Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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We try on 4 of the most popular noise canceling over-ear headphones in the $350 range and decide which ones we think are the best.
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chatterboxfpv Hace 3 horas
Says he has all the best noise canceling headphones on the market but doesnt have and Senhiesers.
Fasu Turu
Fasu Turu Hace 3 horas
Lmao i need that shirt
Bevan Moore
Bevan Moore Hace 9 horas
A fun vid to watch with solid user reviews coming out. Thanks.
Confused234milo Hace 13 horas
Best headphones ive ever owned are skullcandies crusher wireless
Lawrence Lentini
Lawrence Lentini Hace 18 horas
I spent a lot of time with both the Bose and Sony headphones trying to choose between them so I'll just go ahead and write my full hot take on them here. They were hard to choose between at first but after a lot of use the Sonys proved to be far superior. Similar: -Sound quality and noise canceling were pretty similar between them. The Sony has a slight edge but I wouldn't make any decisions based on that. -Also similar is comfort. Both are equally comfortable under normal conditions, but excel in different area. The bose clamps a little more and goes all the way around your ears which is good for keeping them on, but the Sonys lay more flat and don't rely as much on the cups for noise canceling. You can hold them surprisingly far off your ears and still get effective noise canceling making them much better for using over long hair or a beanie if you want to exercise with them without ruining them with sweat. -Both headphones are also equally useless with voice assistants. It's probably more Google's fault than anyone but no matter what you do it always somehow forgets that it's already set up and stops what you're listening to lecture you with useless drawn out instructions. Don't buy any of these based on that functionality because it's only good as a demo. Bose victories -The lack of physical buttons are my biggest complaint with the Sony. Imprecise gestures, brushing against something or even poorly placed long hair can cause you to skip tracks when you didn't want to. They apparently know it's a problem because you can turn off the touchpad and just control it with your phone so why didn't they just use physical buttons to begin with? I'm hoping the next generation fixes that. The Bose has them, they work well and they also have a power toggle switch so you don't have to hold it down for 5 seconds and then put them back on to see if it worked. It's a surprisingly big quality of life difference. -The Bose ability to simultaneously connect to two bluetooth devices should go here, but it doesn't really work. If you have it connected to your laptop and your phone (I can't think of any other use for it) and pause one to listen to the other it works if both connections are perfect but if there's a stutter in the connection or a peep of static comes through from the paused device the other connection becomes a stuttering mess. It's not just an occasional problem either, your connection is just always crap when you have two devices connected and it does it automatically so you have to manually disconnect from the other device if you happen to be near two paired devices at once. Sony victories -Included app: I feel obligated to put the app first because the Bose app triggers me so much. You have to turn your GPS on to use it at all, and if you turn it off while it's open it refuses to work. I would have switched to the Sony's even if they were inferior because of this affront but thankfully they aren't. You don't technically have to use the app to use either one on any device but you will constantly run into pairing issues if you try to go without them. It's oftly suspicious that $300 cutting edge bluetooth devices have this much trouble pairing without their data harvesting app, but at least the Sony app is tolerable. -Battery: I don't particularly care that the interface happens to be USB C, but it does allow super fast charging. Not that the Sony's need it, the battery will last for days of heavy use before it needs a quick top up. The Bose battery isn't bad but it feels like a completely different generation of device compared with the Sonys. -Max volume: I've always been very careful with my hearing so I typically only use the bottom quarter of the volume bar when I'm using wired headphones, so it came as a shock to me when I found myself regularly maxing out the volume on the Bose QC35s. I used to sometimes wear earplugs under my QC15's to listen to stuff in very loud environments and they were more than up to the task, but if you find yourself listening to a poorly mastered (too quiet) audiobook in even a somewhat loud environment you likely won't be able to compensate enough to make out what's being said. Beyond that it makes me very skeptical of their long term reliability if they're always running at max volume, one of the sets I got was already starting to have problems. The Sonys suffer from no such shortcoming, they don't get as loud as older wired headphones but they're far louder than I've ever needed. -I'll mention the NFC here but it's just a gimmick. It's only for pairing and you need the app to make it work anyway so it doesn't really save any time. -One other interesting difference that I noticed. If you're using them in a plane, or even just a car in a very hilly area you'll notice that the Sony's do a significantly better job at not making your ears feel full as you change altitudes. I don't know what they're doing differently but it's noticeable. Anyway, that's about everything I have to say about them. The Sony headphones are clearly superior in my opinion, hopefully someone actually reads this and gets some useful information from it lol.
Awarding Hace un día
i kept blindly purchasing beats thinking they were good cuz y'know their a pretty big brand so i thought they were of course the highest end of headphones, especially for the price your paying but as it turns out, their junk :D. they break so easily, the biggest problem i've had with my recent beats is that the ear muffs come off extremely easily, the mic is junk too
Leonardo Fructuoso
Leonardo Fructuoso Hace un día
People saying that people who buy beats are retarded: Me sweating profusely while hearing this on beats: heh yea.....
Valery Cano
Valery Cano Hace un día
12:05 Holy shit, that is definitely my worst nightmare.
lowfps noob
lowfps noob Hace un día
I know I am a year late Not sure but did they adjust the noise cancellation level of Microsoft one lol
I'm ZzzDaya
I'm ZzzDaya Hace un día
Beat bye dre
Alex Bianchi - Define Wisdom
The Bose has multiple device pairing. That is what tipped the scale for me. Although USB type-c on the Sony is huge
Rishi Hace 2 días
LINUS : *DO BEATS HEADPHONES STILL SUCK* Skullcandy : *Are you challenging me*
The Jam!
The Jam! Hace 2 días
Koss: Porta Pro
RAMSEY Hace 2 días
At around 8 minutes is the fairly odd parents theme playing?
If you see people bragging or have beats headphones and you own bose headphones say: "....." Get it cause you dont need to respond because you have better noise cancelling on... I'm gonna stop now...
Arlette Peralta
Arlette Peralta Hace 3 días
I was about to buy beats until I saw this video and read all these comments
Sourabh Sharma
Sourabh Sharma Hace 3 días
squeeze mine 🤣 4:32
Andrew Young
Andrew Young Hace 4 días
My mom once bought some cheap-looking Sony headphones from Amazon for around $20-$30 dollars and I was so jealous whilst sporting my gaming headset I used to own that was $60, then I later got some Beats Studio headphones used for $50 and they are okay, but I definitely see why they aren't liked as much. I would much rather go for Sony I think, even though the touch interface seems so nice on the MSFT Surface headphones.
August Metz
August Metz Hace 4 días
Aamod Pant
Aamod Pant Hace 5 días
0:34 , right after linus says 4-way roundup, look at james.. he thought of the joke
The Anime Boi
The Anime Boi Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that this video has only Hindi subtitles
yvng.kev9 Hace 5 días
Tbh to the average consumer that doesn’t nitpick every detail they sound really good the build quality and battery is amazing I have solos and use them almost all day everyday and only charge them on fridays and the connect process is easy asf they comfortable to and they look nice asf
Demon Uchiha
Demon Uchiha Hace 5 días
SkullCandy: *cries in corner* "they forgot about me....
high5yea Hace 5 días
my beats solos were good they were better before apple got involved and monster was still making them. Those things were run into the ground, replaced with a pair of apple produced ones and barely lasted 6 months before an ear gave out
Balance Keeper
Balance Keeper Hace 5 días
11:23 OMG i love you 1000% more now. i love mlp music too.
Erin Hace 6 días
It’s kinda weird that there doing their review in the kitchen but it kinda works....
Broccoli Hace 6 días
Tldr: Yes lmao
Ezekiel Akande
Ezekiel Akande Hace 6 días
Just realized this is an old video lol, wasted my time
Solenya Hace 7 días
Perfect marketing, high pricing, weak to below average products thats Beats.
Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson Hace 7 días
Honestly I think V-moda are some of the best headphones but no one has heard of them so they don't get many reviews
William Steinkamp
William Steinkamp Hace 7 días
I have a funny feeling this may be a bit biased
WILL-I-AM Hace 7 días
2:00 don't pull the finger dude
Shane P.
Shane P. Hace 7 días
I bought my Sony's today! Wheeee
Damon Hace 7 días
Beyerdynamic is the best
dazzypops Hace 7 días
Listening through Sennheiser Momentum 2.0's - sublime sounds, headband needs padding though.
Chad Neu
Chad Neu Hace 7 días
Lol how many examples of Beats being trash do people need before they stop buying them? Linus about the beats, "These feel heavy." Beats has been caught adding weights to their headphones. Lol
I just smashed my iphone 8
Nabael Hace 8 días
They may not exactly suck but you can get better headphones for a lot less money.
LAD 0610
LAD 0610 Hace 8 días
Yes, absolute trash with excellent marketing and no more.
joshjooh Hace 8 días
I can picture all Fortnite players to be into Beats who listens to Lil Pump all day.
Gabriel Mikhail 2020
Judal Hace 9 días
Uhm. Dunno, feel it dishonest. Anyway I am Sennheiser and beats and now AirPods Pro also. I would like to try a high Sony’s version eventually, used to loved them until I met senheiser.
Project 66
Project 66 Hace 9 días
'Not failing to include Sony's offering' But Linus, what about Sennheiser... :(
Ryan Bachaspatimayum
2:33 MeGa MiC cRuSt
Colton Hace 9 días
Lmao I have beats.
Legate Leonis
Legate Leonis Hace 9 días
So, Beats are the Supreme™ of headphones, then. Who could've guessed when both fanbases have serious hypebeast infestations?
Flexbloxian Gaming
Flexbloxian Gaming Hace 9 días
Idc i have airpods pro
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman Hace 10 días
People who get beats are also the same people that get air pods and claim they sound the best
Edward De Guzman
Edward De Guzman Hace 10 días
Did no one actually noticed James t shirt
Aaryan Varshney
Aaryan Varshney Hace 10 días
I love that Linus does a British accent when he immitates the fussy person ( 14:19 ). As a British person myself I have to say that that was a really good attempt at a fussy royal person.
SevenDeMagnus Hace 11 días
Apple shouldn't have bought Beats. They could have made better headphones, themselves.
Arin Nandy
Arin Nandy Hace 11 días
Everybody out here saying beats are trash?? NO WAY!!!! Trash is better
C:\Users\Uvuwuewuewue Hace 12 días
AirPods user: Look at my cool wireless earbuds! Sony user: Quiet 'cause noise-cancelling is on Beats user: Yeah but mine were more expensive Sennheiser and Bose users: GTFO my room
Lil Eyes
Lil Eyes Hace 12 días
this is just a light flex on me
southern Hace 12 días
Red a
Cameron Hace 12 días
For anyone watching, you will sweat like crazy in the Sonys. They're also not comfortable after about 15 minutes. They didn't wear the headphones for long enough in this video to mention this. Do your research but I would recommend Bose.
TryingToBeHooman Hace 13 días
i like powerlocus btw bose sux
Jaeyong Lee
Jaeyong Lee Hace 14 días
"Its nice ayyy" he says, and then none immediately knows they're canadian
Cozmo77837 B.K
Cozmo77837 B.K Hace 14 días
Bo beats users still suck? Still by Dr Dre starts playing
Eden Lumbroso
Eden Lumbroso Hace 15 días
what about the microphone?
J L Hace 15 días
It's because of people like you that beats are being hated ahah I have studio 3 beats and they're great, and look good. I listen to a lot of metal and rock, and for that, they are better than bose. You say they have no bass, but I cleary hear the bass in every song I'm listening to. There are no "vibration" if I can say it that way, but we clearly hear bass. Of course you want good sound, but the look is important, and beats are ahead of any other brand for that. Plus, noise cancelling works just fine when you're listening to music. Wherever I go, with my music on, on a pretty low volume, I can't hear shit of what's going on around me. 🤘 don't @ at me to tell me beats sucks plz
DannyBos Hace 11 días
@J L Theyget them for the brand; that's it.
J L Hace 11 días
@DannyBos Yeah, right. That's why they cost 400$ and everybody get them 😂 they look good for most people. You don't like them, that's it.
DannyBos Hace 11 días
You have to be a troll. Nobody can be this stupid and ignorant. Beats look like children's headphones.
PigletPepperoni9000 Hace 15 días
Ken from the Austin Evans channel: And the winner is... the Razer Kraken: Kitty Edition
Gem Hace 15 días
I'ma over the ear guy cause I lik bass lots of it (I'm what you consider a bass head) and I've had many brands in the last 25 years. I've never bought a pair of Beats or Apply product. I've only tested them cause on my friends being fan boys to Dre or Apple and or both. I didn't like the feel of them and the sound quality wasn't that great and I've tried all from the basics to the studios. Nick Cannons Ncredible Studios are way better then these. Bose has been a staple in the premium audio world for decades and I don't expect anything less and they'll always be one of the best. I had one pair that got stolen. Sony has also been around for decades in the audio world but it's still really good, I've owned a few pairs. Microsoft head set, well I haven't tried these yet myself.
Wow! Nice
Wow! Nice Hace 15 días
ok so I know the beats are overpriced, but for some odd reason beats just feel like something high quality. For example, brands like supreme are really expensive, but feel like they are absolutely worth the price. Pls reply so I can see your opinions.
M2NS Roberto
M2NS Roberto Hace 15 días
Honestly the beats studio 3 is better for one reason. And it’s only because it’s free with a mac or a MacBook with a student discount.
Sam Browning
Sam Browning Hace 15 días
Why have I never seen skullcandy on these channels
Hollow Void
Hollow Void Hace 15 días
I got my Sony headphones a year ago and I can say with full conviction that it was the best purchase of all time.
HighTowerNL Hace 16 días
I have the Philips PH805BK, sound quality is amazing, got ANC and is pretty comfortable for only €140. Just check some reviews it comes really close to the Sony and Bose.
Mason Shaffer
Mason Shaffer Hace 16 días
ooooo that was a nice Canadian "eh" 10:11
Bryan Ni
Bryan Ni Hace 16 días
I feel like they are a little biased against the beats, just my feeling
Maxx Hace 16 días
Linus can be such a dick to his employees sometimes. We all know you paid for everything Linus, you got all the money. Now be humble!
Samuel Vázquez
Samuel Vázquez Hace 16 días
I like more the Microsoft unboxing
Ora nge
Ora nge Hace 16 días
TL:DR yes I'd have to recommend the skull candy crusher wireless, they are cheap(ish), comfortable, sleek, can use 3.5mm through a somewhat propiertery cable and the bass on them is incredible.
Toby Sauter
Toby Sauter Hace 16 días
I have things beats bc I'm not crazy into tech, I managed to get them for £50 brand new of a friend and I need headphones that I can workout in comfortably which I can. Reading these comments is so toxic towards beats. Unless you into headphones and tech alot then it doesn't matter what you have
Guhun Son
Guhun Son Hace 15 días
Beats get a lot of flak because people would actually say they had good sound quality. When audio guys actually heard them, they were understandably pretty frustrated that they sounded like 20 dollar headphones. This was all around 9 years ago, and like all things the bandwagon has only grown. But if you don't think it matters and aren't crazy into tech, you shouldn't really care that people are being toxic towards an overpriced product, just use what you like and if you don't think you need any improvements, then don't get any (will save you money down the line).
highentropy2468 Hace 17 días
Guy in the white T-shirt : These headphones just feel cheap (he says wearing a DW watch)
KiwiPokerPlayer Hace 17 días
Is James wearing a Daniel Wellington? They're they Beats of watches, overpriced trash.
Soapy Time
Soapy Time Hace 17 días
beats can suck but depends on what they are sucking
Joshua DeSola
Joshua DeSola Hace 17 días
I do enjoy my beats honestly. I'm not sure why they say the bass isn't present, mine are heavy. I may be biased though because the two pairs of beats I've ever owned I didn't pay for (first pair was a rando christmas gift and the other's came with my Macbook Pro for free). This was helpful for when I do eventually buy a new pair of headphones.
AKmusicbassman Hace 17 días
I like beats so i never but any other brand
NATHAN WAHL Hace 17 días
hating on beats is so annoying, just because they are cool and popular people hate em.... ive had my beats studio3 since they came out and i love they and they sound awesome. They are more fo athletes and working out, also look the best out of any headphone.
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