Disney's Mulan | Music from Official Trailer - Reflection (Extended)

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"Reflection" written Matthew Wilder and David Zippel.
Trailer Music by Rok Nardin of Really Slow Motion
Arranged and Orchestrated by Samuel Kim.

***PLEASE do not just take the audio and re-upload the music to your channel using a different picture/artwork. Action will be taken.






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Samuel Kim Music
Samuel Kim Music Hace 19 días
Check out my Epic Orchestral Version of "Loval Brave True"!!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Dg4M-yt_RpQ.html
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus Hace 22 horas
Whoooooo is that girl I seeee staring straight back at me why is my reflection someone I don’t knoooow somehow I cannot hide who I am though I’ve tried when will my reflection shooooow who I am insiiiiiiiiiiide
Gamer123766 Hace un día
The composer of this music is the same as narnia!! This will be epic!!
вluє mσσn
вluє mσσn Hace un día
Mulan 😍😍😍😍😍
BenHamin Hace un día
I know it is postponed, i just can't wait to watch this movie
Sneha Hace un día
This rendition of Reflection is so majestic and emotional and something about it makes me want to sob so much! 😭
S S Hace un día
Literally bright tears to my eyes. Favorite Disney princess
Garrett Polk
Garrett Polk Hace 2 días
So sad this didn’t get to premiere because of Coronavirus
Noah Newbould
Noah Newbould Hace 2 días
Pocahontas live action next pleaseeee
doodle noodle
doodle noodle Hace 5 días
Jeez I feel like I’ve heard this before somewhere
True Matcha
True Matcha Hace 5 días
Wow i really dont understand people Who dont give remakes a Chance. Mulan, lion King, aladdin, sonic (the new Version) all of them were amazing But to get to the actual Video I LOVE this song. Love isnt even enough lol
Omedchazak613 Hace 6 días
You stole your fathers armor, ran away from home, impersonated a solider, deceived your commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed my palace! AND!!!!....You have saved us all.... that better be used in this one or I’ll be sad.
Viviane Seret
Viviane Seret Hace 6 días
Musique pleine d'action et d'émotion,une adaptation en film merveilleuse
Nam Anh Nguyen
Nam Anh Nguyen Hace 7 días
great sound, i love 'Reflection' song and it's great to hear in your orchestral version
Tik Tok Cat Compilations
Now add Xtina's vocals ❤️🥺 can't wait
Maria Medina
Maria Medina Hace 8 días
E n hj8 j ggfhf it thigh kung km ñ Huntington johnny Yibuti Jujuy kung ñ hj8 fighting johnny mñn jijiji hjhjjjjjhhgjgjgjg99 jjjgjjhjh89
Spinel Sylvia
Spinel Sylvia Hace 8 días
After seeing the storyboard from Steven Universe Future finale, 2:06 is the part of the song I imagine while looking at the storyboard.
Kanna Harazono
Kanna Harazono Hace 8 días
We want I’ll make a man put of you😔👊🏻✨
Xoie Veck
Xoie Veck Hace 9 días
This is my favorite song from Mulan. Its resonates with me so well
Elaine Hace 9 días
as a chinese i am REALLY disappointed at LIUYIFEI who did not even dare to call herself 'chinese' because of the virus that originates from america/ italy, she holds american passport helping evil american disney company to earn poor chinese people money!! she forgets her root where is WuHan!
brad creed
brad creed Hace 9 días
People really annoy me how they say that remakes are bad and we should remember that as they are but say they aren’t watching this movie because it’s a different story
김마에티비 Hace 10 días
혹시 한국분이세요? 그렇다면 존경하고 사랑합니다..♡ 샤뮤엘
TOKYO東京 Hace 10 días
*I’m sad that I don’t have Netflix. I would love to see this movie. I would promise my Disney heart I would watch EVERY single Disney movie. And I will watch this movie no matter what.*
Bryan Fuentes
Bryan Fuentes Hace 10 días
Ojalá este en la película 😍😍
Lucifer KGD
Lucifer KGD Hace 12 días
Goosebumps, chills.
Thilah Zulkifli
Thilah Zulkifli Hace 13 días
goosebumps 😲
Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia Hace 14 días
I need this to be used in someone's gymnastics floor routine!
MarcellusTheGreen Hace 14 días
Waiting for several years to see this movie. Worried that I might not actually live long enough to see it, since the movie theatres in my area play a good movie only on weeks when I'm working, and then only for 1 or 2 weeks. Now it's a week away from opening, and the theatres are shut down because of this CORVID-19 virus. Will we ever see this movie? Probably not. I'm getting pretty old. Maybe it will come out on disk or something.
Pikachu PlaysThis
Pikachu PlaysThis Hace 15 días
Moira della tore will sing reflection i guess?
Francois Burnette
Francois Burnette Hace 15 días
0:15 Why do I have the sudden urge to charge into battle swords swinging? 🗡
Ocean Star
Ocean Star Hace 15 días
Why..... why am I crying to this?😭
nelly diam
nelly diam Hace 15 días
vira granciel
vira granciel Hace 16 días
This gave me a humangeous inspiration to keep on going.. To be a warrior... To bring honor to us all.. I will fight...
4chan Hace 16 días
Mulan will defeat the huns with the coronavirus
dhea nathania
dhea nathania Hace 16 días
i don't know this version of song makes me cry
Vincent Cuevas
Vincent Cuevas Hace 17 días
I wanna watch mulan so bad, but every mall here is closed for a whole month. Lmao.
Red Horse
Red Horse Hace 17 días
Lea Salonga Brought me here 👍
Christian Jacques
Christian Jacques Hace 17 días
This song is so powerful and dramatic without the vocals
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter Hace 18 días
That moved my emotions legit
Ben V
Ben V Hace 18 días
When do you think we'll get this movie?
Ben V
Ben V Hace 18 días
This music alone had me sold for the movie. It's SOOOO good.
Hok man Wong
Hok man Wong Hace 18 días
#wuhancoronavius #BoycottMulan #StandwithHK
みふみふ Hace 18 días
She's beautiful
Ulises Santa María
Ulises Santa María Hace 19 días
Am I the only one that sings to this song thinking of Christina Aguilera’s voice? Literally gave chills! ♥️♥️♥️
mlxplay Hace 3 días
she is not the original singer. she did only did the pop version
Jasmine C.
Jasmine C. Hace 19 días
this instrumental version is so sad, it touches my emotions.
Laetitia Jalta
Laetitia Jalta Hace 19 días
Monika Tang
Monika Tang Hace 19 días
Viking Queen Jada
Viking Queen Jada Hace 20 días
Me: *sees this* eh might not be as good Me after it: wow.... this is the only remake that Disney has made that puts me at easy😩❤️💜💙💚💛💘😂😂😂
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Hace 20 días
This track is such a beautiful composition. I love how they added depths into it. Its a soaring statement for the main character. Has really nice nostalgic value to it.
ZLEER大神 Hace 20 días
#boycottmulan ewww...chinese
Miah_asianmother X
Miah_asianmother X Hace 20 días
I haven’t watched the original Mulan since like 2 years and I’m literally crying can sum one explain?
Debashree Das
Debashree Das Hace 20 días
I'm feeling Akwafina woulb have been a better choice for Mulan. :p
Leah Mostert
Leah Mostert Hace 21 un día
I honestly wanted to have them stick to the original script, with Mushu and Cricket, also the three men and Shang. I felt like we could use some comedy relief for this movie, although it seems to be good and an inspiring tale for woman alike.
yu kk
yu kk Hace 21 un día
bad movie
Sugary Heaven
Sugary Heaven Hace 16 días
It hasn't even come out
Zyrah Ramz
Zyrah Ramz Hace 21 un día
Man this movie was so important to me as a kid. It taught me whatever boys can do girls can do too same way for boys. It also taught me that whatever you do protect the things you love and never stop fighting no matter what happens or who tells you to stop.
JYrjre Nak
JYrjre Nak Hace 21 un día
Mulan virus
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Hace 21 un día
why does the instrumental music of reflection gives me goosebumps?
ShowYourself Hace 21 un día
Vetco Tuboscope
Vetco Tuboscope Hace 21 un día
Amazing music
Hed Bahack
Hed Bahack Hace 22 días
Check out the Sheet Music for Reflection/ Mulan: @
Hed Bahack
Hed Bahack Hace 22 días
Check out the Sheet Music for Reflection/ Mulan: @
Flashythebest Hace 22 días
i can already tell by the trailers imma cry sm
MaxsBoy Hace 22 días
Final Fantasy
voltaire balagtas
voltaire balagtas Hace 22 días
Imagine this with lea salonga vocals
Lionxheart Hace 23 días
mulan the best disney movie of all time imo
Luis Jaime
Luis Jaime Hace 23 días
So was Anastasia lol
Mishka Booba Heart
Mishka Booba Heart Hace 23 días
This sounds beautiful 😍 Just like the original Mulan when I was a kid. This brings me tears of joy in my heart 💖💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
Joseph's Blessing
Joseph's Blessing Hace 23 días
Can I borrow this for my song cover. I will recognize or give proper Credit to your channel. Thank you so much
Captain Hace 23 días
Me: is having an emotional day Also me: WHooOOOOo IS THAT GOURl I SEEeeEeEE
419 Wayward Kid*
419 Wayward Kid* Hace 24 días
Beautiful Soundtracks always get my ass crying and this is no acception
Emmary Artistry
Emmary Artistry Hace 24 días
Even if I would like it not to be a remake of the original, I still feel if they play it right, the sonhs could be beautiful
John Vincent Magnaye
John Vincent Magnaye Hace 24 días
Why this makes me tears? 😭😭😭
Torie Cojoe
Torie Cojoe Hace 24 días
This Song makes me Cry and Motivated
Triforce Knowledge
Triforce Knowledge Hace 24 días
I love this so much will it be on spotify anytime soon??
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco Hace 24 días
Well, at least they kept this from the animated movie. It might not be that bad after all
Ашула Мартинович
They’re showing ma ancestors as bad guys but whatever its a movie so I dont give af
Evie Hace 24 días
Only disney princess that proves girls can do anything boys can do!💪🏻
RH 0703
RH 0703 Hace 24 días
Surely the greatest live remake that Disney ever produced so far. This will be the top grosser movie of 2020.
Ratna Sari Dewi
Ratna Sari Dewi Hace 25 días
Trecia Tuquero
Trecia Tuquero Hace 25 días
Jhet Logz
Jhet Logz Hace 25 días
Moira ... 🇵🇭
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