/ italy, she holds american passport helping evil american disney company to earn poor chinese people money!! she forgets her root where is WuHan!
W,I ,H,T
W,I ,H,T Hace un día
It's likely it started in Hawaii because they have 5 strains and china only has three and to get different strains you need time so for Hawaii to have more strains makes seem as though it has been there longer so your absolutely right
PHOENIXZ DX Hace un día
My favorite animated movie is a lion king in my favorite characters in that film is timon and Pumbaa but at least the lion King got everything right from their original even the movie suck though you’re telling me that Mulan don’t have Mushu or the blue ant like I’m OK with they leave the ant but musho? Really it’s basically saying the lion King don’t have timon and Pumbaa and these new characters in the live action movie or pointless it’s basically the lion guard all over again Disney please make something original like onward and soul...
I luv Frozen 2 so much best movie ever Dix
I love Disney but to bad the movie theaters are closed but there talking about putting mulan on Netflix and or Disney plus by the way I think Mulan's gonna be pretty good 😊but to bad there isn't going to be mushy.
Elaine Hace un día
这个美国人缴税给美帝 人家可是开口闭口中国病毒的呀 现在连承认自己是华裔都不敢 失望!
roman reigns
roman reigns Hace 2 días
How that man jump on the wall en run howw dn i know is a movie
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen Hace 2 días
If there's no Chinese dub for this film. I'll be officially done with Disney remake/reimagined films.
E. 50
E. 50 Hace 2 días
Asian war movies, kung fu, karate movies are bad ass. Disney finally made a good live action remake. The others are good too but this one love it
Abeer Kashif
Abeer Kashif Hace 2 días
Me being angry over the fact I won’t be able to see this on Friday due to coronavirus 😭😭😭 been waiting since July
Cassie George
Cassie George Hace un día
I've been sulking over this for 2 weeks now
Kushina _29
Kushina _29 Hace 2 días
How will we see Mulan when we’re in confinement ?? Will it be on Appletv so we can see ??
arian manualidades
arian manualidades Hace 2 días
Cúando en cines?
Neil Tapia gabriel
Neil Tapia gabriel Hace 2 días
this is gonna be a boring movie
Nancy T
Nancy T Hace 2 días
Mulan actress, Yifei Liu is actually fat and racist behind the scenes. What's made by Chinese should only be trusted by Chinese. Disney did a great job to make a Chinese war movie especially for China audiences.
Sky Garden
Sky Garden Hace 2 días
Now 25 march 2020 21h30 pm
anime world
anime world Hace 2 días
Meanwhile corona virus traps the cimema
lavalight lover
lavalight lover Hace 2 días
Disney dif a line of coke before making any movie now huh?
Blisey HL
Blisey HL Hace 3 días
Y si cerraron cines hasta cuándo podré verla
copycat brain
copycat brain Hace 3 días
I'm actually excited to see this movie can't wait hope to see it soon
JC JJ Hace 3 días
Ironically she feels ashamed to be called a Chinese.
Michael McNew
Michael McNew Hace 3 días
Mulon very well made movie.🍀🍀🍀👍
Halle Hace 3 días
Guys, this is based off of the more original story of Mulan, not so much based to be a remake of the animated. Please keep an open mind! (:
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Hace 3 días
They can’t call this a live action remake of Mulan when it’s nothing like the original
Angela marchese
Angela marchese Hace 16 horas
It is live action mulan. movie though but they changed it so it's not like ccsrtoon movie it's based off the real mulan. she was believed to be real person in China back in AD times or BC times
Alyssa S
Alyssa S Hace 19 horas
They can't call it a new movie either.
Itu S-M
Itu S-M Hace 3 días
The ONE TIME Disney decides to stick to the source material!
Rosa Maria Roman
Rosa Maria Roman Hace 3 días
We want an e-version for COVID19 confinements!
Via EM
Via EM Hace 3 días
So glad they didn’t try to use a white ass girl to play Mulan.
BODRA Hace 3 días
1: Where is Mushu? 2: Where is the cidada? 3: Why are they all running on the walls like there is no gravity?
iskdnsn kxkxks
iskdnsn kxkxks Hace 2 días
1: thats not a remake of mulan animated movie 2. who? 3.Hua Mulan is a legend
Goofy girl
Goofy girl Hace 3 días
*Boycott Mulan!!!
Meghan Ready
Meghan Ready Hace 3 días
tigsik Hace 4 días
I was so excited to watch this but now its lockdown.
China Superpower
China Superpower Hace 4 días
Good movie except the magic part. Is it really so hard to make a realistic movie? Why do they always add some lame fantasy to every historical drama? They also messed up Great Wall with monsters.
Nikky Chang
Nikky Chang Hace 4 días
Truly Extraordinary. Disney's Timing to Release Mulan's Loyal, Brave, and True Has Become A Symbol of Strength for All of Humanity During This Plague Worldwide. March 6 1987 Was my Birthday and This Release Was Particularly Special To Me In That My Father Was Chinese and He Passed Away When I was 19 Years old . I Stayed Home for 6 Months In A Deep Depression Until One Day I Decided That I Wanted To Honor My Father By Living and Not Dying Hidden Away In My Room. Thank You Disney, Thank You Mulan, Thank You Niki Caro, Thank You Christina Aguilera I Love You All So Much! #Disney #Mulan
Jyoti Thapa
Jyoti Thapa Hace 4 días
China means danger (like corona )
Hai Tran
Hai Tran Hace 4 días
This movie is Chinese backyard, changes stuff to fit in the China's taste (against LGBT, remove the dragon symbol), and this actress Liu Yifei even against democracy! Thanks goodness this movie is delayed. China should learn to stop spreading its bad images to the world instead of showing this sh** movie
Terézia Tordová
Terézia Tordová Hace 4 días
I am so sorry but this is the first disney movie i am giving dislike on and am not looking forward to see it
Tam Vo
Tam Vo Hace 4 días
Jet li is back!
starrkitty1 Hace 4 días
rashida mirza
rashida mirza Hace 4 días
Omg I'm so upset now I've been waiting a month and when the movie is going to come out this week I can't go to the cinema thanks to the person who thought it was a good idea to eat a bat. 🤦‍♀️ If you don't understand I'm talking about corona and I'm in the UK so we are on lockdown
BTS stands for beatiful tiny squishies
I don't get why everyone is so upset, I personally loved the trailer. Usually Disney remakes are just cartoons remade into live action shot by shot but this looks like a stand-alone movie. If you want to see the characters from old Mulan, watch animated version, what's the problem.
luke2vlogs Hace 4 días
I was hoping for a remake but whatever yolo
Andot Gaming
Andot Gaming Hace 4 días
I wonder how the sales of this movie goes now that we are under the calamity of CoVID19? :(
E. Williams
E. Williams Hace 4 días
I heard this was postponed because of Corona ... anyone know when the new date is?
Marta Daniela Brandão
Did they just ruin my favorite Disney movie??
jardeus maximus
jardeus maximus Hace 4 días
no one is going to the theater until next year or 2..... My message to the creator of Mulan.. Make Mulan free in youtube
noir manoir
noir manoir Hace 4 días
This looks good. Finally they are making heroine movies properly with this and wonderwoman 2. Hollywood is still a trash heap though. What was the last tasteful female action lead movie? Salt? I cant remember..
Chelsia Olivia
Chelsia Olivia Hace 4 días
I want to watch this movie in the cinema. But, because of corona virus, so that make i can't go to the cinema :( I'm from Indonesia thank you :)
Rob Angeles
Rob Angeles Hace 5 días
Corona virus replaced the character of Mushu, I guess.
Rob Angeles
Rob Angeles Hace 5 días
So if everyone is saying that this movie based on the "Real Mulan Story". Then that witch woman is included in the real story too?! If that witch is a fictional character, then they should have included MUSHU as well!!!! 😭😭😭
Sir War
Sir War Hace 5 días
Wow this live action movie looks so cool i am excited. But I got one question where is mushu the dragon?? And the cricket?? Can we see mushu the dragon again??
_Tara-Elizabeth- Selby_
A portrayal of a strong independent woman I look up to this
Jenifer Garcia
Jenifer Garcia Hace 5 días
Loyal Brave True
Mark Nicole
Mark Nicole Hace 5 días
There’s no singing like the original movie. Damn it!
ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT ?
still thinking of mulan has a specific love interest??
Kelley Hace 5 días
I'll be great I've been waiting for it
Jonelle Paas
Jonelle Paas Hace 5 días
missing characters might be shown in part 2...yeah😁😁😁✌✌✌
Kirsty Hace 5 días
Aww hell yeah, this looks amazing.
NintendoFanboy 2001
NintendoFanboy 2001 Hace 5 días
Where's Mushu? More like where's anything!?!?!
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