DOES HE MISS ME? 💔 *Pick A Card* TAROT CHARM Reading | How Does He Feel About Me?

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Pick A Card* TAROT CHARM Reading - DOES HE MISS ME? 💔 How Does He Feel About Me?
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:30
Cards 2) 17:22
Cards 3) 37:44
Cards 4) 55:55
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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Cards 1) 1:30 Cards 2) 17:22 Cards 3) 37:44 Cards 4) 55:55 "How Does He Feel About Me?" Readings Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
eve Looq
eve Looq Hace 4 días
Cakdi Didi
Cakdi Didi Hace 24 días
Jorie Zamost
Jorie Zamost Hace un mes
Soul Whispers Tarot TYSM ❤️🙏💫
Amber Nguyen
Amber Nguyen Hace un mes
Pile 2: he had new love.
tipbim Hace un mes
2 thank you very much, resonate as usual
electra Hace 14 horas
Card number 3 really resonated with me like 100% me and him live in different states and I feel like this reading really was meant for me
beyoutiful411 Hace 19 horas
I picked pile 1 and man I am hurting for him :( wish I could help him and be with him, I will forgive him, but he isn’t reaching out so there is nothing I can do. I will wait some time in case he decides to contact me, if not I will let him go, even though this will be the hardest thing to do :(
Az Zh
Az Zh Hace 20 horas
15:35 such deep words while staring at the toilet paper roll lol
Christina Kerestedjian
I chose pile 2 and every tarot reading I’ve been doing all says he misses me and wants to reach out and get back together. I’ve had the same dream about this the past week and seen all the angel numbers.
Foroogh Jabbari
Foroogh Jabbari Hace un día
Wonderful 💛
music is life
music is life Hace un día
#2 He and i met online...and got along well, cause we had the same goal. He told me that i am his type and i liked him too. But then he suddenly deleted his account and idk why? I really miss him and this resonates with me. I hope he texts me back and we can meet. Btw good work keep it up.❤
高延茹 Hace 2 días
4.he from Iraq and I from Taiwan now we broke up cause I and he was quarrel and I tell something hurt to him so he blocked me I was gave him many pressure he’s country is not good now and he’s work so I was Did a personal consultation .Many teachers say our destiny is not over he really like me and wanna me happy Divination teacher suggested me I should Adjust your emotions, stay optimistic, don't stress each other I don’t know will he back or not but I think I should love myself first and all be fine
Mimi Hace 3 días
I watched this about my distant ex. He and I are apart and I have no clue how I feel about him, but I had just wondered. A lot of these cards resonated. I had to walk through fire to be with him before; if he really misses me, he missed that opportunity. When we did talk before, he expressed deep regrets for how he treated and abused me. Beautiful reading!
Stef B
Stef B Hace 3 días
Do you sell your divine masculine cards?
Literally Michele
Literally Michele Hace 3 días
noor ul ain
noor ul ain Hace 3 días
Pile 4 : this is my energy, bcz I am in pain and missing him alot. He is busy in his life and profession. I gave him so much attention, live and care, but he left me ☹️. I still hoping that he will come back to me, but I think he will never ever come back to me. I am thinking about him all the time, even I have no other thought, I really want reconcilation and want him back in my life, but no he never want to come back, bcz he never show any intention towards me. I think it is over for ever. I still want to marry him. I think these all are my energies, bcz he is very reluctant and never show his feelings.
Andreia Reminiec
Andreia Reminiec Hace 4 días
Cards 1 ,Karen Or back off from himself? He has all of the chances in the world
raffine123 Hace 4 días
dinnaa tata
dinnaa tata Hace 5 días
I chose #3 and it says we will get back together but he is in arrange marriage and divorce is a taboo so 3 did not resonate with me
Sofia L.T
Sofia L.T Hace 5 días
Jordan Crowther
Jordan Crowther Hace 5 días
I wish this grieving process would hurry up....
Melissa M. Sutton
Melissa M. Sutton Hace 7 días
In order to not make my other comment too long, I'll start another. He started drinking heavily and it was him that pushed me away and then I had to find out the truth on my own. I asked him to just talk to me. But I guess he was afraid of my judgement. That makes sense.
Melissa M. Sutton
Melissa M. Sutton Hace 7 días
#1 Wow.. Second time I've gotten the in a dark place card for him. I definitely had to walk away. But I do miss him. I was very generous. And yes he had things weighing on him. I'm in a position where I no longer have his contact info. I gave him mine in a letter. It's rather up to him to contact me. In one reading you mentioned at Christmas time. And I'm ok with that. I don't want to force it. He was married and had been divorced for some time before we met, but he didn't have closure. He has kids. Omg he did hide the fact that he was talking to his ex..he told me she died, when she divorced him. It's embarrassing to talk about, but that's what he did. In the letter I sent him I mentioned dating someone else (I was). But I wasn't with that person long. I've been single for some time. He should feel all the things you mentioned and I'm glad you confirmed that he is. Yes, he is an introvert. All in all an accurate reading while filling in gaps for me. Thank you.
Melissa M. Sutton
Melissa M. Sutton Hace 7 días
I really like listening to your voice. It's so soothing and sweet.
Elissa Mojica
Elissa Mojica Hace 8 días
I chose 1 and it's crazy to see how accurate it was! I gave him my all and I always felt like he took that for granted and i told him I needed time for myself and now hes texting me saying that he misses me and is definitely showing more effort into the relationship!
Maria de Los Angeles Mora
Card one video stopped on me at 2:02 ?
Sweety Mehra
Sweety Mehra Hace 9 días
I choose pile 2, I love your shell charms😅
Leila Fowler
Leila Fowler Hace 9 días
I picked #2 and I REALLY do miss him I’ve seen your videos and I’m scared to try to be his friend again 😔 but should I just go for it? I really do love him but I’m just scared he doesn’t care about me. 😕
bluecrazykats Hace 9 días
This is absolutely incredible. Chose pack 1 and spot on....he has another relationship for which he has obligations, he is a Peter Pan afraid to grow up, he has two children, and I am pregnant with his child. I can't be the one waiting for him to be present and choose to be here. Focusing on me and my baby. It has to be just us now.
¥oshi Xo
¥oshi Xo Hace 12 días
Before she even started I have been having this crazy feeling that he’s been going through some things because I’m clearly not apart of his life anymore. I see myself as one of the greatest people to have in your life and he has told me as well. He likes the way I care about people especially him and our child. I give without wanting much in return. A true empath. I just can’t keep letting people take and not fill mines up anymore. I’m completely drained from it. I know it’s clichè but he won’t find another like me. It’s crazy cause I know he looks for me in all the females he’s been with and I feel bad for the women because they have no clue how toxic he is: he’s a young alcoholic deadbeat with no goals and is full of himself. I wish them the best. I know he’s in a dark place -he’s been there and I pray he doesn’t come here with that dark cloud ever again.
Nancy Chen
Nancy Chen Hace 12 días
Number 4. After every reading he really does something 😂. It's mind blowing really. Most times I love your voice it puts me to sleep. Ide wake up feeling more lighter. I listen to your readings because Im genuinely drowning in thoughts of this person I love. Always your readings it's like my gut is talking to me 💙🙏💙🙏💙 you're a gift
Sophia Medina
Sophia Medina Hace 13 días
Pile #1, I feel like this is describing me also describing him as well, but I really hope this is true🙁
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Hace 13 días
Thank you
Dalia Partida
Dalia Partida Hace 13 días
Yes it did🥰 thanks a lot 🙏✨👋🏻👋🏻😊🥰
okhueleigbe ehi
okhueleigbe ehi Hace 7 días
Hello if you want to have a happy relationship, I know someone powerful enough to help
Dalia Partida
Dalia Partida Hace 13 días
Yes, I started loving myself, I had to let go to have positive days, ❤️🥰🙏🌟and yes it went better for me when I let go, I received positive energies,🌟🤗🌙🌟✨🙏🙏🙏
Dalia Partida
Dalia Partida Hace 13 días
🙏 thanks , well l let’s see what happens, 😊🙏🌟
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose Hace 14 días
anyone know how long a temporary separation should last? ahha
Ha Hee Lee
Ha Hee Lee Hace 14 días
Pile 1
stars glitter I guess
stars glitter I guess Hace 14 días
For deck 1 : if they can't reciprocate your energy then don't give them a chance again. If he's still clinging to his past relationship, then leave. We don't want someone cause so much pain like that. I had this thing going on with me. I love him but he still chooses to be with his ex and made me suffer. I left him without a word. Let him grow into person. Man up. I don't want to be with him. I felt so connected to him but I can't loose myself and my worth in this. I have my life and I want someone who will give me love and prioritize me. Eventhough I feel he is my soulmate or twin flame, I'm not going back.
Sumedha Tiwari
Sumedha Tiwari Hace 15 días
2... he left from a ldr , he started 3rd party and when i confronted he blocked .... he used to dream about me so he might think sometimes
Simply Candyshoppe
Simply Candyshoppe Hace 16 días
It resonates me... #3
Hanh Le
Hanh Le Hace 17 días
#3 11032020
gh0stin yuh
gh0stin yuh Hace 18 días
pile #3 he broke up with me today tho :/
Kaee Vee
Kaee Vee Hace 18 días
#2 wow resonates so well
Nina Gabi
Nina Gabi Hace 18 días
3- and wow we separated the end of February we agreed not to talk for the time being because it is still hard, but he says that if I ever need anything that to not hesitate to call, but boundaries were a huge problem for us.
sol lid
sol lid Hace 18 días
Card number 2: he has a gf so I was trying to move on by not talking to him anymore but he just keeps messaging me ang talking to me like he’s testing the water.
Silvia Hsu
Silvia Hsu Hace 20 días
4thank u for ur reading
Da'Naisa Love
Da'Naisa Love Hace 21 un día
#2 🥺
Chanthing Jajo
Chanthing Jajo Hace 21 un día
Tq ❤️❤️❤️dear
fuccboi Hace 22 días
Pile 2, i really wish for this to come true 😞 we still love each other but had to break up because it was long distance, hoping he’ll come back
We Have No Idea
We Have No Idea Hace 22 días
Great soul
Great soul Hace 22 días
What may be the answer but it's the last for ......
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 23 días
2. 🤔
Katica Grazia
Katica Grazia Hace 22 días
On his WhatsApp number@@@
Katica Grazia
Katica Grazia Hace 22 días
Jessica. , In-box Baba Tudey great powerful spell casters
Antonia Mukiibi
Antonia Mukiibi Hace 24 días
Everyone be getting notifications from them while watching the video and I haven’t gotten any lmaooo
Beach Girlie
Beach Girlie Hace 24 días
Chose-pile 3, thank you
jalin chen
jalin chen Hace 25 días
4 you read so deep, thank you for giving me hope&strength , whever he miss me or not, I will fight for him, love him so much!
jalin chen
jalin chen Hace 25 días
@Jimmy Rosh I know too
Jimmy Rosh
Jimmy Rosh Hace 25 días
I know someone who can help you restored your relationship back
Vicious Delicious
Vicious Delicious Hace 25 días
Asked him for some time to heal... now he blocked me, pile 3 seemed to be accurate but I'm just too angry at him rn.. he hurted me in ways I thought someone who told me he loved me would never do...
Julie Ann
Julie Ann Hace 25 días
Number 2 set of cards. Very accurate. Hope we could heal and work on our marriage inspite of his infidelity. Thanks for guiding me. Hope I make the right decision. 😊
Priyanka Doiphode
Priyanka Doiphode Hace 26 días
How can all 4 set of cards are saying yes he misses u...
josepyne1989 Hace 5 días
I have noticed the same
Milcah Aninias
Milcah Aninias Hace 26 días
all of your card the answer all is they are miss you, wtf. all of the above is only one answer
Jane K
Jane K Hace 27 días
#4 First words immediately define the situation ❤ Thank you for this great reading.
arum rahayu
arum rahayu Hace 27 días
It's resonates with me ❣ thank's. Hope for best. God bless u
Chubby Custed
Chubby Custed Hace 27 días
#1- I thought about the person I first had really strong feelings for during this tarot pick a card. I still feel like it was a love I’ve never felt but she walked away and we’ve been separated for over 3 years now.. but I can’t get her off my mind STILL. Idk what this means.. but I’m a bit nervous 😅 lol But overall really love your vids! Your accent makes it 10x more amazing
Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandez Hace 28 días
I dreamed last night that we sent me a message telling me “ i want to reconcile “
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 29 días
#4 Resonates my situation. A wonderful reading today! It makes me to have more faiths in our path ahead. Nearly 1 year of separation, we've still tried to heal ourselves and heal our relationship. Because I always know that the universe spend him for my life. Because of him, I changed and more grow up in aspect of love. He taught me how to love actually a person!
Mai Tea
Mai Tea Hace 29 días
#2 i miss my baby so much ugh, i pray every night for him. I pray to God he heals those wounds which made him take the decision to break up. He said it himself, he doesn't feel like he is enough for me but he is, he is caring and sweet. He's my twin flame.
Mai Tea
Mai Tea Hace 7 días
Update: he texted me, offered to pick me up and take me to work bc he doesn't want me to take ubers during this outbreak. He told me he is planning to go to a psychologist because he doesn't know what to do. I told him everything i felt. I keep praying for him, we agreed to grab some coffee after the quarantine
BABY CANDY Hace un mes
#1 Thank you dear, u best reader, can u read third party situation ? Thnk you god bless u 😘❤️
Gen Marie
Gen Marie Hace un mes
The day after this was uploaded, he reached out to me after 2 weeks had passed since I told him I was walking away. This is interesting. Pile #2.
Shefali Kesarkar
Shefali Kesarkar Hace un mes
Pile #3 Resonated completely, we live in different states. We are in seperation at the moment and there was a lot of codependence. But now as you have mentioned it is required to have healthy boundaries. Atleast now I am not searching for anything else and spending time by my self concentrating on my self. If he comes back it's okay if he doesn't than it's fine as well. Whatever the universe has in-store for me will happen. Hoping for the best. Thanks a lot for the reading 😊
Henny Lau
Henny Lau Hace un mes
Pile 1. Why is it saying about me not him?!?!
Garima Alreja
Garima Alreja Hace un mes
2) Ya allah i wish this comes out true nn he comes back🙏
Garima Alreja
Garima Alreja Hace 25 días
@Ruth Ovia what charges he takes or it is free?
Suman Yadav
Suman Yadav Hace un mes
You DO NOT have the right to play with people's feeling. All 4 cards say the same things..YES HE MISSES YOU. Selling false hope to heart broken lovers. Making them live in illusion. Well you are not to blame entirely. We are another IDIOTS who feel confort in living in denial.
Mariel Chavez
Mariel Chavez Hace un mes
I pray this is true... I chose 3. And I just want my ex back! I miss him and we broke up over an arguement. We were long distance. And he blocked me literally everywhere and changed his number. I hope he can come back!!! He said he still loves me, when he left. I love him still. I hope the universe is doing this so we can grow and come back together. However, we did have bad insecurities and we both had bad habits of being harsh to each other sometimes. But it was because we both didnt love ourselves I guess. I want that new beginning. But I'm afraid he won't because of the distance and the fact that I have emotional instability like anxiety and depression. I hope the cards are a sign that he will come back....
Taylor Corbin
Taylor Corbin Hace un mes
Most of this was very accurate! Even the part about the dua lipa song! So thank you!
Argie Lhainee Reyy
Argie Lhainee Reyy Hace un mes
#2 i just wanna know if he miss me
G Hace un mes
#4 CRAZY spot on. The Swans and everything.
Lilian D
Lilian D Hace un mes
Nr. 1 - you described my situation with big accuracy.
Reina La'Diosa
Reina La'Diosa Hace un mes
Aww thank u so much... #3 yes he and I are reuniting so soon. Age of Aquarius is happening March 19-20 when the moon is in the 7th house .... Jupiter and Mars.... Yeah thank you Universe 5D is coming
Philana Powell
Philana Powell Hace un mes
Group 2: This has shed so much light on our connection thank you so much!
Saima Nayen
Saima Nayen Hace un mes
Card 2: don’t give me false hopes 😞
Luna Hace 27 días
Saima Nayen LMAOOOO mood
Jordyn Turner
Jordyn Turner Hace un mes
I clicked on this for fun wondering if it would bring up one of my old exes. It’s ATTACKED me and my most recent boyfriend (I’m still trying to be his friend but it’s been draining me) I picked number one and boy oh boy you said everything we have talked about and that I’ve noticed.😭😂👏🏼
Selenophile Intuition
was drawn to 3 and 4, and soooooooooooooo accurate, you have brought so much peace in me. It's very difficult, because I feel I should not feel this way (third party situation) and although Im not communicating out of respect, my soul just wont let go. I will wait for him until he's free, because my soul loves him so much. We were both being someone we were not and I didnt show him how great I am, but then again, I was not my greatest at that time, but so much has changed inside of me and my connection just got stronger because I can literally feel him.
Blvck Roses
Blvck Roses Hace un mes
1 but I felt like u was explaining me .. 🤦‍♀️
Alethia Belleque
Alethia Belleque Hace un mes
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