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Heyy!! these kinds of bracelets have been super trendy this summer and it seems like everyone was making them! when i was learning to make them, i had wished i could find a simple video like this, so HERE YOU GO! I love that these bracelets are customizable and they really dont take too long to do!
These bracelets are in order from EASIEST → HARDEST

• you want to watch how much extra string you have as you are making your bracelet!
• on the chevron and striped bracelet, make sure you are knotting twice for each string!
• the measurements below are the sizing of an AVERAGE sized wrist. for a smaller wrist i would do 2-3 less, & for a larger wrist i would add 2-3 inches. better to be safe then sorry!


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Jada Johnson
Jada Johnson Hace un año
HEY LOVES ❤️ I will be re-teaching how to do the first one in my next q&a! SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION ILL TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER!!!
maya s
maya s Hace 7 días
what’s the name of the somg
Galaxy Gurl
Galaxy Gurl Hace 8 días
Bløsso m I know right
Galaxy Gurl
Galaxy Gurl Hace 8 días
Sofia Leyva same
Galaxy Gurl
Galaxy Gurl Hace 8 días
Katelynn Savoie dame for me
Galaxy Gurl
Galaxy Gurl Hace 8 días
You suck
Beriah Hace 6 horas
I cant be the only one here after watching outerbanks
Ruth Seidel
Ruth Seidel Hace 21 un hora
this music is so sad and nostalgic. i remember watching this video over and over in summer. im about to cry. i hate and love nostalgia.
StudyWithAseel Hace un día
who’s here from glee?
StudyWithAseel Hace un día
what’s godiee quarantine.
Alex Duran
Alex Duran Hace un día
Does anyone know the name of the first bracelet?
Cloey Hurley
Cloey Hurley Hace un día
Bruh like you skip a bunch of steps in the begging on how to continue. You need to go slower this wasn’t helping me my hand is now stuck.😑
Kiki DIY
Kiki DIY Hace un día
Ok I watched this last year and now i am back because I love making bracelets in the summer
Grace Ipsen
Grace Ipsen Hace un día
How many strings are there
Yasmim Bellato
Yasmim Bellato Hace un día
Ok maybe I just doesn't born to this
random gacha lifes
random gacha lifes Hace 2 días
Jada I think I know you
Jada Johnson
Jada Johnson Hace 2 días
How? Haha
Ryn._. Brielle
Ryn._. Brielle Hace 3 días
I've watched over a dozen different "beginners guide for making friendahip bracelets" and EVERY single one was too complicated, then I found this video and thank God! finally someone who isn't over estimating my ability!!!!
benayaltun Hace 5 días
VSCO girls walked so outer banks girls can run
Mahrukh Saeed
Mahrukh Saeed Hace 5 días
It's. Fake
Gam Aye
Gam Aye Hace 6 días
This is so hard to learn because she’s cutting all the steps away
Caitlin Beaver
Caitlin Beaver Hace 6 días
Who else wants to be Kiara really bad lmao?
n a l e d i
n a l e d i Hace 7 días
I'm really cobfused😐🤨
LeMon ShaunDreya
LeMon ShaunDreya Hace 7 días
I was taught a different and easier way to DO ALL of these lmao
Julie NF
Julie NF Hace 7 días
Je comprends pas
maya s
maya s Hace 8 días
wait this video rlly helped me and it’s more clear than all the others i watched, can u do more patterns in another video??
Galaxy Gurl
Galaxy Gurl Hace 8 días
You suck
Brylie Hace 8 días
The last one is really confusing
Lynn Martin
Lynn Martin Hace 8 días
@Jada Johnson..may you please show us how you secured the end to were you can take it off and put it back on without it stretching??
A pogue So what uh??
It’s official I’m gonna wear a bunch of bracelets and necklaces like kiara on outer banks 😊❤️
Calli Edwards
Calli Edwards Hace 9 días
Brisa M
Brisa M Hace 9 días
Can you please do the first bracelet again and record how to start it 🤔
Kerrington Rempher
Kerrington Rempher Hace 9 días
Wow u rlly suck at explaining things
sara Hace 9 días
Who's here after watching call me by your name ?
Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed Hace 9 días
Is anyone looking how to make this bracelets because wanna be vsco girl??😂😂
carys newman
carys newman Hace 10 días
Theodora Cusai
Theodora Cusai Hace 10 días
Who else is watching this during quarantine?
Alayna Michele
Alayna Michele Hace 11 días
Here to learn but all I keep seeing is outer banks comments?? Maybe I need to watch this show??
Amy O'Dell
Amy O'Dell Hace 11 días
Get u a clip board. It will make it easier😀
Jolene Fern
Jolene Fern Hace 12 días
Does anybody else come back to this video because it has good vibes and good music? 🤪😂
noora eskola
noora eskola Hace 12 días
u think by showing on a fast video that we learn, yeah no
noora eskola
noora eskola Hace 12 días
love them but ur teaching isn't great. u should show better how to do them
Maya Qarawi
Maya Qarawi Hace 12 días
Her: Its ordered easiest to hardest Me: Oh I thought hardest to impossible
216_hope _fernandez
216_hope _fernandez Hace 13 días
Who’s here during quarantine
Alayna Dugan
Alayna Dugan Hace 13 días
I’m so confused how to tie it
elorical Hace 13 días
I feel like half the people that are back here in 2020 are trying to make bracelets like they are in Outer Banks haha. Me too though!
Tonks Hace 13 días
The first one is literally just finger crocheting, I learned when I was six
Jeff Scolnick
Jeff Scolnick Hace 13 días
Do you ever work with product companies to develop new items?
Ja’Rie Murray
Ja’Rie Murray Hace 14 días
I watched this last year and this song is still the ish
Roblox._player._ Hace 14 días
Ive been trying to find the background song for 3 hours can anyone help me
Naomi Bru
Naomi Bru Hace 14 días
This is literally macramé basics.
Esperanza Guzman
Esperanza Guzman Hace 15 días
Who’s here bc of Outer Banks
simply blu :3
simply blu :3 Hace 15 días
I’m too poor for netflix lol
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 15 días
www.vinted.fr/femmes/ensemble-de-bijoux/483206211-bracelets Voici mon vinted allez faire un tour si vous voulez il y a des bracelets brésiliens pour ceux qui n’arrivent pas à en faire mais qui en veulent quand même. Ils coutent tous seulement 1€! N’hésitez pas 😁
Aly Hace 16 días
j’adore les saucisse
Amy Mijangos
Amy Mijangos Hace 17 días
me watching this video even tho I have no friends 😔✌️😂
Emma's World
Emma's World Hace 17 días
Me here after outer banks👀
ashlyn xx
ashlyn xx Hace 17 días
Attention🚧SAVING SUMMER 2020🏖with summer 2019⭐️🙅🏼‍♀️because 2020 is obviously cursed 🧚🏼👀
Nen Chey
Nen Chey Hace 18 días
With the 2nd one, you can use a pin to fasten it to your pants/ fabric, and instead of just knotting it around the other strings, you can hold part of the corner, and THEN do the knot, hope this helps 😊
Vale Avalos
Vale Avalos Hace 19 días
SOLO RESPONDENME UNA COSAAAAA : De que tamaño se corta los hilos?? 😖
Aves Stevenson
Aves Stevenson Hace 19 días
camp was cancelled cause of corona so i’m makin bracelets at home this time🥺
xLøverr x
xLøverr x Hace 19 días
Quick tip it's kinda helpful but if u put the video in slow motion it helps 👍
Simsters Life
Simsters Life Hace 19 días
Remember when this used to be a thingg gg?
Barbora Hace 19 días
don't mind me 4:26
Ana Penagaricano Abreu
I would lo ve to learn how to tie them at the end
Cayla Evelyn
Cayla Evelyn Hace 21 un día
I cant understand this tutorial 😠😠
SJ B Hace 21 un día
Perfect for quarantine! Lol
Helen Jamison
Helen Jamison Hace 21 un día
wow. instructions are SO clear.
Zuzanna Kowalczyk
Zuzanna Kowalczyk Hace 21 un día
How many meters to one bracket ?????
coetzee_zane Hace 22 días
Who’s here after watching outer banks?😂just me? Ok
Julia Veras
Julia Veras Hace 12 horas
me too lol
Gray Orange
Gray Orange Hace 19 horas
Taylor Hume
Taylor Hume Hace 21 un hora
Antónia Neves
Antónia Neves Hace un día
same kkkk😂
lezlie Hace un día
Emma K
Emma K Hace 22 días
ashlyn xx
ashlyn xx Hace 17 días
Emma K yes
Addieweaver Hace 23 días
Wait how are y’all confused ?? Lol maybe watch a thorough tutorial, then make these when you have experience lol
izzy harris
izzy harris Hace 23 días
is anyone else here in 2020 after watching outer banks
Tubeair Hace 8 días
Mee lol
hola soy dora
hola soy dora Hace 10 días
Celestialart Hace 12 días
Hehe I am🙋‍♀️
Polina Haralabopulu
Polina Haralabopulu Hace 13 días
Omg yess
Alisha .B
Alisha .B Hace 16 días
Julia Coelho
Julia Coelho Hace 23 días
got top
Chloe Banks
Chloe Banks Hace 24 días
the first one is no help it males no sence
I like Potatoes
I like Potatoes Hace 24 días
I’m just hear cos of kie from obx 😂😭
Polina Haralabopulu
Polina Haralabopulu Hace 13 días
Me tooo
Liltimmy Tim
Liltimmy Tim Hace 24 días
Im trying to match bracelets with Timothee 😞✌🏻
Sanne Zondervan
Sanne Zondervan Hace 24 días
Really nice video! Love the designs;)
Jill M
Jill M Hace 25 días
Number one is confusing I can’t get it
Gracie McCarthy
Gracie McCarthy Hace 25 días
Does anyone know the best thread to use to make these? Please help! x
Isabella Viereck
Isabella Viereck Hace 24 días
embroidery thread
Bella Moreira
Bella Moreira Hace 26 días
Is anyone else back in 2020 trying to dress like they’re in outer banks??😂
Phat Greenpisslips
Phat Greenpisslips Hace 7 días
wisdom_anyah Hace 8 días
A pogue So what uh??
Georgia Peck me lmaooooo😂😂😂😂
avwe _
avwe _ Hace 9 días
Georgia Peck Is it a good show because I need something new to watch lol
Polina Haralabopulu
Polina Haralabopulu Hace 13 días
Omg yes I'm tryna be kiee
ilina t.
ilina t. Hace 26 días
Me watching this after binge watching outer banks 👁👄👁
the worm〠
No offence but the way u do the loops is super unclear
Gisele Lavigne
Gisele Lavigne Hace 27 días
if i cant even figure out how to do the knot.. HOW DO I FOLLOW THESE "EASY" DIRECTIONS!
Gisele Lavigne
Gisele Lavigne Hace 27 días
when i say rage, i mean mental break down. i litrerally screamed.
Gisele Lavigne
Gisele Lavigne Hace 27 días
i just cant- like THE STRINGS NEED TO BE PERFECT and when they mess up i literally rage. I hid the scissors from myself, i almost threw them.. Comment or like this if this happens to you..
bts bassett
bts bassett Hace 25 días
OMG it happend to me soooo0 many times.
Maria Jayme
Maria Jayme Hace 28 días
I have never been this confused in my life
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