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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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Comentarios 80
Math Silva
Math Silva Hace 18 horas
All you had to do was copy the cartoon.
Terrill Goodwine Jr
Terrill Goodwine Jr Hace un día
It’s coming out July 24 Coronvirus
Rallie Hace 2 días
Spring 2020: corona time
McBaifern Hace 2 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Mmv7p0vUsH8.html Mulan Parody😂
Xavy Revolus
Xavy Revolus Hace 2 días
I swear if I'll Make a Man Out of you is not in this I'll jump out a window
Tico Leng
Tico Leng Hace 3 días
as a chinese,its actually quite weird to hear that Chinese people arespeaking English with each other even family members
Emelia De f
Emelia De f Hace 4 días
Maybe the guy at 0:57 is Shang if it is I’d be so happy
Daniel Felipe
Daniel Felipe Hace 5 días
Filme vai ser uma bosta 😠😡🖕👎😢😒 😱😰😨 🖕💩 mimimi chineses
Darby Hace 6 días
Are they going to rerelease the sauce for this movie?
Roblox Master
Roblox Master Hace 7 días
I wish Jackie Chan wasn in this movie..
SadisticalShadow Hace 8 días
Today is the release date but I'm under the "stay at home" order. Where could I pay to watch this. (i want that high def bby)
Epic Lightning
Epic Lightning Hace 8 días
Yo FUCK you Disney for taking out Mushu and the music. You incredulous insufferable fucking pigs. Straight the fuck up. Don't call it a "remake" if it's not a REMAKE. Call it whatever the fuck you want but don't call it a REMAKE 'cause you didn't REMAKE shit. You are telling a completely different version of the story and attempting to call it that. DISGUSTING. Producers too fucking SJW to even understand they could take Mushu and turn him into a proper Eastern dragon (like i dunno THE ONE FROM THE 1998 FILM THAT WAS NOT EVER ABLE TO BE "WOKEN UP" BY THE GONG) of respect and wisdom; instead y'all went FULL fucking retard and decided to take out the LITERAL THINGS THAT BROUGHT THE FILM SUCCESS. Holy shit FUCK you Disney. Fuck you for generations, you DOGSHIT ass company.
Iafiv Iv
Iafiv Iv Hace 10 días
So a movie about an army fighting in the past gets delayed because of a real life epidemic.That is so fitting considering how disease was the primary killer in the past among soldiers on campaign.So you could say a realistic take on what warfare was.
Lígia Sampaio
Lígia Sampaio Hace 11 días
0:24 Reflection
multi fandom trASH
multi fandom trASH Hace 11 días
notice how when they are talking about the character it’s of a (boy) soldier they are saying “loyal, brave, and true” but when talking about wives (girls) , “quiet, composed, graceful, disciplined.”
KB 24
KB 24 Hace 11 días
What? No Chinese language?! GAWD!!!!
Zenas Kim
Zenas Kim Hace 12 días
Thank you Disney for not fucking this up with a yellow faced white Mulan or a white Li Shang.
R Li
R Li Hace 13 días
I have to wait for another year? i want to watch this already >. Where is Mushuuuuuuuuuuu? Who will replace Mushuuuuu and make it funny?
TheGoldenMan Hace 15 días
Nobody: Librarians when they hear loud noise: 0:37
TheMacek20 Hace 15 días
Jinchan Zheng
Jinchan Zheng Hace 15 días
Actress Liu Yifei is very popular and elegant in Chinese point of view, I must admit that she is one of the prettiest actresses in China. I really happy that she play the character Mulan, I definitely will see this movie and support her forever!
Double _M_int
Double _M_int Hace 15 días
เสียดายอ่ะ ยังไงก็ยังควรมีพระเอกอยู่ดีป่ะ หมายถึงเเม่ทัพที่อยู่ในอนิเมชั่นน่ะ คือมันจะดีมากกก เเต่เเบบ เห้อ
pauline lam
pauline lam Hace 16 días
one of the worst case of miscast in a movie. look at the way she shoots the arrow (on the bowstring) and the way she moves her sword. all this with the facial expression of a retard.
dinasty seo
dinasty seo Hace 18 días
0:42 Huawei logo the head
Two crazy boys
Two crazy boys Hace 18 días
Fathers around the world take ur daughters as ur strength not weakness n see what wonders she will do.
Lisa Black Cat
Lisa Black Cat Hace 18 días
I support freedom and democracy for Hong Kong. You can kill me now.
Chloe Carpenter
Chloe Carpenter Hace 19 días
I honestly hate this. This is not Disney. Nothing fun about it, just a war story, pretty much. The story is completely changed, no Mushu, and no music. Seriously, the music in the original movie are some of my favourite songs, and I would have loved to see how the changed it. They’ve literally gone head and taken everything disney about it. It’s ruined.
Angie Shum
Angie Shum Hace 20 días
People Boycott this movie not only because it's a horrible live action remake, it's also because the Actress and Disney chose to support evil over justice and democracy. Mulan herself would have boycott this movie watching such dishonorable person and company portraying her tales.
pea tier
pea tier Hace 20 días
You bring virus to us all
RAVEN_OF_WAR Hace 20 días
The actress who plays Mulan, Liu Yi Fei, posted in August that she supports the HK Police. Nobody working on the movie said anything against that and Disney did not make any statement contrary to that. There has been no apology from her or Disney
JYrjre Nak
JYrjre Nak Hace 21 un día
Mulan virus
Dien Nguyen
Dien Nguyen Hace 21 un día
Tao ko biết tiếng anh
sri yuliani
sri yuliani Hace 21 un día
Ngga sabar untuk 27 maret
William Chollick
William Chollick Hace 22 días
Since this movie is delayed due to the coronavirus, when do you think this movie should come out?
Louise Berce
Louise Berce Hace 22 días
the box office will not cover expenses
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
Louise Berce this movie well do fine
Louise Berce
Louise Berce Hace 22 días
We are fãs!!! don't let us down like that
Louise Berce
Louise Berce Hace 22 días
WTF Disney!!! Where's muchu, grandma fa, shang!!!!
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan
Bad news everyone the Live Action Mulan Release date is canceled due to Coronavirus. I hope by next month they will have a new Release date.
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan
@Chloe Carpenter Yes it is. It's just another version. It's not going to replace the original.
Chloe Carpenter
Chloe Carpenter Hace 19 días
Disney's Little Einsteins Fan I hope they cancel it. It’s not Disney at all, it’s not even Mulan.
Brian Chan
Brian Chan Hace 22 días
If we are to stand up and walk away from the applause given to someone who escaped prosecution of rape charge of a minor, then it's only right as well that we do the same to someone who openly supports a tyrannical regime that chases away, beats down and tortures those who fights for democracy and freedom. And that's exactly the same shitty thing this movie's main cast have been doing. Fuck Mulan. No, seriously, fuck this spineless bitch who has the nerve to play this iconic figure. It makes me sick!
Ezmerella Zella
Ezmerella Zella Hace 22 días
Boycott Mulan!!! Stand With Hong Kong!!! Freedom of Speech and Human Rights for All CHINA!!!!
Grabelski Hace 23 días
nooooo, release date delayed due to virus
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia Hace 23 días
Hablando en serio me siento decepcionada, siempre desee que hicieran el live action de Mulan ya que es mi película favorita de Disney, pero el saber que quitarán muchos aspectos importantes (como mushu y el capitán) hacen que realmente no quiera ir a verla. Se que lo hicieron por la audiencia de China (al ser la mayor taquillera en el mundo) ya que al dragón lo tienen como un símbolo de fuerza y poder y que pongan a un dragón torpe y gracioso es una ofensa para ellos (son muy tradicionales y se respeta) pero otra cosa es decir que quitaron al capitán porque no es comveniente que se enamore de Mulan (o algo así logré entender) y que aparte genera incomodidad. El capitán es muy fundamental en la trama, no es sólo una cara bonita, fue él quien lo dio todo para entrenar y hacer fuerte al ejercito a pesar de que muchos no tenían ni idea de que era un combate y una guerra, y al final lo logró, el hacer fuerte a un ejército débil. Se que piensan en China, ¿pero que pasa con el resto del mundo? (¿Estamos pintados o que?) Fue un arma de doble filo hacer esta película, no solo porque hayan quitado cosas importantes (como la música que caracteriza a Disney) sino que no lograrán entrar al mundo de China que era su enfoque principal por el coronavirus y esto ocasiona que "el resto del mundo" al que nos apartaron no tengamos ganas de verlo por su cambios drásticos. En conclusión, no iré a ver la película en el cine. *Opinión personal*
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia Hace 22 días
@Jorge Maldonado Esta es la excepción, quisieron hacerla diferente guiandose de la historia original y no de la pelicula animada, de ahí viene la gran decepción de algunos
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
Angie Garcia pero todas las peliculas que Disney ha Hecho en vida real Han tenido musica
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia Hace 22 días
@Jorge Maldonado Por qué Disney fue el encargado de decirlo, que está película no incluirá musica
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
Angie Garcia pero tu como sabes que no van a incluir la musica de la caricatura en esta pelicula, aún no lo sabemos
Ck Tam
Ck Tam Hace 24 días
#boycottmulan Mulan supposed to be a female character who fight for justice and female empowerment. Lau expresses her support to police brutality of Hong Kong, which act and stance differently with Mulan. Numbers of harassment by police towards both male and female were recorded and reported.
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
Nobody asked for your opinion or to comment kid
CJ Zhang
CJ Zhang Hace 24 días
Good to see Ip man is teaching Mulan
Jadis Fung
Jadis Fung Hace 24 días
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
Jadis Fung nobody asked for ya opinion or to comment brat
Free hongkong,tibet,uyghur
George Bartlett
George Bartlett Hace 25 días
Where is mushu??? 🤯
Roblox Cool Man Studios
Gong Gam
Gong Gam Hace 25 días
Les miz
Les miz Hace 26 días
only chinese don't like disney version mulan, im chinese
Jiule Ender
Jiule Ender Hace 26 días
Ye-ye, of course she needs to fight with loose fluttering hair and no helmet or any armour. Disney, where's your realism?
afmeister Hace 26 días
won't have the music, so for that reason I'm out.
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 22 días
afmeister you don’t even know that and nobody asked if you’re gonna go see it so fuck off
ইটো-সিটো -বহুতো
11 7
11 7 Hace 27 días
omg! Yifei is the perfect choice! My Milan is sooo pretty!! TT!!!
Teyyuuupamei Pamei
Teyyuuupamei Pamei Hace 27 días
Everyone: Mulan Me: Yes, Pharsa
Usagi Tsukino
Usagi Tsukino Hace 27 días
So much Orientalism! 😂😂😂
Kathryn Fitzharris
Kathryn Fitzharris Hace 27 días
This Trailer is probably the only good thing that came out of this movie. Another Live Action FAIL I’m sure
Rama Subrahmanyam
Rama Subrahmanyam Hace 27 días
Keith Lai
Keith Lai Hace 27 días
#boycottmulan #standwithhk
Jewel Stalcup
Jewel Stalcup Hace 28 días
Grew up with the cartoons as a child, and now as an adult I get to watch the live action versions! 👌🏼
TheVirus End
TheVirus End Hace 28 días
This is what all trailers should look like,, so excited to watch you.
Duc La
Duc La Hace 28 días
Who's Here after The SUPER Bowl trailer?!?!
kimberrly darling
kimberrly darling Hace 28 días
As an Asian American, you have no idea how exciting and beautiful this is to see coming. It’s a real thing for an Asian woman to struggle to learn to be strong and kind with all the ignorance about what it means to be both of those qualities now and not lose your “socially structured” femininity. If you’re a woman or a man, I’m rooting for you all. Let’s keep ourselves strong with love and truth! Edit for grammar.
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 28 días
Wow 🌹
Luis Zamora
Luis Zamora Hace 28 días
Bruce Lee would’ve been good as Shang if he’s alive and still a 30 year old.
This aint "High School Musical" Mics off everybody...
Xayane#sou de Mais SOUSA RANIERI
Muito bom
yumna amjad
yumna amjad Hace 29 días
she is heroine to all grls
kerryAnn Thomas
kerryAnn Thomas Hace 29 días
This is going to BOMB. Theres only so many disney live action trailer we can fall for before enough is enough and besides your lead actress has too much of a big mouth . # DONTgetINVOLVEDinPOLITICS
Elaine Hace 20 días
the virus from china is going to BOMB
Hans Gunsche
Hans Gunsche Hace un mes
The Mongols will cut your heads off and stick them on poles Go chingis
Jordan Chuang
Jordan Chuang Hace un mes
Niamh Adams
Niamh Adams Hace un mes
_It’ll be rubbish_
cfgvd Hace un mes
Communist government supporter as main character? Ok Disney... We know where you stand
지뉴Jeanyoo Hace un mes
This is not from Disney. Just one of Chinese war movies
Handsome 1314
Handsome 1314 Hace un mes
I definitely go to see #mulan #liuyifei. Such a fantastic film.
Jordan Chuang
Jordan Chuang Hace un mes
Red Velvet Fan
Red Velvet Fan Hace un mes
This trailer is so amazing! I was amazed. I’m just speechless.
thirsty daddy 4Boyzz
You rack a dischiprin
KittenDaKat 06
KittenDaKat 06 Hace un mes
Idk about y’all, but I’m actually looking forward to this!
lagadema16 Hace un mes
Mulan, you're a badass!
pamella EE
pamella EE Hace un mes
The movie setting is ancient china but everyone speaks english, there is a witch in the movie, there is no mushu nor reflection in the movie, (as a Chinese i can confirm you that) the history background is completely ridiculously wrong, this movie is nothing like the animation that we all love, you are not encouraged to enter cinema under Wuhan virus attacking the entire world, and most importantly the main actress supports violence of CCP on HK
Путин владимир
You are a big shit, man, you know ?
Путин владимир
You are a big shit, man.
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