Donald Glover Meets The Girl Scout Who Went Viral With 'Redbone'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Atlanta' creator and star Donald Glover isn't the only one furthered his career with the Grammy-winning hit 'Redbone.'
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1 mar 2018






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Estri Hace un hora
6:55 7:12
Elisabeta Diaz
Elisabeta Diaz Hace 12 horas
monky boo8856
monky boo8856 Hace 18 horas
He doesn't look like he likes being praised
ScottDAG Hace 20 horas
People prolly thought that big guy from the clip was Donald Glover HAHAHAHA
Tanner Spellman
Tanner Spellman Hace 23 horas
Actor of Atlanta also. Easy reserch.
кiyσsнi Hace un día
Sorry but all I can hear is Marshall Lee
Nurul Abdul
Nurul Abdul Hace un día
Beautiful show 💕
uzi94 Hace un día
Honestly, all I see is Troy.
Shelby A
Shelby A Hace 2 días
Donald Glover is a modern day renaissance man
L. C
L. C Hace 3 días
Donald Glover looks like the weird middle brother
AmethystEyes Hace 3 días
It’s in the eyes!
lucia 28
lucia 28 Hace 3 días
“Why do you do so many things?” “Because I’m talented as fuck and I can!”
lucia 28
lucia 28 Hace 3 días
He has such a lovely face
asabjort Hace 3 días
Please turn on captions 😂
Elisha Newton
Elisha Newton Hace 4 días
This dude could play Richard Pryor
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Hace 5 días
Always a twist with Donald.
Keenan Stewart
Keenan Stewart Hace 6 días
No magic johnson
Music Calgary
Music Calgary Hace 6 días
Infinite love and respect for this man and all the things he manifests. Peace and love.
mayra101889 Hace 7 días
Wait didn't Cardi B say they seem like the same person? So they are?
jah blaques
jah blaques Hace 7 días
if i had a god it would be THE LATE SHOW specifically this episode
scootdog mcginty
scootdog mcginty Hace 7 días
He tells Colbert that rapping is super awkward then Colbert badgers him to do something that Glover feels 'super awkward' about! These talk show host's are so full of themselves. Why didn't he just leave the poor guy alone.
justsumdoggo Hace 8 días
he seems uncomfortable
Dalton Ducote
Dalton Ducote Hace 8 días
radhakanta dasa
radhakanta dasa Hace 9 días
ignorant stuff for the easily amused,
yung ham
yung ham Hace 9 días
that sweaters fire
Ashton Michael
Ashton Michael Hace 9 días
Donald Glover is someone who I admire. Such a great guy.
Joe B-e
Joe B-e Hace 10 días
I raised him right.
TheBrainvision Hace 10 días
I just don't believe this dude. This is not the real him. He's trying so hard to be "adult".
Sarkasumus Hace 10 días
Wtf was this clip?
Livin' The Dream
Livin' The Dream Hace 10 días
Her dad is her number one customer! Yep, I'm going to hell.
PuzzleCape Hace 8 días
I don't get it
Marcos Rubilotta
Marcos Rubilotta Hace 10 días
Tau Mor
Tau Mor Hace 11 días
love this guy!
hi yih
hi yih Hace 11 días
"You guys want cookies?"
Jose Noriega
Jose Noriega Hace 11 días
We-Tang Is for the children
Tanner McDougall
Tanner McDougall Hace 11 días
just buys all the cookies, such a nice guy
6vib3z Hace 12 días
Haha he looks like Childish Gambino
xXBL00DW0RKXx Hace 12 días
why do i feel like he is high?
Jarrod Dobben
Jarrod Dobben Hace 13 días
A laugh track on Atlanta ruins the magic
Hvc Tazz
Hvc Tazz Hace 13 días
so id parents share a video 3million times its viral lol ok news to me
Dogz Dinette
Dogz Dinette Hace 13 días
Colbert is the whitest talk show host ever!
Apryl Evans
Apryl Evans Hace 13 días
He’s so humble!!! 😱
Keigo Robinson
Keigo Robinson Hace 13 días
Dude is the epitome of talent. Comedian, Artist, Director, and Actor. There’s nothing he can’t do.
Nani Yates
Nani Yates Hace 13 días
I was deck building a Magic:The Gathering deck while I heard he wasn't allowed to play Magic. Interactive ESvid.
Joe Forrest
Joe Forrest Hace 13 días
Such a humble human being
Ariel Siboniy
Ariel Siboniy Hace 14 días
Donald is a great guy for buying those cookies, but tbh they basically forced him lmao.
TheVoyeure Hace 14 días
As cute as a Speckeld pup!
Chase Meyer
Chase Meyer Hace 14 días
This video just made me happy. They thing the host said at the end, “lets make some people happy.” Dude that just touch my heart to know that there is still a light In this world. And I know I’m being dramatic, but the way the little girl and her father smiled at the end really brightened my dad.
Squintey Eyez
Squintey Eyez Hace 14 días
YOU'RE A RAPPER!! GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW!! smh white people
Chris McFee
Chris McFee Hace 14 días
Goodness did he handle this with grace. Such a cool dude.
Hauvkuab Yang
Hauvkuab Yang Hace 15 días
I thought Donald Glover was bad ass before this vid, now hes bad ass, funny, talented, nice, and humble.👍👍👍
Olivia Garnet
Olivia Garnet Hace 15 días
He was so uncomfortable
Cuda 1970
Cuda 1970 Hace 15 días
You said red bone
Pho King Flame
Pho King Flame Hace 15 días
Is it just me or is the video for this recording kinda fucked up? Everything gets blurry when there are quick movements
lil bork
lil bork Hace 16 días
CrispyBoi03 Hace 16 días
No Samoas hands down
CrispyBoi03 Hace 16 días
Wasn’t he in the marshan too?
TheMarvelousMarv Hace 16 días
Yup. He was the IT guy
Blossom Tea Leaves
Blossom Tea Leaves Hace 16 días
Kristen Gile Vlogs
Kristen Gile Vlogs Hace 17 días
“Childish Gambino for the children” 😂😂♥️♥️
Duany Addison
Duany Addison Hace 17 días
This man is who I inspire to be, he's the greatest ❤️❤️
Ben Seongwon
Ben Seongwon Hace 17 días
Childish Gambino sounds better
Barney A
Barney A Hace 17 días
This video was like a parallel of Donald Glover's career. What a strange emotional roller coaster I didn't expect.
Radlene Hace 18 días
we don't deserve Donald Glover so pure he's like our modern time Mr Rogers
Asiel MILIAN Hace 16 días
Sarah B
Sarah B Hace 19 días
He’s a libra . He’s known to be socially awkward. I’m the exact same way I don’t no why but I’m dope other wise . I’m chill for the most . We find being in the public eye just weird. Some part of us want the fame but when we get the attention it’s like uh yeah . Yep that’s me I guess. Some call us weirdos but you wouldn’t understand us if your not like us . @Donald Glover
Sarah B
Sarah B Hace 19 días
And where talented at all types of things . We balance the world 🌍 we want it to be a better place but nobody will get the drift I do t think they do at least I have 6 talents idk what to do with it I just find more stuff to do exploring my options than I become good put it down and find something else .
Aayush Dua
Aayush Dua Hace 19 días
such a cool, calm dude
irrational moon
irrational moon Hace 19 días
This is the cutest thing ever.
Mari Rios
Mari Rios Hace 19 días
Mish Bish
Mish Bish Hace 19 días
All the other girls in her Girl Scout troop are jealous as fuck the badge she probably got 😡
Paranormal4 Team
Paranormal4 Team Hace 19 días
My bone is red
Brian Orris
Brian Orris Hace 19 días
After doing the 2 faces he looked down for a second like fuck this guy.
DZR Adobo
DZR Adobo Hace 19 días
Idk why but he looks like he's socially awkward
John Smith
John Smith Hace 20 días
“This is America!”
春が来る Hace 20 días
Her hair is beyond adorable hah
Prathanashree Khadka
Prathanashree Khadka Hace 20 días
Why am I obsessed with him😍
xLuky Hace 20 días
4:29 he starts doing the jerk off motion then stops when he remembers he's on tv lol!
globular ninja
globular ninja Hace 20 días
the beard man changed his face i now know wherw i recognised him from
SuperIsSarcastic Hace 20 días
I'm not sure if I should be happy or concerned that a little girl says she's a big fan of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino.
justine gonzalez
justine gonzalez Hace 20 días
i want donald glover to offer me a box of thin mints wtf yall see how he just decided to help and took the whole ass basket from stephen to hand out :""""
Nicola Wiekamp
Nicola Wiekamp Hace 21 un día
"do you guys want cookies?" was it just me or did he say that like Corky Romano? haha. Such a cute interview, Charity and he dad were too freaking cute.
S N Hace 21 un día
That sweet little girl, Charity. Made me smile :)
R Rene Webster
R Rene Webster Hace 21 un día
Lois B
Lois B Hace 22 días
Love this from beginning to end!
Jae R
Jae R Hace 23 días
Never knew he wrote for 30 Rock! Watched Community religiously even when it went to Yahoo, so happy for all his successes
Saresha TV
Saresha TV Hace 24 días
Bella Ciarleglio
Bella Ciarleglio Hace 24 días
I still think of him as young as Troy but he’s a whole man now that’s a thicc beard
Lamerpz Hace 24 días
“No magic the gathering”
NETT VIDZ Hace 24 días
What a legend 🤘✌✊
Nu-millennium Ole-entertainment
Taking about NERDs...Glover is my first NERD friend from the HOOD.
Young Boy Blaze
Young Boy Blaze Hace 24 días
Ok this was actually really cool
Garfield Hace 24 días
There are layers to Glover: Later one: normal dude Later two: artistically weird dude
mamatony Hace 25 días
idk why but seymour is the goat
Jaren Ladia
Jaren Ladia Hace 25 días
This turned out to be the most wholesome interview ever.
Jai Hudson
Jai Hudson Hace 25 días
This is my favorite moment of The Late Show so far
TPMK Suavé
TPMK Suavé Hace 25 días
You Love To See It..... YOU GET THIN MINTS!!!! YOU GET THIN MINTS!!!! EVERYBODY GETS THIN MINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hartford Smoke
Hartford Smoke Hace 25 días
anyone else waiting for a new donald glover stand up special?
paid thoughts
paid thoughts Hace 25 días
I want cookies too
KrisWitaKdotcom Hace 26 días
For the record, Jehovah's Witnesses don't restrict you from doing anything. They do follow biblical guidelines like not practicing magic. But they encourage their members to avoid unnecessary association with people who don't share the same beliefs. So joining your highschool basketball team is not encourage but playing basketball is not at all viewed as bad. Unfortunately it seems like his family did not seem to do much extra curricular activities so his experience seems very much sheltered/ restricted but as he mentioned, that was more of a family thing, not a religious thing.
Joshua Tweed
Joshua Tweed Hace 26 días
The crowd needs to shut up jesus
HeyIsThatJojiVlogs? Hace 26 días
This is so wholesome
Ivy Souter
Ivy Souter Hace 26 días
the only Donald I’d vote for
Joe Hace 26 días
got excited to watch this... then saw it was Colbert. No thanks. CG is still the man tho.
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