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This dog was abandoned on the side of the road and was so scared. A man came by to rescue him and slowly he started to trust him and fall in love 💗

To help Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac save more animals, you can support them here: thedo.do/serbia . Check out more of their rescues on ESvid: thedo.do/dogrescueshelter

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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25 oct 2021






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David Hughes
David Hughes Hace 2 horas
So touching, heartwarming. I was especially moved to see that the animals at the rescue centre appeared to immediately accept him into their company.
Любовь Щербакова
МОлодцы!!!! Господи ,,,,здоровья Вам и Всех благ!!! Да хранит Вас бог!!!!!!
rob Jones
rob Jones Hace 6 horas
That was lovely. Thank you for being kind.
Bon702Vegas Hace 7 horas
A very GOOD man.❤❤❤🥰
Bon702Vegas Hace 7 horas
Denise Lameret
Denise Lameret Hace 7 horas
Thank you 🙏🐕😘👍👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻ikiss you ikiss Love you Tahiti ikiss you Good boy you ikiss 🎅👼🐕🙏🙏Thank you papy God
Alex Adamson
Alex Adamson Hace 13 horas
I love videos like this . Thank you to the rescuer for helping & caring for the dog. He sure looked happy in the end & I hope he has many years in his exciting new life. ✌
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar Hace 16 horas
He is not an American cop
Mary Ann Angros
Mary Ann Angros Hace 20 horas
He should just sit down and the dog will come over to see why he isn't chasing him anymore.
Mary Ann Angros
Mary Ann Angros Hace 20 horas
This has happened several times to my husband. I call him the" dog whisperer". Dogs fall in love with him all of the time.
Mary Ann Angros
Mary Ann Angros Hace 20 horas
People who abandon animal this way should be shot!
Lisa Edghill
Lisa Edghill Hace 22 horas
As long as I live I will never understand how you can abandon any animal worse yet a dog who is basically a child.
Z S Hace 20 horas
Forget dog which is an animal, people are abandoning human baby all over the world especially in poor countries which is a more serious issue
Salwa Hilanto
Salwa Hilanto Hace 22 horas
The ARMY of each Country should go out and HELP ANIMALS OR put them out of their misery 💔
Z S Hace 19 horas
More than animals, human beings need helps especially in poor countries
Laura Colon
Laura Colon Hace un día
Probably the dog belonged to the people who lived there in that house
Run We
Run We Hace un día
Happy days…. Thanks ❤️🤍💙❤️🤍💙🤍🤍🤍
Rob Hull
Rob Hull Hace un día
it's spit the dog! 👍🥰🐾
Art Sawyer
Art Sawyer Hace un día
Videos like this makes my heart smile , also makes a grown mans eyes leak
Kenny Baker
Kenny Baker Hace un día
That guy is a good guy I'm glad that dog has a great home
kelly farley
kelly farley Hace un día
Bless you puppies and kitties so happy hes yours
Suely Paulino
Suely Paulino Hace un día
Que lindo gesto 👏👏 ganhou um grande amigo! Gratidão 🙏
Carl Bowles
Carl Bowles Hace un día
Compassion matters ❤💙.
Sara Cobello
Sara Cobello Hace un día
God bless so many critters r dump every where. People r so damm. Why they don't spay and neuter. They buy cigarettes beer. They go to ball games spend a fortune. But the animals r ignore. Their r here for a reason. Also they r better than people Please keep this precious dog he will be loyal to u till the end God bless u and the critter
Scandinavian Heinz57
It's funny, these videos are almost always men! Lol, that's great, dog lovers!
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose Hace un día
Thankyou for saving this little beauty… god bless you
Natalia Goryagina
Natalia Goryagina Hace un día
Красавцы парни!!!!
Faladaen 1009
Faladaen 1009 Hace un día
Another Angelic Rescue Squad: Excellent job, exemplary behaviour! 🥇💐💟
Dave Beck
Dave Beck Hace un día
Does everyone have a cage in the car in this country? ?
Sx4 69
Sx4 69 Hace un día
vera umicevic
vera umicevic Hace un día
Belle LaVerne
Belle LaVerne Hace 2 días
Why I am watching video’s like these? Because I want to make sure, every time I cry my eyes out 😥, that there is still HOPE and loving care for dogs like these. Like for my stray dog that was rescued from a terrible life in Bulgaria. Now I’ve adopted her to my country, she is one happy dog. That is what a whole lot of loving and caring can do. That’s WHY!👍🏻. God bless all the good people who save these dogs ! Bless them ! 😘 And as for people. There are the ones who really care and have compassion and there are the ones who do only care about their own shitty lives. Selfishness is the word! They just don’t care.
ig Hace 2 días
Not convinced! Dogs reaction is that towards his owner ...looking for utube likes! Just left on road while he all of sudden starts filming and obv is skittish if a cage
Mason Hace 2 días
I am so grateful that there are still men such as this
Maria Dalonzo
Maria Dalonzo Hace 2 días
Siete angeli terreni... Dio vi benedica. 🥰🙏
Tri Ningsih
Tri Ningsih Hace 2 días
thank you for saving this dog Lord Jesus Christ Bless u
Tajtandoori Hace 2 días
Thank you for saving him. He's a delightful dog
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Hace 2 días
God bless these wonderful people. That dog is very lucky. Hey let's call him "Lucky".
Lisa Webster
Lisa Webster Hace 2 días
Thank you for saving that little dog and thank you for for loving it. I pray that God blesses you 100% 😌😉
Pauline Wong
Pauline Wong Hace 2 días
Another beautiful soul. Thank u
sharri Taylor
sharri Taylor Hace 2 días
Looky that tail wagging! Wants SO HARD to trust! Thanks for saving him!
dubravka koruga
dubravka koruga Hace 2 días
Brenda Moore
Brenda Moore Hace 2 días
Love it!!!
Margaret Shaughnessy
People r just so caring kind loving, a good man 💖 Bless you xo
derek jones
derek jones Hace 2 días
Thank you for saving this beautiful creature
Donna Kennedy
Donna Kennedy Hace 2 días
Beautiful rescue 😊
Kevin Verduci
Kevin Verduci Hace 2 días
Very nice to see people that care like him
Angelita Lopes
Angelita Lopes Hace 3 días
Que coração lindo que tem esse homem, salvou o cachorrinho, Deus te abençoe rapaz.(Brasil).
Joe Hace 3 días
Lucky 💕🍀💕🍀💕🍀
Adelina Vass
Adelina Vass Hace 3 días
Mohamed Haleem
Mohamed Haleem Hace 3 días
God bless 🙌 🙏 you!!!
Two Candles
Two Candles Hace 3 días
Thats a really pretty puppy. I wish I found him on the side of the road. 🤣
Santhosh Kotian
Santhosh Kotian Hace 3 días
Frances Charters
Frances Charters Hace 3 días
That's a cute doggie
Drackkor Hace 3 días
It's probably someone's pet he kidnapped. He looks well fed.
MrLeooreo Hace 3 días
wanita kollie
wanita kollie Hace 3 días
Thank you so much for given that dog love and care. You have proven to me that God's holy spirit is with you. You are a wonderful man and I hope people will model after you and help make the world a better place for animals.
Susan Kevra
Susan Kevra Hace 3 días
I don't have a video documenting it, but I had a really similar experience when I rescued a stray border collie. I managed to get him to follow me home using my other dog as a magnet. Eventually corralled him in our backyard and spent a few hours trying to coax him to me with treats. Eventually, he let me pet him but for the next few days he remained super skittish. It took a month before he'd stop running from my husband. But he eventually warmed to both of us and we had him for 14 years. I would often say to him, "Pepper, you used to be on the street, but now you're on easy street!" Seeing this video made me cry, remembering Pep and how much my own heart melted as he started to trust us more and more. Dogs are such amazing creatures!
Mark Carson
Mark Carson Hace 3 días
Abandoned???? Maybe just lost.
Leslie Shiflet
Leslie Shiflet Hace 3 días
You are such a sweetheart young man.
indiana146 Hace 3 días
Respect god bless you
Santa Rosa Amanda Armas
Tears in my 👀.
Santa Rosa Amanda Armas
Heros real life Amen.
Alexa Penn
Alexa Penn Hace 3 días
an absolutely adorable doggie and a beautiful man who loves him interesting that he’s not afraid of the cats at all, so they leave him alone :) thank you to everyone for rescuing this lovely doggie 🌷🐶🐕🐈‍⬛🐈🌷🌱
Judy Tuhy
Judy Tuhy Hace 3 días
So true
Alicx Moreno
Alicx Moreno Hace 3 días
Pretty dog koo may god blessed the man n dog too amen
Willi Thomas
Willi Thomas Hace 3 días
from which country it is?
Que lindo, obrigada por acolher essa alminha.....
sonja Widler
sonja Widler Hace 3 días
wie kann man tiere so behandeln
Monique Deleuze-Dordron
Bravo et merci pour ce gentil toutou!
Dina Felippe
Dina Felippe Hace 3 días
Beautiful ❤️
Eva Treiber
Eva Treiber Hace 3 días
The Dodo. Leider verstehe nicht eure Sprache. Viel Erfolg für der Hunderetter und der schwarze Mischling. Super süß.
Hr. Free
Hr. Free Hace 4 días
why we don`t do it with all the homeless in the street ? Ask yourself ?
maria lima
maria lima Hace 4 días
Beautiful 🤩
maria lima
maria lima Hace 4 días
Beautiful 🤩
vukken99 Hace 4 días
Looks friendly....
ksafan Hace 4 días
These men are heroes. God bless you.
Tanya Pulliam Tanya
Tanya Pulliam Tanya Hace 4 días
I would like to take you to a thank you dinner for two❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️🦋❣️😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Reuben Atlantis
Reuben Atlantis Hace 4 días
Thank you good hearted people
Mary Alff
Mary Alff Hace 4 días
Love These stories!
Bejewelled Battle Shorts
He's a cat person, too. Good work.
Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone Hace 4 días
You are so lucky,to have found a lost dog,he is so lovely.
Carnuts Hace 4 días
Fantastic ,great guy with a great heart :)
enzov131 Hace 4 días
Hod love you ❤
GrandmaChelle23 Hace 4 días
Good news.
Scott Burbridge
Scott Burbridge Hace 4 días
the cats seem to love him very much. ❤ 💙 💜
Dominick Sforza
Dominick Sforza Hace 4 días
I am trying to understand how someone can just leave a scared and defenceless dog on the side of the road to starve or get run over. They are the lowest form of human life and I'm really happy this man saved this dog from misery and possibly a horrible death. An angel indeed.
Salma Al-roubi
Salma Al-roubi Hace 4 días
Oh my god..what a wonderful man the rescuer is a full of kindness and passion...⚘💞⚘💞 bless him..and the dog is soooooo lovely and cute. I'm very happy for them 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
C B Hace 4 días
He’s wagging his tail; confused wanting him to be loved 🥰
Joseph Dubiel
Joseph Dubiel Hace 4 días
So cute
NEW ROYAL LLC Hace 4 días
Thankyou for help innocent animals God Bless You
lukesfx Hace 4 días
Great job guys ! And what a cutie that dog is :-)
Suzanne Cannella
Suzanne Cannella Hace 4 días
Magnifique merci merci beaucoup pour lui 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nancy Pluim
Nancy Pluim Hace 4 días
it's is so sad when nasty, heartless people do that to beautiful animals. Thank you for caring enough to take time in your life to love that beautiful dog. blessing to you for doing that.
Taya Hace 4 días
God bless you
Elena Laraña
Elena Laraña Hace 4 días
Nancy Naron
Nancy Naron Hace 4 días
Thank you& God bless you for caring ❤
Ganda Wesley
Ganda Wesley Hace 4 días
So glad to see people whom can rescue animals with such great love.
silverlake girl
silverlake girl Hace 4 días
Omg.....thank you for rescuing that dog!!! It's super cute!!!
Kashy Hossein
Kashy Hossein Hace 5 días
True Gent
Marek Markowski
Marek Markowski Hace 5 días
Brawo 🥰
Monique Carran
Monique Carran Hace 5 días
What a happy rescue. We know the man -he is always rescuing pets. He is always kind and gentle. God bless him for his kindness. He is always kissing the pets. We like to see that.+
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