Dodge Hellcat Powered Mazda Miata Can do 6th Gear Burnouts!!

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Some people like to talk about insane engine swaps... and some people just straight up do them. Like @karrmedia's little Miata with a giant 700hp Dodge Hellcat motor stuffed into it, aka Hell Kitty. 2,500 lbs, 700 horsepower, an orange paint job and a whole lot of ain't care. 6th gear burnouts? No problem. Think about that for a minute.
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17 jul 2019






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Hoonigan Daily Transmission
If you could swap a Hellcat V8 into any car of your choice, what car would you choose?!
angel flores
angel flores Hace 2 días
Cadillac Brougham 😎👌
Peter Ohlsson
Peter Ohlsson Hace 2 meses
Why not into an around 800 kilos (1600 lbs) light Smart Roadster. Think that would be kinda Wild
Edward Piper
Edward Piper Hace 2 meses
Deffo a Bac Mono
Matthew Andrews
Matthew Andrews Hace 2 meses
3rd or 4th gen Firebird/Trans-Am
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari Hace 3 meses
Peel p50
Qyvern Hace 4 horas
That doesnt sound like a miata🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lorraine Royal
Lorraine Royal Hace un día
When they done having fun with it, I hope they make the car street/drag race ready !!! I would love to see it in race mode.
Lorraine Royal
Lorraine Royal Hace un día
I done had 3 Honda Accord 90-93 & my girl had 1 as well, I would swap the hellcat engine in that body style honda, just to be hated and cause I love that car!
Captainmakis 952
Captainmakis 952 Hace 2 días
Mud Machines
Mud Machines Hace 2 días
Couldnt hear a word he said at 12:31 😂 loud ass mf lol
black jamaican
black jamaican Hace 3 días
why was u riding on his rims tho.. f.uped
Deidara Hace 3 días
that thing really sounds like its from hell
Sindre Alme
Sindre Alme Hace 3 días
Greta does not approve
demian m
demian m Hace 4 días
It’s seem like an abomination for that sound to come from that car
Jay Arnold
Jay Arnold Hace 4 días
'This is the most useless car I've ever driven' 😅
The Mammoths
The Mammoths Hace 5 días
I mean, the polar bears are still alive, right?
Nestor Nazario
Nestor Nazario Hace 5 días
This is the real life version of every car I make in Forza.
Dennis dela Pena
Dennis dela Pena Hace 5 días
People fuck up their cars just to be in this show, hope y’all pay for new tires and rims at least 😬😬
FBI Hace 5 días
bitch has a v8 swapped mazda but can't fuckin drift my god
sukairo Hace 7 días
This is like ls swapping on a whole new level
Jeepn Vw
Jeepn Vw Hace 7 días
Thats pretty epic man , if it was up for drift i think it would be hard to beat ..bad ass.
CloverTroll Hace 7 días
Got to see this thing in person do a rolling burnout for a couple blocks. Makes your heart skip a beat. He didn't have the rear bumper on it (I assume from this) but his wheels looked fine. Craziest Miata I've seen yet!
Dan Hentes
Dan Hentes Hace 7 días
sounds like a nascar
Wavy_mjay Hace 3 días
Dan Hentes stfu
Daddy's little girl
Daddy's little girl Hace 8 días
Enter it into summer nsts
Jack-Spicer Hace 8 días
Meh........ ShartKart is still x1000 times better.
Lil Boat
Lil Boat Hace 8 días
Better get them new rims
Shawn Stewart
Shawn Stewart Hace 8 días
And people say motorcycles are dangerous lmfao
What Plant is that, Paul?
That HP to weight ratio! What a cool build!
SwagiYo Hace 9 días
Damn, the weight balance must be wayyyy of now, considering that with 1.8 I4 it was 50/50.
Μάριος Παντερής
MasteR Hace 10 días
what’s the point of a car like this? can’t race it, can’t drive it, only burnouts? I’m serious, please don’t hate
Speed Hawk 563
Speed Hawk 563 Hace 10 días
Honda Fit
Sporkinstien Hace 11 días
Now do demon lol
domitry jobby
domitry jobby Hace 11 días
whith a hemi the question is. What car your engine has?
Charles Royer
Charles Royer Hace 11 días
I LOVE THIS CAR, little roadster&V8=SWEET! I have a '64 MGB, custom frame and suspension, only 500hp SBC, 4-speed@2350lbs., it can make me laugh out loud. Maybe mine needs a supercharger (It'll do freeway burnouts now). It's a weak video but you can hear at 1964 SBC MGB aggressive idle on ESvid
Aaron Felix
Aaron Felix Hace 11 días
So the colored tires are retarded, but kinda cool.
Ruger Brian
Ruger Brian Hace 11 días
LOVE IT! Now, drop a hot, smokey diesel into a Prius!
Alexander Curtis
Alexander Curtis Hace 12 días
When will someone take an old junkyard SXT and put a flight deck on it?
Chauncey the 3rd
Chauncey the 3rd Hace 13 días
Earphones+ full volume = glorious 😍
David Emanuel Lock
David Emanuel Lock Hace 13 días
Nice ass transmission & motor
Tee pom
Tee pom Hace 14 días
That thing is wicked
Bah Humbug.
Bah Humbug. Hace 14 días
Why don't they make it front wheel drive to put power to the ground
Wind of change
Wind of change Hace 14 días
This thing must be so nose heavy, can't imagine it will handle round corners.
luke Hace 12 días
Wind of change i don’t think they would try to take it fast around corners. the only use is burnouts basically
Tank Kilburn
Tank Kilburn Hace 15 días
Mini hell Kitty 🤣🤣. Miata need a kitty motor
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