Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!
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8 feb 2019

don't smash the expensive itemdon't smash my stuffdon't sledgehammer the expensive itemdon't smash your employees expensive itemsledgehammerbox of liesteam edgeteam edge challengeteamedgedestroy the xboxdestroy the dronedyson hair dryeripad prodji sparkbose headphones






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Dr Pie face
Dr Pie face Hace 25 minutos
The pals intro
The real Jones
The real Jones Hace 37 minutos
8:38 me when I go to school
Hypebeast 123
Hypebeast 123 Hace 40 minutos
Iphone 7 what is this 2017?
Jesceli Ann Lampadio
Hahaha 0:31
Crazy Person
Crazy Person Hace 5 horas
I’m listening to this with those headphones
joelo bariso
joelo bariso Hace 6 horas
I feel sorry for the first employee😢
sιlvεя αcε
sιlvεя αcε Hace 6 horas
Justin Y
Georg Heinaste
Georg Heinaste Hace 6 horas
Anna Failor
Anna Failor Hace 6 horas
Let the employees do it to you
Tman06er Hace 7 horas
DK is a savage
Spiget Finner Oof
Spiget Finner Oof Hace 8 horas
When team edge is depressed: Team Edgy
Oops 0:30 ME: You alright? This happens to me all the time so its always not you,your not alone 😂😂
Marshmello Hace 9 horas
RIP Ipad And Clear Pics
Mohd Ismail
Mohd Ismail Hace 9 horas
Aaron Suarez
Aaron Suarez Hace 9 horas
Why does everyone always pick right
Alyssa Rodriguez
Alyssa Rodriguez Hace 12 horas
titles getting better and better 😬😂
EvilCODrays Hace 12 horas
I was really hoping he'd smash tf outta the Xbox XD
Jonathan Fielding
Jonathan Fielding Hace 12 horas
Is that an AirPod I see Joey?
James Halsey
James Halsey Hace 12 horas
Anyone notice when dk was up the the ketchup bottle changed spots on the table
mark schroeder
mark schroeder Hace 12 horas
Bobymickzouskins - hypixel skywars and pvp
Fine youtube, I will finally watch it. Are you happy now?
MaximumFunk Hace 13 horas
Fine ESvid. I watched it goodbye.
William Harrington
William Harrington Hace 13 horas
I really think Team Edge ran out of ideas for videos
Kade Brown
Kade Brown Hace 13 horas
that specific drone is my dream one, i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad its safe!!!
Varia Hace 14 horas
Bryan : He got a ipadddd 15:00 but its a Xbox.
The Offical Mega Oof
The Offical Mega Oof Hace 14 horas
12:58 *I thought D K was Keemstar for a second*
pergi572 Hace 15 horas
People with air pods are poor because they can’t afford a wire
TheDankAtheist Hace 17 horas
Panasonic cameras arent even sold at best buy lol
nick smith
nick smith Hace 17 horas
This was kind-of a waist of money
Mattizmushroom Hace 17 horas
Ah the flex
Neko Zume
Neko Zume Hace 18 horas
0:20 why did no one tell him he had something hanging in his ear? Must be so embarrassing for him to notice it and knowing he ran around all day with it!
Christoffer Hace 19 horas
this is setup, 16:07, he is wearing his mic
Roni Hazan
Roni Hazan Hace 19 horas
They know they can just get their employees gifts without torturing them, right?
Saul Rodriguez
Saul Rodriguez Hace 20 horas
Joey cheat on the hair dry
Swaymus Hace 20 horas
This is one of the worst videos ever, which is also why I didn't finish it. Seriously, what is it with this "let's buy things just to destroy them"-mentality these days? Disgusting.
Jakey 1902
Jakey 1902 Hace 21 un hora
CoolArmy ReptileDude
CoolArmy ReptileDude Hace 23 horas
Hey Bobby you like fish and my dad has a restaurant called the Bait Shack but i am in Evergreen Colorado. So uh yeah
• Maple •
• Maple • Hace 23 horas
The ipad still worked after being crushed, and they didnt hit it again. The hairdryer still worked, but they smashes it to bits after already crushing it. Makes sense, totally.
Ian Sallee
Ian Sallee Hace un día
Favorite Team Edge member? I’ll start off, Corey.
Qnikke Bossu
Qnikke Bossu Hace un día
Ootteks jotaa posse v2 tyyppejä
Qnikke Bossu
Qnikke Bossu Hace un día
Xd nää ei osaa suomee
Tommy Gueh live
Tommy Gueh live Hace un día
nancy belhag
nancy belhag Hace un día
Remember when you made a few videos with Markiplier 😃😃😃😃
CJ_ REAXTZ Hace un día
Brian messed that first one up he basically hinted at where the iPad was
Daniel Guo
Daniel Guo Hace un día
im jealous 😶 it sucks when something u want breakd
gwnjessy Hace un día
So you are now team sledge
Alacia chane
Alacia chane Hace un día
This hurt my soul
Natalie Benitez
Natalie Benitez Hace un día
My name is Natalie to
Ryan Falta99
Ryan Falta99 Hace un día
Why can’t the first guy just go get the iPad fixed
Sophie G Busbridge
Sophie G Busbridge Hace un día
Lol I feel sooo bad
Dractical Hace un día
Because ketchup is expensive (the logic is real)
Rémi Hace un día
This is so sad
A lonely Tall person
Put some rice on that
Tristan Fry
Tristan Fry Hace un día
Dose Bobby even need a chair to sit down on
Will Szabo
Will Szabo Hace un día
Checkout 9:38
Lil Squishy
Lil Squishy Hace un día
I like kyles teddy fresh sweatshirt
DonLuigi Hace un día
7:08 on the left, look at his eyes and his fingers. Thats not fair!
John S
John S Hace un día
Yeah Hace un día
It's Apple garbage. Just break off a hammer and smash it yourself.
Ali_ _A
Ali_ _A Hace un día
1:23 u want a xbox one x with a ps4 vr headset 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Rammiibox Hace 22 horas
He got a PS4
invisible kooxx
invisible kooxx Hace un día
oh god a car is coming get out the way... oh crap he has airpods on
Natalie Hace un día
Subtle flex with the air pods
MrPrimus350 Hace un día
This is maybe the dumbest thing ever. "Hey here is your new ipad... if I dont smash it." You might as well say "hey here is your paycheck.... if I dont shred it"
evelyn rorgerson
evelyn rorgerson Hace un día
narayan khatiwada
narayan khatiwada Hace un día
BigBoy Default
BigBoy Default Hace un día
5:16 that was like it hit me in the heart
TramadolNights Hace un día
So many Chads in one room..
BlueWolf Howl
BlueWolf Howl Hace un día
OMG cam dude rip and are you ok.
I love Vidz
I love Vidz Hace un día
30 day warranty laughed at this
MarcelGaming MarcelGaming
I want xbox one x too
Abisheik Shanmugam
Abisheik Shanmugam Hace un día
Bring back Mathias
xXflow _Xx
xXflow _Xx Hace un día
either Your worst nightmare Or Bad/Worst Day ever... Pick one if you have a side, and if you don't leave a like on the video and on comment. Mine is: Worst NIGHTMARE ;`~'; lol
gavin Hace un día
Corey wash your hair at the very least
Mikkel Larsen
Mikkel Larsen Hace un día
This is ridiculous. There are so many people who can barely get by, and you guys purposefully buy expensive electronics just to break them? This is such poor taste. But, 62.000 people liked it, so maybe I am in the minority here.
Amanda Hasenoehrl
Amanda Hasenoehrl Hace un día
Knock off versions of dope or nope
That's crazy
That's crazy Hace un día
8:52 Nice picture if you pause it
Koen Kliphuis
Koen Kliphuis Hace un día
Summer Latter
Summer Latter Hace 2 días
Such a waist tbh 😒
kalpeshk14lpd Hace 2 días
Bart van Dijk
Bart van Dijk Hace 2 días
I don't like peaple breaking expensive first world stuff on purpose...
Fortnut _
Fortnut _ Hace 2 días
iPhone 7 in 2019 ummm
Ben Blake
Ben Blake Hace 2 días
oooh airpod flex in intro
gideon rainey
gideon rainey Hace 2 días
next up on team edge: dont set of the nuclear bomb
Crazy YT
Crazy YT Hace 2 días
so um.. at 0:20.. he.. he.. *was wearing airpods....*
Thunder0005 Hace 2 días
Anyone else notice that only the people against Joey got their prizes smashed
Moocow & Thumbs up emoji
Where is mattis
Bertha Castro
Bertha Castro Hace 2 días
Omg that is so sad
Jennifer Pisarski
Jennifer Pisarski Hace 2 días
Cam Abra
Cam Abra Hace 2 días
You can get the screen fixed on the I pad
Mert Bozan
Mert Bozan Hace 2 días
you guys do realize that joey is the only one that broke the items
Cxxkiefxktxry 202
Cxxkiefxktxry 202 Hace 2 días
Corey looked in The viewfinder so He knew xdd
Quinton Kennedy
Quinton Kennedy Hace 2 días
Matt looks different
Liam CHEESEBALL Hace 2 días
This is fake they knew what side the stuff was on so they knew not to break it
Nate Cotton
Nate Cotton Hace 2 días
That air pod flex
Andrei Aquino
Andrei Aquino Hace 2 días
Emily the loli Nightray
The iPad was allowed to live but the hair dryer had to be smashed?
The Asian Gamer
The Asian Gamer Hace 2 días
What happened to matthias
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Hace 2 días
Hi Read more
Mark Hace 2 días
do these guys circle jerk each other with airpods in their ears?
Justas Radavicius
Justas Radavicius Hace 2 días
13:01 Reminds me of something (;
Ian Awad
Ian Awad Hace 3 días
This is hard watching
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