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Loyal. Brave. True. I will bring honour to us all. Watch the brand new trailer for Disney’s #Mulan. See it in theatres March 26, 2020.






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SeagullEgg’s Hace 12 días
So if they are Chinese why the hell are they speaking English
Ck Tam
Ck Tam Hace 17 días
#boycottmulan Mulan supposed to be a female character who fight for justice and female empowerment. Lau expresses her support to police brutality of Hong Kong, which act and stance differently with Mulan. Numbers of harassment by police towards both male and female were recorded and reported.
Finland 4Ever
Finland 4Ever Hace 18 días
OK but why is Shang gone? He plays an important part in the story and is Mulan's boyfriend. Is this gonna follow Once Upon a Time canon and make her gay? I hope not.
AMAMI FUMIKO Hace 22 días
Dhavin Avirutnant
Dhavin Avirutnant Hace 23 días
0:42 Me: *Puts on Captions* Captions: By eating of his imperial majesty 2:13 Captions: I’m Hamelin
narissa Young
narissa Young Hace 26 días
NO! This is a SHAM! Im not saying that it doesnt look like a good movie to support Chinese culture. And there are alot of people on here saying that we dont know the REAL Fa Mulan story, and upset that we're upset bc they F****d with OUR story. But thats just it. The original "DISNEY" version is part MY generation. I grew up with this movie. My lil 4yr old butt sang and danced to these songs, laughed at Mu Shu's jokes, and waited with bright eyes while Mulan "got her man!". And now.., Im mad as H*** that they changed MY story. They keep pushing each remake. NON OF THEM ARE CULTURALLY ACCURATE! And worst of all....., I just dont understand how you take out a dragon that represents strength and courage, and replace him with a freaking bird transforming witch?! "Add a cricket for good luck!" Dishonor on your whole family!
wong eva
wong eva Hace 29 días
88 ccp
N C Hace 3 meses
This looks awful...Stereotypical orientalism. Do some historical research, Disney.
Theo Leung
Theo Leung Hace 3 meses
This better be better than the other not so great live actions
아네모스 Hace 3 meses
kiya gray
kiya gray Hace 3 meses
did anyone peep the reflection song in the background
Angela Tam
Angela Tam Hace 3 meses
#boycottmulan Why we are boycotting Mulan: All Hong Kong people are urging the world to join this boycott and put pressure on Disney. Liu Yifei, an American, plays the role Mulan. She publicly supports the violent and brutal actions of the Hong Kong police by posting it on her Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter). Throughout the unrest and protests, the police shot an Indonesian reporter who has now lost her eyesight. Two young people were shot with live rounds almost point blank even though they held no weapons. Numerous innocent people, old and young, were arrested and hurt simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Disney, as a huge enterprise supporting equality and human rights, should stop hiring any person who is against human rights and advocates violence. #boycottmulan
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Hace 3 meses
Jody Yu
Jody Yu Hace 3 meses
This looks soooo good. Can’t wait to see it
Jedi Hace 3 meses
Can’t wait to watch this😫😫😫
Jaewon Jang
Jaewon Jang Hace 3 meses
Cant wait for the new make a man out of you song
Nessa The Finessa
Nessa The Finessa Hace 3 meses
Seriously got chills when I heard “Reflection” instrumentals 😭😍💙💜💜 I CANT WAIT
Jayrad CJ
Jayrad CJ Hace 3 meses
where is muchu???
RAZ 2K24
RAZ 2K24 Hace 3 meses
No rice gum
s marz
s marz Hace 3 meses
Phoenix Prime
Phoenix Prime Hace 3 meses
This looks AMAZING!!!! I'm so gonna see it!!!!
Mafon2 Hace 3 meses
Well, it looks way better than I expected.
Alex Cardenas
Alex Cardenas Hace 3 meses
Wasn’t excited for this until this trailer. Damn, the shot with her father’s hand trembling...
Umesh N.
Umesh N. Hace 3 meses
Alex Cardenas great choice of actor for the father. Love it.
Jonathan Demelo
Jonathan Demelo Hace 3 meses
supersam291 Hace 3 meses
Free Hong Kong!
Azzam AL-Hazmi
Azzam AL-Hazmi Hace 3 meses
Gong Li ❤️
Faith Southers
Faith Southers Hace 3 meses
Woah. Just woah. 👏
Nathan Price
Nathan Price Hace 3 meses
Got to say this looks awful. Keep killing my childhood Disney.
Anal Queen
Anal Queen Hace 3 meses
When I heard the Reflection instrumental I got CHILLS. OMG!!!
Patrick Santos
Patrick Santos Hace 3 meses
I have a feeling that its not the only that gave you chills
Lemon Push
Lemon Push Hace 3 meses
Stop asking for FUCKING MUSHU
garbolulu Hace 3 meses
I actually shed 2 tears watching this trailer 😢 Can’t wait!!
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez Hace 3 meses
No mushu 👎🏾
Léon Noël
Léon Noël Hace 3 meses
Is there a female villain for Milan to fight? Or is she going to fight the main bad guy?
Kenneth Wright
Kenneth Wright Hace 3 meses
The witch will probably be her main antagonist. Im guessing that Chen will probably face off against Bori Khan at the end of the movie... might be a 2 on 2 fight as well.
ourabouras Hace 3 meses
So a phoenix is believable but not a dragon???
dominiku Hace 3 meses
Disney please DO NOT MESS THIS UP
SmellsLikeNirvanaaa Hace 3 meses
Damn 😳 Looks way better then I thought it would be.
soad Hace 3 meses
free hongkong fuck Crystal Liu
이름없음 Hace 3 meses
Free hongkong
You Will Be Afraid
You Will Be Afraid Hace 3 meses
Where's Eddie Murphy?!
Ann Mendoza
Ann Mendoza Hace 3 meses
Can somebody make an edit using Princess Of China?
sfir5501 Hace 3 meses
No white? no black actor or actress?! RACISM! SCREW THAT MOVIE!!! Honestly i'm interested, bu i hope there will be mushu, even if they're going with more adult version.
Gabby Torres
Gabby Torres Hace 3 meses
Mushu won't be in the movie, they announced it weeks ago.
Matt Ozby Cosby
Matt Ozby Cosby Hace 3 meses
I mean this is cool n all.. but where my boy Mushu??????
Jeni Go
Jeni Go Hace 3 meses
Gong Li!!
Joanna Tejano
Joanna Tejano Hace 3 meses
Aaa!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Jenn Anissa Uy
Jenn Anissa Uy Hace 3 meses
I can't believe that the legendary Ip Man and Jet Li is in the movie.... will they show their fighting moves ... goshhh hope it happens
Bri An
Bri An Hace 3 meses
The witch is Gong Li!!!!
Jinho Park
Jinho Park Hace 3 meses
Background music reflection...amazing...
Laurie Faith Prescott
As soon as the music swelled I got goosebumps
Logan Hace 3 meses
Wait? Julia Roberts wasn’t considered for the lead like she was for Harriet Tubman’s movie? Lol White supremacy is a hell of a drug.
SnoW Man
SnoW Man Hace 3 meses
ain't anyone gonna mention that the actress who played mulan is 32 but looks 23 ???
Laurie Faith Prescott
@Nero Nguyen I got 19 recently
Laurie Faith Prescott
@Coco Velez I agree. We didn't have phones and Netflix back then and we made our own entertainment. Honestly I'm skinnier and healthier now than I was back then.
Coco Velez
Coco Velez Hace 3 meses
@Nero Nguyen Asians do age well. As do individuals with dark skin.
Nero Nguyen
Nero Nguyen Hace 3 meses
It's the Asian genes. I'm 34 but get mistaken for 26 all the time.
Coco Velez
Coco Velez Hace 3 meses
@Laurie Faith PrescottOur generation wore a lot less makeup back then. That's why our skin has held up so well and aids in our youthful appearance. Plus we were outside kids, meaning we played outdoors and ate healthier. Our generation was the last good one in my opinion. S
Yvette Aguilar
Yvette Aguilar Hace 3 meses
I’m going to be crying I already know it.
arton gamer
arton gamer Hace 3 meses
Really excited for this movie
A J Hace 3 meses
was that Ip man
Winnie W
Winnie W Hace 3 meses
Crying. I LOVE the instrumental reflection!!! SOOOOOO emotional!
Xiaoyang Wu
Xiaoyang Wu Hace 3 meses
Crying on when the music comes in the background
ya'll poor AF
ya'll poor AF Hace 3 meses
Gong li should of played an Empress
Rebecca Hace 3 meses
Luna Car
Luna Car Hace 3 meses
A witch !? 👎
Royal R
Royal R Hace 3 meses
I like that they're taking a more traditional and accurate take on it. While the older version looks like a more fun experience, this is looking like a more enriching experience. Looking forward to it!
Prof Percival
Prof Percival Hace 3 meses
No Mushu?
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson Hace 3 meses
Dear Disney...fuck you for not putting music or mushuu in it 0 stars
Alberto Perez Cruz
Alberto Perez Cruz Hace 3 meses
Where is mushu😩
Dre Teal
Dre Teal Hace 3 meses
Sooooooo there’s shape shifting animals..... but no mushu..?
DI\ VIS Hace 3 meses
DI\ VIS Hace 3 meses
The version Disney is taking ia not their own, but instead based on the original tale of Mulan. Mushu was not in the original tale of Mulan.
Spectacular Spider-Man
Dre Teal never liked Mushu. Found him annoying.
Whole Wheat Cracker
Whole Wheat Cracker Hace 3 meses
I think the shape shifting witch is a reference to Tengrism, the native religion of the nomadic steppe tribes to the north and west of China. In tengrism in order to travel to the celestial world a shaman would take the shape of a bird, deer, horse or wolf in order to protect themselves
Callsign Sleepwalker
I think the changes mushu character to the Phoenix
yume yangire
yume yangire Hace 3 meses
I want to see this
Hidden Ghost
Hidden Ghost Hace 3 meses
titanDragoon Heart
titanDragoon Heart Hace 3 meses
Is Jackie Chan in the film
Lemon Push
Lemon Push Hace 3 meses
Jackie Chan had a sex change and is playing Mulan
Dmer Hub
Dmer Hub Hace 3 meses
Mulan kapatid ni Maraw :D
Eduard Catalan
Eduard Catalan Hace 3 meses
OR HUI YAU, Muse Hace 3 meses
Boycott Mulan🤬🤬🤬
Ivan Dybrovin
Ivan Dybrovin Hace 3 meses
Фуфел какой то
Bobby Belanger
Bobby Belanger Hace 3 meses
Year 2020
Year 2020 Hace 3 meses
So many trailers coming out this week, I forgot about this movie.
Shelby Ramirez
Shelby Ramirez Hace 3 meses
A continuación
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