Donald Trump Is Afraid To Say Stephen's Name

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The President fired shots at Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and 'the guy on CBS.' Why is Donald Trump afraid to say Stephen's name?
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27 jun 2018

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Comentarios 3 812
Bob Hace 22 horas
Stephen is a queer
ron kirk50
ron kirk50 Hace 12 días
Stephen: Keep sticking it to the man! With humor we can make it to 2020 when we dump trump.
rick devault
rick devault Hace 13 días
With what the dumocrats have running in 2020 Trump is a shoe in. Trump in 2020.
rick devault
rick devault Hace 13 días
I'm not afraid to say your name asshole asshole asshole and that's putting down assholes to call you by your mother's maiden name.
BKS Hace 15 días
We’re all pregnant now! Lol
kgs42 Hace 17 días
Trump is consistently slurring with his speech now.
LaughingForNoReason XD
Anyone else tried to do that thing with the ear?
Mr C
Mr C Hace 27 días
1.7k people couldn't do the ear thing
Jack Media
Jack Media Hace 28 días
I think he was talking about Jon Batiste
Steve G
Steve G Hace 28 días
SC made the last two years bearable for the majority of Americans.
iDGF999 Hace 28 días
Donald Trump has been the butt of the joke for decades. He hasn't changed as a person. His supporters think he's somebody that he isn't.
Joey Collins
Joey Collins Hace 29 días
"wrong video but is anyone else somewhat surprised that Trump doesn't think the earth is flat and the moon walk of the apolo crew never happened and was a huge Hollywood hoax?"
Irving Allen
Irving Allen Hace 29 días
Rayzersword Hace 29 días
"I am South Carolina's second favorite celebrity, right after the confederate flag." XD
calvinstulip Hace un mes
#colbert: So Orange Man... NPCs: :::GASP::: #colbert: ...bad. NPCs: :::APPLAUSE:::
N. Joel
N. Joel Hace un mes
Even your ear is talented. We love you Stephen! How dare that big fat knucklebonehead!
Jessica Hackett
Jessica Hackett Hace un mes
Lol how much you wanna bet trumps nick names him Sticky ear Stephan with that trick lol
Nephilim 2k18
Nephilim 2k18 Hace un mes
"Francis, have you seen Francis,"- Deadpool 🤔
Dean DuPont
Dean DuPont Hace un mes
I was kinda hoping he'd turn his eyelids inside out. (Remember that guy from junior high? Every school had one.)
Rio GC
Rio GC Hace un mes
Who tried to to the ear thing while watching? ☝️
Julien Boret
Julien Boret Hace un mes
Am I the only one who heard ‘Kill them all’ when they were chanting
Scott Wiley
Scott Wiley Hace un mes
Carson bustin' balls from beyond the grave!
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell Hace un mes
Keep up the great work Stephen! I love your show. Please insult Trump more!
Bon D
Bon D Hace un mes
How many stupid men with supporters do we know in this world?
Anita Perez Alsagheer
Adama Koroma
Adama Koroma Hace un mes
Ha😂😂 that means you're doing it right 💞👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Glitters go
Glitters go Hace un mes
Where did Trump tell Melania he was when he fucked the pornstar while she gave birth to his child...(as far as we know, it is his child)
Whatever People
Whatever People Hace un mes
It's hard to know the real enemy anymore. It's a sick world. Good people getting stomped on just because they are children or poor or can't fight back
alex black
alex black Hace un mes
If D.J.Trump called Stephen a loser he would cry all night. What talent does he have?
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal Hace un mes
Cowardly Cheeto, Stephen. What do you expect?
claire bigelow
claire bigelow Hace un mes
the Carson clip was priceless...!!!!! lmao
Nephilim 2k18
Nephilim 2k18 Hace un mes
Trump would rather Insult Colbert then say Miller🤔
Tom Underwood
Tom Underwood Hace un mes
LMFAO they haven't built 1 fucking peice of the wall the wall that's being repaired was funded during the Obama administration 🤣😂😁he's so duxking stupid so are his supporters 1 moron claiming the Mueller report completely exonerated Trump I said you must not be able to ducking read because if you read the report it far from clears Trump of anything that's why you don't hear him praising the Mueller report now it's bulshit he says lmao so much whining 😂 Hey Trumptards guick question what did use win & use tired of winning yet 😁
Timothy Kozlowski
Timothy Kozlowski Hace un mes
This idiot is on a major ego trip
TheSpeedy Hernandez
TheSpeedy Hernandez Hace 2 meses
Stephen Stephen :) I funny
The Jam and Berries
The Jam and Berries Hace 2 meses
U da man Stephen 👊
Nick D
Nick D Hace 2 meses
Well Duh, didn't you study your P.T. Barnum in school: doesn't matter what they say about you, good or bad, as long as they spell your name right, or utter it correctly, as is Drumphty's big challenge. All your negative press you give the pee-pee resident translates into positive election results, thank you very much -- NOT! Still I like ur show, but.......
Julie Wigner
Julie Wigner Hace 2 meses
Gee. You must be doing something right!!!
Denny's Donuts
Denny's Donuts Hace 2 meses
Don't we love this administration? They're really dealing with the big issues here. Stephen clearly is after our minds, and colluding with Russia.
Frank Minogue
Frank Minogue Hace 2 meses
I almost peed my pants when he did the ear thing!!!
Razal Mind
Razal Mind Hace 2 meses
The USA is No.1 in the world and Trump No.1 idiot in the world. Fact.
BTS LIVE Hace 2 meses
All White Trashes in Trump rally are seen being excited when another trash (Bone Spur) stabbing other’s back in his speech. They love it. One word>>>> WHITE TRASHES.
Jay Pastrana
Jay Pastrana Hace 2 meses
Smazha! Why in the actual hell do you still listen to drumpf!? But why the hell did drumpf took a potshot at TBS!? Does he not like carpool karaoke?!
buddhastaxi666 Hace 2 meses
I found the youtube clip of Carson and posted it on social media. Anything to sling mud at that disgusting low life little pee president.
William Alexander
William Alexander Hace 2 meses
Lol. Carson. Trump is going to need The Infinity Gauntlet to remove that foot from his mouth
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell Hace 2 meses
Trump ya gotta love the moron. The material writes itself.unfortunatly we suffer from his actions in reality.
Aniplex Hace 2 meses
Stephen is my favorite late night show host. He is most talanted what he does.
Fortnut Dudes
Fortnut Dudes Hace 2 meses
Stephen looks like tony stark
spirit Fox
spirit Fox Hace 2 meses
they should make an island for liberals they live there leave my present alone
Sanchit Desai
Sanchit Desai Hace 2 meses
Crouch of viagra falls I died🤣🤣😂😂
Ali Alghail
Ali Alghail Hace 2 meses
Trump is afraid of mentioning Stephen's name. That is a fact. He even bring many supporters to the South Carolina's crowd to chant for him.
Rain November
Rain November Hace 2 meses
Trump speaks like a spoiled boy
jim thomas
jim thomas Hace 2 meses
T Slap
T Slap Hace 2 meses
According to trump nobody has any talent. What talent does trump have? Talking with his hands? Lying through his nose? Badmouthing everyone? Mispronouncing simple words? Making things up? What?
刘宇龙 Hace 3 meses
绅士男天使们,糟了,鸽子迷失迷路了,,,有哪位天使可以带鸽子回去纯樸世界,,,?。 对了,若有以前兇手殺人㓕囗封口後,以聖職业而学審判或人生命??,像学術伝後死亡(例巫学受集体弑,而術失,,,?),而己众聚在屋内召太阳之子(其實屋内是召喚聖誕叔叔,,,?〉,聖诞叔叔造屋内太阳,,,?,又在沙灘伴狗,又公寓洗澡至老盡,,,?,而霍金也亡後,科技失,,,?。 然後过些年,众忘而後者出,然後像献髮咩众亡久後,绅士众皆自信心高,自尊高且娱文字法術,再伝世界为領先,而財貴免責而審判似上帝,,,?,哪献髮咩众献髮,石头叔叔伝文字,修女众助学習,皆伝邪文邪知識邪思想,,,为人多財多而正,,,?。 奇實都是楊戟有误,而科技知者以太阳拆,折射板使楊㦸照照己尊皃,,,可能吧,,,?。
Tom Tim
Tom Tim Hace 10 días
I couldn't agree more if I understood what you wrote there....... Bwaahaahaaaaaaa!!!!!!
infotainment Hollywood!
I've shit better men than Trumph. So has Carson.
Henry Dawkins
Henry Dawkins Hace 3 meses
President Moron Trump!
Robert Carter
Robert Carter Hace 3 meses
We need to split the USA, one half for the stupid who put the rich in charge to screw themselves over. Everyone else.
Abhishek Arora
Abhishek Arora Hace 3 meses
"some nations are democracies, others are despotisms"😵😵😏
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez Hace 3 meses
Oh my GOD, Johnny Carson slamming Trump in 1998. That there is pure Gold just after Trump said Carson had talent. Trump will always be the worlds clown, the man who single handedly made our government a joke and our presidency the ring masters clown.
The Hand
The Hand Hace 3 meses
Just can't remember.
Depcom Hace 3 meses
LMAO! At the trump rally I don't know whats more hilarious, trumps stupidity, or the mindless shrieking of the audience he's blabbering incoherently to.
Jamison Plotkin
Jamison Plotkin Hace 3 meses
Everyone message Stephen Colbert to run against Donald Trump. He is our best chance.
Dennis Harrell
Dennis Harrell Hace 3 meses
If you want Trump to attack you, just publicly criticize him. He considers that the biggest crime a person can commit, worse than committing murder.
R. B.L.
R. B.L. Hace 3 meses
And where did you tell your wife you were while you were with Stormy?
Ida Floyd
Ida Floyd Hace 3 meses
Stephen must be doing something right because almost everyone else Trump talks about has their name mentioned and Trump can't say Stephen's name to save his life. O
goodboyz chedda
goodboyz chedda Hace 3 meses
Who else tried to do that shit with they ear
Blanche Knox
Blanche Knox Hace 3 meses
lol When you know you've struck a cord! "He who must not be named".
Lucius Titius
Lucius Titius Hace 3 meses
It‘s never too late to say that he whose name should not be pronounced is a global icon.
John Villalovos
John Villalovos Hace 3 meses
Stephen your a psycho child inside a man's body and your not funny you make a fool of yourself to get attention its a condition
Golden Age Scholar
Golden Age Scholar Hace 3 meses
Stephen you are super super talented and v entertaining. Love love your show!
Judi Bickford
Judi Bickford Hace 3 meses
Steven is now like Beetlejuice only cuter.
K C Hace 3 meses
Stephen you should run for President 😎
mynans lefttoe
mynans lefttoe Hace 3 meses
Im english and i know j c
Sarah Seriah
Sarah Seriah Hace 3 meses
Stephen is my hero
Yo Hon
Yo Hon Hace 4 meses
That's what I've been saying all along Trump has been a punk his whole life
Tom DeLaCruz
Tom DeLaCruz Hace 4 meses
Stephen sucks
Karen Shaub
Karen Shaub Hace 4 meses
Is Stephen proud that he's so high on Trump's enemy list or disappointed he's only =2 on the list? KEEEP UP THE GOID WORK, STEPHEN!
lunar muffins
lunar muffins Hace 4 meses
Stephen Colbert for 2020
someone unknown
someone unknown Hace 4 meses
1.6k dislikes of trumps followers and counting. Keep it up Stephen 👍
John King
John King Hace 4 meses
4:16 - The king is back! Only for a few second, but the ONLY king of the talk show is here - Johnny Carson!
Adharsh Thunderbolt
Adharsh Thunderbolt Hace 4 meses
This guy is a great political analyst. If you watch his shows , he'll give you legitimate reasons why Trump's presidency is absolutely embarrassing and beyond pathetic
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ Hace 4 meses
They sang penny lane on penny lane your an AnImAl
cia dummy mission Jason Bourne
Therapist time. Cia is wasting their talent and resources. Lol my life is ruined because of these gimmicks, antics and the decision. Going around saying I robbed ppl. Shit is pathetic.
Dylan Kaiser
Dylan Kaiser Hace 4 meses
Stephen: say my name tRump: Heisenberg Stephen: I’ll take it
Diana Stadler
Diana Stadler Hace 4 meses
I miss Arsenio Hall
dane kelly
dane kelly Hace 4 meses
Because your name has no worth, no credibility, just a no talent trump basher....
Lynette McKone
Lynette McKone Hace 4 meses
My son could do that with his ear until he was a teenager: he says he can't do it any more, but I think that's just an excuse because he's now a Staff Sergeant in the British Army!
Brian Mouland
Brian Mouland Hace 4 meses
Liar Trump says the words little talentless puke lots
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress Hace 4 meses
I can sense all Colberts anger... Oh My God I feel so bad for all the Americans who suffer from this pig pres
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson Hace 4 meses
Of course grumpy had to dis Corbett with illegal immigrant wife #3 on the show. Trump does have to hide behind a skirt!
Anand Varun Achari
Anand Varun Achari Hace 4 meses
Isn't he afraid of being shot or anything 🙄🙄🙄😐😐😐😐
grayvicle Hace 5 meses
Yes! Johnny Carson was way ahead of his time! :-)
Chris Hazlitt
Chris Hazlitt Hace 5 meses
The dems should use 4:18 in an advertisement for the next election...
veronica easterbrook
He will not risk using your name because you have that weird foreign pronunciation. Why couldn’t you rhyme with Albert or Cuthbert or Herbert and give him a chance.
Basic Bunny
Basic Bunny Hace 5 meses
I agree with trump about corden.
Hashaam Shaukat
Hashaam Shaukat Hace 5 meses
This guy is the worst late night show host ever not funny very jealous attention seeking type guy hate him after seeing him interview Bill burr
Pureword Pureheart
Pureword Pureheart Hace 5 meses
Mr. President is keeping his mouth clean by not saying your name. He is the greatest President ever!
AllAround JayJay
AllAround JayJay Hace 5 meses
He can't pronounce your name.
Mariamawit Duga
Mariamawit Duga Hace 5 meses
Love ❤️ You Stephen 🤨
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