Don Cheadle on War Machine & Avengers: Endgame

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Don talks about how he would spend $10 million in one day, not getting to see Avengers: Endgame yet, Robert Downey Jr., spoilers, the future of War Machine and using a 'modesty cloth' for his motion capture shots.
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Don Cheadle on War Machine & Avengers: Endgame


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12 abr 2019






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Comentarios 971
tony montana
tony montana Hace un día
Brie Larson,s tool
Joseph DESTAUBIN Hace un día
This is so the best interview of any of the MCU people.
KingExodus Hace 2 días
Im still waiting on a War Machine movie....... I need it.
Carter R
Carter R Hace 3 días
Hey is that Don Cheadle?
Did Tom Holland get modesty- He doesn't need one ;/
Arthur Morgan x
Arthur Morgan x Hace 4 días
Why do they go to kümmel and not Conan? Conan’s actually funny
Mini Panini
Mini Panini Hace 5 días
Id love a warmachine movie,I've always liked his armor more than ironmans
Arjun Aloshious
Arjun Aloshious Hace 5 días
lol this dude..😂😂🤣
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Hace 5 días
That was hilarious!! Don is a funny guy!
Nero Caesar
Nero Caesar Hace 5 días
Jimmy seems like a sad, sad little man.
Dinko Cejvanovic
Dinko Cejvanovic Hace 5 días
So we will see Hulk :D
space ghost
space ghost Hace 5 días
black Monday ?
Weird bro
Weird bro Hace 6 días
We need to turn the "boom, you lookin for this?" Scene into a meme
48th Ronin
48th Ronin Hace 6 días
This man made War Machine go from a side character to a main one. He's so good at it.
fusionaut23 Hace 6 días
Boom, you looking for this? Love that line and story!
Jj W
Jj W Hace 6 días
Shmoptimus Prime
Shmoptimus Prime Hace 7 días
The word "discussions" sounds weird to me now. They said it too many times.
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis Hace 7 días
Honestly, what's the point of having any MCU character on any talk show?...They can't say ANYTHING about ANYTHING....it makes for a boring interview.
UndeadxLion Hace 8 días
I feel like he just spoiled that Spidey is in the film but mentioning Tom uses a suit too, even if he meant previous movies, seems weird to mention him here
mad gamer
mad gamer Hace 8 días
wait he met up with hulk in productions that means at some point war machine and hulk meets int he movie
Black panther
Black panther Hace 8 días
Dam I feel old he getting grey hey
JSSTyger Hace 8 días
4:45 Don Cheadle is HUNG bro!! LOL.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson Hace 8 días
Great guy
Huda Hace 8 días
He has a sense of humor 😂😂
NissaDaBinks Hace 8 días
I love the word play of discussions!
PinkDiamond7777777 Hace 8 días
LOL. Funny.
soulglo45 Hace 9 días
Great actor, lousy War Machine
ghee4345 Hace 9 días
Shaggy Is God
Shaggy Is God Hace 9 días
Unpopular Opinion Don Cheadle > Terence Howard
Shaggy Is God
Shaggy Is God Hace 9 días
marlon green same
marlon green
marlon green Hace 9 días
I thought Terrence was terrible Don Cheadle is way better.
Naren V P
Naren V P Hace 9 días
“He doesn’t need one”😂😂
Jeremy Gordon
Jeremy Gordon Hace 9 días
Awsome dude.
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake Hace 9 días
Is it me or does Jimmy sound.... Faaaake.
Antonio Mitchell
Antonio Mitchell Hace 9 días
Anyone else noticed how Don rubbed his nose after he mentioned drugs LOL
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja Hace 10 días
End of discussion
The Shade Rooms
The Shade Rooms Hace 10 días
Erwin Tan
Erwin Tan Hace 10 días
"mine is a lil bit longer" cracked me up so bad :D talking about tom holand "he doesn't need one" LMAO
Jodee Rebecca Davey
Jodee Rebecca Davey Hace 10 días
I Wish That I Could Kidnap Mark,&,Tom so I Can Torture Them For Endgame Information
Mike Hace 10 días
Nobody: This video: _"Discussions."_
knoble1985 Hace 10 días
Don is the mvp of dialogue
peenutbutterjell Hace 11 días
War machine can ligma
Benjamin White
Benjamin White Hace 11 días
I'm willing to bet, given his nose and ears, Tom Holland needs a bigger "modesty cloth" than anyone else!
Sprocket Hace 11 días
If we don’t get a Captain Planet movie soon 🤣 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 🌳
Valks Hace 11 días
this is the funniest thing cuz there’s nothing to interview then about
Ben Barcham
Ben Barcham Hace 11 días
I can’t stand this idiot as war machine. The original guy from Iron man 1 was a better actor
Acura Addicted
Acura Addicted Hace 11 días
Boy, do I miss Captain Planet.
Tito Tim's Videos
Tito Tim's Videos Hace 11 días
Great interview - one of these days I will remember this cats name. I keep thinking that I preferred the not Cuba Gooding in the role, more than the not Tim Meadows... Sorry Don
Martin Lopez Ventura
Martin Lopez Ventura Hace 11 días
“Mines a bit longer” lmao I get, it’s cause he’s black lmao
R M Hace 11 días
He looks like Pierre Bernard from Team Coco
Renato Menezes
Renato Menezes Hace 11 días
C'mon MCU, give us more War Machine!
Emiliano Alvarez Martinez
Don is da man!
Elliott Pittam
Elliott Pittam Hace 11 días
Discussions was said so many times that it doesn’t sound right now
Ste H
Ste H Hace 11 días
What,... Tony Stank didn't invite Rhodey to his private Easter screening?
MEDIAtricked Hace 12 días
Jimmy was in Charmed though, I just rewatched some episodes and found out he was in it haha
Kristen Vogel
Kristen Vogel Hace 12 días
I need more Don Cheadle content RIGHT NOW
Ak47 Hace 12 días
lets be honest if not for avengers this video wont have that many views
TheJlouis997 Hace 12 días
Discussions, discussions...
Sweet T
Sweet T Hace 12 días
I wonder when Tom Holland is gunna have his interview 😭🤨🤔
Yadulall Rampersaud
Yadulall Rampersaud Hace 12 días
War machine super cool
Amuzic Earth
Amuzic Earth Hace 12 días
I loved how they discussed about discussing about discussions that may or may not have happened....
Webhead Ababwa
Webhead Ababwa Hace 12 días
don cheadle is a legend
mayank saluja
mayank saluja Hace 12 días
Don Cheadel's Warmachine I did not like, not that this character had more to play in marvel till now. but first Actor I would have preferred he had more expressive face.
King'SAnimus07 Hace 12 días
If you want the word ‘discussions’ to slowly lose meaning, watch this video.
Amber Smurda
Amber Smurda Hace 12 días
Yes love Jimmy Kimmel!😁❤ I've always wanted war machine to have his own movie!
Terence Reyes
Terence Reyes Hace 12 días
He's just so cool to hang out with
Chris Hace 12 días
All actors sit the same exact way... that leg crossed sit
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart Hace 12 días
Rhodey is the most underrated MCU character ever, and Don plays him so well, from Iron Man 2 to present day in Avengers: Endgame.
Darth I.G.
Darth I.G. Hace 12 días
Robert Downey needs to see this
Ruth K
Ruth K Hace 12 días
On a scale of Don Cheadle to Mark Ruffalo, how good are you at keeping secrets?
Decespugliatore Nucleare
He's visibly getting older :( I'm gonna miss the stars I grew up with
Kristian Stoichkov
Kristian Stoichkov Hace 12 días
Don Cheadle, ladies and gentleman. Rocking the Patek Philippe 5711 like a BAWS right there 8-)
Chandra Star
Chandra Star Hace 12 días
Don "What about drugs?" Cheadle.
jeffrey marshall
jeffrey marshall Hace 12 días
Imagine if they would’ve kept Terrance Howard instead like Don is just too perfect for the role
Rachel Lawrence
Rachel Lawrence Hace 12 días
Wow he aged
Snippy Pear
Snippy Pear Hace 12 días
Is that Don Cheadle?
varun patel
varun patel Hace 12 días
Kimmels laugh is so annoying hahaha
Rayan SA.
Rayan SA. Hace 12 días
is that don cheadle
Arman Khan
Arman Khan Hace 13 días
Now that’s a lot of discussion
Mahi Sharma
Mahi Sharma Hace 13 días
"That's a lot of advil" Amazing line by Jimmy👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
David Howard
David Howard Hace 13 días
"War Machine" was a damning depiction of the Obama Afghanistan policy. It seems to me when Men and Women are sent off to wars without objectives by Republicans the left is furious and human rights activists. But when it's Obama just kicking the can down the road when Americans are dying, no issues with that. The left is also very concerned about Russia unless it's Obama telling Medvedev he can work with Putin more after his second election or Hillary commissioning a Dossier through Russia against her Republican opponent and coordinating with Russia to meddle in our election. The left isn't concerned about such thing's...
ReX h2H
ReX h2H Hace 13 días
TBH I always miss that First guy who played Rody in IM1. May be I feel this guy older to be WarMachine and not tough looking wearing that suit.
sakubatzumatsu Hace 13 días
Captain Planet will turn Thanos into an Orchid
m ・ ́ω・
m ・ ́ω・ Hace 13 días
1:05 "What about drugs?" *Strokes his nose repeatedly*
Ian Nutter
Ian Nutter Hace 13 días
Don is one of the most underrated actors. His interviews are always hilarious too
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson Hace 13 días
0:31 sounds like a yes theory challenge
Danny Round
Danny Round Hace 13 días
Chilllliiiis baby back ribs
Reuben M.D.
Reuben M.D. Hace 13 días
It's a bit of a discussion degustation
Victoria Windsor
Victoria Windsor Hace 13 días
Shaanee Enc
Shaanee Enc Hace 13 días
he bugs me
Monster Mousse
Monster Mousse Hace 13 días
Don seems like a fun guy to be around.
GoingFullNerd Hace 13 días
This is why Don Cheadle is one of my favorites!!!
Bigdan Hace 13 días
CallmeCarson brought me here
Elias Jr Martinez
Elias Jr Martinez Hace 13 días
He is a good actor.
Counter UAV
Counter UAV Hace 13 días
Are you accusing me of booby trapin
Fid TGS Hace 13 días
Thats a lot of discussions !
harshavardhan gangavathi
Very good sense of humor. Great guy
KiNgZ x HyDrO
KiNgZ x HyDrO Hace 13 días
Hi Don Cheadle, I'm Don Cheadle
Aditya Prasad
Aditya Prasad Hace 13 días
When done cheadle said that even mark ruffalo had a modesty cloth for the cgi didn't that "confirm" that he is going to turn into professor hulk ???
cnsjwjdb ms
cnsjwjdb ms Hace 13 días
My favorite character.
Seyi G
Seyi G Hace 13 días
5:55 Jimmy still mad about BvS 😂😂
Deinonuchus Hace 13 días
You'd think a dance belt would be standard issue.
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