Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.
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11 feb 2019






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ruben g
ruben g Hace 10 horas
6:00 HAHA basically just pick beats if you wanna be cool
Doc Hace 23 horas
If anyone here is wondering which one to get, go for Sony. I have had both of them for a long time and Sony is clearly better. Get Sony (I have no affiliation with Sony, I just want you to have the best experience)
CarsoNation Hace un día
I think the Beats brand definitely just caught up with then you are literally just buying a brand apple thinks we don't need effort on the Beats headphones becuase apple thinks peopla are going to buy it just because of the brand "beats"
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson Hace un día
if you have like this headphones you need one more important think ,BOOM music I mean music for this headphone or dj music to get more enjoy than you have to listen radio larzesh www.larzesh.com
RuDenisska Hace un día
Beats: CHANGE THE WAY YOU HEAR SOUND mysterious whispers: ... use your butthole ...
Michelle Hace 2 días
The Sonys are objectivelly the best
Kyrie Durant
Kyrie Durant Hace 2 días
Yes for the price they suck..
Screenboy 64
Screenboy 64 Hace 2 días
When your listen on the Sony’s and your like. Yes I have good headphones.
Screenboy 64
Screenboy 64 Hace un día
@mikldude I’ve never had any problems with mine. Also the ratchet sound that is in linus’s headphones is a one off thing because mine doesn’t do it.
mikldude Hace 2 días
According to some the mic performance on the sonys is pretty average ,and apparently they can have some latency issues , like many wireless headphones , and that did not even get a mention in this video .
1OneHustle Inc.
1OneHustle Inc. Hace 3 días
I still would buy the beats with my eyes closed 🙏🏾😅
1OneHustle Inc.
1OneHustle Inc. Hace 2 días
@mikldude Yeah absolutely and they outsell every other headphone in the market by an astronomical margins 🤷🏾‍♂️
mikldude Hace 2 días
They look like garbage , tiny little ear cups , i wouldnt give you two bob for them .
arctan Hace 5 días
beats should spend more money into producing good headphones instead of wasting millions into marketing.
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan Hace 5 días
Me seeing the honey sponsorship after I ordering a usb drive:. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!
José William
José William Hace 5 días
this intro is everything
Finn H
Finn H Hace 5 días
They made a slight mistake in this video. If you are using the google assistant button on the Sonys you still have a feature for pausing noise cancelling. You cup your right ear and noise cancelling turns off
Drake Jenness
Drake Jenness Hace 6 días
6:00 hahaha🤣
Mandalorian Hace 6 días
I have those exact Sony headphones. They’re the best headphones I’ve bought in a long long time. The noise cancelling is amazing and the audio quality is great. Plus they have their own app with full control over how extreme the noise cancelling is your EQ and stuff.
Austen fairbanks
Austen fairbanks Hace 7 días
I remember having a pair of $150 sony headphones and everyone at my school with their iphones and beats would try to cook me saying theirs are more expensive and better and I would just laugh at them. I would let them try mine and they would just jaw drop. Freaking idiots😂
Glitter Puppy
Glitter Puppy Hace 20 horas
Ikr????? Don't ever buy Beats. Smh
Shminx Hace 8 días
Wonder if they will ever review skullcandy headphones they are worth for the price
keveshan naidoo
keveshan naidoo Hace 10 días
Beats hater f u
Tran Thien
Tran Thien Hace 10 días
Can I have the name of the soundtrack in the background at 7:06?
Daegan Jones
Daegan Jones Hace 10 días
Just but hd 558 or 598s used they sound great and last forever. Or 598C if you don't want people hearing your weird music in public... haha
J Hace 11 días
beats are also really fragile, mines broke 3 times along the plastic bands above the earpiece, i fixed them with steel plates and black epoxy
HackanHacker Hace 11 días
seriously there package when they send there product to stores is better than there own product xD like you can trow the fucking box containing 4 beats and never .. like never they will break xD and no other xompagnie make good package like that for product with higher price/value and quality, in addition of that, returnable product( not beats) no!, even if i sold products and was paid for it, i never did recommend beats to someone xD (not saying is bad) just by my own electronic/gadget knowledge. but i know they are not that good and you can obviously have better for less. yeah i was a poor seller for the shop i was working for selling, it is not for me xD, i prefer help people find a good and durable solution for there needs!
HackanHacker Hace 11 días
well yes because still we buy them for the name not the product (recently work in a gadget store(electronic))
JDNUTLOW Hace 12 días
this review is just clairly Beats bashing i dont like Beats and i think you go to far . dont look objective to me at all
JDNUTLOW Hace 12 días
brag that you paid for wtf??
Nicky Hace 13 días
I have an beats studio pair out of 2008 and they are still going in 2020 after almost 13 years I never had an complaint with them. I love beats btw .
F.L.Infinite Hace 13 días
I remember having a red pair of beats headphones. Thank god I switched.
tthebrett Hace 14 días
kinda biased towards bose imho
Laurie Mouradian
Laurie Mouradian Hace 14 días
beats suck and that’s a fact
Laurie Mouradian
Laurie Mouradian Hace 14 días
i would know i have them
JACK FLORENCE Hace 14 días
Beats Headphones-- The MVMT of audio.
kumaran m
kumaran m Hace 15 días
@LinusTechTips expected an audiophile class review, disappointed. im sorry linus, IMHO a dumb review.
あなたは誰 Hace 15 días
Bose: old fashion but great audio and nc Sony: modern style ok audio feels good Microsoft: Style flat audio feels alright Beats. By dre
LiterallyIkea Hace 15 días
I bought my beats studios used for 150 dollars. That in my honest opinion should be the market price for those headphones, but yknow... By Dre, so...
Harrison Jourdan
Harrison Jourdan Hace 15 días
Short answer: yes Long answer: hell yes
Abe Martin
Abe Martin Hace 16 días
I was screaming yes before I even started the video. I got some free beats with my MacBook pro when I bought it for college and I was still disappointed with the sound.
Blackdog_crazy Hace 18 días
Try the solo 3 not the studio 3s
The last forgotten Ariel
Low how they massacred my boy
Spencer Kinzie
Spencer Kinzie Hace 19 días
Im using studio 3's
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Hace 19 días
I bought a pair of beats studio 3’s, and in only 1 year, the headband broke, and now I am forced to buy a $70 headband for my beats. Beats are built insanely cheap for $400
Roro Hace 19 días
so glad i never picked up Beats and got the Sony instead
Twitch Orb8t
Twitch Orb8t Hace 20 días
After owning the beats they start to hurt you ears after wearing them for a long period of time
Jon dow
Jon dow Hace 20 días
Mr Kahoobadoo
Mr Kahoobadoo Hace 21 un día
Beats are cool until the padding starts peeling off and the plastic starts cracking and the screws start coming off and ultimately you have to use tape to hold it together but even that does work and now you’re stuck with them because you spent hundreds of dollars.
SICEM_Rex Hace 21 un día
The amount of people that rock beats headphones because they look flashy is quite tragic. They still absolutely suck but they're still popular for that reason alone.
A.J Paxton
A.J Paxton Hace 21 un día
What is wrong with there beats I have the same EXACT beats and I stg it is sooo basey 🤣🤣
Norbert koltai
Norbert koltai Hace 21 un día
Well I used the Beats Studio 3 Wireless for over a year now. But I can say that this thing is only good, if you wanna feal that you got robbed. It's structure and build quality isnt the greatest to. It feels so cheap and it breaks easily (my plastic covers broke by only a little impact to) Just dont buy it if you guys wanna use it for a long time.
doctoryoinky Hace 22 días
Skullcandy crusher slap some beats
Music with Hunter Adams
The headband on beats break way to easily
Gabriel Almendras
Gabriel Almendras Hace 22 días
If you're REALLY wondering: Yes, thy still do.
Pawan Ramnarain
Pawan Ramnarain Hace 22 días
When will you make an updated video of this?
Nathan Goodman
Nathan Goodman Hace 23 días
Nobody: James: *"squeeze mine"*
CodeJunction Hace 24 días
can you do a review on SkullCandy Crusher ANC please. Need a buying guide for affordable anc headphones
REZ Hace 24 días
beat are just bad xD sry but its the truth
SIDPLAYZ Hace 24 días
i would have been happy to see sennheiser pxc 550 in the crowd
Behrad K. Farahani
Behrad K. Farahani Hace 25 días
If you wanna get laid get AirPods
Anu _
Anu _ Hace 25 días
If you are a caveman then your phone still have a heaphonejack. -Linus 2019
Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell Hace 25 días
What sucks is I wish I still had my first generation beats solo because when they were released over ten years ago they sounded so god damn amazing I bought a second pair and now a days they sound terrible
Kevin Connell
Kevin Connell Hace 25 días
I can’t decide whether to get Sony or Bose headphones
Dustpan & Brush King
Dustpan & Brush King Hace 26 días
i got some beats studio 3's on prime day for a really good deal and they didn't wow me, and the pictures didn't show the charging port but it said 2020 model so i assumed it would naturally have type c.......wrong, and the part where he says "they're a mix between over ear and on ear" is correct, they were so uncomfortable, crushed my right ear, the noise cancelation struggled to mute out my fan and leaked a lot of noise through which gave me a migraine, i've since returned them for a full refund, or at the price i got them for and bought the discounted XM3s, and i'm very very impressed with sony and that type c makes charging my turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2(wow thats a ridiculously long name.) and the XM3s easier cause now i only need 1 type c cable to charge them.
Minerod127 Hace 26 días
Were so late! (But the video still gets 3 mill views)
Samson Kinyanjui
Samson Kinyanjui Hace 26 días
people mad that the have beats I be happy that that I have rydohi head phone
Victor Tan
Victor Tan Hace 27 días
So, the only possible reason to buy a pair of Beats is to have them in gold and hang around your neck.
Numb Nutz
Numb Nutz Hace 27 días
Haven't watched the video yet but yes they suck. Overpriced garbage. Currently listening with my wireless beats with wire attached because one day it just stopped working wirelessly. And yes I've tried every combination of button presses and combos I could find from their website and the every other source. I've taken to calling them dead beats by Dre. Or I guess Apple now.
Poopdiepie Hace 27 días
I can say thats what she said 1000 time in this one video
Tomas Wolf
Tomas Wolf Hace 27 días
Now I’m pissed that I have Beats studio 3
Panda Digital Love
Panda Digital Love Hace 28 días
Ora Graphene rule them all.
MERICA #1 Hace 28 días
I trust Linus not beardo but I like the beats for reliability and I had to live with some and actually buy one and not use it as a tax wright off
Nathan Atkinson
Nathan Atkinson Hace 29 días
Finally! A sponsor that isn't a VPN and one that I actually have!
Zoe Mccarthy
Zoe Mccarthy Hace 29 días
My Sony Xm4 can destroy any beats. Beats are overpriced pieces of shit headphone
Krugz クルグズ
Krugz クルグズ Hace 29 días
Blind taste-testing a headphone confused the fuck out of me.
AgentPredator Gaming
me sitting here staring at my QC35 makes me realize i dont give it enough love
oscar huang
oscar huang Hace un mes
I actually hate beats
YoJimBo851610 Hace un mes
Rory Walter
Rory Walter Hace un mes
Studio 3 is a pair of 2017 headphones with 2016 technology, of course they are gonna be the worst of these four.
Aqxuire Hace un mes
this video makes you turn off subtitles
Megamind Mesotlo
Megamind Mesotlo Hace un mes
4:33 -"Squeeze mine" -"Yeah... not impressed" Bruuhhh!!??? am i the only one that laughed way too hard at that
Joeri Roose
Joeri Roose Hace un mes
Actually doing it blind would matter, your brain interfers a lot with listening. If you like a certain brand better, your brain will make it sound better... There's actually a funny experiment done. They "hooked" up a tube amplifier and a solid state one to a switch. The switch did nothing but most people said the tube amplifier sounded better..
jackson brazelton
jackson brazelton Hace un mes
I wear over ear headphones In public. What’s wrong with that? In ear ones don’t stay in my ears
VietyV Hace un mes
Linus: It doesn't matter if you listen to our sponsor Honey: It's not me, it's you
Donavin Young
Donavin Young Hace un mes
These guys were on their knees for everyone but beats
Unostopcard Xd
Unostopcard Xd Hace un mes
I’m not sure about the other headphones, but the surface headphones have an equalizer that fixes the issues Linus had with them
Shit quality aswell no joke I'm wearing mine held together with duct tape and a head band attached to the frame after it snapped while putting them on
Joonas Hace un mes
A big mistake was not testing the microphone I have older sony's and they apparently still don't give half a shit about microphone quality and actually use the nc microphone for the calls. It sounds terrible. oh yeah, the no low battery warning is also a bitch. They just say please recharge the headset and turn off. leaving you absolutely fuming.
Azaril Hace un mes
Ive had a pair of plantronics backbeat pro 2's, and damn, those things were lovely, the only reason I gave them up was cause the foam padding started to tear and due do the way I had to wear them at work(I could only have one side on at a time) they made my head sweat much more than I was comfortable with. I now have a pair of seinheiser qwc wireless 2's and now that I'm allowed to wear both sides at the same time, these are everything I have wanted and then some, they can't cancel out every bit of noise at work, but then again, Im a package loader at ups, so nothing can cancel out everything, plus that would probably be dangerous.
Brandon Woloschek
Brandon Woloschek Hace un mes
One thing not mentioned here, battery life. I have a pair of Beats Studio 2s and Bose QC 35s and the Bose’s battery life is fucking unreal. I can go about 3 weeks of daily use before having to charge them again. The beats need to be charge about every 2-3 uses.
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda Hace un mes
Yeah beats are ass
Original Gaming
Original Gaming Hace 5 días
@Bryan Castaneda LOL LOL
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda Hace un mes
@Cool Squad solo 2 and 3’s. Only 3’s for a little cause didn’t like them
Cool Squad
Cool Squad Hace un mes
@Bryan Castaneda what beats did u have
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda Hace un mes
@Cool Squad nah they’re not. I’ve also had some and they suck. They even said in this video they’re the worst of the 4. I have the Sony m4’s and u can tell a difference in quality
Cool Squad
Cool Squad Hace un mes
@Bryan Castaneda well I own them and they sound good and the build quality is good
Xelos Hace un mes
Sheeple still going to be buying the dre's, yall already know
Bob Marly137
Bob Marly137 Hace un mes
Cortana's dead? She is in Halo 5 even though she **died** in halo 4, LINUS!
Prod. CAHLI Hace un mes
beats not working in the right side as we watch.
Nathan Giles
Nathan Giles Hace un mes
The bose has fast charging still
Cool Squad
Cool Squad Hace un mes
Yes but it isn’t fast as the beats tho they were true with there battery and charging
Ethan Sadler
Ethan Sadler Hace un mes
Why no Jabra representation?
Dmitry Granicin
Dmitry Granicin Hace un mes
Beats by Dre. "It's on - it just sucks"
3R Hace un mes
İ think they dont suck at all theyre just overpriced. İm a sony fan but i got my new studio 3 from a old dude for 70 bucks. Headphone is just one month old and just new. İn my opinion if its price would be in 100-120 dollar range they can be bought
Cool Squad
Cool Squad Hace un mes
Bro thats what I am telling to people they are like ohh beats are shit and all that I am also kinda of a sony fan because my last pair was my sonys MDR ZX220bt and my beats solo 3s sounds way better, it is more louder,more bass, better insterment separatesion, better clarity and also better battery and design and build quality
JustCallMeAl Hace un mes
To me Beats are like Iphones your not paying for the best product, your just paying for the trend and cred from having a pair.
William Long
William Long Hace un mes
Can we get more of these side-by-side comparisons of various top noise makers current lineup on vids is a bit dated :/
Shane Clancy
Shane Clancy Hace un mes
I have beats and the Bose but I prefer the beats
Arthur Shelby
Arthur Shelby Hace un mes
how good is the sony headset on PC? Like the overall sound quality and noise cancellation? I want to use it for gaming but I don't care about the mic or mic quality as I won't use it. Can someone give me an honest view on it? Also does wired or wireless on the sony headset make any difference in terms of sound quality. I'm just really trying to find a high quality sounding headset.
PeeGee Thirteen
PeeGee Thirteen Hace un mes
I bought a Sony and I found that the pressure to be too much for long periods. I prefer the Bose. The comfort for extra hours needs to be considered
wow powmaster fujew
6:14 linus listening to messhuggah.
_YOUTUBEJFA _ Hace un mes
Why u shouldn't but beats 1.Paying for the brand made by:apple 2.Just stop!!!!! Go with sony or bose 3. Unless u want to waste ur money go with beats 4. Why are u here still go away
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