Don't Ride Off The Plank Into the Painful Punishments!!

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride a razor scooter, Razor Jetts, and a Runt bike! Under the plank, there is super messy and painful stuff like cake, Lego's, and even mousetraps! Let us know what we can fall into next!
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On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!
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22 mar 2019






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Comentarios 5 074
The legobuilders
The legobuilders Hace 13 horas
The punishments are deadfull
tripp global
tripp global Hace 16 horas
screwhily sounds like swahily
Mischief_ Master
Mischief_ Master Hace un día
6:28 literally going down my bootie crack 😂
꧁circus Spider
꧁circus Spider Hace un día
꧁0w0 ꧁
Darla Short
Darla Short Hace un día
I feel bad😰
Jackson Coble
Jackson Coble Hace un día
Could they not have chosen the no punishment one on you choose?
Shautoria sias
Shautoria sias Hace un día
5 feet
ALT Snake
ALT Snake Hace un día
"Im very sad right now" mood
Kelly Gonzalez
Kelly Gonzalez Hace un día
The song that played when they completed it was Sketch's intro
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Hace un día
Who else feels really pain one time I was riding on my bike with big pegs flipped over triggered a Vietnam flashback
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia Hace un día
I meant who feels Joe's pain
Family Tube
Family Tube Hace un día
3:44 He still has the tag on his pants
sky fox jfjfififkirkt
Megan Thornburg
Megan Thornburg Hace un día
hybernight 379
hybernight 379 Hace 2 días
Can someone give me the links to call the music
Victoria Dunham
Victoria Dunham Hace 2 días
I like how j Fred went to help the scooter and not Bryan
Sam O'Keeffe
Sam O'Keeffe Hace 2 días
9 foot
Connor Thomson
Connor Thomson Hace 2 días
BP Gaming 5
BP Gaming 5 Hace 2 días
Fu I like hellys
Death Bot Brothers
Death Bot Brothers Hace 2 días
This is dangerous
kavz segui
kavz segui Hace 2 días
Hmm the intro look familar to the pals
MathewTheGreat2823 Hace 3 días
Click this ⬇️ 7:58. ⬅️
Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
I don’t want to fall in syrup *falls in syrup*
Hayden Liang
Hayden Liang Hace 3 días
devon vaden
devon vaden Hace 4 días
Did anyone notice Bryon jump in sir up
Mini Melon
Mini Melon Hace 4 días
I can walk on legos without hurting my feet
Sych Bros
Sych Bros Hace 11 horas
It’s called shoes
tripp global
tripp global Hace 16 horas
Mini Melon same
Insert Random name here
*show me your ways*
tressa Lankard
tressa Lankard Hace 5 días
Where is the mamacita
America Gentile
America Gentile Hace 6 días
4:12 That’s what she said
Jenna Landis
Jenna Landis Hace 7 días
Anyone else think Brian is cute?💋😍🥰😘
Douglas Cheers
Douglas Cheers Hace 7 días
I’m size 9.5 10
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia Hace 7 días
I Love your videos your the best channel though other channels better than Team edge and the funniest I love how you did the border Game it was really fun
Ahsan Buttar
Ahsan Buttar Hace 7 días
Can i try the cake in the obstacle cuz i love cakes and espessily the cake you have in the vid do I’m just saying but can i have a piece of that cake PLS!!!!!!
Mason Rivali
Mason Rivali Hace 8 días
I bet Joey was going to fall through the mouse traps and Legos
Palin Walker
Palin Walker Hace 8 días
1 inch for Joey
Anthony Karklins
Anthony Karklins Hace 8 días
this my by far favorite video ever
Sofia Rosales
Sofia Rosales Hace 8 días
where is edge space
KatherineOmgFAN Hace 8 días
This was made me n my 9th birthday
FlamesJr Hace 9 días
Bryan ride peacefully on his first try. J-Fred rides peacefully on his second try.
Alexa Gacha Queen
Alexa Gacha Queen Hace 9 días
You think your life is hard with size 17 Nike’s? Try living with size 13 Nike’s. Men’s Nike’s
TheMinecraftCuber Hace 9 días
Joey did not fall in between in 5:25
CWC hacker leap
CWC hacker leap Hace 9 días
In n nvm tjuv97 hmm 8 um ummm the medicine is not received received any of them in my my my my my craft beer scene and and unicorn to
LCA Ion Hace 9 días
Random scream at 8:04
Devansh Pancholi
Devansh Pancholi Hace 10 días
Me everytime they go to a new color ADVANCED
Radiant Nights
Radiant Nights Hace 10 días
It's funny how they fell into the syrup after saying they didn't want to XD they jinxed it lol
BlazerWolf 2369
BlazerWolf 2369 Hace 10 días
3:06 i feel so bad for Bobby 😂😔😞😂
Benjamin McVey
Benjamin McVey Hace 10 días
7:46 and 7:56 Jumpscare warning
Maxy Boy
Maxy Boy Hace 10 días
5:20 1 like- 1 prayer for j-Fred’s shin
Shreks swamp stories
Shreks swamp stories Hace 10 días
6:11 Bryan sounds like how you would expect the scooter Motor to sound
Lynne Banford
Lynne Banford Hace 10 días
That was halarious part 2 part 2
Master Hutchins
Master Hutchins Hace 11 días
1 ft for joey
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Hace 12 días
That was cool
berry is here
berry is here Hace 12 días
Mmmm tasty legos
Sarah Shae
Sarah Shae Hace 12 días
“Here we go.. here we go.. here we go..........”😂
Michael Flores
Michael Flores Hace 13 días
It Took like like two hours for Bobby to go and it took Bobby 5 seconds for him to notice that the motor wasn’t on
dgx Campbell
dgx Campbell Hace 14 días
Bryan in the back ground oh no the scooter
Tonia Blishak
Tonia Blishak Hace 14 días
Michael Meiner
Michael Meiner Hace 16 días
17 1/2 size shoes aren't big
Andy Ly
Andy Ly Hace 16 días
bobby heelys is the best bobby u suck
Bonnie Girl Lil
Bonnie Girl Lil Hace 16 días
I feel bad for Bobby because he couldn't get across ❤
Numbered Attic
Numbered Attic Hace 16 días
Anthony Crepas
Anthony Crepas Hace 16 días
Hi Bryan its Cooper Crepas would you rather fall in chocolate or fall into a pit of snakes
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