Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy (Official Video)

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Ariela Providel
Ariela Providel Hace un día
I see we have something in common... Gemini frands
Jerron Brown
Jerron Brown Hace un día
Please excuse me while I go play Fruit Ninja now.
Linda Barahona
Linda Barahona Hace un día
How many fruits you want? How many outfits? How many colors? Doja: yeah yeahhh
L A Hace un día
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas Hace un día
So...no one thinks she can pass for Tinashes older sis? Anyone?
xehava Hace un día
With so much skin being shown in the video, I thought I was watching a promotion for a strip club.
I cry tears of lemonade
Doja cat makes me gay I swear
iiYahirSHADOW Hace un día
First thing I do is leave this JUISY as she say’s
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani Hace un día
Jo_CLuis Hace un día
Doja is fuego 💥 🔥 💣
Prince Akpan
Prince Akpan Hace un día
caleb’s maccas meal
nobody: my gay ass: *do i* _want_ *her body or do i want to* _have_ *her body?*
Juan Francisco Astorga
nice but baby
David Guerrero
David Guerrero Hace un día
Wishing she dropped an extended version.
Aidan Sanchez
Aidan Sanchez Hace un día
There's not enough c in the world to explain how thick Doja cat is
Lgreen2k Hace un día
Where all the 14 year old virgins at 😂😂
windemup radio
windemup radio Hace un día
XxMoist CeleryxX
XxMoist CeleryxX Hace un día
Doja cat: wait till you see it from the back Me: Not having anything in the back
Lol doja look better than nikki
Creed Hace un día
0:13 i love that lol
PeachyBubbles Hace un día
me jamming out to this while i have the flattest but in the world and still try to dance.
Ximena Lagos
Ximena Lagos Hace un día
Ecelente 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Y CR Hace un día
Ericka Rios
Ericka Rios Hace un día
even nise no one cars how they look other women look more better i not saying she is ugly she is not but other people are good to not gust them>
Playz RPI0
Playz RPI0 Hace un día
ewww ( not for children!)
ROBLOX Master Hace 2 días
MrWannaDie alone
MrWannaDie alone Hace 2 días
Tyga: I'm tryin' to eat that kitty cat Me: did he say booty crack or kitty cat?
sad vibes
sad vibes Hace 2 días
doja cat is one of the coolest people. prove me wrong
Anna Reiter
Anna Reiter Hace 2 días
Doja cat is literally the best, girls helping people embrace their insecurities, her songs slap and shes so nice. I wish other celebs were like her.
Abby Darel
Abby Darel Hace 2 días
Her bodyyyyyy 😫
Lively Bumble
Lively Bumble Hace 2 días
1:58 is that tiktok?2:18 I think it is
Fauzaan Jacobs
Fauzaan Jacobs Hace 2 días
You know what pisses me off about this is that people are treating her like shes the first female to advocate for natural bodies but sex workers have been doing it for years and theres been communities for this stuff for years but because shes some celebrity now its a big deal honestly I dont find any appeal to this song and woman can bite me and what not but if society removed the stick up its ass they'd find more content like this earlier and with less cringe
Jeremiah Reyes
Jeremiah Reyes Hace 2 días
I didn't know Doja was packin so much booty. DAMN.
Keelly Mayen
Keelly Mayen Hace 2 días
holland thompson
holland thompson Hace 2 días
i like that she put a girl with a lil booty in there too 🥺
yoo kihyun é tudo pra mim
e vamos de hino???????
Monkeybusiness1 Monkey
I love this so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
Layla Howard
Layla Howard Hace 2 días
dang doja even be puttin tiktok in dat vid
Paulina Muñoz
Paulina Muñoz Hace 2 días
soy el comentario en español k buscabas ahrre viste que tenia tik tok caty dojan do you have a long hair o no
Das Einhorn
Das Einhorn Hace 2 días
i wanna know where she got the adidas outfit from ? like where do i find these pants ? they are fireeeeee
Luke DiGioia
Luke DiGioia Hace 2 días
"I like my women built like Doja Cat, I told her that" Completely understand now I think I fell in love
Sarvagnya Mankala
Sarvagnya Mankala Hace 2 días
TIKTOK wooohoooo but i hate this video
iden Hace 2 días
Wheres that one guy with lyrics 😭..
ali babar
ali babar Hace 2 días
85m views tho lol
Minigad Hace 2 días
ok cool but London yellow unblock when? 😭
Minigad Hace 2 días
ah yes, finally infinite nut material
CJ A Hace 2 días
That Juicy is what she inherited from her South African genes🎊
Paige C
Paige C Hace 2 días
Wait what tik tok
Waste of oxygen
Waste of oxygen Hace 2 días
I'm gay why am i hard from this
Cristal Quinn
Cristal Quinn Hace 2 días
This video just made me feel better about my body, I was too busy comparing it to fake butts I forgot what a real one looked like
Mary Turner
Mary Turner Hace 2 días
Three minutes and 19 seconds of my life entirely wasted this song is stupid asf the only reason this girl is popping is bc she’s extremely beautiful with a fat ass. There’s no substance to this song, it’s like elementary lyricism and y’all got this girl to 71k likes. 🙄
char Hace 2 días
nah it’s because she makes good music imo
Mary Turner
Mary Turner Hace 2 días
Correction 1.2M likes
M A Hace 2 días
U know they had to remove Doja’s second verse cos its better than tyga’s
Wudus The Dutch Bun
Wudus The Dutch Bun Hace 2 días
Melanie brought me here. And I am glad too bc this gave me self-confidence 😍
fortnite master
fortnite master Hace 2 días
So she's gay wow
Sandra Vitorio
Sandra Vitorio Hace 2 días
What the names of these girls ??? Omg
D-jr85 Hace 2 días
Nice to see a female rapper during these times with real God given curves and also I first time seeing her and I want all that juicy juicy and 2nds
s_honey bee
s_honey bee Hace 2 días
Nobody saw her hands? Reptillians smh
Bonnie Jay
Bonnie Jay Hace 2 días
*why can't you trust a big butt and a gemini?*
Tee Luxé
Tee Luxé Hace 2 días
Jesus Mendez
Jesus Mendez Hace 2 días
How many skin tones does Doja have?
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