Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

Marques Brownlee
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The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.
Venus Laowa Probe lens: amzn.to/2W7LknE
B&H link: bhpho.to/2JKoyM0
OnePlus 7 Pro Review: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-PVWLD3064Ng.html
The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-e7WpRzSnNAU.html
Viral "shooting macro" video :esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-J6pbiOe7buY.html
Intro Track: Filet Mignon by The Cutlery
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17 may 2019

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fel hita
fel hita Hace 5 horas
khay mark rah youness ma3ajbatouch la9ta 10:00 , merci pour votre comprehension. lay5lef 3lih a5ay mark t3ayed o t3awd.
Rasyid Ridho muhammad
Rasyid Ridho muhammad Hace 18 horas
81huron Hace 19 horas
where jokes about bbk?
CrazyPlayer245 Hace 21 un hora
Looks like a minigun
bubek2210 Hace un día
Song 8:56 AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - Connery (from "The Upper Hand" album)
Mario Takeda
Mario Takeda Hace un día
Ian._002 Hace un día
I'll never buy this but ik still watching
Abdulqader AL-zubaidi
A long introduction
Abdulqader AL-zubaidi
not good
Nurzhan Tolegen
Nurzhan Tolegen Hace un día
8:56 song please
martincito Hace 2 días
probably works well if you do a "line"
elias heilbrunn
elias heilbrunn Hace 2 días
mark ass brownie
Geahk Burchill
Geahk Burchill Hace 2 días
I wonder if there is a right-angle periscope fitting for the end. Something like this was used to shoot the Death Star Trench run and I could imagine all kinds of model shots to use this with.
scp -137
scp -137 Hace 2 días
mad ass brownie
Ромил Колесник
It's crazy!
Mikael Ugelvik
Mikael Ugelvik Hace 2 días
fucking prince ea haha
Kronk Hace 2 días
lmao probe my ass with it xd
alex Hace 2 días
They could call it Prob lem
Fandi Imanda Himawan
Now camera has a suppressor
junbert paquibot
junbert paquibot Hace 3 días
This is not a video is an audio
MrKillerHobbes Hace 3 días
Whats the song @8:57 ? fire
Restart Hace 3 días
bruh i thought he was firing a minigun in the thumbnail
Reggie Ransome
Reggie Ransome Hace 3 días
8:58 whats the name of that beat?? Anyone??
Keebla Hace 3 días
Submerge into someone’s anus
Shawn Abe
Shawn Abe Hace 3 días
What the camera you used?
The Sky Walker
The Sky Walker Hace 3 días
*This Camera is really Awesome* 😵
Ebube Nwana
Ebube Nwana Hace 3 días
At least take me out to dinner first
This is Paul
This is Paul Hace 4 días
Now you can literally shoot videos.
Kingston Hawke
Kingston Hawke Hace 4 días
I don't understand why a person like you doesn't team up with amateur film makers. You've got all this requirement I would die to use. We could do all sorts of creative ass shorts that don't really exist online because the people with the tech have to shoot commercially to justify having the tech and the amateurs don't have access to the teach at all.
Zander's Universe
Zander's Universe Hace 4 días
*now I’m going to vlog with this*
shama 199
shama 199 Hace 4 días
Такая камера и нечего крутого не снял....
Warung Kopi
Warung Kopi Hace 4 días
Is the lens getting longer when lie ?
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Why,,,,,, does this guy exist?? This guy pretty much does useless videos ffs.
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez Hace 3 días
@Spongebob Squarepants says the person who lives in a pineapple, btw this guy does that good but, but this guy pretends to know every stuff when he doesn't, which doesn't really make us like his content
Spongebob Squarepants
What do you mean? His videos are showing people cool gadgets, for entertainment. “Useless”? Compared to other ESvid videos, this video is very informative and educational.
OpaiqDrawings Hace 5 días
This lens would be great for an Edgar Wright kind of montage. Super close ups would be so sick
Michel Linschoten
Michel Linschoten Hace 5 días
Never knew that Chinese made junk would give you so many subscribers...😜
Javad Karimli
Javad Karimli Hace 6 días
Uses feet to describe the length, *_Uses centimeters to describe the width_*
Subscribe to me for no reason
nehv78 Sm
nehv78 Sm Hace 7 días
When he says probe my head is thinking of dirty things hahaha!
Bloggers Boyfriend
Bloggers Boyfriend Hace 8 días
this lens lol
陆永冬 Hace 8 días
I have a bold idea about this shot……
AshKohn47 Hace 9 días
Now that's literally a lens for shooting films
Imul Pengen Sukses
Imul Pengen Sukses Hace 9 días
Tak kiro Balde iki mau
Anand Paul
Anand Paul Hace 9 días
Hail the King 👨🏽‍💻
Sherman Landskie
Sherman Landskie Hace 9 días
I’m going to use it to probe my wife to see what she’s been up to while I was out of town 😂🤣
9Cyberman Hace 9 días
Did Venus Optics heard in the grapevines my impending colonoscopy procedure and then devised this lens patterned from a colonoscopy probing lens? You know a colonoscopy probing lens that's gonna be inserted in your butt to examine the inside of your colon, etc. if you're having a colonoscopy screen procedure done. Might be...
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. Hace 10 días
Does it come with protective clear sleeves for the lens not to get dirty in case you want to get some anal cavity shots? Asking for a friend.
Pierre F
Pierre F Hace 10 días
Mark Ass Brown Lee
gerard crepo
gerard crepo Hace 10 días
Does this shoots?
Jeremy Blair
Jeremy Blair Hace 11 días
It'd be super cool if you shot some weed with this
Duck Landes
Duck Landes Hace 12 días
At only $1,700 may as well get two!
Abdulrahman Homus
Abdulrahman Homus Hace 8 días
Lol 😭😂
Akashlal Bathe
Akashlal Bathe Hace 12 días
Need this lens to probe her 😝
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon Hace 12 días
When you think these new innovations are pointless but after "the thought" .... "Holy sh** , with these we might be able to explore new horizon .... SOLD"
Dank Mems
Dank Mems Hace 12 días
5:14 best edit in this video
J pasinos
J pasinos Hace 13 días
Why tf does it look like he's shooting a machine gun in the thumbnail???😂😂😂
Micah Patterson
Micah Patterson Hace 13 días
Dude, you got some really great videos.
xl Hace 13 días
Millionaires playing with expensive toys...
Jason St Pierre
Jason St Pierre Hace 13 días
Alien lens tech!
Do YoU kONw Da Way?
Do YoU kONw Da Way? Hace 13 días
I thought it's a gun
Naddyx Hace 13 días
Looks like a scrotum gun
Md Ariffin
Md Ariffin Hace 14 días
It looks like a vacuum cleaner
Veselin Marković
Veselin Marković Hace 15 días
I have some ideas what he can do with that lens...
Этьен Ламандуа
достали всех уже этим объективом
Lakshmy Nair
Lakshmy Nair Hace 16 días
JustOneForAll Hace 16 días
Fabulous video. Lovely piece of kit. Thank you for showing the the great shots and what you can do with it.
DvS LeDick
DvS LeDick Hace 16 días
thats a fake black guy
Quality Shit Edit
Quality Shit Edit Hace 17 días
Did they use this for Ant Man?
Smirking Smirkku
Smirking Smirkku Hace 17 días
How the hell black guy knows how use cameras like that? I thought black people aren't that smart.
Clint Hightower
Clint Hightower Hace 18 días
I should get one of these to get into those tight spots when I'm changing car parts lol
Your Life Is A Great Story
Clint Hightower I’m sure you’re joking, but they have some decent video quality endo/borescopes on Amazon for $10-$20. They’re awesome for small spaces and just getting a quick shot if your not needing professional HQ images/video.
AddiComedy Hace 18 días
Who knew Venus made dildo Lenses
ZenGeekDad Hace 18 días
First video of yours I've seen; happy to have found you; really like your content style. Subscribed!
BUBG FOR EVER Hace 18 días
Visit my chanal
Priyanshu Jigar
Priyanshu Jigar Hace 18 días
fail dog
fail dog Hace 18 días
me: sees thumbnail also me: I wonder what that camera is for...
Arun Kannan
Arun Kannan Hace 19 días
Your dope tech and non-phone videos are refreshing. Do more.
Crynium Hace 19 días
you're a bug
FaFa Gamer
FaFa Gamer Hace 20 días
Are you serious? my God. my dream. This little thing is worth more than a car here in Brazil. I want to....
Very intelligent .
Luke Gibson
Luke Gibson Hace 20 días
Ultimate filming setup: a phantom with the probe lens, controlled by the robotic arm
Rudra Prasad Baksi
Rudra Prasad Baksi Hace 20 días
.... Hey MKBHD Bose NCH 700 are out...will you be doing a review on it? ....
Lee Highsmith
Lee Highsmith Hace 20 días
This is one of my favorite pieces from you ever. Enjoy the lens!
Mantas nezinau
Mantas nezinau Hace 20 días
1.5k dolars omg
Hajosh KOD
Hajosh KOD Hace 20 días
Why can't you attach the marker on the lens??
Morgan Gold
Morgan Gold Hace 20 días
Half these shots you can get with any macro lens, no?
neekeet Hace 20 días
Lots of potential with that lens! Awesome
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez Hace 20 días
If you own a miniature let of anything this is great for review or just a showcase of what you got
Akshay Malhotra
Akshay Malhotra Hace 20 días
Mount on this on van n am ready to go Afghanistan lmao
Vaibhav Singh
Vaibhav Singh Hace 20 días
I like the way how he said A lot of light
Dilan Hace 20 días
That looks like a machine gun from the thumbnail
333059 Hace 20 días
DTR89 Hace 21 un día
Looks like Marques's D
zpgreeny Hace 21 un día
what are the names of those 2 light bars at 6:00
MlgSoundEffects Hace 21 un día
So this is the mark ass brown lee will Smith was talking about
indra julian
indra julian Hace 21 un día
Video starts : This is the peeneese optics... what da ffff
Sumit Kanrar
Sumit Kanrar Hace 21 un día
8:01 Give one for pubg
Gabe Weideman
Gabe Weideman Hace 21 un día
yoooo the jcole beat at the end with the marker was clean
Ranu L
Ranu L Hace 21 un día
Please let Peter McKinnon also try this lens for his B-roll or review it 😍
manolo ts
manolo ts Hace 21 un día
p e n e t r a t i n g
陈一峰 Hace 21 un día
NIKITAMANN95 Hace 21 un día
You could do something cool with an Microscape City Miniature!
Craziestbanana Hace 21 un día
just use blender and fucking animate it, its so much easier and for the same money you can make it look hyper realistic
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Aliens aren’t scary, until they grab the probes.
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