Don Lemon, sheriff spar over police shootings

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and CNN's Don Lemon get into a heated debate over recent police shootings and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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18 jul 2016






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Allahloves Mydick
Allahloves Mydick Hace un minuto
Now this is what I call black on black crime. Sherif totally raped faggot Donna Lemon head.
NovaKiller Hace 2 horas
CNN are Liars and liberals can have a conversation when facts are given to them
BALLKING Hace 4 horas
Don's a lemon
Jimmie Ward
Jimmie Ward Hace 12 horas
U can't a dialogue of any kind with law enforcers like Sheriff Clark dead sit that law officers can violate a person civil rights without due process, this man is dangerous
Bill A.
Bill A. Hace 13 horas
Lemon is a total shithead.
Martin Schwartz
Martin Schwartz Hace 15 horas
The lemon is as dishonnest as Jim Acosta, Adam Schiff and so many other Demonrats🤣😝🤣 🇺🇸👍😁👍🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸👍😁👍🇺🇸
Boston Scribbler
Boston Scribbler Hace 18 horas
The sheriff is the white man's slaver. Stupid piece of shit.
jack hammer
jack hammer Hace un día
How about how to keep the citizens safe from some of these blue line terrorists
Mark J. Hannah
Mark J. Hannah Hace un día
5:22 "many people did not find it credible" - Don Lemon C'mon man give the American people credible fact. Fuck me, Jesus Christ! Set an example for other idiot leftists.
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison Hace un día
Fuck you Lemon.
Nate Davies
Nate Davies Hace un día
Don lemon didn’t know he was gonna get assfucked at work. Enter sheriff Clarke
Tuddah 215
Tuddah 215 Hace un día
Who is this damn clown
CED Mr.Common Sense
CED Mr.Common Sense Hace un día
Sheriff must of got a raise today. He lost better look in the mirror 😆
Jeff Guzman
Jeff Guzman Hace 15 horas
? First grade English start today go back
Grandma Hands
Grandma Hands Hace 2 días
Sheriff Clark is confuse he needs medication
Scott Leck
Scott Leck Hace 2 días
Brun I can see why people think don is a damn idiot.
Estside Bo
Estside Bo Hace 2 días
This nigga crazy that's right I said nigga. I hate that word but sheriff is a real nigga period
Big E
Big E Hace 2 días
3:35 when Don said "T heyre not accusing cops in a whole of being racist "...….BULLSHIT, its all we hear how the black man is being held down, getting pulled over while being black....that is saying exactly that, in a whole theyre racist !! Don Lemon and the rest of the victim hood minorities are such hypocrites they want it both ways
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Who the fuck is this dick head sheriff fuck him
The Voice of Reason
The Voice of Reason Hace 2 días
I'm no expert but I have a feeling George Soros hates this cop being interviewed
Jake MossYT
Jake MossYT Hace 2 días
wow another disgraceful cop .. who'd have thought it
Jeff Guzman
Jeff Guzman Hace 15 horas
Ya fuk head go fuk with a cop u POS
mycorona66 Hace 23 horas
Please go fuck with a cop today.
AceKey 007
AceKey 007 Hace 2 días
I'm a white Male, and I know black males are more at risk than white males. Racism is still a problem in our country when it comes to the duty of law enforcement.
jimNbec Hace 2 días
Sheriff hands him his ass on a platter..
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
This drunk ass sheriff
Hell Jumper117
Hell Jumper117 Hace 3 días
Props to the sheriff wish there were more people that would have a set out there hope hes doing well stay safe brother
Jose DeCarvalho
Jose DeCarvalho Hace 3 días
Sheriff Uncle Tom
garvi6987 Hace 3 días
Don Lemon, cites Harvard study then discredits his own statement, what a prick!
Rocky Tilson
Rocky Tilson Hace 3 días
DON wont answer anything..that PUSSY is too much of a coward to come clean and be honest.
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Bitch ass sheriff
smacktalk4u Hace 3 días
Don Lemon needs to go home and suck some more WHITE cock! He’s a walking contradiction of racism! Lemon hates on whites, yet smokes WHITE pole! Talk about hypocrisy! He’s fundamentally flawed, he flunked hot dogs or tacos! I don’t take life lessons from a fag!
Ruben Bustillos
Ruben Bustillos Hace 3 días
Bad cops are making it hard on all cops
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Lemon promotes violence against police. This video makes that clear.
mycorona66 Hace 20 horas
@Jermaine Perry huge myth. listen to candice owens talk about this topic.
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 23 horas
@mycorona66 stop it
mycorona66 Hace 23 horas
@Jermaine Perry myth....
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Rogue cops do
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Not a different conversation. Lemon is an idiot....
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Lemon won't condemn BLM. He supports their radical agenda and hate filled actions. Racist bastard. Lemon hates cops.
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Shit I dislike also
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Lemon is a total liar and gets pissed when everyone says CNN is fake news. Go to the facts and statistics and educate yourself.
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
FBI stats show that an unarmed black male is more likely to be hit by lightning than shot by a police officer. If they point a gun at a cop though they get shot. That's how 99% of them get shot.
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Lemon has blood on his hands for promoting the BLM movement. Scum...
mycorona66 Hace 3 días
Lemon doesn't give a damn about the facts. He cares about his bullshit ratings from liberal lemmings that are too stupid to look at the facts.
Lorenzo Sloan
Lorenzo Sloan Hace 3 días
dan goble
dan goble Hace 3 días
What happened to Don Lemons smart mouth he didn't talk no s*** to that guy
Steven Arnold
Steven Arnold Hace 2 días
Yeah he didn't, I can see the sheriff reaching across and slapping the black right off his face
Hank Rodriguez
Hank Rodriguez Hace 3 días
Sheriff, “I don’t care who white people kill.” Nice, I guess we know exactly how you feel.
John Fuckyour mom
John Fuckyour mom Hace un día
In relationship to other whites. Which implies he cares about black on black killing . But when put in to context with the full interview it's clear exactly what he meant by that statement. So yeah I know exactly how he feels.
Raul Thepig
Raul Thepig Hace 3 días
Notice how Don keeps trying to shut down Sheriff Clarke when he doesn't get the answer he wants.
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Weird ass cop
Lorenzo Sloan
Lorenzo Sloan Hace 3 días
Scott Kitzerow
Scott Kitzerow Hace 3 días
CNN is trying to belittle the Sheriff. Liberal left media attack. Surprised black reporter is doing the attack. He must of got a big bonus.
River Vessel
River Vessel Hace 4 días
Don Lemon is a massive liar in perfect truth. He literally sat in that chair and said that women and children were not dying when they were dying. He is ever ready to lie. Always ready to lie if it can further his position. By the way I love blacks and I love whites I refuse to hate my friends. But if someone is a liar I will say so. If they are honorable that too I will say.
Laylow Longer
Laylow Longer Hace 4 días
All the Sheriff has done is to show the American public just how wide that thin blue line really is. Shame, shame shame. I hope your mamma is proud.
choice12ozborne Hace 4 días
I don't see anything wrong with people stopping black folks in the hood. there's a lot more violence in the inner city then out of the inner city. I just called doing your job if you stop someone in the inner-city regardless of what color they are
choice12ozborne Hace 2 días
Why would you not be for Trump when the economy is doing so damn good . Hell of a lot better than what Obama did for black communities and poor people. Now you can kiss my black ass
choice12ozborne Hace 2 días
You need to walk away from the plantation son
choice12ozborne Hace 2 días
@Jermaine Perry everybody knows there's more violence in the inner City because I was reason the other City. It's not stupid . It's a fact. you trying to say there's not more violence in urban areas across the u.s.?you should be grateful for President Trump because the black unemployment rates the lowest it's been in this country's history since he came in Jermaine
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Quiet you sound stupid trumper
choice12ozborne Hace 4 días
So when they said the Harvard professor was surprised to find the shootings equal I wonder if he means per capita in percentage wise or does he mean as many white people are shot by police as black people are shot by police. Because if it's equal then that's very disproportionate
choice12ozborne Hace 4 días
In reality there should be more white people getting shot then any other race. Simply because there's more white people in the country then a single race.
Omar Rohoman
Omar Rohoman Hace 4 días
I guess this sheriff had his 2 minutes of fame and did not get the job to shine orange face shoes.
choice12ozborne Hace 4 días
Whatever happened to sheriff? I haven't seen him lately
Sharon Y
Sharon Y Hace 2 días
He was flushed down the toilet
Toby Parsons
Toby Parsons Hace 4 días
Donna lemonge
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Hace 4 días
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Fuck this bootlicking ass cop
Hace 4 días
Please execute Don Lemon. By hanging!!!!!
Norman Wall
Norman Wall Hace un día
By hanging? How about a drive by?
Lorenzo Sloan
Lorenzo Sloan Hace 3 días
Youngfacexxx Hace 4 días
Best Sell out of all time uncle tom
jakob sharp
jakob sharp Hace 4 días
I don't trust cops. They lie and those that don't are silent.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez Hace un día
What a loser
Bell Stacks
Bell Stacks Hace 5 días
What a block head @ the sheriff I wanna slap him
zsr2009 Hace 5 días
Sheriff David Clarke.... What a joke. Acting all big & bad with his gun & badge. Why so aggressive towards Don Lemon? Dude can't even compose himself enough to converse in a civil manner. Why are law abiding citizens in general scared of law enforcement? Why?........Cause of all the damn police brutality!
TruthMaster2020 Hace 5 días
I'm surprised CNN did'nt once again have " Technical difficulties" during this total wipe out.
TruthMaster2020 Hace 5 días
CNN litteraly had to take a break and regroup after the sherrif destroyed this quota filler
Jermaine Perry
Jermaine Perry Hace 2 días
Pussy ass sheriff
robert babb
robert babb Hace 5 días
this so called sheriff is fucking nuts he can hardly talk must be on crack he loves the stuff
intellektualPoet Hace 5 días
This so called sheriff is a disgrace. He uses his emotions to back his arguments instead of facts. What a waste.
Mike G
Mike G Hace 3 días
Found the liberal cuck who let's his girlfriend's boyfriend fuck him
Justin Pederson
Justin Pederson Hace 5 días
It does not matter because don lemon does not care about facta
David M. Alexander
David M. Alexander Hace 5 días
Justus McLeod
Justus McLeod Hace 5 días
Fuck Sheriff Clarke lucky I wasn’t doing the interview!! I would have made him cry like a bitch when I put that mirror in his face to show him who he really is.
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