Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.
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11 feb 2019







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Comentarios 11 054
gdenn Hace 2 horas
Linus you have the best tech channel on youtube, never a waste of time to checkout your reviews
c122 h122
c122 h122 Hace 2 horas
Bose or Sony?
Hallucinogenichusky Hace 3 horas
interesting 2 sponsored ads in one video..wonder how the companies feel about that,,,
dollhouse Demon
dollhouse Demon Hace 3 horas
6:31 Speed at .25 Enjoy
Suly M
Suly M Hace 3 horas
sony has stronger bass imo.
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson Hace 3 horas
For above 200 dollars would either of you buy the bose or sony over the HiFiman headphones for 180 on mass drop?
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson Hace 4 horas
Not folding Is something I love in headphones. Makes them more robust and less clunky. Plus they don't catch your hair in the clips
Crypt God
Crypt God Hace 5 horas
Are those the Studio3s? If so I won't get them. My current Beats are great, but are nearing the end of their life cycle. So I've been looking for over-ear headphones with good sound quality, the ability to be deafening, and both glorious treble and bass. Any suggestions? I have these Beats and Hesh 2 wireless'.
Tejas 10
Tejas 10 Hace 6 horas
Anything from apple sucks and will suck forever
William Gao
William Gao Hace 7 horas
Google ;Hey Linus can you review our new surface headphones Linus : sure *shits on them*
fredy Hace 10 horas
6:12 I starting cracking up for some reason. Who else does "head banging" tests?
ctrlaltWalsh Hace 13 horas
Orca 4League
Orca 4League Hace 13 horas
so no PXC550? this is sad
mchenrynick Hace 14 horas
6:00 "Trying to get laid" comment. More like, those Beats will get you a gold digger LOL!
Jos Schoenmaker
Jos Schoenmaker Hace 14 horas
Beats: “You’re listening to it wrong!”
Rıdvan Çoban
Rıdvan Çoban Hace 16 horas
00:48 but failing to include Sennheiser, bowers&wilkins... To me all those headphones except 1000X suck. first video from linus that I disliked and find amateur.
Spiral Infinity
Spiral Infinity Hace 17 horas
Linus is a shinky
Fenrirboulder Hace 19 horas
i prefer earbuds but frankly i'm not that desperate for wireless
Ranjith Murali
Ranjith Murali Hace 19 horas
MKBHD made the Surfaces headphones look great though. Hmmm
Morgue Original Music
Morgue Original Music Hace 20 horas
Beats customers = Apple customers = clueless brand consumers
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere Hace 20 horas
Whether they suck or not is irrelevant....it's the price. Name does not equal quality or better than something cheaper. Sound is also extremely subjective. "Has your 3.5 mm jack in case you're a caveman and your phone still has one of those on it" well that sums it up. Clearly an Apple slowpoke. Yep I want my phone to have choices....not like a Apple. Don't forget, Apple doesn't lead the market on anything.
Florian Behncke
Florian Behncke Hace 20 horas
where are nuraphones?
Eduard Ragimov
Eduard Ragimov Hace 22 horas
Microsoft/Bosse/SONY ... others, often, are shit.
Natas du Vall
Natas du Vall Hace 22 horas
You forgot to include the Bowers & Wilkins PX.
Desastreger Hace 23 horas
I don't know if Sony fixed it on the XM3, but the XM2 has a terrible microphone. Otherwise, they're just amazing.
Ty Xanders
Ty Xanders Hace 23 horas
I just came here to point out the love for using correct aspect ratios for auto adjust on screens that aren't 16:9 and not hard coding them in.
Felix Teupke
Felix Teupke Hace un día
I'm definitely Team Linus here
Felix Teupke
Felix Teupke Hace un día
I personally like the Sonys best out of the bunch. I also like the NC on them better than on the Bose, I think that's just personal preference.
Yanni Spanos
Yanni Spanos Hace un día
Ben Hace un día
What about teufel? Are they a thing on the other side of the pond?
Richard Gibson
Richard Gibson Hace un día
Testing noise cancelling using only airplane noise is so short sighted.
Paul K
Paul K Hace un día
Thanks guys for this Awesome Review i was looking at the Bose and sony ...you made my life a little easier
Charmander Hace un día
Is that dennis on your shirt?
MFS Ware
MFS Ware Hace un día
Who the fuck uploaded hindi subs
L Jr
L Jr Hace un día
Beats are over hyped, they are worth almost $15. that's how much it is to make it
Denis Franco
Denis Franco Hace un día
"apple is the king of haptic" wtf?? have you ever user that ridiculous macbook touchbar? it has literally no feedback at all
Dhruv Srivastava
Dhruv Srivastava Hace un día
10 12, what is said about canadians is true
Dhruv Srivastava
Dhruv Srivastava Hace un día
please tell me that that tshirt is not staff only, PLEASE
Filip Sz
Filip Sz Hace un día
That was a really good video, one of my favourites as of late. The dynamic between you two, the editing, and the comparisons within the review were really useful. I laughed a lot (I usually smirk at most). The "overall" joke was really funny, hahahaha.
Laquer IOS
Laquer IOS Hace un día
Although you appreciate the Bose headphones more I think I'm gonna get the Sony headphones due to the sleeker looks.
Javier Pérez Urrutia
No audio technica?
mrmotchmaster Hace un día
I don't get Linus's obsession with USB c.
Crazy Lighthouse
Crazy Lighthouse Hace un día
Hear let me answer you that. They Never Were.
maaaaaarkus Hace un día
Plantronics Backbeat Pro - Using them for about four years now. Great sound, battery life and noise cancelling.
Daniel Christiansen
Daniel Christiansen Hace un día
its so annoying because the beats look the best but they are the worst otherwise
jamal elidrissi
jamal elidrissi Hace un día
Mantas Budrys
Mantas Budrys Hace un día
Beats is overpriced shit Sony is the best.
johan jensen
johan jensen Hace un día
I thought everybody was using Sennheiser these days.
JJ J Hace un día
I've tried all except the Surface headphones. I would pick up the Bose in an instant. The Sonys are great as well, but the comfort isn't quite there for me and I can't say fast charging USB C is a top priority on headphones for me. The Beats are in no way trash, they're just worse.
Teddy Butter
Teddy Butter Hace un día
Baleur Hace un día
300 dollars for those, when you can just get 30 dollar Nubwo's here in China that sound almost as good Seriously do a test of those, they're great.
Baleur Hace un día
No 3.5mm headphone output on headphones = No buy! How the fuck do they expect me to plug it into my laptop? With a fucking dongle permanently attached? Ridiculous. I got my fucking MOUSE on the right of my laptop, i dont need a 4cm dongle sticking out onto my mouse mat bumping into my hand all the time. "Caveman tech" yeah sure, my 32gb ram 1070gtx laptop is "caveman" xD Only retarded phone manufacturers remove headphone jacks to sell proprietary overpriced garbage earbuds, has nothing to do with caveman or not.
Young Royalty
Young Royalty Hace un día
No Audio-technica ? I'm dissapointed in you Linus.
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Hace un día
watching on the sony xm3 they're amazing got them In October
Anter Dogan
Anter Dogan Hace un día
Happy with my Marshall Major II ... Although I sat on them and now I need new ones :/
alex ale
alex ale Hace un día
Sony are best for sure.
4ksandknives Hace un día
To increase decrease the sound on the Sony, you stroke up or down on the side of the ear cup. To hear ambient sound, you place your palm against the ear cup. It's a good UI
[GA] - SniperReady
[GA] - SniperReady Hace un día
Linus, why nowadays videos come with upper and lower letterbox?
Dan Kotzar
Dan Kotzar Hace un día
THE PINK PRINT?!?!? im soo shocked lol highlight of the video
I eat pancakes For Dinner
Air pod user: Ew these broke boys buying android headphones sorry but I don’t speak broke Beats user: Fuck off, at least I get more pussy than these broke boys🤢🤮. Me: I can’t afford these🤷‍♂️
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson Hace un día
TextuReProG Hace un día
My parents bought me Beats solo 3's for £220 just because i talked about them looking quite good before Christmas... they lost the recipe and now im stuck with them, DON'T ever buy Beats please guys, Airpods are amazing but not Beats .. Total waste of money, and no i will not sell them on Amazon or Ebay i would feel bad doing this...
Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw Hace un día
Bowers and Wilkins PX slightly better than the Bose and Sony imo. But some people find them very uncomfortable.
Magnus Furulund Flø
I have them, and i really like them. The only downside with them is that they are heavy and a bit uncomfortable. I love the sound and how it looks though!
BIll Geo
BIll Geo Hace un día
ESTABLISHED BRANDS??? Where the f@#$ are the Sennheiser, the AKGs and the AudioTechnica headphones???
Christiano Rocco
Christiano Rocco Hace un día
As far as I know, the Bose can connect to multiple devices at once seamlessly, while the Sony is limited in that realm. That is a major drawback for Sony, IMHO.
Stephan Osther
Stephan Osther Hace un día
The only option imo: Wait for the new Bose with usb type c.
Alejandro Sarmiento
Alejandro Sarmiento Hace un día
6:00 just look at linus's face hes so hurt
Aczxser Hace un día
White t-shirt dude looks like Jack from This is Us
StarBorn881 Hace un día
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x - Flat frequency response across the board, very comfortable as well. $150 on amazon. I'm an audio engineer and these come to every one of my sessions.
drop2001 Hace 2 días
The microsoft headphones have the most useful controls i have ever seen!
Nikolai Sverdrup
Nikolai Sverdrup Hace 2 días
I actually get a little triggered when I see people walking around with beats
Mohammed Bin Sultan
Mohammed Bin Sultan Hace 2 días
Beats studio 3 is the best headphone for gym and active people in general. it is just convenient
Guillermo Sandoval
Guillermo Sandoval Hace 2 días
The sound quality of Sony wh1000xm3 is the best especially when you watch movies you feel like you are inside the movie also is more better when you activate 3d sound
trololo Hace 2 días
headphones is for show off. audiophile choose iem
Magnus Furulund Flø
Ehh no
Mason S.
Mason S. Hace 2 días
Audio technicia?
Ruben Uithaler
Ruben Uithaler Hace 2 días
Biggest problem to this video is the crappy music they listen to . No one going to spend on these headphones and listen to linus looney toons...
Mason S.
Mason S. Hace 2 días
I don’t know why but this video was go good
Niclas Peyerl
Niclas Peyerl Hace 2 días
NayDeSancho Hace 2 días
I wish you guys would’ve optimized the audio on the Sonys and Bose....then listen to music. I chose the Sonys and once you tweak the audio interface in app ... they are outstanding and put the Bose way behind!
ICANanimations Hace 2 días
Bose is clearly the winner
Bonswally Hace 2 días
anyone who wears large headphones in public is an idiot.
tcgcity Hace 2 días
This video is biased in so many ways. So sad...
tcgcity Hace un día
Complaining about bad controls at beats but not mentioning the fiddly controls of the Bose f.e.
cac2244 Hace 2 días
Thanks guys...i have the Bose QC35 ver 2 and was about to get the Sony's...not anymore... Just saved me 450$ cdn
Francisco Zermeno
Francisco Zermeno Hace 2 días
Still suck? They have always sucked.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 2 días
You should do beats against bass head headphones
Normal Viewer
Normal Viewer Hace 2 días
I wanna by Apple
Riasat202 Hace 2 días
Yes, yes they do. Sennheisers come with 2 years limited warranty. Apple will shit on your face if anything goes wrong a month outside the warranty period.
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Hace 2 días
Or Sony I’m fine with ether
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Hace 2 días
Or I can have the Microsoft headphones or that’s a no but thx answering if you even do
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Hace 2 días
Linus can u pls send me the Bose headphones or the beats I need headphones and my birthday is on March 28 if you do want to message me thru ESvid
Drew Thomas
Drew Thomas Hace 2 días
Idk I might get lucky
schlongdas Hace 2 días
Drew Thomas why would he
I'm a Developer
I'm a Developer Hace 2 días
Only broke people hate on Macs and Beats
schlongdas Hace 2 días
stupid argument
Pedro Peixoto
Pedro Peixoto Hace 2 días
Did Beats ever sucked?
The Real Gamer
The Real Gamer Hace 2 días
how ever Sony has been do speakers stuff lot longer then every else so ya and i am a fan of Sony
Michael Negranol
Michael Negranol Hace 2 días
... You could effectively interrogate prisoners with that crackling from flexing those Sony phones...
subscribe to pewdiepie
Yeah James is cool and all but have you ever tried letting Dennis host?
yahmad Hace 2 días
This title does not match the video at all
mebombu Hace 2 días
Basically the difference between Bose and Sony here is comfort. I don't like the ear cups on the Sony ones, so I prefer Bose becasue they're way softer and more comfortable. If you like the Sony ear cups, do those. Also like he said, the Sony ones put a lot of weight on the top of the head and that feels uncomfortable for me, so I would buy Bose.
Joshua Espinosa
Joshua Espinosa Hace 2 días
They need to do something with the Dolby Dimension headphones now!!
Uwais Hafizal
Uwais Hafizal Hace 2 días
holon... he says that the beats hurt as much to pay for as the others combined, but theyre all the smae price on the amazon links? The microsoft is even cheaper. Was it sarcasm (i can't tell)
Joshua Espinosa
Joshua Espinosa Hace 2 días
Question: Can the USB-C port on the Sony/Surface be used for a wired audio connection??
Magnus Furulund Flø
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