Does He Want Me Back? Will he reach out? Will we reconcile? PICK A CARD Tarot Reading (Timeless)

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Welcome to Lumiere Tarot
Hey Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
This Pick a Card reading is timeless. Time is not linear and is more fluid than our usual understanding therefore if you discover this reading then there may be a message here for you. Use your intuition to guide you. If this message doesn’t resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
Disclaimer: Please use the information offered responsibly. Ultimately, you must always use your own judgement, wisdom and discrimination when making life decisions. Caution: Language may be strong at times.
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Group 3 = 51:12
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Celina Nolan
Celina Nolan Hace 7 meses
Hey! I can’t remember which video it was, I’ve seen so many! But I wanted to say something about it. It was about when he’d contact me. I saw it about a month ago and Clare said it will be between the next full moons. For me it was therefore after 13th October. Because we hadn’t spoken for 2 months and I was still thinking of him, I was going to text him this week. On 16th October he texted me. Thank you Clare!!! These videos are amazing!
Allaury Dees
Allaury Dees Hace un mes
shumwe tedd has iioep
Tejinder Syan
Tejinder Syan Hace un mes
Even me I have watched almost most of the vdos and all the reading have the same thing.. and everything was accurate NW just waiting for things to happen as she mentioned
shumwe tedd
shumwe tedd Hace 3 meses
Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "tips on getting ex boyfriend back" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Woniam Loverman Scheme - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my partner got great success with it.
J Kwan
J Kwan Hace 3 meses
@Alice Patrick I must have looked like a joke to you
J Kwan
J Kwan Hace 3 meses
Congratz sis. like you i have watched so many videos from clair. However, some say he's going to make a move, some say he just isn't the right person. I honestly don't know what to do.
Lia Zavala
Lia Zavala Hace un hora
This was posted on my birthday and pile #2 really resonated with my situation. Wow.
Swati Virdi
Swati Virdi Hace 16 horas
I'm shocked. The reading was soo accurate. Pile 3... that is wt exactly happened 🤞 i hope it turns out in this way too
Renata Sousa
Renata Sousa Hace un día
Hello! Pile 2, very accurate (especially his strong ego and the unbalanced relationship). Today I realize this broke up he done was the best for me and my self learning. Today in this situation I am queen of swords. I deserve better.
Kate Kate
Kate Kate Hace 2 días
Yesterday the reading (like almost all of them) said we will come back together. Buy today it didn't 😂how
Maddy May
Maddy May Hace 4 días
WOW... that was 100000% accurate. Almost terrifyingly so even down to personality traits, i assumed this person had gone for good but its reassuring to know we are both in pain.. i feel like no one has quite been the same since so its incredible to know we are both feeling the same.
Janeida Lopez Lopez
Janeida Lopez Lopez Hace 6 días
3 this was so accurate
Elīna Baltiņa
Elīna Baltiņa Hace 6 días
#3, oh my god, this is waaaay to accurate!!! I’ve listened so many tarot readings in the past week and they all were talking about the same things, but this one resonated SO PRECISELY IN DETAIL! Someone I just met and immediately felt a twin flame connection between us ghosted me... after a few days I wrote him the second message where I told him about the connection I felt and kindly encouraged him to be honest with me (temperance card) - still no reply... But I felt so good when I sent that message and because I feel that love energy which makes me stand above all the fear and doubt... So I’m still just waiting for the future, I’m really hoping and manifesting that the vision will come true! ❤️❤️❤️
Crystalyn 520
Crystalyn 520 Hace 7 días
#1: Im not ready to move on though every sign I’ve had said there was still hope I can’t let go I’m sorry but it’s just not happening 🥺
Gerard James
Gerard James Hace 7 días
This didn't work for me.... I got help from someone else and I know he can help you too
isabel feliciano
isabel feliciano Hace 9 días
pile 2: this is very accurate
Gerard James
Gerard James Hace 7 días
Gerard James
Gerard James Hace 7 días
Get help from the number below through what's app
Chelsea Leijnse
Chelsea Leijnse Hace 10 días
it´s scary how accurate pile 2 is for me
Jay Chu
Jay Chu Hace 11 días
Pile 2: How can I breakthrough the long distance curse ?
Shelly Kim
Shelly Kim Hace 11 días
It’s so magical , I came home when I open my phone and ESvid this what is saw her and the title knowing my situation feeling guided and intuitive I feel to choose one care I closed my eyes and asks my spirit guide to give me the most accurate reading to me ( it’s scared a shit out of me to see anything like this and have reading it might said something like he’s not going back and makes me dull on day and but today it’s feels right and I also close my eyes to asks for guidance because before I continue my reading after picking up) I saw something strange on the top of the letter I writing about the divorce he filed and I need to answers and it’s a electric bill and I’m sure I did not put anything there and all nights I spend there I know I didn’t saw it . Then I notice the dog food was full I know It was empty when I left then even though I knew it and the feeling is good someone came to the house it’s the doubt I learned that I couldn’t believe i went to the cat room and there I saw it was clean up(even though it is clean yesterday before I left I remembered there was dirt already but I feel so positive and it was love love is what I feel my husband try to make me feel his love l know and it’s now completely shown as I read my card no. 3 he will come back with love and what shocking this beautiful woman while I was looking at her the reasons we broke up she all says at the first reading and specially temperance and there’s a pulling away and I knew it already. She even noted were twinflame.. where was the magic gone? And where’s the beauty gone? And it’s so real and resonates as while I am alone I learned that this space giving me enough time to see from the bigger picture think those days when we're only started and how deep out love is and what had happened as I moved back I feel all those pressure I put because of fear of losing him because it's not only one time did he mention about separation but many time and I'm just too scared to bring up what he really wants those time because I am to close I can't see very clearly. Thanks to you beautiful lady. I'm gonna post it back here after we come back and became the importance of our phase to have a fresh start and truly be passed the fear and choose love .I know and I declare.
kris brandjes
kris brandjes Hace 12 días
Taylor Ellis
Taylor Ellis Hace 12 días
Wow group 2 she’s the real deal this is exactly it I can’t stop crying man 😭
rama dan
rama dan Hace 12 días
#2 is really suitable to my current situation. Thank you so much for your help
Zeynep Ca
Zeynep Ca Hace 12 días
tunesque Hace 13 días
This resonated really highly for me... ✨ I can’t wait for him to come back. ☺️
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 11 días
Just explain
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 11 días
I recommend you
Dainya Lorenzo
Dainya Lorenzo Hace 13 días
Card Deck #3 we broke up few days ago but this isnt the first break up, this is the third time from the same reason (i also seeked some readings from you from the past break up). Our philosophy in life are so different and it overwhelmed both of us so we mutually decided to end things between us but we are remaining as friends. The reading resonates with my relationship soooo much and I’m glad to hear that there is still chance between us but still i wouldnt expect too much or too soon(esp we just took a break to better ourselves). Im off to college and he’s going to be a senior in high school but there are still differences between us but i love him so dearly. Thank you so much.
Lloyd Robert Evans
Lloyd Robert Evans Hace 14 días
My focus is getting is for answers and a relocation that's it..
Lloyd Robert Evans
Lloyd Robert Evans Hace 14 días
The energy vampires on the attack again i can't just click my finger and disappear its upto that valleys to coast to relocate transfer from the problem around me and yes i would of thought that lady was marriage material but she is married all i asked for her to relocate and transfer from sarn site now there is a connection with my flat and my bosses and my Narasitic nieghbour if this Housing Officer was right under my nose that lady on that evening knew what she said well with local nieghbourhoods help nice to nosey that my security is save lots of bumps around here i might grab a iron bar know if police don't intervene soon keep away from my family leave me alone. I m letting go i respect my request please Closer now.
Lloyd Robert Evans
Lloyd Robert Evans Hace 14 días
I open to face to face contact that is it if there is a call i make the offer of face to face contact before i make my decision thats it if not thats in the responsibility is in here hands.
Aaruhi Shah
Aaruhi Shah Hace 15 días
Thank you so much for this reading it fully resinated with me U r so accurate ❤
sabina Hace 15 días
this resonated with me. thank you
Millie Dobson
Millie Dobson Hace 15 días
I chose group 3. My boyfriend split with me in January due to stress with college, however i do feel like there was something else. We haven't spoken for two months and I've moved on from the situation but deep down I still adore him and miss him. And whats strange is I've always felt a connection with him, even when we were just friends I've always been drawn to him and I'm very spiritual too so i don't think its just me. And when Clare said there is something between us getting in the way of it working it was mainly college work, my parents and his friends that weren't helping the relationship. Then in the future pile she mentioned how they will come back and i keep getting this strange feeling that greater love will come my way. And what's crazier is that because she said he will come back, in a few months time i am going to be in my last year of college and a clairvoyant told my mum that in my last year of college i will meet a boy with dark hair and he will be my soulmate. My ex has dark hair and i will be in my last year of college... I hope this true, i adore him.
Aleksane Desrosiers
Aleksane Desrosiers Hace 15 días
you just helped me a lot, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Needed to hear this today
just jules
just jules Hace 16 días
pile #2 really resonates with me wow... i really hope he comes back to me... I miss him so much :(
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams Hace 16 días
Oh shoot. He is Prespertyrian and I go to a Methodist church. When you said maybe it's religon getting in the way i thought of that. I don't disagree with him tho. Idk i am going to wait it out and it will pass
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams Hace 16 días
I get chills every time and I believe in these I believe he will come back. I believe we are meant to be and it was the wrong person wrong time. He didn't meet me even halfway this past time but i have a feeling he will soon
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams Hace 16 días
I think i spooked him many times but I have a rly good feeling he will come back and every time it says his fears have caused this and i think that's true. I think he is doubting himself which in turn makes im doubt how I feel abt him even tho I told him.
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams Hace 16 días
There's always a ton of swords in everyone I have picked
Taryn Rosa
Taryn Rosa Hace 17 días
Picked pile 3. We are twin flames. We are about to sign divorce papers and yet we still have so many conversations about how perfect we were. He's moved in w/ someone and tells me he isn't happy w/ her but it's too late. So we will live our lives to the best we can and raise our son the best we can. He will always be in my life. Thank you for this accurate and hopeful reading. 🙌💖
Heather Jayne
Heather Jayne Hace 17 días
I’ve listened to 4 of your readings over the past few weeks and they are scarily accurate. I am speechless
Andie Buencamino
Andie Buencamino Hace 17 días
Karissa Pang
Karissa Pang Hace 18 días
samridhi srivastav
samridhi srivastav Hace 18 días
Pile 3. Hoping for the best
Jadelyn Fujii
Jadelyn Fujii Hace 19 días
Pile 3: My ex bf left without a warning. I'm still pointlessly clinging to the the hope that he will come back one day. I miss him and I just want him back. I'll just let the universe do it's job and see what happens next
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 11 días
Isabel De Camps
Isabel De Camps Hace 19 días
Its almost been a year since I lost contact with him and I still feel the same way. He keeps rejecting my loveand whatever, but sometimes I feel like I can’t give up... i know this is my twin soul
Ismael Ahmad
Ismael Ahmad Hace 19 días
Such a beautiful angel. I love your readings 🙏
Sylvie Francoise
Sylvie Francoise Hace 21 un día
This is the first time I watch your video and I am shook to the core.... wow 😱💜
Anthea Peter
Anthea Peter Hace 21 un día
You are so soothing, I immediately feel so relaxed and loved after watching this LOL. I picked 3. I cried listening to the reading. It's so true. I am in pain. So much pain right now, and I definitely did not see this separation coming. He told me "I'm sorry I made up my mind though it wasn't an easy one". It's been a week. He blocked everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, definitely resembles that knight card. This is the 2nd time we broke up. I'm confused, a part of me tells me that we might get back together, but another part of me wants to move on.
Billie Vanderpol
Billie Vanderpol Hace 24 días
group 2, completely accurate
Kimmie G's World
Kimmie G's World Hace 24 días
Pile 2: I am a Leo he is an Aquarius. We started talking mid July 2019. I was getting over a betrayal in May 2019. I ended it 5 days ago. We are not blocked on each other’s social media. I can tell he didn’t think I would walk away. I was giving more. Took my love for granted.
Jess Hace 24 días
I chose pile 2- You accurately described our relationship, as me met in the summer and we started our relationship then and there was so much love between us, and how our relationship ended and he almost cut me out of his life, and when you said that he would want me back and doesnt want to lose me, is accurate to how my ex still talks to me often and jokes with me and does still want me near, he did say yesterday hes not over me yet, which matches what you have said and he did say when we broke up that he wanted to start again, but he took that back when he was being overwhelmed by our friends asking him about it, so I feel like he may still want to start again but he may just need his own space. Thank you for this, it's really put my head in perspective!! X
Kirsten Drenth
Kirsten Drenth Hace 25 días
Ichose 1. My love(ex) died... I do talk to him somstimes
America Sorola
America Sorola Hace 26 días
I know I have wrote a comment and I am hahahaha laughing with myself hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 really wow with the reading of number 3
America Sorola
America Sorola Hace 26 días
Group Number 3 WOW 😳 like wow really. I am still in the pain and in the suffering and I am feeling him so gone but I am happy thank you
bianca-neve Hace 26 días
Alexandra Machavariani
I chose second and third piles, both resonate, third one more. Thank you a lot ❤️
Nusrat Zakaria
Nusrat Zakaria Hace 27 días
I never get back to comment on videos but i chose pile 2 a week ago really resonated with me and today he reached out to me i thought i could come back for a feedback, he still cares about me he still loves me he wants to come see me soon we dont have a lock down in my country. Just have faith and be positive u will aatttract anything , i belived this reading. Thank u so much
Serah Claíomh
Serah Claíomh Hace 28 días
I'm in shock, everything was very accurate;; I hope whoever reads this knows that the right answer will come, and I wish them all the best guidance to their twin flames, its so hard being apart from a connection that felt so pure, I'm going through that right now, but just know, it gets better. Trust me. ^^
Rayan Nedal
Rayan Nedal Hace 28 días
Group 2 , omg how did you know
Leah? ?
Leah? ? Hace 29 días
i love your hair! you are so pretty
lollipop #love
lollipop #love Hace 29 días
3#reasonated so much.. Fresh start. Claire.. at this point it'll be a miracle🤷🏼‍♀️
Mikkah Blackbeard
Mikkah Blackbeard Hace 29 días
I loved this reading! But I’m ngl I picked two and it was more my emotions and actions. I was so shocked how accurate this was
Natalia Martinez
Natalia Martinez Hace un mes
piled 2 resonated in nearly every possible. down to the zodiac signs. he is leo and i am sagittarius yikes
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Hace un mes
I love you and this. THANK YOU. group one.
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson Hace un mes
Pile 3: I hope he comes back to me because I've been unsure if he misses me like I miss him
Glamorous Star
Glamorous Star Hace un mes
So accurate. Love you girl.
Ace1sinceDay1 Hace un mes
Tough Love Reading!! 🔮Resonates! Keeping it 💯 😍😘👍🏼
Sayantani Sengupta
Sayantani Sengupta Hace un mes
They don't wanna move on 🥺 he has a girlfriend now 🙄
Odie M.
Odie M. Hace un mes
Pile 3. Just stumbled on this video even though it’s almost been 1 year you posted it. I cried honestly hearing this. It does give me hope, and I hope spirit does help encourage us to happen. The issue in our relationship is we are long distance. I come from a heavily catholic and traditional Hispanic background that doesn’t believe in internet relationships. He’s from a whole ass other country lol. But we made it work for 3 years. But in the beginning of this year (2020) he started being distant with me and it broke me-and I endured until the start of this month (May 2020). I know I need to work on myself, but I’m not ready yet. It’s bad I know, but if my family doesn’t force me to eat then I don’t. I know I need to keep on living and moving forward but I just don’t have the drive. I’m just in my bed sleeping and crying. I’m not ready yet to leave my room- whenever I do I just break down and cry. My family is celebrating our breakup. They never liked him-and probably never will.
sophiapark Hace un mes
This is so accurate it’s scary it’s like she feels all of my energy and reads my whole life through the screen
Shafira Hanan
Shafira Hanan Hace un mes
“I’m sensing Libra or Gemini’s energy” lolll
Gianna K
Gianna K Hace un mes
2 is very accurate. i appreciate it, thank you :)
Tara Evans
Tara Evans Hace un mes
i picked pile 2 and it truly helped. it’s been over 4 months since we’ve broken up and i’ve been curious to know if i should move on only if he had. thank you.
Виктория Балтабаева
Tara Evans he can help you fix your relationship...
Виктория Балтабаева
Tara Evans contact him on WhatsApp
Aoife Broad
Aoife Broad Hace un mes
Thank you Clair, your readings always give me so much to think about. I picked the third reading, and you managed to link in what's been happening so well - you have such a gift! My ex and I dated in University, while he was on exchange in my home country. We agreed to split, because of the long distance. We stayed in touch for a year, sending letters, calling each other, books in the mail - and went on an amazing trip overseas in March together - meeting new people, exploring, hiking. We loved it. Our trip was a bit panicked near the end, because of the COVID-19 circumstances; and at the departure gate of his flight home, he told me that he will always love me; no matter what. We call one another our ride or dies; so your point about a soulmate or twin flame connection is so accurate. Since coming back home, we have been in touch less. I cannot feel his energy as strongly as before, and feel as if he has drawn away from the connection. Friends are telling me to move on, but I can't shake this 'long term' gut feeling about him. I will always love him, and worry that this prospect of love has scared him off... Thank you so much for your reading. I am trying to come back into my power as an individual, and am trusting that in the fullness of time - the Universe will work however it needs to. Thank you, Clair
Briauna I
Briauna I Hace un mes
3, wow...
Laura Katherine
Laura Katherine Hace un mes
#2 resonates so much. He started to be too busy for me, and now we don’t have contact because he shut himself down from me. But everyone he sees me he’s laughing or smiles at me. Since the breakup, I thought about what I could have done wrong, but now it’s about half a year ago & Im healed, lived my best life till now (also in quarantine lol). Now the highlight of my story. I’d seen so many recommendations for Claire’s yt videos about themes & questions like „will he come back?“ or something like this. It’s crazy. And then she’s saying things like yeah they’ll reach out to you and I see positivity in your immediate future. So have Hope at some point 🤔🪐
Analyn Francisco
Analyn Francisco Hace un mes
I've picked pile number 3,, very accurate reading it really resonates on me, it happened and it's happening and i already know the hindrances or problem blocking on us,thanx for the reading, i'm just hoping that he would come back soon to fixed everything
Analyn Francisco
Analyn Francisco Hace 8 días
@Murphy Jennifer how?,, can you teach me please, thank you
Janae Rivers
Janae Rivers Hace un mes
Deck #3 also described almost everything really well
Janae Rivers
Janae Rivers Hace un mes
I picked deck #2 and you literally described everything word for word. This gives me so much hope. Let’s me know that I’m on the right path.
Jessie Hace un mes
Thank you. I’m relieved
Anatasha Rudy
Anatasha Rudy Hace un mes
Ermm,hy. I've have seen your video then I pick card number 3 so..actually when u said he want me back.. But I think he don't want me back cuz I've made a mistake that totally disappointed him,actually I did the mistake for him too, for the good things becuz our parents not allowed us to falling in love,because of the culture..I don't want him to fight with he's mother bcs of me,so I decided to that but the mistake makes us break up, actually I still love him,does he love me back?
Виктория Балтабаева
Anatasha Rudy contact him on WhatsApp
Виктория Балтабаева
Anatasha Rudy i know of a man that can helped you
Joice Quiazon
Joice Quiazon Hace un mes
Deck 2. I want to believe that he will try to reach out on me but 3 months after we broke up I decided to Unblock and add him as a friend again on Facebook, he accepted it after few days then unfriended me after 4 days. I don't understand him, I tried to reach out on him, asking for closure but he didn't bother to read my message. 🥺 He's the one who hurt and broke up with me but I guess I stepped on his ego that much when I blocked him.
Gigi Lam
Gigi Lam Hace un mes
this is the first day he leaves me. pick card number 3. I hope he will come back. thank you.
Виктория Балтабаева
Gigi Lam +234 808 451 2925
Виктория Балтабаева
Gigi Lam contact him on WhatsApp
Виктория Балтабаева
Gigi Lam I know of a man that can helped you bring him back
Nina Kho
Nina Kho Hace un mes
pile 2. wtf this is the 4th tarot card reading video I've watched today and all of them are giving me the exact same message. I'm so scared.
Tonia Wu
Tonia Wu Hace un mes
Hey Claire! Just wanted to check something... The middle 3 cards... is it what’s happening now? Or is it going to happen soon? I broke no contact after 21 days and it doesn’t seem like he has missed me at all, he brushed it off casually... so I don’t know if I should move on or keep on doing NC? (Chose deck 2, the first 3 cards are very accurate, but when it comes to second part, I just don’t feel it at all at this point...;( )
Виктория Балтабаева
Tonia Wu +234 808 451 2925
Виктория Балтабаева
Tonia Wu contact him on WhatsApp
Виктория Балтабаева
Tonia Wu I know of a man that can helped you
yo Its me
yo Its me Hace un mes
Picked pile 2 and it was spot fucking on, shes crazy good. Still trying to figure out if i can rely and believe in this kind of stuff but, I definitely found comfort and solace in this reading. Thank you so much. Also just checked his moon sign and he is in fact a sagittarius!
Aldin Estika
Aldin Estika Hace un mes
i choose number three. The problem (broken hearts/ 3of swords in the middle) card is mental health issues, i think.
Виктория Балтабаева
Aldin Estika contact him on WhatsApp
Виктория Балтабаева
Aldin Estika I know of a man that can helped you
Alison Hace un mes
Set 3 resonates so much... We are from different countries, so yeah, we are different :) wow!
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