Disney's Mulan | Music from Official Trailer - Reflection (Extended)

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"Reflection" written Matthew Wilder and David Zippel.
Trailer Music by Rok Nardin of Really Slow Motion
Arranged and Orchestrated by Samuel Kim.

***PLEASE do not just take the audio and re-upload the music to your channel using a different picture/artwork. Action will be taken.


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6 dic 2019






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Samuel Kim Music
Samuel Kim Music Hace un mes
Who wants an Epic Orchestral Version of I'll Make a Man Out of You?!??! EDIT: It's finally OUT NOW!! Featuring Black Gryph0n on Vocals! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rdbEJYS1wh4.html
Eliana Gonzalez
Eliana Gonzalez Hace 24 días
BláthnaidÁine Hace 26 días
Would you be putting any of these on Spotify?
Shabnam M
Shabnam M Hace 27 días
emma deperraz
emma deperraz Hace 27 días
Me! And if it is possible some of Harry Potter songs?
Dion Ardhitia
Dion Ardhitia Hace un mes
Geek Girl
Geek Girl Hace 2 horas
Music is awesome, movie doesn't look awesome to me at all. Not gonna watch it. Sorry Disney, but this is the first "remake" I will skip.
Howard The Alien
Howard The Alien Hace 23 horas
This was the only live action remake I have ever wanted to see. :3
Balabalahhh Hace un día
Epic photo for this music
Giliardino Jackson
Giliardino Jackson Hace un día
Oh my God! Someone put this on Spotify already PLEASE!!! 😭
Zzzz Shhdjcjckdkslsls
Can we get 1hour version?
rainy days are the best
that gave me goosebumps
JMbytes 07
JMbytes 07 Hace 4 días
For those who's saying Mushu is not in the movie! You are so very wrong! I saw Mushu on it. 1:33 is Mushu that's not a witch its so different 1:55 which the witch turns into bird. The 2nd trailer in official Disney Like this if you saw it
Nrastra08 Hace 5 días
Wonder if they’ll use Mulans decision in the movie
Emmet Cromie
Emmet Cromie Hace 5 días
You know this song sounds the same as this song esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-5akEgsZSfhg.html
John Roberts
John Roberts Hace 6 días
What software is this?
Rich Cartier
Rich Cartier Hace 6 días
They simply must bring back Lea Salonga for the ending credits reflections score. they must!
Christian Salgado
Christian Salgado Hace 6 días
Rich Cartier Liu is gonna sing the song
SuperZez Hace 6 días
It's kind of crazy that a song written about a girl lamenting her catastrophic failure to live up to everyone's expectations of her can be turned into such an epic, triumphant song, *without changing a single note.*
H- G93422HN
H- G93422HN Hace 6 días
: hey Disney, why no Mushu ??😡 Disney : you gonna love this music... : 😳😳😳😳
MarcellusTheGreen Hace 7 días
My goodness, she's pretty!
BlueSky2019 Hace 7 días
Refelction is the most most iconic song from Mulan. The trailer looks amazing and I cant wait to see it! I cant wait to see what changes they add compared to the animated one
Adrián Reina
Adrián Reina Hace 8 días
A woman who doesn't need draw attention to show us what she is, a brave warrior, pushing behind a costume for the sake of others. Best disney's princess.
Dr. Guh Costa
Dr. Guh Costa Hace 8 días
When will my reflection show who I am insideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
nong noiz
nong noiz Hace 8 días
So beautiful arrangement .
Mohamed Ahuzam
Mohamed Ahuzam Hace 9 días
Someone sing this song as a reply. I dare you.
Bettina Puskás
Bettina Puskás Hace 9 días
I love the music, but sadly the movie can not give me anything new since there's a Chinese historical version from Mulan and i read the myths about her too. That is why the animated version was entertaining.
Mai Thao
Mai Thao Hace 9 días
Nothing but tears...😭😭😭😭 love it!
Taco Peters
Taco Peters Hace 9 días
Yongqing Yu
Yongqing Yu Hace 11 días
Hi, can you recreate the trailer music in the Mulan "Impossible" TV spot? Love your music! Thx!:)
_Af TeR_
_Af TeR_ Hace 12 días
Sorry but I hope she doesnt get any love interest in this film I said it bye
The Dragon Era
The Dragon Era Hace 12 días
Guys I’m so hype for this
Tops Universal
Tops Universal Hace 12 días
El mejor eres ❤️🎉🎊🤣🍻🇨🇱
rye xtopher
rye xtopher Hace 13 días
I have teary eyes listening to this. 😥❤
Deepesh Gautam
Deepesh Gautam Hace 13 días
Please upload help arrives(avengers infinity war) by alan silvestri in epic version
Roxy Gyo
Roxy Gyo Hace 13 días
*Women find The Father who loves you truly, the God of universe, the one who picked you like the FLOWERS of Cherry Trees.* His Son Jesus Christ is the Life, The Truth and The Way. Love you all... You are beautiful.
dvlarry Hace 14 días
Is this based on previous material? Very rousing and emotional in the trailer.
Wonderland Hace 15 días
Finally princess mulan.
Hello there
Hello there Hace 15 días
I made my parrot listen to this song Now she's a phoenix
Ryo Octaviano
Ryo Octaviano Hace 15 días
can somebody creat her on Total war three kingdom just saying
Chris Small
Chris Small Hace 15 días
It's like a mash between "part of your world" and "creep". Perfect.
Dulu Ribeiro
Dulu Ribeiro Hace 16 días
Chris Small
Chris Small Hace 16 días
0:10 0:24 0:48 1:14 1:24 1:39 2:00 2:16 2:40 3:07 3:16 3:30
GuitarTuntikon Hace 16 días
Michele Zana
Michele Zana Hace 17 días
I like this song
Food for Less than a minute
This is good
Jamie Hace 17 días
Jon Hein
Jon Hein Hace 17 días
This movie is a for sure an opening night in Dolby type movie for me !
Joshua Fortune
Joshua Fortune Hace 18 días
Who's back here after seeing the final trailer?
GrandmasterEsiah Hace 18 días
Im a grown man and when I heard this in the trailer I teared up because this was my childhood movie.
Kendra Dumbledore
Kendra Dumbledore Hace 18 días
This song resurfaces so many emotions... it’s like all resurfaced at once when I heard this piece. Continue to make good work!
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy Hace 18 días
A.T. Hace 18 días
Yo this is honestly the best version of this song ever🎧🙏🏾
Adorable Nurse :3
Adorable Nurse :3 Hace 18 días
my heart skips a beat when i hear this in the trailer TT O TT
slll dkk
slll dkk Hace 18 días
I m really gonna cry. Wohwa
robert white
robert white Hace 18 días
i hope they use this in the live action during the credits or whenever
Rosette Reyes
Rosette Reyes Hace 18 días
This makes me tear up, the orchestra’s music is beautiful
Sophia Banks
Sophia Banks Hace 19 días
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Hace 19 días
Amazing work arranging this! Sounds beautiful.
GAMINGFEVER Hace 19 días
amiah aiken
amiah aiken Hace 19 días
So.. When I found out Disney was making a remake of mulan I jumped up because mulan is one of my favorite movie and Disney princesses, but when I found out I wasn't going to be the same as the cartoon I was like I'm not going to see the remake but a few months after the trailer came on tv and they had this as the music I stated crying and changed my mind real quick.
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny Hace 19 días
idk what it is but this song gives me chills more than any other disney song.
Ben Hace 20 días
While this movie looks amazing. *wHeRe'S mY eDdIe mUrPhY-*
Vegy Rahmah Wulandari
Vegy Rahmah Wulandari Hace 20 días
I'm glad my favorite Disney Princess got the best remake so far. ❤
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