Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

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100+ DOCTORS TELL YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-WhHfjsOl8Tc.html
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during a difficult time for us in America. He serves on the National Institute of Health branch of Allergy and Infectious Disease and has advised 6 presidents! He is someone I look up to and I was lucky to be able to ask him some questions about our current pandemic.
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29 mar 2020






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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Hace un mes
Henry Haro
Henry Haro Hace 2 días
Paul Robertson yea man they are frauds..!
L O Hace 7 días
Let's talk about how he criticized Dr Judy Mikovits who exposes Fraudchi, agreed to a 1 on 1 debate on the Valuetainment channel, backs out, then deletes days worth of comments on his videos about asking why he backed out after bashing her?
Koort Wallien
Koort Wallien Hace 15 días
Animal Lover24
Animal Lover24 Hace 15 días
@Tintin Dev You will be fine
Clairton Santos
Clairton Santos Hace 15 días
POLICE: Dr Mike, sou Brasileiro, tenho uma amiga que está sendo alvo de um golpe de bandidos, que estão usando a sua foto de perfil para aplicar golpes pela internet.
RSTY7 Hace 4 horas
Hey Doc, you lost us with this fact check: LIFE LONG mumps and chickenpox immunity trough vaccination. Long live propaganda
wheelie wellington
wheelie wellington Hace un día
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a champion of truth & integrity during a difficult time for us in America...wow...If you want us to believe that, why not interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits & Dr. Fauci together? let us be the judge. You don't want people to know the truth. God is going to charge all of you...even if you don't believe in God...That's a FACT!!!
Danilo Yu
Danilo Yu Hace 3 días
Dr mike we dont believe you
capo juan
capo juan Hace 4 días
capo juan
capo juan Hace 4 días
Laura Vella
Laura Vella Hace 4 días
Dr. Fraud is a lying operative.
Keif Sweat
Keif Sweat Hace 4 días
Oh wow you are a fake doctor if you hangout with mr 2.5 million deaths even if we go into shut down. Hahahahaha bunch of toolbags you so called doctors are.
jim Haut
jim Haut Hace 4 días
Look at him nodding, like those Dumb polititians, in the background SOOOO FAKE !
Abdoa Barry
Abdoa Barry Hace 5 días
Drs Dumb and dumber 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Neida Arebalo
Neida Arebalo Hace 5 días
So I been with Covic for month in a half And still texting positive ,so I have not been able to go to work.i don’t know wat to do
Klyde Bryant Fernando
I just saw a video that you could die from having a tight collar or tie around your neck because it's sqeezing your cwrotic artery or something like that, please explain how it functions on the next video.
Mi nombre es F
Mi nombre es F Hace 6 días
Really good!! An idea for you doctor, you could try carnivore diet! Thomas Delauer suggests a good way of doing it to avoid some side effects. Anyway, love your content doc, happy quarantine!
Yoo Anto
Yoo Anto Hace 6 días
I don't trust him shady past
Louise Danielson
Louise Danielson Hace 6 días
For your next answering comments video, I haven't been getting enough sleep, I haven't really been on electronics I just can't sleep. What should I do, should I be worried.
Lori Woolford
Lori Woolford Hace 7 días
Is there a vaccination for autism or tuberculosis? It seems to me The number of children turning autistic is growing daily and the people that die from tuberculosis is a big number and isn’t that a communicable disease spread by a cough? Is anybody tracking these people. They’re just free to cough on us and contaminated us with their disease ?
Ana R
Ana R Hace 6 días
are u dumb
Ethan Liu
Ethan Liu Hace 7 días
Really, you deserve more subscribers than T-series
Dana McGraw
Dana McGraw Hace 7 días
Vermont literally has less than a thousand cases, I'm so glad to live where I am
Margaret Cunningham
Margaret Cunningham Hace 7 días
Ask Dr Anthony why he didn't vaccinate his own kids
L O Hace 7 días
Let's talk about how he criticized Dr Judy Mikovits who exposes Fraudchi, agreed to a 1 on 1 debate on the Valuetainment channel, backs out, then deletes days worth of comments on his videos about asking why he backed out after bashing her?
Margaret Cunningham
Margaret Cunningham Hace 7 días
Your game is up as is Dr Anthony's.nice to c what great friends u are😛
PAWEL KOLASA Hace 8 días
Pandemic is MADE UP to force Vaccinations, filled with mercury and formaldehyde. Idea of vaccination is from Medieval Europe with peasants smearing liquid from diseased cows lessions on themselves! And you silly people think that, you are Educated??? Because he went to Medical school??? What insanity they teach about vaccinations in med school? They don't even know how insane they are. They quote non-existant generic data about non-existant pandemics supposedly stopped by Vaccines with THAT particular virus, being INJECTED directly into the blood stream. Resist the brainwashing, the antibodies live only 6 weeks max, so even if they memorized the virus, they are unlikely to use their Wisdom after they're dead!
lucifaeris' life and stuff
@David Acero except there's no evidence that any coronavirus ever gives immunity. And if you look it up you'll realize that it's a well known scientific fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci completely covered up because he didn't want to incite panic he said.
David Acero
David Acero Hace 7 días
The antibodies are produced as the body identify the illness. They don't need to permanently be in your body. Your body remembers how to behave when face with a certain bacteria or virus because it fought a dead version of it before. Kind of like how you know what to do when you get a cut, you disinfect and you cover the wound. That information is in your brain you just need to remember what you do in what situation. Your immune system works the same.
PoHeimo Hace 8 días
you know mercury is found in tuna and formaldehyde is found in everyday food such as pears, portion size matter
Waffle King
Waffle King Hace 8 días
So if we all get the virus we will probably be temporarily immune but if people keep having baby’s then it’s impossible for us all to be immune...
David Acero
David Acero Hace 7 días
The point is for the virus to disappear because cases are isolated and cured. Not to get everyone immune.
Ms Jules
Ms Jules Hace 9 días
To bad trump isn't requiring any of this. I trust Fauci I DO NOT TRUST NOR BELIEVE TRUMP.
Leo Orlando
Leo Orlando Hace 4 días
That's fantastic, Ms Jules. Have you ever seen a video from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai or Dr. Rashid Buttar or Dr. Peter Duesberg or Dr. Kary Nullis or Dr. David Rasnick. These top scientists and physicians have some very lovely things to say about Fauci. 😃
G Bruce
G Bruce Hace 9 días
Thank you, Dr Fauci and Dr Mike for all you both do. I finally feel that I have heard the truth.
Dreamer 1220
Dreamer 1220 Hace 9 días
new world order propaganda
Ur Mamas Freak
Ur Mamas Freak Hace 9 días
DR ESvidR get both sides of the story interview judy mikovitz you are debunking her claims it should be no problem. You have time to talk to Philip de franco about misinformation being spread talk to those with opposing argument.
VotingInNH Hace 9 días
Wow! Congrats on a great guest/show!
john david hukom
john david hukom Hace 9 días
May I humbly request for a feature on Dr Zach Bush. Thanks. How does his views tie to all that is happening and all the information about the disease.
Urself Boi x3
Urself Boi x3 Hace 10 días
Lube is essential oil Karen: yes.
Carter Builds Stuff
Carter Builds Stuff Hace 10 días
I am counfused on what he means by young. Should I as a young teen with no health conditions be worried, or should I just protect others around me.
David Acero
David Acero Hace 7 días
I'm 30 yo . I wear a mask whenever I go in public. Public distance of 6 feet and not in close contact to any elderly or people that have health condition. Just keep doing that bare minimum and everything will be fine. No matter your age
Sabrina E
Sabrina E Hace 9 días
So many people have different opinions. MY personal opinion, young or not, we need to assume we have it. You being young could be asymptomatic and pass it onto others if not careful.
John H. Jr.
John H. Jr. Hace 10 días
Wtf is that gonna do lol
MonieLue78 Hace 10 días
Dr.Mike & Dr. Fauci are my Spirit Doctor's
Greg More Challenge the Status Quo
****** dr. Mike is a coward/man boy and here are the facts******** This coward… This man-boy has attacked Dr. Judy and runs for the hills when Dr. Judy agrees to debate him. Dr. Mike confirmed on three separate occasions with Patrick Bet-David that he would debate Dr. Judy. As soon as a day was scheduled for the debate, Dr. Mike bailed out on his commitment to debate Dr. Judy on the Facts. Is Dr. Mike the kind of man you want your children to aspire to be? This coward who went out of his way to slander and libel Dr. Judy does not have the backbone to debate her? Even worse, he does not take ownership of his decision and blames the talent coordinator on Patrick’s show. Do you know what Dr. Mike’s excuse was? Dr. Mike said that he was pressured into accepting a debate with Dr. Judy. Are you kidding me, on three separate occasions you were asked if you would do it and you confirmed every time you coward. Watch this video, Patrick is so powerful! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vl6ue4aw9hE.html ***** Dr. Mike you coward, you owe it to Dr. Judy to debate her on the facts!******
Denis Andrew P.
Denis Andrew P. Hace 10 días
1:30 Sweeet home Alabama...
SmokDaWed Vhgg
SmokDaWed Vhgg Hace 10 días
Anyone else watching this on the toilet? Asking for a friend
David Acero
David Acero Hace 7 días
I watch ESvid from everywhere in the house. Even the roof and basement so toilet shouldn't be put of the equation.
Eric Li
Eric Li Hace 10 días
Senior doctors deserve all of our love and respects during these times. They are the rock for even other doctors during these times because they are experienced
Jomana Moataz
Jomana Moataz Hace 10 días
If you see the social distancing in Egypt, you will cringe so hard.
Micoh Jeremy Montenegro
zuleide pivatto
zuleide pivatto Hace 11 días
Já vi.wue você e um falso Antony fauci um Hitler
Lamafby Gaming
Lamafby Gaming Hace 11 días
Doctor mike if you are helping us fight the battle I just want to say thank you for your service
Maria Austin
Maria Austin Hace 11 días
Dr Mike you are a puppet on a string ... fouci says children should keep far away from the virus then says they will be immune for years ! No talk of herd immunity but then we know his agenda vaccinations..
Mark Wagner
Mark Wagner Hace 11 días
Folks have been coming down with it again after recovering the first time
Andy Roo
Andy Roo Hace 11 días
It's ANTI social distancing. Not sociable at all. How can you say you are lucky to have this medical Nazi on your program. He is an experimentalist. On you. He wants to inject you with poison. A vaccine is a toxin. He would give you the disease. And thus a criminal with vested interests. Like gates and big pharma who are also on his side. Don't be fooled.
Elvis Nawa
Elvis Nawa Hace 11 días
christina singh
christina singh Hace 11 días
Petitions.whitehouse.gov Investigate crimes against medical malpractice and crimes against humanity against Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Including Dr. Anthony Fauci. Sign the petition. It surpassed the 100k signatures to have this shown to congress. WHATS THE HOLD UP? BTW Bill Gates created Beyond Meat so don't eat that. Check out what Bill Gates eats and how he grows his own vegetation but doesn't even use what he creates. STAY AWAKE GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES
Seasar Ctabbed
Seasar Ctabbed Hace 11 días
dont buy a mask, you would only take them away from doctors. you can make a mask from a rag and some rope. yoy want a face shield? get a sun visor with those plastic stained screens. or alternatively get plastic bag used for binders and use a headband to secure it on your head. get some bandanas and wrap them on your head. you ever seen those videos of people putting plastic water tanks on their heads? it looks stupid af but your main concern is getting a face shield because even if COVID-19 is airborne inhaling a few drops is better than getting sprayed with millions and having a higher chance of infection. take a shower if you have been outside for longer than an hour.
Holly Ross
Holly Ross Hace 12 días
Colab with Ken Jeong please
Elvis Antti
Elvis Antti Hace 12 días
You should play reanimation Inc.
Maria mia
Maria mia Hace 12 días
You have the 💉 first Fauc and the gate's, then if i need it... We will see.
MrJerryStevenson Hace 12 días
Hi Mike I've been enjoying your series in the last couple of days and I want to recommend you to start watching Dr. Ramani's video series on narcissism. There was a red flag when you were doing a video with the comedian and revealed you kind of felt sad about the amount of followers on SM vs actual friends. I see an uptick in SM influencers such as yourself. And they seem to amount to having a certain amount of charisma and charm which TBH is not always a healthy way of validation or even exemplary as a person of the medical community. Anyways explore her series and notice the differences in the way she dresses speaks and delivers her POV. It's not right or wrong but it is done on purpose. This series has really help me evaluate my whole life.
Cecilia Raday
Cecilia Raday Hace 12 días
Dr. Mike Pia, is from my country. I watch her show interview about you and her. 4 years ago.
lilly 123
lilly 123 Hace 12 días
For nothing is concealed that won't be revealed, and nothing hidden that won't be made known and brought to light. - Luke 8:17 For there will be no future for the evil man; The lamp of the wicked will be put out.-Proverbs 24:20
rifatara afroz
rifatara afroz Hace 12 días
How much money these doctors have taken from bill gates?
Griffin Goldstein
Griffin Goldstein Hace 13 días
Hey Mike, love your content! You should do a review of Steven Crowder’s coronavirus lies video. He seems pretty convincing but I don’t really understand a lot of the medical terminology and don’t know if it really holds to the full truth and I’d love to hear your take on it as a health care professional!
I wonder how many of these geniuses threatening Dr. Fauci realize that their grandparents and parents made it to adulthood because of him and the people he's worked alongside since the 60's. The USA is full of people that need to turn off Reality TV and Pro Wrestling. Start watching credible documentaries.
Leo Orlando
Leo Orlando Hace 3 días
I will research your notion that Fauci saved lives. Hmmm. As far as watching credible documentaries, how you have seen, "HIV=AIDS: Fact or Fraud?" co-starring Fauci?
pierre Parousia
pierre Parousia Hace 13 días
Pure propaganda with its poster boy 😡
Ally Waters
Ally Waters Hace 13 días
Incredibly lucky? 🖕🏽you and your toxic vaccines!
Nick Nero
Nick Nero Hace 13 días
This guy is a fraud
Melissa hoover
Melissa hoover Hace 13 días
Your dr Mike who? and where do you practice? What is your last name ? And what is your specialty?
Lalruatkima gaming android
Dean Bodily
Dean Bodily Hace 14 días
Can you do another interview with Dr Fauci, But this time include Dr Judy Mikovits? Pretty please.
M W Hace 14 días
Fauci is bought by big pharma and sent the virus to the lab in China where it originated from. He ownes the patent on vaccines... he stole the HIV virus vaccines from other scientists in his lab...he LOVES the atttention and limelight. i hope he gets prosecuted for the damage he has created on this planet
Christina Ortiz
Christina Ortiz Hace 14 días
Why not ask him why he predicted a plandemic during Trumps presidency? Can he please predict the lottery numbers????
Seasar Ctabbed
Seasar Ctabbed Hace 11 días
i dont know what you are talking about. please elaborate
Sown Intergral
Sown Intergral Hace 11 días
Can I answer this question...?
Libra 84
Libra 84 Hace 14 días
Dr shill interviews Dr Falsely
Libra 84
Libra 84 Hace 14 días
Dr shill interviews dr rat 🐀
jakieelaad12 Hace 14 días
Dr. Mike, why did you cancel the interview with Dr Judy Mitkovits after saying yes?
A P Hace 14 días
Fraud. Crimes against humanity. Psycho. - That is Fauci
Kay Robinson
Kay Robinson Hace 14 días
Im shocked.thought you were an honorable man.but this interview and proves youre a dr who knows nothing .its a flu.even dr nazi wrote that in the journal of medicine..wow dr liars.
Tkachev Eugene
Tkachev Eugene Hace 15 días
Dr. Fauci is going to jail for his crimes against humanity.
Not a Russian Bot.
Not a Russian Bot. Hace 15 días
I think at this point economic shutdown is unsustainable since the government decided to bail out all the corporations with plenty of money instead of the small buisnesses and won't pass a UBI or M4A so I think what is best is all buisnesses open except the resturants and require masks and gloves when in a business or grocery store and forbid dumping gloves in the parking lot.
HaarpoonWave Hace 15 días
I think you did the right thing by backing out of the Valuetainment debate... You were clearly at a disadvantage ! Your counterpart has been at this for longer than you could tie your shoes... Plus, that's like an electrician telling a plumber how to his job properly. She is a research scientist... You are a GP.
Max Gray
Max Gray Hace 15 días
This should be put on everyone’s ESvid feed!
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Hace 15 días
Liberal sellouts
Chamelion Starfirefall
What do you think of organizations such as Doctors Without Borders suggesting " big pharma" make things easier on poor?
Marcos J
Marcos J Hace 15 días
Fauci was schooled in Jesuit school
motooutkast Hace 15 días
Crazy looking a month back
Earthling Kat
Earthling Kat Hace 15 días
Ventilators have been killing patients rather than saving them. This is a scamdemic as these evil demons like Fauci and Gates have in store for us - it’s about mass vaccination, control and surveillance. Why don’t they talk about increasing immunity, Vit D, Vit C and Zinc and good nutrition. It’s all about medication, what about prevention? No mention off that. Check out the the UN Agenda 2030, for sustainable development and ID2020.
ScoopGirl Hace 15 días
Would like an updated video on how long the virus remains on surfaces such as plastic, wood, glass and stainless steal. Ive heard 72 for plastic and 92 for glass and 24 hours for wood. Is this true still now
Simon Horler
Simon Horler Hace 16 días
Ha ha Dr Mike you just got made.
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