DIY HOT Wheels Race Truck Powered by 2x CO2 Cartridges

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DIY HOT Wheels Race Truck Powered by 2x CO2 Cartridges
In today's video I show you how to make wooden hot wheels truck powered by 2x CO2 cartridges. It got too much power, so as result the truck is quite unstable. Anyway, we get interesting race between 2017 race car model and 2018 truck. Who wins?
Also, we made automatic launchers for each car to let them start at the same time.
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Music: "Rocker Chicks" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

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19 may 2018

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Charlie Wagstaff
Charlie Wagstaff Hace 18 horas
Did u get this idea from mark rober
Fabiola Acevedo
Fabiola Acevedo Hace un día
Me lo regala el camión con la lansadore
Slade Is cool
Slade Is cool Hace un día
This guy/or woman is copying (kinda) video made by this guy (mark rober) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vlBxPjxacsk.html
Humberto Anastacio
Humberto Anastacio Hace un día
U hit ur hand then the car
RoXyA :D
RoXyA :D Hace 2 días
Кто от Мариска поймёт
Janali Ashrafov
Janali Ashrafov Hace 2 días
Yosef Magef
Yosef Magef Hace 3 días
my nightep
my nightep Hace 4 días
Кто из русских напишите под коментом
David David
David David Hace 4 días
hey can you please make a 2019 monster truck
Davndra Kaka
Davndra Kaka Hace 6 días
Hem Lata
Hem Lata Hace 7 días
that like so many people can do it
Hem Lata
Hem Lata Hace 7 días
u are so many people are you
Uzair Majeed
Uzair Majeed Hace 8 días
Good work
Diamond Yoshi101
Diamond Yoshi101 Hace 12 días
Didn't Mark Rober do this first? Edit: He did this with a car instead of a truck.
Fatah afdal
Fatah afdal Hace 12 días
Das ist schön
Кирилл Шафоростов
Благий яд
Sara Cardenas
Sara Cardenas Hace 17 días
pham trang
pham trang Hace 20 días
V volt
V volt Hace 23 días
Superb amazing
Azka Aqila
Azka Aqila Hace 26 días
Dimas Bro
Dimas Bro Hace 25 días
Rajkumar Parai
Rajkumar Parai Hace un mes
Dimas Bro
Dimas Bro Hace 25 días
Dimas Bro
Dimas Bro Hace 25 días
Н е llo
Adhiraj Pubging 9
Adhiraj Pubging 9 Hace un mes
Such a waste of time
Vũ Đức Anh
Vũ Đức Anh Hace un mes
The truck has no aerodynamic
Carlos Alberto Huizar
의적바람 Hace un mes
0:09 what the fuc..
Marijn Reuser
Marijn Reuser Hace un mes
throwing deodorant
throwing deodorant Hace un mes
Check ot my retarded video, I'm curious to see how many views I get
دنيا مالك
دنيا مالك Hace un mes
Nishant Baghel
Nishant Baghel Hace un mes
What a great car.
RC Sharks
RC Sharks Hace un mes
0:02 - "do not replicate at home" I don't think anyone read that 😂😂
Downloading Boy
Downloading Boy Hace un mes
Any body know where these small boost I get
Xiaomi Indonesia
Xiaomi Indonesia Hace un mes
Abaid Lone007
Abaid Lone007 Hace un mes
what thing is use for booster
Amena khatun
Amena khatun Hace un mes
So beautifull. I like it.
Anderson Siqueira
Anderson Siqueira Hace un mes
Até agora não liberou atualização para Android!!!
Anderson Siqueira
Anderson Siqueira Hace un mes
Até agora não liberou atualização para Android!!!
Gudder Games
Gudder Games Hace un mes
Weigh down the back of the truck.
Fabiola Acevedo
Fabiola Acevedo Hace un mes
Me lo regala
Nick Deavers
Nick Deavers Hace un mes
Came here to see a co2 powered hot wheels truck and see wooden vehicles and no hot wheels. Lame!
PixyVideo Hace un mes
Plus, use a clamp to glue your wood pieces...
goerge bosh
goerge bosh Hace un mes
I feel bad about the truck fails at the end 😔😔😔
Ata Bagus
Ata Bagus Hace un mes
I am dislike you
belarus china
belarus china Hace un mes
Bartholomew Fohand
Bartholomew Fohand Hace un mes
Challenge- DIY without hot glue Yeah right loser
ihsanul fikri
ihsanul fikri Hace un mes
Wtf do u want?? That why glue invented for
lucas gomes
lucas gomes Hace un mes
COMPONENTS PARKS ARDUINOS instagram.com/p/BrgFX3wHO5A/?igshid=14s29iapzju08
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf Hace un mes
Should have made an over under and make the nails different lengths so they fire together.
Anton Goryachev
Anton Goryachev Hace un mes
You're a vegetable 2 pneumatic cans too much for a machine with such a low weight
SpudSupreme Hace un mes
The 2018 truck LOST? ...So you spent all that time for NOTHING?!
Фамил Ширинли
Поставьте лайа, пусть думают что то умное написал))
Злобус Злобин
После того, как этот дегенерат склеил 2 деревяхи с помощью ПВА без струбцины просто приложив их друг к другу, а потом стал промазывать стык ПВА с опилками - выключил это говно
HERETICIAM 777 Hace 2 meses
The angle of the co2 cartridge on the truck is all wrong. Its not suppose to be pointing downward. That causes the truck to lean forward and it makes the truck unstable. You dont see jet powered cars and trucks having their exhaust poiting downward.
Jorge kasanova
Jorge kasanova Hace 2 meses
You perros dont know what to waste yout time on go fuck yourselves.
Solutions & Débrouille
Bravo et merci
Ultra Tron
Ultra Tron Hace 2 meses
The front wheels of the truck had to be made wider. Put like to the author saw.
Devvart Tomar
Devvart Tomar Hace 2 meses
पागल हॉट व्हील्स
chet flash drom
chet flash drom Hace 2 meses
Паромы летбуб Пьтпбррь Паьпид Арапбаь Пбвьр Аьоаб Аьовь Аьоыб Ытавьи
João Pedro
João Pedro Hace 2 meses
No, no, I do not like my comment.
Йобоный идиот
Luca Lentini
Luca Lentini Hace 2 meses
Dumb ass
Hombre de Mercurio
Hombre de Mercurio Hace 2 meses
¡El Mejor video de carreras de ESvid! :)
George G
George G Hace 2 meses
ESvid algorithm, rules.
Mark McManus
Mark McManus Hace 2 meses
The trucks co2 was off centered which causes an imbalance when going. You can see it in the video which is why the truck was spinning out of control in the races
ANKIT Rakesh
ANKIT Rakesh Hace 2 meses
Its named 'mad truck' not 'rational truck'
FASKErCLUB Hace 2 meses
А линейка то русская)
Roger A. Hurtado A.
Roger A. Hurtado A. Hace 2 meses
Kaizer Mordecai
Kaizer Mordecai Hace 2 meses
Super cool! Subbed
Mario Reglin
Mario Reglin Hace 2 meses
I still stick with hot wheels much better. This video is too much work for me.
fathead adolf barry
fathead adolf barry Hace 2 meses
Use a ballvalve+bike innter tube with the valve attached still..
Frank Rogers
Frank Rogers Hace 2 meses
The truck looked cooler.
S M Hace 2 meses
Go outside mate
Chris McMahon
Chris McMahon Hace 2 meses
Holy crap! All that work for 1 second of....well, I'm not quite sure?
Socks With Sandals
Socks With Sandals Hace 2 meses
Left enough plot at the end for a sequel: Revenge of the Rocket Truck
Алексей неважно
Ну и нафига я это посмотрел
Dark Lightning Müller's
The intro is so lol...
darthlively Hace 2 meses
Still thanks for an interesting video.
darthlively Hace 2 meses
If that track was solid your slow motion footage shows the truck would win hands down.
Bangarayya Kuppa
Bangarayya Kuppa Hace 2 meses
I am also make
Sisekelo Duma
Sisekelo Duma Hace 2 meses
Me: ESvid: Here watch these two wooden vehicles race
Kyle Gass
Kyle Gass Hace 2 meses
Just check F1InSchools
Zergeus MrZergeus
Zergeus MrZergeus Hace 2 meses
Зажрались вы там. Балончики расходовать
•kih mih•
•kih mih• Hace 2 meses
Fürst von Dortmund
Fürst von Dortmund Hace 2 meses
DIY...Do Not try this at home.
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