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Check out the official Dolemite Is My Name trailer starring Eddie Murphy! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: 2019
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key
Directed By: Craig Brewer
Synopsis: When Hollywood shuts him out, multi-talented Rudy Ray Moore strikes out on his own to make the 1975 blaxploitation film "Dolemite."
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12 ago 2019






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Comentarios 570
j c
j c Hace 3 días
Can't wait to see
roger twitty
roger twitty Hace 5 días
eddie has to much talent...to be on a clown show....come on eddie your better than this....
Rudy R.
Rudy R. Hace 7 días
AAAHHHHAHAHAH!!!! It's about time baby!
Mike Colin
Mike Colin Hace 9 días
Have_At_IT Hace 9 días
Eddie Murphy was the GOAT before Chappelle was The GOAT.
sonpacho Hace 9 días
Would I be able to see this with a free trial to Netflix?
Dejah Hace 15 días
Oh man, it's the movie we all needed!!
Deon B
Deon B Hace 15 días
I wanna see this
Ramona Middleton
Ramona Middleton Hace 16 días
Dolemite producers need to pay the Daugther some money for the film!
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Hace 17 días
For all you young people, Dolomite was before Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac and even Richard Pryor. He was old school comedian from the days of Red Foxx. "Way in the Jungle Deep"
Steven McFly
Steven McFly Hace 20 días
Hercules Hercules ... is BACK!
Throttle Hace 21 un día
Where's hot sauce? he needs to be in this
Matthew Boyce
Matthew Boyce Hace 22 días
Soooo,... Bowfinger then?
Randal Wung
Randal Wung Hace 24 días
Daaang...an Eddie Murphy movie I actually wanna SEE? I must've fallen asleep in the time machine.
V. M.
V. M. Hace 24 días
Hey its once upon a time in hollywood but watchable
Angga Kuntara
Angga Kuntara Hace 24 días
2019, a year where the movie is about people making movies
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Hace 25 días
Take over is back! The king of it all, who can play ever part in the movie himself. Hands down he’s never made no bs movie. .
sonyapeach Hace 26 días
I can't wait! I want to see this in theaters.
Artem Russakovskii
Artem Russakovskii Hace 27 días
The cast is so good that they didn't even have space in the trailer credits for Snoop Dogg.
Zech Merquise
Zech Merquise Hace 27 días
Just because they used Vehicle by Ides of March in this trailer, I’m gonna see it
MrJonnydanger Hace 27 días
This looks great
Mr Jones
Mr Jones Hace 27 días
These days we're lucky if we get a decent Eddie Murphy film once per decade, but looks like he'll have two now after the very good Mr Church (2016) and now this hilarious 70s blaxploitation comedy drama Dolemite. I'll call it now - Murphy will get nominated for a Golden Globe as we all love a "comeback" story and Lord knows Eddie Murphy needs validation for a legendary career that lost it's way for a good 15 years, but now with sequels to Coming To America being filmed and Beverly Hills Cop 4 confirmed, his star is rising again.
Jeff W
Jeff W Hace 26 días
damn right.
Anthony Duck
Anthony Duck Hace 28 días
Bernie Mac would have been amazing in this😢
Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana Hace 28 días
Donkey. Professor Nutty.
h0pkins2 Hace 28 días
Damn! Death to all bl*ck a*es!
Нурислам Салыков
what kind of phrase about "Shaft"? Does Ray R. Moore Know About Shaft? enlighten🙏
Нурислам Салыков
please discard the track🙏
Connor Robinson
Connor Robinson Hace un mes
Mr Sherman is back yo!
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson Hace un mes
All I can say is..... It's about time. Rudy Rocks On..... Hell Yeah.
D3ath8yBac0n Hace un mes
This may redeem you Eddie for Pluto Nash. 😜
Stephen The13th
Stephen The13th Hace un mes
Was it good as Shaft? I can't wait for this. Welcome back Eddie. We love you OG.
Xplicit Loc
Xplicit Loc Hace un mes
Yeeeeeeah... Classic
Van Allen
Van Allen Hace un mes
I just might have to watch this....two or three times. Follow with me on Twitter @GrProject43X - Van Allen Fiction.
Lebron James
Lebron James Hace un mes
Should of added samuel l jackson in this too
Lebron James
Lebron James Hace un mes
Eddie the 🐐 ready too see this
Microwave The Eyes
Microwave The Eyes Hace un mes
a must see.
Hells Guardian
Hells Guardian Hace un mes
based on the true story of who?
80z1r Hace un mes
Comedian Rudy Ray Moore.
Eleusis Zaragoza
Eleusis Zaragoza Hace un mes
Mr Somos Monos
Mr Somos Monos Hace un mes
Long time with edye morphy out of the big screen. I want to see him again
Dims Hace un mes
After all this time...this is how you come back? Yawn
Sonx Lucky
Sonx Lucky Hace un mes
Yes! Yes! Wesley Snipes? Hell Yes!
Prince P
Prince P Hace un mes
Bernie Mac would’ve been a perfect fit along with the co-stars 😫😫 glad to see Wesley back on the screen too 💪🏾💪🏾
Oris Dearborn
Oris Dearborn Hace un mes
Black Dynamite... the prequel/true story...
dolfo10564 Hace un mes
THAT, is a return to form. Welcome back Eddie.
Jason Toupes
Jason Toupes Hace un mes
Anyone else wish Bernie Mac was still alive to be in this
rem- chan
rem- chan Hace un mes
Black version of rocketman
Tailour L-W
Tailour L-W Hace un mes
I'm so happy to see eddie 💖 love you 😊
Humorous Boris
Humorous Boris Hace un mes
More netflix garbage. Glad I cancelled.
pepsiguy52883 Hace un mes
Old school Eddie is back baby
Juraj Benak
Juraj Benak Hace un mes
Blade and Pontiac bandit!!! 😂🤯
Jordan Vallejo
Jordan Vallejo Hace un mes
i thought aretha franklin was dead?
John McNeil
John McNeil Hace un mes
Everyone has to watch the real Dolemite. Looks like 75% of the scenes are straight from the movie. Bout to be the most original remake EVER!!!!!
Tuna Dada
Tuna Dada Hace un mes
Olum bu adam hic yaşlanmamış
MainlineDnB Hace un mes
That "Bowfinger" face at the very end 😂 😂
Chamba Nairobi
Chamba Nairobi Hace un mes
Eddie Murphy is exploiting black exploitation films.
Dave G
Dave G Hace un mes
Worst remake ever
OfficialDosmusic_ Hace un mes
Eddie is a true legend , im glad he back on the scene after his brother death !!!!!!!
jesse omollo
jesse omollo Hace un mes
I am still waiting for Shrek 5 Mahn.....
Geof Ingram
Geof Ingram Hace un mes
Eddie murphy and wesley snipes god damn!
Casandra T
Casandra T Hace un mes
Can’t wait to see this!! I love me some Dolemite!!
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