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Be Happy Remix Featuring @blackbear and @Lil Mosey

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Director | John Tashiro
Executive Producer | Lucas Prevost & Harrison Corwin
Video Commissioner | Dominic West
Production Company | SHOTCLOCK

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Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
I don't wanna get up outta bed this season
All bad days, walk away... leave me bleedin
It's fuck you and you
Fuck today, fuck this pain I been feelin
I've got the devil on my shoulder, heart is getting colder
But, I keep to myself
Anxiety been creepin', staring at the ceiling
But, I don't need your help 'cause
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with…
Lil Mosey
Sometimes I be by myself
Cause it feel better
Sometimes my heart feel like snow
Like it’s cold weather
I know everyone fake
I just roll wit it
So you can’t come with me
If you can’t roll wit us
All of you making me mad
I had to spazz out
I know it made me feel better
So I had to cash out
This fame not what it seems
It brings bad bad energy
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
Bad days, it’s okay
Let me feel it (uh-huh, uh-huh)
In some ways, you’ve gotta break your heart to heal it (heal it)
I’ve got chips on my shoulder, only gettin’ older
So, I keep to myself
Ain’t tryna complain just don’t wanna explain it (explain it)
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh

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20 sep 2020






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Paso's Mom
Paso's Mom Hace un minuto
Good song I hope more com out like this,although the main version is better in my opiniob
Yacsel’s Chanelle
Yacsel’s Chanelle Hace 29 minutos
He said he has the devil on his shoulder ummm
tia brady
tia brady Hace 31 un minuto
omg love this song so proud of you dixie
iam_emily Hace 38 minutos
dixison ;(
Eva Gregouire
Eva Gregouire Hace 47 minutos
This song is bom
Lorna Morin
Lorna Morin Hace 49 minutos
i had no idea that noah was in this but that beach scene haha
soy boy
soy boy Hace 57 minutos
blackbear ripped off like three songs in one verse
lauren byrne
lauren byrne Hace un hora
Me waiting until they kissed: then when they did I went cutest ever sorry griffin
Melsi Prifti
Melsi Prifti Hace un hora
Your new songs which is more better as the old song
eayacht Hace 2 horas
Everyday islands
Everyday islands Hace 2 horas
Sometimes im boredly
Paighton Alisha
Paighton Alisha Hace 2 horas
Love this song ❤️ great doxoe
belinha gomes
belinha gomes Hace 3 horas
Amei muito essa música
Idk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Idk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 3 horas
Sindy Peprah
Sindy Peprah Hace 3 horas
Christian Dellinger
Christian Dellinger Hace 3 horas
I love this song omg
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Hace 3 horas
gabi majewska
gabi majewska Hace 3 horas
Crazy cheese Dude
Crazy cheese Dude Hace 4 horas
14 year old girls after listening to their billie eilish playlist
shyanne martyr
shyanne martyr Hace 4 horas
Vreytg jjjmmmmmmmm
Alexandria Vela
Alexandria Vela Hace 4 horas
I love her I make the Happ y be
Saylor Bland
Saylor Bland Hace 5 horas
That ollie was great Lmao
• {Lil Devil Claudiu} •
I legit ship Noah and Dixie
Tasos Fotiadis
Tasos Fotiadis Hace 6 horas
Noah is yours boyfriend;;;;;;;
Prettyluhmia __
Prettyluhmia __ Hace 6 horas
I wanna know why she kissing my husband like it’s hurting me to my heart.
Omar Eed
Omar Eed Hace 6 horas
U scammed the owners of the land for 3 mil so they attempted suing u but it failed due to them being black and u being white then proceeding to call him the n word what is wrong with u as u also scammed mosey and blackbear for the feature that u asked for by threatening him to not sue u
Kelvin Chapeton
Kelvin Chapeton Hace 6 horas
We all know he copied the devil on the shoulder line from juice
Julia Rodrigues
Julia Rodrigues Hace 7 horas
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez Hace 7 horas
ShataShoots Hace 7 horas
Only came here because of lil mosey sings so good in this
Davi Guimaraes
Davi Guimaraes Hace 7 horas
who else wants to be dixie at 1:55 or is that just me
Isabelle Roberts
Isabelle Roberts Hace 7 horas
Why do i now feel like blackbear Lil Mosey and Dixie r now bff's? XD is it just me?
Tianna Mccoy
Tianna Mccoy Hace 8 horas
I'm just here to see Noah and Dixie
Loves Puppy’s
Loves Puppy’s Hace 8 horas
So cute
NADEEM MOWAFI Hace 9 horas
love thise
islam gul
islam gul Hace 9 horas
Me listening to happy 🗑
عبيد العنزي
Karan Hace 10 horas
Ok but blackbear carried this whole song.
Sarah Hace 10 horas
1:55 - The part you’ve been looking for. Your Welcome.
male carri
male carri Hace 10 horas
Soy la unica que lo esta viendo y habla español
yasmine. bsoltani
yasmine. bsoltani Hace 10 horas
shaaja mcclaren
shaaja mcclaren Hace 11 horas
sup dixie
XxKara plays Roblox xX
This is sooo good 😘 ♥️ 🤗
Baby Yoda for President
Hannah Von der heide
Hannah Von der heide Hace 12 horas
Guys Noah and Dixie are just normal teenager, chill out
Beanie Boos
Beanie Boos Hace 14 horas
I like the end how she has all fancy at the top but on the bottom she’s just tomboyish lel
sheza 's world of adventure
I loved lil mosey 's voice so much
Jeremiah W
Jeremiah W Hace 17 horas
lil mosey got 30 seconds
Someemo Pepo
Someemo Pepo Hace 17 horas
aaliyah Hace 17 horas
the way blackbear carried this whole song
yvonne :D
yvonne :D Hace 18 horas
they kissed for a long time
Hibba Ahmad
Hibba Ahmad Hace 19 horas
Who else is watching this in November 2020?? 👇
Miavo Razakarivony
Miavo Razakarivony Hace 20 horas
Omg. Im the 20th million view😱😱
Annole Abubakar
Annole Abubakar Hace 21 un hora
Omg you kissed noha i love you songs
Sarah handley
Sarah handley Hace 21 un hora
I dig the song not the video. Bet it’d be better if she actual made the video. Good song tho.
Sarah handley
Sarah handley Hace 21 un hora
Got the devil on your shoulders that’s why you are sad and lonely
Trxppie Productions
Trxppie Productions Hace 22 horas
If you think Dixie or Blackbear carried your dumb asl
Chelsee Davis
Chelsee Davis Hace 22 horas
so they kissed the song so great
Team Boo
Team Boo Hace 22 horas
Catelynn Urrutia
Catelynn Urrutia Hace un día
Dear,Dixie You and Noah I so cute together remember no one can break that amazing heart inside of you your so sweet I hope you see this!🥺💞✨
Alexis Chisolm
Alexis Chisolm Hace un día
Ok but why this go hard asf
Marcus Hace un día
his freestyle tho O_o
Aracely Cueva
Aracely Cueva Hace un día
ahhhh they kised
kusaekii Hace un día
noah neck
BangTan sus
BangTan sus Hace un día
I'm no toxic army, but this is even worse than the original.
Elin Dorchinecz
Elin Dorchinecz Hace un día
She’s Dixie beck
Alexis Kuehl
Alexis Kuehl Hace un día
I think that I'm the only one who searched up "Sometimes I don't wanna be happy" P.S. 1:54
mandeep banwait
mandeep banwait Hace un día
Mosey part the best
Jonathan Teem
Jonathan Teem Hace un día
Ewan F9
Ewan F9 Hace un día
i don't like this :)
Zuni Playz
Zuni Playz Hace un día
This is lit 🔥
Valentina Lozada
Valentina Lozada Hace un día
I. Hate Wenceslao se kiss whit noa
Gabby Taylor
Gabby Taylor Hace un día
queen slayed
Faith’s gaming Videos
lil mouseys part is fire!
Queen Ester
Queen Ester Hace un día
I can kinda hear some auto tune in Dixie's part are my ears ok??
Samanta Quartucci
Samanta Quartucci Hace un día
i love you song
Kevin de Jesús Mendez Bañuelos
I like this music
Mihiro Parashar
Mihiro Parashar Hace un día
Everyone: Comes for the kiss Me: Comes for blackbear
how is gamora?
how is gamora? Hace un día
you lot are too fussed over this kiss when you're completely ignoring how blackbear and lil mosey ABSOLUTELY KILLED THIS
Feltstarfish360 Hace 52 minutos
SimplyKeyasia Hace 2 horas
WasabiAsian Hace un día
who thinks that blackbear and lil mosey is here just to see if they have a chance to hook up with dixi, but... noah beck showed up lol
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose Hace un día
i loved lil moseys part
Ximena G P
Ximena G P Hace un día
So cool DIXIE!!!!!Congratulations i love you!!!😍😍😘😘😗😗
사랑 하하
Melsi Prifti
Melsi Prifti Hace un día
let's go baby
Melsi Prifti
Melsi Prifti Hace un día
My brother said your sister come come to my school today
Melsi Prifti
Melsi Prifti Hace un día
Because your sister comes in my school
J. wasting-time
J. wasting-time Hace un día
Everyone talking about them kissing, while I’m over here not even knowing who tf these people are. Edit: i like the song tho
Someone Hehe lol
Someone Hehe lol Hace un día
Okay this is kinda good.
Isaiah Rennie
Isaiah Rennie Hace un día
Dixie d'amelio and lil mosey made it better
Isaiah Rennie
Isaiah Rennie Hace un día
WOW good job Dixie
Ashleigh 07
Ashleigh 07 Hace un día
1:54 is what your looking for
Jasper Hace un día
duggregn Hace un día
i’m only here bcus of bear
duggregn Hace un día
noo bear wtf r u doing why u doing collabs with cringy tiktokers
Jayden Healer
Jayden Healer Hace un día
I'm like the only one here for the lil mosey part
Queen Yana
Queen Yana Hace un día
i’m here for mosey not the kiss
Damani Porras
Damani Porras Hace un día
Griffin be like 👁💧👄💧👁
1:17 i cant be the only one watching this, thinking thats juice wrld...
Daniel Siordia
Daniel Siordia Hace un día
OMG OMG OMG did anyone see Dixie and Noah kiss 😱
Prakriti Madhusudan
Prakriti Madhusudan Hace 17 horas
No I am blind
Des Malfoy
Des Malfoy Hace un día
Just a couple of besties 🤪
NorCal Joe
NorCal Joe Hace un día
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
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