Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride a razor scooter, Razor Jetts, and a Runt bike! Under the plank, there is super messy and painful stuff like cake, Lego's, and even mousetraps! Let us know what we can fall into next!
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On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!
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22 mar 2019

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Comentarios 4 624
A. Grace Gamer
A. Grace Gamer Hace 40 minutos
7:47 needs to be a meme😂
SlamAKnife Hace 4 horas
You guys should REALLY start an audio only podcast.
Am the Queen
Am the Queen Hace 4 horas
The mouse traps are just..... no.....
A Cena10
A Cena10 Hace 4 horas
Bobby=LEGO man
Jackson Pace
Jackson Pace Hace 6 horas
What happened to Matthias? He hasn’t been here and I haven’t watched the vids in like 9 months
Zach May
Zach May Hace 6 horas
Why does Bobby and Bryan still have the tags on their shorts....
hacker Roblox
hacker Roblox Hace 6 horas
7:54 j-Fred xD
Hairy boy Hat boy
Hairy boy Hat boy Hace 8 horas
That song. Muse sound. Like No Money 3:15
Lisa Shadoan
Lisa Shadoan Hace 9 horas
Seferina Romero
Seferina Romero Hace 10 horas
He jump into the syrup Stage🤷🏼‍♂️
Eliaquim Salazar
Eliaquim Salazar Hace 11 horas
How is syrup a painful punishment?
Keila Quizon
Keila Quizon Hace 18 horas
J-fred 1=fall into the mouse trap
Alex R
Alex R Hace un día
6:07 Did h3 do that on purpose?
H.O. Gaming
H.O. Gaming Hace un día
1% smart comments 99% 2019? Like if you are in 2019. idiots...
Elijah Joseph
Elijah Joseph Hace un día
I have a brother that is like Jfred
Lara Alwan
Lara Alwan Hace un día
puppyboy Gaming
puppyboy Gaming Hace un día
I guest Bobby spent his childhood asking Dr legos
Micky Ouellette
Micky Ouellette Hace un día
Make this again but next time cover them up and if u fall off u fall into either something good or something bad like so they can see
InsaneBoi Hace un día
best cut scream 0:04
Acey_PlayzzGames PuppyCookiez
You should have at lest an doctor
Maddox Kowalyk
Maddox Kowalyk Hace un día
I step on Lego all the time
StarkTek Hace un día
Lol the giant shoes are only 17 1/2 im a size 19.
Horse Lover
Horse Lover Hace un día
1 like = 1 prayer
Brenda Soto
Brenda Soto Hace un día
Bobby go bobby go bobby go
ItsMajezztik Hace 2 días
J-Fred has the same shoes as me
Mason Van Pelt
Mason Van Pelt Hace 2 días
Bobby fell in the Legos every time
Mable Jacobs
Mable Jacobs Hace 2 días
😆 funny
Parallel 0 SOLE WINS
It looks like you guy just jumped in
DanCuts Helper
DanCuts Helper Hace 2 días
*Punches everyone here*
Lots of LUCY
Lots of LUCY Hace 2 días
Team edge
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez Hace 2 días
Poor skooter
Rayan Atoui
Rayan Atoui Hace 2 días
cardverse Hace 2 días
1 inch = my guess for j Fred
Crypto Gaming
Crypto Gaming Hace 2 días
You clearly jumped in
The Crazy Bunch
The Crazy Bunch Hace 2 días
Dude purfect Corner
Dude purfect Corner Hace 2 días
1 like 1 mouse trap and LEGO removed
The king Of gamer
The king Of gamer Hace 2 días
Blue foxgirl
Blue foxgirl Hace 2 días
Bryan still has the tag on his shorts
Bendy And the ink machine
The others: I don’t want to fall in the syrup Syrup god: oh you are >:)
TdcF S0lar
TdcF S0lar Hace 2 días
Who Ever fell in the syrup got into a sticky situation haha not funny
Aidan Lewis
Aidan Lewis Hace 2 días
Who else got hungry after seeing them in all that cake
xX KingDGoed Xx
xX KingDGoed Xx Hace 2 días
those cakes were seducing me and i wanted them
Iz_Me_Jake ,
Iz_Me_Jake , Hace 2 días
0:04 cut screams lol
[CGM] Sleo
[CGM] Sleo Hace 2 días
Anyone find it weird that bobby hates heelys but his first vid was heelys race challenge
Jack McCarty
Jack McCarty Hace 2 días
Lol J Fred actually rode a foot I’m surprised
The Whale Lover
The Whale Lover Hace 3 días
who noticed the mousetrap being set off at 3:19
JordGubbe32 Hace 3 días
The legos is for Bobby
JordGubbe32 Hace 3 días
Bobby gets the punishments, and the worst in this
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Welcome to The kid friendly jackass
Anne-Marie Moore
Anne-Marie Moore Hace 3 días
A continuación
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