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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. “Mulan” features a celebrated international cast that includes: Yifei Liu as Mulan; Donnie Yen as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee as Böri Khan; Yoson An as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li as Xianniang and Jet Li as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”

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5 dic 2019






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Brian Ramos
Brian Ramos Hace un día
I am waiting for movie 🤗
Rafa Hace un día
I know that her name is liu yifei.She is my first watched chinesse actress.Her movie never gone or so young 2 bring me here which she made with kris wu.My favourite actor...
McSwaggerMcMuffin69 Hace un día
I better see some kung fu fighting xD
Baguette Hace un día
mcheshirem Hace un día
啊啊啊啊啊啊姐姐我爱你 can't wait to see liu yi fei
Clintonomo Bay
Clintonomo Bay Hace un día
I hope she abolishes the coronavirus in this movie.
Taylor Blythe
Taylor Blythe Hace un día
Jet Li as emperor and Donnie Yen as general? That's dope!
galis mano
galis mano Hace un día
Walt Disney : drop Mulan trailer every week Us : where is MUSHU? (9999)
Ethan Yang
Ethan Yang Hace un día
taking risks in corona
Celeste Blauert
Celeste Blauert Hace un día
I'm sorry but without mushew and the original songs from mulan, this movie is gonna be lame. Mulan is literally my favorite disney movie, I'm very disappointed that Disney isnt recreating the childhood version we all grew up with. They might as well have not remade mulan at all
Tris S.
Tris S. Hace un día
This is Hua Mulan's story not Fa Mulan. Disney is honoring the original legendary warrior Mulan who fought for her country.
Jhon Truza
Jhon Truza Hace un día
Didn't see mushu and the cricket in the trailer
Rizq Akhmad Fauzi
Rizq Akhmad Fauzi Hace un día
Mulan jamella
k xena
k xena Hace un día
okay but can someone PLEASE explain to me why I am sobbing
No mejor ya no hagan nada No está la abuela No hay Mushu No existe el futuro esposo de Mulan Li Shang Y para el colmo no hay grillo Y Meten a una pinche bruja Esto parace una película de guerra cualquiera como todas las que existen Que la modifique como compusieron a Sonic mejor
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes Hace un día
I got chills when hearing reflection
Juh Karen
Juh Karen Hace un día
podemos llegar a 100.000 subs?
She has 54 years old :)
Mohammed Alssamra'ey
Was it my fault or I didn't know about this until 2020 end of January!? Why wasn't this recommended ESvid
EzRavity Hace un día
bro they really out here saying a teenage girl defeated my ancestors, the mongols. Thats wild but the animation sick tho no lie
kaylee fortner
kaylee fortner Hace un día
So you're telling me they have a witch in there but they couldn't add a little dragon 🙄 still looks good
Emmanuel Juma
Emmanuel Juma Hace un día
Wow just love this it's wow😍 can't wait for it
god Hace un día
im not crying u r
Cath Perry
Cath Perry Hace un día
OneStopShop Hace un día
Kinda happy they're going straight off the book and not the Disney musical film. Looks good
A.Z. Hace un día
This is probably gonna be one of the best live action remakes ever.
Shinigami Kira
Shinigami Kira Hace 2 días
The sound is amazing
The Mandalorian 2020
Liu Yifei is like one of China's worst actress according to Google
Eagle Eyes
Eagle Eyes Hace un día
The Mandalorian 2020 sour grapes
movielover Hace 2 días
I believe my ancestors were not wearing black all the time... I mean I loved Mulan when I was a child but now I don't want my history represented like that. They totally made The Turkish look like evil. And you can't just make a race look bad. Especially in a disney movie.. so, that's awkward.
Jean Castillo
Jean Castillo Hace 2 días
Mulan is not a princess. She is a warrior, a hero, and a queen. I can't wait for March.
Janelle Caballero
Janelle Caballero Hace 2 días
Every Asian ever “bring honor to the family”.
Blaise Pugliese
Blaise Pugliese Hace 2 días
Sorry but I'm calling it. Fail. I respect they want to bring empowerment, and they want to keep true to the story. But animated was fun, musical and endearing. You can this movie just "mulan" and assume it's live action. At least change it to "mulan: retelling" or something like that. Otherwise u flop. There was alotta criticism when jasmin from the live action aladin movie sung a new song and minor change to the ending. It was mixed and I felt it made jasmin more whiny they powerful. Idk my opinion alone
Anavey Gonzalez
Anavey Gonzalez Hace 2 días
I’m still mad they didn’t put mushu in it 😤
cleveland antwine
cleveland antwine Hace 2 días
why didn't they get michelle Yeoh and ziyi zhang to star in this film they are already season to play these roles
Artyareads Hace 2 días
No Mushu, no thank you
Nahil Parisa Mannan
Nahil Parisa Mannan Hace 2 días
Finally A Real Princess
Tom Cool
Tom Cool Hace 2 días
Totally fictional. Women make lousy fighters. In some Asian countries, Japan, women were not socially allowed to touch a sword. The question that I have is why is the mass media trying to convince us in Star Wars and other movies that women are good in the military? They are not. Traditionally, men have always been the warriors. Women are good at deception and raising children.
CC04 Hace 2 días
Where's the talking dragon?
Sydney Henderson
Sydney Henderson Hace 2 días
It's actually insane how mulan is the most underrated disney princess and yet the most badass. No other princess went to war
Throwaway VentAcc
Throwaway VentAcc Hace 2 días
"...Bwing honah to da famuhwee." Wonderful, let's confirm Asian stereotypes through film and teach them to a worldwide audience which includes young, impressionable children. Could have done without the accents; I could've actually taken this movie seriously. Instead, they all have comical speech impediments.
Alan Tam
Alan Tam Hace 2 días
From the moment I watched the teaser a few months ago, I knew this was going to be good. When I watched the full trailer during Star Wars and I heard the orchestra version of Reflection playing, it brought me to tears. Can’t wait until March!
Taemin& San Kookie x
There is no Mushu and Shang in this film because it’s based off the book, not the animated film, but who cares cuz I’m literally watching this for Mulan and the bond she has with her dad just makes my heart melt
Ice Perez
Ice Perez Hace 2 días
Mulan is kind of a naughty and funny but this one is serious. But love it
Ice Perez
Ice Perez Hace 2 días
Mulan is kind of a naughty and funny but this one is serious. But love it
laventer purple
laventer purple Hace 2 días
Shes in that kdrama❤️🤭
IdyllicPlaces Hace 2 días
Okay fuck the original animated one. This is the original original. And it looks soooo much better
Tisha D
Tisha D Hace 2 días
I loved this movie when I was a child. But I pray in the movie she does not get married to the general. In the cartoon they were a perfect match. But the real life version. Is a little creepy. But he is an amazing actor. Love him!!!!
Abulfaz Qurbanov
Abulfaz Qurbanov Hace 2 días
Jet Li put on a gray mustache and became the old emperor 😂 The film will be strong 🔥
Rachelkdpoon :D
Rachelkdpoon :D Hace 2 días
Boycott mulan. She ruined my favourite disney charater
Queen YasB Barnes
Queen YasB Barnes Hace 2 días
I hope there’s more magic and pizazz then what’s being shown.
Evelin. Lyrics
Evelin. Lyrics Hace 2 días
*Starts playing Reflection* Me:*crying*
Angelo Sarmiento
Angelo Sarmiento Hace 2 días
Holy cow, Reflection sounds SO GOOD as an instrumental 😍!!!
Nikolai Andersen
Nikolai Andersen Hace 2 días
MUSHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? where is he?????? and Grandma? and Cricket? And what is all that with the colors? and less horse riding soldiers than the original??? and yeah... what about the songs? First you mess up all the songs in The lion king, and then you make some new in Alladin, and now theres no fucking songs? wtf disney.... wtf :) haha (said in the most friendly way)
FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com
This made me cry..
joaqs605 Hace 2 días
They gotta say “now all of China knows you’re here”
Ugandan Brudda
Ugandan Brudda Hace 2 días
where is at least one black? You fucking racists!
Minipoods Hace 2 días
I’m already sold right when I heard reflection
Anna Padelidou
Anna Padelidou Hace 2 días
Please do a Pocahontas movie ♥️
LydiaMinx Hace 2 días
The actress for Mulan supports the Hong Kong police
TheKevinNerd Hace 2 días
passionate human
passionate human Hace 2 días
why do I keep watching this trailer knowing clearly well that I will tear up more and more each time.
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