Donald Glover Meets The Girl Scout Who Went Viral With 'Redbone'

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Atlanta' creator and star Donald Glover isn't the only one furthered his career with the Grammy-winning hit 'Redbone.'
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1 mar 2018

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Comentarios 5 237
Lerma Emboltorio
Lerma Emboltorio Hace un día
Gambino was kinda nervous 😊😐
brandon horwath
brandon horwath Hace un día
I love it, but, Tagalongs are better...just saying...
B0BB1 K00L5
B0BB1 K00L5 Hace 2 días
You do not become like this for no reason, sometimes pretending to be organic could show intent. Maybe it could be network exploitation. Hard to tell, although he does become relaxed and relatable towards the end of the interview.
Anna Hace 2 días
why show a clip where you can only see him for the last second?
Arjun Rajendran
Arjun Rajendran Hace 3 días
"Hi Charity" *Halo music starts playing*
whatsthisidonteven Hace 5 días
7:05 when your Millennium Puzzle goes off
Isabella Brouwer
Isabella Brouwer Hace 7 días
I just gotta say, Mr. Glover is fiiiiiiine!
Tracy Bush
Tracy Bush Hace 7 días
🖤Charity and Dad🖤
Tracy Bush
Tracy Bush Hace 7 días
Wow points for getting tre-foils into a song🤣🤣🤣
Tracy Bush
Tracy Bush Hace 7 días
I was floored when i stumbled across "this is America" by accident... Then to find out all these other facets of this young man, he's an enigma wrapped in a riddle.... I appreciate you Donald Glover.
ChildishHerndino Hace 8 días
It's The Guy From War Stars And This Is America!
Eduardo S
Eduardo S Hace 9 días
"Childish Gambino is for the children" - Also Childish Gambino: *Headshots a man*
SolaceMusic Hace 11 días
i was expecting the bino face to look depressed af
lautarosoad Hace 12 días
Dude gave up his seat. Little details that speak a lot.
Vane Izarra
Vane Izarra Hace 13 días
I love this man
Thicc Cat
Thicc Cat Hace 14 días
This whole thing is so wholesome.
Guilshad Joseph
Guilshad Joseph Hace 14 días
He played Teddy Perkins!
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Hace 16 días
I had a child neighbor whose parents were very strict/religious. I asked one day if he wanted to come over with the rest of the kids to my house to watch He-man. He said he couldn't because God and not He-man was the "Master of the Universe".
Hakeem Arman
Hakeem Arman Hace 16 días
He seems like he has no emotion...
ACE 21
ACE 21 Hace 17 días
I just came here to hear what simba gnna sound like.......
Toxiic Goddess
Toxiic Goddess Hace 12 días
Thank god im not alone😂
outlawruffryder Hace 18 días
this dude just spoiled atlanta fx for meee naaah mayn
Meagen Denton
Meagen Denton Hace 19 días
Came here to see what Simba is going to sound like
Coman The Dragon
Coman The Dragon Hace 11 días
Meagen Denton he got a soft voice
TheCR04 Hace 22 días
Musiq Quirarte
Musiq Quirarte Hace 23 días
This could have gone bad in so many different ways but it turned out so genuine and wholesome. AMAZING!
Andres Caldas
Andres Caldas Hace 24 días
Troy and abed in the morning!
Hailee Steinfeld - Topic
Childando Calarisbino.
Shante. MUSIC
Shante. MUSIC Hace 27 días
Is it me or I noticed that most talk show hosts stutter a lot
WaitedLongEnough Hace 28 días
He's not shy and awkward. You should watch him with Craig Ferguson.
Darrian Hull
Darrian Hull Hace 29 días
"I definitely wrote it." - prolly the most humble brag ever
Rotten Robert
Rotten Robert Hace 16 días
yup definitely caught him bragging. "Don't catch you slippin now" hehe
Ash Glassman
Ash Glassman Hace 29 días
Why does he always look like a baby to me???
The Hobbyist
The Hobbyist Hace 29 días
He's totally trying to act awkward and quiet.....jesus
Tsikow Gonzales
Tsikow Gonzales Hace un mes
Donald Glover and Seth Macfarlane are my favorite people of all time. these guys are so productive and lit af!
Tony Fury
Tony Fury Hace un mes
Am I the only touched by the love of the father? Hes so happy and smiling big to have his daughter out there. He probably the one the wrote the rhymes but took no credit just to see his daughter smile and have her day!
Carol Griffin
Carol Griffin Hace un mes
He reminds me of the little boy that plays Jack on Black-ish.
Amy Polzella
Amy Polzella Hace un mes
Love Atlanta and Donald, too
AveragePlayer Hace un mes
Colbert is such a loser
Nick Curcio
Nick Curcio Hace un mes
Donald Glover is one of the reasons I still have hope for humanity. Dudes gonna EGOT one day very soon and still goes out of his way to help out and show love to the little people.
Shee ter
Shee ter Hace un mes
Seymore(how do you spell this)looks like wilson fisk
Erin Jakeman
Erin Jakeman Hace un mes
Isn't she just the cutest 😊😊😊
Dee Hace un mes
bowie Hace un mes
Aaaa he's so awkward and soft akajaksks
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Hace un mes
8:14 - His ODB reference went right over Stephen's head.
KT McGoobs
KT McGoobs Hace un mes
I just wanna point a few things out here; first off, very sweet and well spoken. He seemed tired or perhaps mentally overstimulated but kept the convo going with Colbert along with entertaining some bits. Secondly, with the little girl and her father, when they came out he was genuinely happy to see them, got to her level and looked her in the eye when speaking to her. Next, he without a second thought gave them the seat he was previously in, not only that but waited for them to get situated (no doubt he would have stood/compromised if both father and daughter wanted their separate seats) OH and by the way, there’s a specific way that these sets are set up to where everyone is visible to the audience/host and it’s important to producers that the “fame” is easily seen by the cameras, Donald didn’t seem to care at all. He let them have their conversation with Colbert while he stayed in the background doing his own thing. Lastly, noting her goal, asking her on her favorite, offering the audience (making note that thin mints are vegan +1) and LASTLY the thing that stood out MOST for me, is that when Colbert presented the Thin Mints for the audience, Donald began taking boxes from the basket to pass out but instead just took the whole damn thing to take on the job for Colbert, even though it was in no way his responsibility. I know this shit seems pointless, it’s just really lovely seeing a famous figure showing average human kindness and respect.
Wayne Yip
Wayne Yip Hace un mes
6:31 Beard ASMR!
Alessandro Iglesias
Such a cool guy.
MJ 3
MJ 3 Hace un mes
He’s so cute,his awkwardness was a little hard to watch for me but I seriously didn’t except his personality to be that way in person.
jesus parra
jesus parra Hace un mes
He sounds like simba !!
eMdotcomTV Hace un mes
Corky Romano.... you guys want some cookies...
Luke446 Hace un mes
He remind me of the abominable snowman from monsters inc
Jenny klarke
Jenny klarke Hace un mes
He is just so incredibly talented and driven. He is one of my favorite stand-ups also.
iz mizzle
iz mizzle Hace un mes
I love the silence as donald glover sits on the far seat just looking at this piece of paper the shy girl handed him and then said not another word.
heatheee Twist
heatheee Twist Hace un mes
So serious gave the wrong young niggas money, gave the wrong young niggas money gave the wrong young niggas money 🎶🎶🎶
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan Hace un mes
Gotta love Donald Glover, such a genuine nice character and a proper Genius
Quinton Winslow
Quinton Winslow Hace un mes
Donald Glover is this generations Will Smith. Seriously Underrated.
Smitty Smith
Smitty Smith Hace un mes
This guy is so chill he could be a Canadian ...either way he and his talent and humblness and kindness is welcome anytime for as long as he would want to stay! What a wonderful talent. So likeable.
Sierra Huntsinger
Sierra Huntsinger Hace un mes
What to see the difference between the two faces Donald Glover 6:57 Childish Gambino 7:11
KigreTheViking Hace un mes
I tried watching Atlanta and it is nothing but wholeheartedly boring. So boring i was shocked!
Cullen Cochran
Cullen Cochran Hace un mes
I love how Jon Batiste played Kamasi Washington as Donald walked out. Batiste is always throwing in little tasteful details like that
El Michetto
El Michetto Hace un mes
I really can see the diference with both Donald Glover and Childish Gambino face
AoGg oo
AoGg oo Hace un mes
🤔🤔🤔seymore charity ???(see. More charity on tv /youtube)
frankinsane and myrrh
correct me if I'm wrong, but is he implyinh he didn't want to write a show about being a rapper because he'd feel weird writing a whole show about... himself? just to star as... himself?
Danielle Ciffone
Danielle Ciffone Hace un mes
This whole interview is so good 😂 Donald is amazing in every way
Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated
Stephen you forgot your name was Mos Def.
Mya B
Mya B Hace un mes
victoriaj1212 victoria
He's so awkward and cute! This video made me smile. Such a humble man.
Kelly Paytas
Kelly Paytas Hace un mes
Wes' TECH Hace un mes
Two different people.
Reason Hace un mes
"You guys want cookays?"
Crisardep Hace un mes
Zara DDD
Zara DDD Hace un mes
I love him
Freidell Urbina
Freidell Urbina Hace un mes
The girl and her dad, what a picture! They came like from an old sweet movie. So sweet and tender. Donald was very kind, they were like Amelie Poulain characters. The three of them.
choco dream
choco dream Hace un mes
This guy is so humble love love loveeee him👏👏👏
Drterd12 Hace un mes
The girls dad just wanted to be on tv he barely acknowledged Donald 😂😂
Jesus Shrestha
Jesus Shrestha Hace un mes
After watching Atlanta. When you realise, White people plans to getting credits for charity from black people to black people. Feels weird bit. But It is just a thought. And I love his art, peace. :)
Minifox 360
Minifox 360 Hace un mes
imagine if donald glover said he didnt want cookies...
Yoo Zeus
Yoo Zeus Hace un mes
He should be president
Motlhalifi Modise
Motlhalifi Modise Hace un mes
I love this guy
Slices of SIB
Slices of SIB Hace un mes
Those thin mints takes like ass though XD
Pranjali Sharma
Pranjali Sharma Hace un mes
He is very down to earth and real!! Love him!
EightySix Hace un mes
Look at all those white people in the audience. That's who pays Donald.
Amarah Dean
Amarah Dean Hace un mes
I like how Donald Glover is humble when Stephen says he’s achievements
Tammy Michelle
Tammy Michelle Hace un mes
I saw the difference bro! BRILLIANT.. Donald and Childish.. 2 completely different vibes! ... 🔥🔥🔥 I STAY WOKE ... YOUR A TRUE BLESSING TO THE CULTURE...
Stephen Nash
Stephen Nash Hace un mes
I'll b honest when I 1st heard this is America I thought this guy is just a pain in the ass but after hearing Feels Like Summer I thought omg this guy is amazing & listening 2 him in this interview is just wow
SashaxBelle Hace un mes
the hug made me so uncomfortable hahah the o0o0o0o of him like damn i gotta buy cookies now
Charles Brooks
Charles Brooks Hace 2 meses
50 Thin Mints 50 Samoas 13 Lemonades
JK3K5152352 Hace 2 meses
The dads face when Donald said he would buy 113 boxes
Nonomous Hace 2 meses
"You're a Grammy winning music artist as childish gambino!" Donald "yeah...." Why does he sound so sad about his music?!
Benjamin Tecson
Benjamin Tecson Hace un mes
Nonomous I don’t think he’s sad about his music by any means, but rather that it’s not what’s most important to him. Like I’ve no doubt he’s proud of what he’s done and he recognizes the achievements that have come from his work, but it’s not what defines him.
Jakob Klemm
Jakob Klemm Hace 2 meses
10:09 I Imagine Stephen being nervous thinking: Please say thin mints, please say thin mints
FreezeBurn 1
FreezeBurn 1 Hace 2 meses
Seymour looks like Samuel L. Jackson
MR. X Hace 2 meses
Hello *SIMBA*
DropDeadDanger Hace 2 meses
His laugh. 😍😩💚
Professor Dukenberry
the clip for that tv show.... why that clip?
Vishnu M.S
Vishnu M.S Hace 2 meses
I don't about y'all but this was the best late night show interview ever
Chuong Nguyen
Chuong Nguyen Hace 2 meses
That was some wholesome shit.
Juman Al Balushi
Juman Al Balushi Hace 2 meses
He’s sooo humble... he even hunches his back the moment Stephen talks about his achievements. I’m in awe of this man plus he’s gorgeous 😻✨
Joshua Desir
Joshua Desir Hace 2 meses
Polar Thot
Polar Thot Hace un mes
Joshua Desir Cobb county! (More Decatur) but i live really close to Fulton
Karry Birnley
Karry Birnley Hace 2 meses
Super cute! Go get ‘em Lil Girl Scout!
Karry Birnley
Karry Birnley Hace 2 meses
Untrue. Janet Jackson was on Fame, and she MORE than made it.
Carey McDowell
Carey McDowell Hace 2 meses
He meant ON the show. Smh.
Isaiah Covert
Isaiah Covert Hace 2 meses
The difference between the two faces was about as similar as Zoolander’s Blue Steel and Ferrari
Big D
Big D Hace 2 meses
I thought Donald Glover was great in Lethal Weapon
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