Disney's New Mulan Liu Yifei: Top 5 Facts to Know

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Disney's New Mulan Liu Yifei: Top 5 Facts to Know // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
This is Disney’s new Mulan! We’re looking at everything we know about the latest live-action Disney princess. Did you know that she isn’t stranger to Hollwood films? In 2008, she starred alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom” and in 2014 acted in “Outcast” with Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen. She’s a singer! Though she may be better known for her acting, earlier in her career Liu Yifei spent time focusing on breaking into the music scene in Asia.
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jessica gomez
jessica gomez Hace 2 días
Out of all Disney Ost ,, reflection is my childhood fav ,, it's so meaningful for woman and girls ... It can boost confidence and know who you really are and your dream.. And Liu Yi fei /Crystal Liu can actually singg...... Just why cut out the musical scene? 😭😭😭,,
jessica gomez
jessica gomez Hace 2 días
Fun Fact :she's born a Goddess beauty" (natural beauty)
Zeldagigafan Hace 2 meses
"She's had a few box office setbacks since then, but Mulan likely won't be one of them" SARS-CoV-2: Allow me to introduce myself to your lungs.
Pete Wong
Pete Wong Hace 2 meses
Her family name "Liu" should be pronounced as "Lew" and not "Loo-yee."
Sherry Tse
Sherry Tse Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Liu, an American citizen: “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.”
Mairi Hirahara
Mairi Hirahara Hace 2 meses
condor heroes!!!
Jinchan Zheng
Jinchan Zheng Hace 2 meses
Actress Liu Yifei is very popular in China, I admit that she is one of the prettiest actresses in China. I really happy that she play the character Mulan, I definitely will see this movie!
Atifah Jamil
Atifah Jamil Hace 2 meses
I watch her movie and drama when i still in primary school.. now 2020.. admire her so much..
EternalSnoie Hace 2 meses
The direction of her music is horrible I just fell like they just exploiting her image as cute and sexy just from the video was shown. I like the slow song she sang it show her voice really well
frankiezmt Hace 2 meses
Crystal Liu was well known as the dragon princess in Chinese drama Return of the Condor Heroes. The original book portrayed her as the most beautiful woman of the time and she was chosen. I have seen many of her dramas and movies. She is the best choice Disney could've made. Come on Mulan!
Barsi Manoban
Barsi Manoban Hace 2 meses
Guys this is 2 years ago WHAT
debsteppp Hace 2 meses
gahhh sorry for being picky. It's not "Louie" yifei. It's Lee-yyo yi fei. But yes it's hard to romanize Chinese words.
The Creative Guy
The Creative Guy Hace 2 meses
O.K I cannot stress this enough. This is not remake. It's a reboot. If it was a remake, it would have followed the same format as the original, just as The Lion King, and Beauty and The Beast.
Allex Hace 3 meses
The fact I didn't know they've been working on Mulan the action movie since this time. Mind blowing.
Elaine Hace 3 meses
fact #6: she is an american citizen enjoying human rights and freedom of speech while supporting CCP and police's brutality on HK people ^-^
catira009 Hace 3 meses
fun fact: here you are letting media manipulate you and trashing on a woman who RTed something when a single unfair case happened. Here you are letting images and hatred take over you
Turq Todiella
Turq Todiella Hace 3 meses
WAITTTTTT...is this the film coming out next month based on the ballad or a live action of the Disney one??
catira009 Hace 3 meses
both of them, is a mix. There's gonna be instrumental music and the 3 mulan friends from the animated, but no mushu and Shang. There's a new love interest who is the same rank as her and will compete at the start with each other
Wahaha Fung
Wahaha Fung Hace 3 meses
The actress Liu supports HONG KONG POLICE BRUTALITY against peaceful protestors. She is NOT qualified to be Mulan, the hero/princess, with such cruel spirit. Shame on her! Shame on Disney!
wa1w Hace 3 meses
Golden Sparrow reincarnates into Mulan to fight another witch....this is great!! The Forbidden Kingdom is one of my favorite movies.....ever.
Robbie Landrey
Robbie Landrey Hace 3 meses
She is beautiful I like Asian girls too
fairfeatherfiend Hace 3 meses
No clips of her Kong fu fighting in other movies? Very disappointed.
Phoenix Hace 3 meses
Omg my daughter gonna be so mad if mulan is not sitting by the stone singing "when will my reflection show who I am inside" scratch that y'all gonna have to explain it to me to DISNEY ..I'm still a kid I be jamming along too ...I hate when they remake stuff and it not d same...let's go disney
catira009 Hace 3 meses
she sings but not for the movie but we believe the credits. Cuz the movie isn't a musical but there will be instrumental music. Also she recorded a Reflection months ago and Chistina Aguilera announced yesterday in her concert she recorded a version of Reflection for the movie
Hazel Chiyungi
Hazel Chiyungi Hace 3 meses
She sings 😭😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌 going to binge all her music 😂
Hazel Chiyungi
Hazel Chiyungi Hace 3 meses
I thought I recognised that face...Forbidden Kingdom!
princess patricio
princess patricio Hace 4 meses
It's frustrated how the narrator pronounces her name. And Crystal is her English name. 😩
Alex Liu
Alex Liu Hace 4 meses
Someone should learn to pronounce Liu.
TSZWAI YIM Hace 4 meses
There are others things we need to know about Lou Yifei She is a very excellent student. She got into the Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15. When she got into college, she started her movie career. By the age of 18, she had been part of 3 TV series and had gained a rather big reputation. At that time, all the characters she played were supposed to be smart, gorgeous and knew Kongfu. Her appearance meets the expectations of the people and she learned a lot of Kongfu moves during that period of time, which makes her a perfect actress for Mulan. The nickname “fairy sister” does not only mean that she looks gorgeous. The “fairy” in Mandarin is a kind of godlike creature. They have a lot of skills and some sort of magic. The fairies in Chinese are more like Superman or something. So the nickname fairy sister is a rather high praised one. And when we talk about fairy sister, there is no other but Liu Yifei. This does not always happen in China. For example, when it comes to a nickname like Flower Beauty or something, there could be a lot of actresses who are beautiful enough to have this nickname. And fans will sometimes argue that who should own the nickname. But fairy sister, that’s the one and only Liu Yifei. Sorry, I’m really talkative. I hope I’m understood.
Peter Lu
Peter Lu Hace 4 meses
Not a Princess....
RosePetals Hace 4 meses
I've known Liu Yifei since that movie "So Young" ^-^
lilrascalrc Hace 4 meses
Mulan, Made by Greedy Disney ..... PAID FOR, Written by and Censored by the Chinese Communist Party .... really. Disney kisses the Asses of the "Reds".
lilrascalrc Hace 4 meses
Mulan, Made by Greedy Disney ..... PAID FOR, Written by and Censored by the Chinese Communist Party .... really. Disney kisses the Asses of the "Reds".
Lawrence Policastro
Lawrence Policastro Hace 4 meses
Liu Yifei is entertaining in MULAN. Action is very good, and she is a great actress,
Claudia Hace 4 meses
Her singing voice sends chills down my spine, it's lovely~
Love Joy Escolar
Love Joy Escolar Hace 4 meses
Rooting for her.. she's good and pretty 😍😍😍
anafi jjng
anafi jjng Hace 4 meses
Awkawfina would be great for the role
Roni Nguyen
Roni Nguyen Hace 4 meses
She speaks English very cool
Sâm Nguyễn Thị
Sâm Nguyễn Thị Hace 4 meses
Not perpect.
Arcan Gel
Arcan Gel Hace 5 meses
Dada Xiao Long Nu of Love of the Condor Hero... Why have i not recognize you earlier?????? I so love you.
Annabelle Smith
Annabelle Smith Hace 5 meses
5 true fact about her. 1. she is True CCP. 2. she got plastics face. 3. She only speak English with script prepared in advance. 4. She is loyal to Chinese tyranny. 5. After all She can’t act !
Annabelle Smith
Annabelle Smith Hace 5 meses
One of the worst Disney’s movie! Bad casting after all..
Ali Andora
Ali Andora Hace 4 meses
lol didnt even give it a chance
Preston Chaunsumlit
Preston Chaunsumlit Hace 5 meses
Ms. Mojo. You have a great American voice BUT WHY CAN YOU NOT PRONOUNCE WORDS...even of not foreign origin. You can not even pronounce "chic" or "clique", not to mention standardized romanisations of Chinese names in Mandarin. REALLY...your research team is not doing you any favors.
I don’t know YouTube wanted a name for me
This looks promising Also free hong kong
Joe Manansala
Joe Manansala Hace 5 meses
Mei lin!
Danni Blade
Danni Blade Hace 5 meses
One thing that stopped the movie/story of Mulan from being a sad depressing tale was it's music and Mushu. Disney is not supposed to be depressing and it's obvious that this story won't be a national geographic biography of her so why do they have to take out the music? and Mushu?
Einwegaschenbecher Hace 5 meses
Her family name has literally only 3 letters...how could you mess them up? it is not L-U-I it real easy
Sensei Hace 5 meses
Crystal is so beautiful. I’ve watched her movies and she’s my favourite Chinese actress.
Kean Amuba
Kean Amuba Hace 5 meses
Mulan character is not reflect in LYF. She is too pretty to act & make up like a boy, she is to pretty , too feminine. And she is not funny.
Perry Sy
Perry Sy Hace 5 meses
At the beginning, she said LUI instead of Liu.
treasurefairy fellow
what's your favorite movie? "can i say it's my next movie?'" ((shshsh her smile is so adorable))
Simple Smile
Simple Smile Hace 5 meses
0:34 ''it's an honor to work with him'' here comes Mulan
richard mariano
richard mariano Hace 5 meses
Number 6, she supports the violent dispersal of Hong Kong protesters by mainland policemen.
KASAMAGO network
KASAMAGO network Hace 5 meses
American Movies in Chinese World.. so Amazing... im watching this bring back me to year 1998, when i was child... Mulan, The Armor ,The Dragon and The Music Refflection, its so remembered
Renarwin Elves
Renarwin Elves Hace 5 meses
Her surname ‘Liu’ should be pronounced as Lee-you not as ‘Louis’ in French
Girl Wonder
Girl Wonder Hace 5 meses
No mushu but there is a phoenix and a witch
Liezel Anne Osano
Liezel Anne Osano Hace 5 meses
no white people for mulan
Liezel Anne Osano
Liezel Anne Osano Hace 5 meses
it was read "liyu"
doteman92 Hace 5 meses
Back in 2007, I hear that they were going to make a live version of Robotech. I had her as Lynn Minmay in my fantasy cast.
erika r
erika r Hace 5 meses
As Chinese grown up in China I must say she is the perfect fit to play Mulan. Didn't even think otherwise at all. She is claimed to have the quintessential appearance for a period drama heroine (we think she has a classic beauty look) but she doesn't lack that badass-ness in her eyes. And she is trained for many years doing period martial arts movies and dramas. Don't even mention that she is good at English. So Ms Mojo you got all the facts right!!!
Leona C.
Leona C. Hace 5 meses
Xiao long nu/ ling er turned into mulan wooh!!!! Let’s go!!!
Sophia Ellis
Sophia Ellis Hace 5 meses
I love her accent and she beautiful
nikko jay mesina
nikko jay mesina Hace 5 meses
“I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now,”
TheNinja07 Hace 5 meses
Good. Musicals are for peasants.
Sham Hace 5 meses
Bring Eddie back❗️
Heidi Nabila
Heidi Nabila Hace 5 meses
then it is'nt longer disney princesses movie(:
Hannah77x X
Hannah77x X Hace 5 meses
I just hope yan yang is the leading man😕
Room 1808
Room 1808 Hace 5 meses
Boycott Liu Yifei movie who support HK crooks police that rape and kill HK young childrens
Krizce Chow
Krizce Chow Hace 5 meses
She got the face of an angel, but the heart of evil.
Virat Sharma
Virat Sharma Hace 5 meses
Because she opposes communist dictatorship?
Cheok CG
Cheok CG Hace 6 meses
She ever aged?
Emelda Fernando
Emelda Fernando Hace 6 meses
I watched her before in The forbidden Kingdom. And liked her innocent and demure looks bit could do action kung du moves Ethereal, fairy look and sweet but can do martial arts kung fu. How good can opposite sides of her attract...
Coolgirl5_01 Hace 6 meses
I remember she sings Mayonaka no door from Powerpuffgirls Z
Kevin Han
Kevin Han Hace 6 meses
forgot the part where she supports the dictatorial Chinese regime and their oppression of Hong Kong.
eggizgud Hace 6 meses
Her family name is pronounced as "Lee-you", not "Louie".
Nolan Cleary
Nolan Cleary Hace 6 meses
She’s a communist who supports the Hong Kong police beating up peaceful pro democracy protesters. You could start with that.
Mankiewicz Z
Mankiewicz Z Hace 5 meses
Peaceful pro? Do some research !!!
ai rish
ai rish Hace 6 meses
how old is she?
沈强 Hace 6 meses
fairy sister?😂 You mean 小仙女? We Chinese never called her that. Plus that sounds gay. The perfect translation should be little angel.....i think
erika r
erika r Hace 5 meses
no, i think Fairy Sister is just a direct translation of 神仙姐姐 which is exactly what she's called
Nurfaida Baharain
Nurfaida Baharain Hace 6 meses
Her beauty never fades! I love her chinese beauty
YoongiSHanah LoVe
YoongiSHanah LoVe Hace 6 meses
Waaaaaaah I'm so excited it's my child dream to see a real life mulan. Now finnaly after 30 years (that's how old I am) it's going to happen I'm so excited
Hej Hej
Hej Hej Hace 6 meses
Someone answer me why won’t li shang be in the FREAKING movieeee?:?!.!.!. I want the love scenessss
David Eliazar Hardy
David Eliazar Hardy Hace 6 meses
Liu not Lui
Bianky Flowers
Bianky Flowers Hace 6 meses
Crystal Liu has been rocking my sock since the early 2000s.
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott Hace 6 meses
She supports police brutality and think Hong Kong people should be killed
For Taylor
For Taylor Hace 5 meses
@trip road then explain to me what happened?
trip road
trip road Hace 5 meses
you are so biased... Go to see more and think more by yourself, don't just take what the cnn and fox told you...
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