Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! Today's video has an ICONIC special guest, Kylie Jenner. We tweeted each other and wanted to collab for a Halloween Makeup Tutorial using her brand new collection launching on Friday. We turn her into a spooky skeleton while talking about all things Kylie Cosmetics, billionaire status, fame, her baby Stormi, and our new friendship. Enjoy!!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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9 oct 2018

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James Charles
James Charles Hace un mes
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Dawn Wright
Dawn Wright Hace un día
Well I just went to vote for you but you already won lol. Congrats
Elisabeth Vlogs
Elisabeth Vlogs Hace un día
-AA- allen
-AA- allen Hace 3 días
Steve Thea MINAJ
Steve Thea
Steve Thea Hace 3 días
+-AA- allen Nicki who?
uni seppälä
uni seppälä Hace 4 días
I voted like everyday
criztine capin
criztine capin Hace 30 minutos
why does kylie lowkey look like danielle cohn when she’s smiling, or its just me 🤷🏻‍♀️
Nastya Danina
Nastya Danina Hace 4 horas
Thank you,i's Rassian
zacefronlove1010 swift
love it
Mr Bowlinger
Mr Bowlinger Hace 4 horas
kylie is so cute and quiet omg???
Precious Senaike
Precious Senaike Hace 7 horas
Goals😭💖💖 Sc: senaike03
Larrystylinson Is real
She seems sweet and shy and genuine. As she said she doesn’t know what normal is. That’s why she seems conceited at times. She seems really sweet here tho
ShpookyBear369 Hace 8 horas
*spooky spooky*
Soft_Waterfalls Hace 8 horas
Kylie Jenner? More like Inquistiormaster why does she look so much like alex?!
Makenzie Brown
Makenzie Brown Hace 9 horas
I find it very annoying that the talked about nothing for the entire video before starting the makeup. this is what happens every time '' sister James'' does a collab!
Rainy Days
Rainy Days Hace 9 horas
The 2 queens of makeup is collabing
Shrek Master666
Shrek Master666 Hace 10 horas
SpOoKy SiStEr
Eduardo Espinoza
Eduardo Espinoza Hace 12 horas
Creí que iban a hablar en español! Bitchs me estafaron alv
Eduardo Espinoza
Eduardo Espinoza Hace 11 horas
AAAAAH QUE PENDEJO!!!!! Esq mi compu lo tradujo automáticamente, Im sorry Kylie, ilysm tkm bb jeje lol con permiso :3
Flexin’ on ya Nan
Flexin’ on ya Nan Hace 13 horas
You’ve made a beautiful girl look bad.
Elise M
Elise M Hace 13 horas
Take y'all's double edged comments and keep em to yourself.
um kpoper lixo
um kpoper lixo Hace 13 horas
Kylie ta parecendo a Bebe Rexha
Zionna Brookes
Zionna Brookes Hace 14 horas
James has come a long way, sister snatched.
Teeska 6
Teeska 6 Hace 14 horas
I love Kylie so much😍😍😍
beata sadowska
beata sadowska Hace 15 horas
Jesteś z Polski?
Beatwice Dowg vlogs
Beatwice Dowg vlogs Hace 16 horas
Omg Kylie Jenner she has 121 million followers on insta!
Schleich Queen
Schleich Queen Hace 16 horas
Omg her makeup is bomb. She is so pretty and i love her so much. You did an AMAZING job James
Eliana Barrera
Eliana Barrera Hace 17 horas
Eliana Barrera
Eliana Barrera Hace 14 horas
+Schleich Queen I KNOW!! I really want that pallet!!!
Schleich Queen
Schleich Queen Hace 14 horas
+Eliana Barrera ik! James new one that just came out, sold out globaly in only 2 days
Eliana Barrera
Eliana Barrera Hace 16 horas
+Schleich Queen I Know but it keeps selling out. UGHHHH!!!
Schleich Queen
Schleich Queen Hace 17 horas
Majcia.x Hace 17 horas
Are you from Poland?
Witty Knitty
Witty Knitty Hace 17 horas
kylie x james pallet?? I THINK YESS
Schleich Queen
Schleich Queen Hace 17 horas
I ship it ;-;
Kennedy Lundy
Kennedy Lundy Hace 17 horas
If Kylie went out in the public like that. The next day everyone would be doing it too!!
Julka Kusz
Julka Kusz Hace 18 horas
Yaaas polish tittles!!
Emily Hace 18 horas
btw i’m a small youtuber 🤗
Bubblegum.Gatcha Izzy
Bubblegum.Gatcha Izzy Hace 18 horas
Sister James, I’m Actually Sister Sh00k it looks Amazing!!!!!!!! Me and my friends call each other sister. I’m sister James ofc and my friend rylee is sister Greyson. And my friend Alexah is sister eathan and my friend vaida is sister Kylie! I love you and your videos you make me laugh so much and your my idol and I’m so inspired by your work! #SisterShook
SIN Hace 18 horas
Imagine James Charles becomes Kylie Jenner's new personal makeup artist 😻😻😻😻
Cj Galloway
Cj Galloway Hace 18 horas
I've just ate a 15" pizza from the start of this vid till 5:07
XJO 584X
XJO 584X Hace 18 horas
You do amazing make up
Lucia juarez
Lucia juarez Hace 19 horas
Kaili llaner - - - - - - - - - es sarcasmo xd
Liqhawe Nogampula
Liqhawe Nogampula Hace 19 horas
I wonder what would happen to James if setting spray stopped existing
RosAin 0803
RosAin 0803 Hace 19 horas
no offence but r u a boy or a girl???😕😕😕
BTS edits
BTS edits Hace 19 horas
Nicole Ndu
Nicole Ndu Hace 20 horas
kylie should do vlogs she lowkey funny af
Hanan Khalid
Hanan Khalid Hace 20 horas
They Look Like A Lesbian Couple.
GachaStudio :3
GachaStudio :3 Hace 20 horas
Kenna Radke
Kenna Radke Hace 20 horas
James.....you are amazing at makeup....sister please do my makeup.....love you❤️❤️
Alex Aquino
Alex Aquino Hace 20 horas
10:00 admit it...this was cute AF 😍
Exclusive Yasir Naqvi
Exclusive Yasir Naqvi Hace 20 horas
Is she real
May yu
May yu Hace 21 un hora
I liked
Madison Hunt
Madison Hunt Hace 22 horas
Sister squad where are you
Natalie Miett
Natalie Miett Hace 22 horas
I’m actually starting to like Kylie
Camila Correia
Camila Correia Hace 22 horas
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Hace un día
Why does this dude have make up on ?? 🤢🙄
Farah Rashid
Farah Rashid Hace 18 horas
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Hace 19 horas
+BTS edits no thanks 😂
BTS edits
BTS edits Hace 20 horas
You should check out dudes Jeffree Star and Manny MUA
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Hace 20 horas
+Alex Aquino okeyy am sorry :3
Alex Aquino
Alex Aquino Hace 20 horas
Barney Stinson it’s aight dude...but when you comment stuffs like that...some people might come at you real hard XD
ChocolateBanana56 ROBLOX
Idk why people hate her, she is SUPER sweet.
Rana Aladdin
Rana Aladdin Hace un día
I don't know if any one have noticed this but kylie from the side while she is talking looks like Drew Barrymore !!!
LillianBeauty Hace un día
Wow, such a beautiful Halloween makeup
Anonymous B
Anonymous B Hace un día
Doing makeup on makeup???......
_Depression_ Hace un día
Idk why I'm laughing so hard I'm crying 😂
Live Love learn
Live Love learn Hace un día
Love her
Lacey Chain
Lacey Chain Hace un día
"I do, what I do"
Kim Adamson
Kim Adamson Hace un día
On A scale of one to ten how shinny are Kylie’s cheeks?
wiss Angel
wiss Angel Hace un día
No te entendí ni verga, no se ingles.
Alany Beltrán
Alany Beltrán Hace un día
0:11 *dont touch me* i love her
Princess Cardona
Princess Cardona Hace un día
James haters:
Cori Cat
Cori Cat Hace un día
Elisabeth Vlogs
Elisabeth Vlogs Hace un día
Shy Pandacorn
Shy Pandacorn Hace un día
Is it just me or does she kinda look like Danielle Cohn?
Unique Hill
Unique Hill Hace un día
Myss .A. Brown
Myss .A. Brown Hace un día
😂😂😂😂😂 so cute and happy
Unikitty12 Nguyen
Unikitty12 Nguyen Hace un día
OMG 😲 her,her sisters and you are the best
Kay Wonderland
Kay Wonderland Hace un día
Titilayo Bonema
Titilayo Bonema Hace un día
Who else thinks Kylie is wearing a lace wig. I can clearly see it
Loreta Sherifi
Loreta Sherifi Hace un día
3:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MARIA JOSE Hace un día
I’ll be so scare my breath smelled if I was that close to Kylie 😂😂😂😂
Manasa Nandigama
Manasa Nandigama Hace un día
Out of all of them I love kylie and her mom
Gary Godfrey
Gary Godfrey Hace un día
#sister squad
Shania Soraya
Shania Soraya Hace un día
that looks really cool and pretty
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie Hace un día
This is sister amazing
purple pineapple0303
So..kylie is actually nice?
bauzrickie Hace un día
ok, thats so dope, wtf dude o.o
Ethan Brooks
Ethan Brooks Hace un día
This is so funny
Paola Navas
Paola Navas Hace un día
urav chheda
urav chheda Hace 2 días
kylie looks so pretty even under negative effect
Jewel Yu
Jewel Yu Hace 2 días
Kylie filmed with gigi gorgeous tho 🤔
The Anise
The Anise Hace 2 días
Verry pretty teethy smile and cool beard, Kylie xd
Ve Jaako
Ve Jaako Hace 2 días
You guys are just gorgerous omg🥴
Rileys Beauty
Rileys Beauty Hace 2 días
Kylie is pritz 😍
Stella Iman
Stella Iman Hace 2 días
Idk why but I really want you to do Charlie Puth's makeup. I want to see what he looks like with a cut crease
Amani E.
Amani E. Hace 2 días
Kylie is so pretty 💕💕
Annalisa Beezy
Annalisa Beezy Hace 2 días
Her eye shadow really did look bomb af
Juju The pig
Juju The pig Hace 2 días
If I had a dollar for every time Kylie winked I’d be as rich as her I’m kidding but she does wink a lot and it’s super cute love it Kylie
Karina Ramos
Karina Ramos Hace 2 días
Todos hablando inglés y yo tipo... No endendeishon😂😂
Jariah Chery
Jariah Chery Hace 2 días
I love ❤️ your the makeup 💄 you do it is buttiful
Yadira Mendoza
Yadira Mendoza Hace 2 días
I was laughing when Kylie said I don’t know I anyone told you ...you should maybe try ESvid did she forget they were filming and we’re just having a normal conversation 😂
Kaydalynn Haynes
Kaydalynn Haynes Hace 2 días
the kit was published on my b-day
Sparta Bronze Fine Art Foundy
Hey james I'm sorry but you should cut down just a little bit on the blush
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly Hace 2 días
Fav kardation
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Kelly Hace 2 días
So pretty sisters
Christine Dorsch
Christine Dorsch Hace 2 días
James very nice makeup video you should have your own shop
Koral Hinojosa Inda
Koral Hinojosa Inda Hace 2 días
Love you!!! James ❤
julissa Munoz
julissa Munoz Hace 2 días
No entiendo ni un carajo :v
Sour_and_sweet Hace 2 días
that's fire❤❤❤😍
BTS Is Bae
BTS Is Bae Hace 2 días
This video should be called “James Charles Annoying Kylie Jenner For 10 Mins” 😂 I’m totally kidding I love James and Kylie
So So
So So Hace 2 días
Nayla Suarez
Nayla Suarez Hace 2 días
Like di estas aqui por calle y poche
Cansu A
Cansu A Hace 2 días
Turkey 🇹🇷
Cielo Serrano
Cielo Serrano Hace 2 días
Yo should do a video doing your video without talking! IM NOT BEINg RUDE
Cloud Girl
Cloud Girl Hace 2 días
Omg I love Kyle Jenner and u
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