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DJ Khaled - No Brainer (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo

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Limuel Bautista
Limuel Bautista Hace un minuto
Its good Like if agree
AhSchit Hace 17 minutos
1:20 skip button for no quavo/autotune trash, you're welcome
Richard Squires
Richard Squires Hace 30 minutos
Is chance telling the girl to applaud or calling god a pussy
Skate Bros
Skate Bros Hace un hora
In the beginning of chances verse he look like in his mind he thinking why tf am I here😂😂
Ella Curtain
Ella Curtain Hace un hora
i didn't even recognise Justin at the start #sadlife
Ann Palomo
Ann Palomo Hace 4 horas
July3P Hace 5 horas
la porra
LFante Hace 5 horas
Coscu baila de ruuuuuta
Yui Adams
Yui Adams Hace 6 horas
They all look stupid as hell!! 🙄😑😏
Llego a 1000 ? ahre ASMR
mi amor justin te amo
Orin291 Hace 6 horas
DJ Khaled is fat lol
Arianna Lenaè
Arianna Lenaè Hace 7 horas
He needs to do "another one" with Ella Mai, Cardi b, quavo, and Trevor Jackson! I love how chance said: he keeps it Benjamin Franklin, I ain't gone change. Keeping it 💯
Justin Col king final
That why handsome say baby Muzik right😂 Justin hañdsome in the world Its true
iiARI lit
iiARI lit Hace 8 horas
My new favorite song
DK_ Side
DK_ Side Hace 8 horas
Dj khaled the best .
Team Serato
Team Serato Hace 9 horas
Sanat Vij
Sanat Vij Hace 9 horas
DJ Khaled is literally charading out the whole song
ItsYaBoiSneaky Hace 9 horas
this is amazing to my ears
Rachelle Lintag
Rachelle Lintag Hace 10 horas
Stupid don't like justin bieber
Brenda M
Brenda M Hace 10 horas
DJ Khaled is just like a furniture in all the videos.
TXWintor Hace 11 horas
I live for Chance's verse.
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez Hace 11 horas
Reconocí a Justin por la voz pero pensaba que era un camionero !!!
EGT_Legend Hace 11 horas
Lil Wayne has joined the party DJ Khalid has left the party Justin Bieber has left the party Quavo has left the party Chance the Rapper has left the party
FirexHD Hace 12 horas
manas Yadav
manas Yadav Hace 12 horas
we need some more songs of jb . like if you neeed
مازن داوود
مازن داوود Hace 12 horas
سبحان الله وبحمده
master of coc 1
master of coc 1 Hace 13 horas
Dj Khalid 👌👌
DreanSpielen Hace 13 horas
Dhanesh Waikar
Dhanesh Waikar Hace 14 horas
Dj khalaid doing nothing and just over reacting.dont need to put his son in that...
blossom life
blossom life Hace 14 horas
2:04 when they give a pop test in class and everyone else was prepared part from you
blossom life
blossom life Hace 14 horas
Chance actually brought the fire in this song I really loved his rap
Anh Tú Official Channel
I love you Justin Bieber
LOUIS THEyoutubemaker
LOUIS THEyoutubemaker Hace 15 horas
So thats how Bart baker gets his profile
ava t
ava t Hace 16 horas
Eveybody at my school says they hate justin beiber i say u a lie then
Sophi Maria
Sophi Maria Hace 16 horas
I love this song but dj Khalid did nothing yet he takes credit for it
Ally Denge
Ally Denge Hace 16 horas
tz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
》リouイu乃乇《 Hace 16 horas
Tanishq Choudhary
Tanishq Choudhary Hace 17 horas
2019 anyone ???
ᄋ ᄋ
ᄋ ᄋ Hace 17 horas
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 17 horas
*Feb 21, 19'?*
Zirex pirell
Zirex pirell Hace 18 horas
No Lil Wayne This Time .
Martina Gbundema
Martina Gbundema Hace 18 horas
Good one JB you the one
happy CHANNEL YouTube
happy CHANNEL YouTube Hace 19 horas
حبيبه الخيام
جاستن بحسسنى أن هو سارق حبل الغسيل بتاع الجيران ورابطه على البنطلون اللى لاحظ كده لايك 😂
Paul Hebert
Paul Hebert Hace 19 horas
Wish that was a real explosion behind them dj cali fat ass def the worst tho.professional dick rida what a talentless fat turd
Gummyboyvloger Hace 19 horas
When DJ Khaled said "Put em high" the 2nd time I thought it was my brother saying Put em high even though my brother wasn't with me
world environment enter wwe
It's really no brainer. This guys are so good. J' aime cet hommes
Ayush lokhande
Ayush lokhande Hace 20 horas
No billion views because no Wayne 😎😈👅
Melanie RIDING
Melanie RIDING Hace 20 horas
Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled!!!
Justin Bièber
Justin Bièber Hace 20 horas
Is Justin Bieber look like a pizza delivery or not?😂😂
Summer Snow
Summer Snow Hace 20 horas
i love this song so much
Гоша Грек
Гоша Грек Hace 22 horas
want to see the personal life of the singer come to the channel komne
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith Hace 23 horas
Justin Bieber got ugly
Janak Purohit
Janak Purohit Hace un día
just 216M views....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔....let it be 500M + views....it takes too much time
cardtricksformike Hace un día
The best squad ever❤️
Hysterical Robloxv
Hysterical Robloxv Hace un día
Justin Bieber bully’s Jojo siwa
Jason Zomback
Jason Zomback Hace un día
Chance knows his angles 😍 Sheesh! 🔥
Cass & Dest
Cass & Dest Hace un día
Justin rockin that child predator look
fortnite Kingdom
fortnite Kingdom Hace un día
great song
46 Hasso
46 Hasso Hace un día
mundaJoel Hace un día
Well he lately has been good at just singing chorus’s
Mark U
Mark U Hace un día
look at justin bebier .his hair!!!
Emma Mae
Emma Mae Hace un día
Justin Bieber Murdered in HD by GWAR
Alexandra Maria
Alexandra Maria Hace un día
Love 😍💓❤️💓
Junior Studios
Junior Studios Hace un día
Why does Justin look like Glenn from the walking dead if he had blonde hair and was white
Mikayla Beasley
Mikayla Beasley Hace un día
Justin U should make your hair like what do u mean
Pinball ACE
Pinball ACE Hace un día
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chはなうた Hace un día
Trap Wild
Trap Wild Hace un día
justin sing the song of playtime
Denise Coley
Denise Coley Hace un día
I love Justin Beiber sooo much he has good dance moves and a great voice
Rute Vieira
Rute Vieira Hace un día
2019 ? No brainer❤🎶😘
Ann Palomo
Ann Palomo Hace un día
Justin Bieber
Ann Palomo
Ann Palomo Hace 17 horas
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Hace un día
Chance is a big ass MOOD
Anamika Muchahary
Anamika Muchahary Hace un día
Justin I love you so so much
Evan gracia Martínez
Si Cumples años el 1 de marzo dele laig
Ann Palomo
Ann Palomo Hace un día
Ann Palomo
Ann Palomo Hace un día
Morrocain SBE3
Morrocain SBE3 Hace un día
DJ Khaled have golden hands!
Saeed Alminji
Saeed Alminji Hace un día
quavo was the best
Danial XIV
Danial XIV Hace un día
This song came out on radio too much until I hate this song. Radio is the top reason why I hate k-pop song
Aidrauhl. Hace un día
We love you and miss you Justin♥
Kenrick Watene
Kenrick Watene Hace un día
Justin Bieber looks like a hillbilly.
Pragyan Karki
Pragyan Karki Hace un día
This is a very wonderful song. i like this.
Hacker Man
Hacker Man Hace un día
Barun Kandel
Barun Kandel Hace un día
I love chance the rapper
Abdisamad Alpha
Abdisamad Alpha Hace un día
Who Is Still Watching In 2019 👇 😎
Andersonbarbosasoares Barbosa
Da hora mano musica masa
Élisabeth De Oliveira Cruz
Bisooooooouus... FRANCE Babou...
Jullo Franco
Jullo Franco Hace un día
And you wnat another one
Jullo Franco
Jullo Franco Hace un día
Fuck you justi you don't have a fuccking heart to your fanns
Worlds Music
Worlds Music Hace un día
유엔아이팸 시온
Lorrany Biânca
Lorrany Biânca Hace un día
Te amo neném Bieber! ❤🎼
Kavitha Kuppusamy
Kavitha Kuppusamy Hace un día
I I hate you Justin Bieber because you're idiotic
Julian Sannes Bjørnerud
Oooooooo not accepted hes da best!!!
Sotharith Mom
Sotharith Mom Hace un día
We da best ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✌🏽✌️✌🏼✌🏾🐐
Arina Bagdasaryan
Arina Bagdasaryan Hace un día
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Hace un día
God bless you Justin 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
sorry justin you are not looking good you suet look good before change your style
Andrew hobkins
Andrew hobkins Hace un día
justin out here looking like a 38 y/o waiter
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