Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!

Marques Brownlee
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The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen.
Venus Laowa Probe lens: amzn.to/2W7LknE
B&H link: bhpho.to/2JKoyM0
OnePlus 7 Pro Review: esvid.net/video/vídeo-PVWLD3064Ng.html
The Verge's Galaxy Fold Review: esvid.net/video/vídeo-e7WpRzSnNAU.html
Viral "shooting macro" video :esvid.net/video/vídeo-J6pbiOe7buY.html
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17 may 2019






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rideordieguy rideordieguy
Reminds me of that infrared detector from the first movie Alien-1 ...
Dewezord Hace 15 horas
Damn thought that was a gattling gun from the thumbnail
Brandon Michael Hinsley
I have a vintage FD mount 75-205mm f/3.5 telephoto push-pull zoom lens made by Venus Optics. I haven't done much research on them so it was a surprise to hear that they made this one.
Endri YT
Endri YT Hace 23 horas
pc wallpaper ?
BEN kara Mohammed Reda
Marques flexing them photography muscules!
SirMeowcelot Hace un día
this is the Ron Jeremy camera lens.
HSN Hace un día
4:08 Imagine if the electricity goes out and the only torch you got is this one
Matthew Cho
Matthew Cho Hace un día
That probe lens needs a vibrate function.
TheRussianPT Hace un día
There ESvid, I finally watched this, can you please stop recommending me this??
Garima Hace un día
Amazing thing to check for haemorrhoid at home 😂
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson Hace 2 días
woooowww beauuutifuuul ... drooooolllll
Jaquan Xanthan
Jaquan Xanthan Hace 2 días
No one: Marques: LiKe A bUg
rasitha gamage
rasitha gamage Hace 2 días
1:13 for a moment i believed this lens has shooting ability :D
Paolo Barbuto
Paolo Barbuto Hace 2 días
good video tech ! what kind of lights are the strips for shooting smartphone ?
DarkVypr Hace 3 días
0:41 shit looks like a vacuum cleaner
Aik Jones
Aik Jones Hace 4 días
Amazing video! One heck of a camera
Nachuak Hace 4 días
My proctologist has one of those.
Koolkat Brian
Koolkat Brian Hace 4 días
Mark ass brownie
How haven't I subscribed to his channel yet?
akhil bral
akhil bral Hace 4 días
porn's gonna get whole lotta better!
António Margalho
António Margalho Hace 5 días
I could make some cool snooker shots with it ... both ways.
mynameis bob
mynameis bob Hace 5 días
there's so many people who are going to shove this up their asses
is there a silicone attachment to go with the probe and will there be lube? xD
Mocha Man
Mocha Man Hace 5 días
I wonder if dads will be taking this into the birthing room
jay k
jay k Hace 5 días
Push and pull in the cd rack 🎂🎉
Skun Hace 5 días
Welcome back to another episode of what is the limit of my ass? So far I can for sure fit this in
Wayne Shaw
Wayne Shaw Hace 5 días
Did you purposely use two different coloured tubes?
Roger Hace 5 días
Hey you can use that for a sigmoidoscopy
Dasun Nirmitha
Dasun Nirmitha Hace 5 días
I seriously need Thor at the other end of that thumbnail :3
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez Hace 5 días
Oh, the Places You'll Go...!
Malcom x
Malcom x Hace 5 días
N G Hace 6 días
I'm probably wrong but phone footage looks like the one i could take with my phone. And the only is is it's being sticking out for 30cm
Benny Tarigan
Benny Tarigan Hace 6 días
Talk less
Darek Szwedo
Darek Szwedo Hace 6 días
Anyone know what them tube lights are called? Much appreciated!
MaximMate Hace 6 días
this whole channel cgi - i know coz i worked on multiple of these channel projects
TrecularDuck Hace 6 días
JOE RUSSH Hace 6 días
I like your videos but this was a poor demonstration... I feel you could of took more time in creating something more creative?
Joey F
Joey F Hace 6 días
You would need a gun permit just to use it.
dipro001 Hace 6 días
Of course it’s black.
dipro001 Hace 6 días
I am just here for the comments.
Francis Souless Ngannou
Ok everyone is implying it but no one is saying it so I will. Someone gonna try and stick this thing up their ass.
SunSon29 Hace 6 días
I have a brave thought.
Bobby Fisher
Bobby Fisher Hace 6 días
this is poo
ADHIN Hace 7 días
the One Plus shot was so unreal that i thought it was just an animated video.
Artyom Khateev
Artyom Khateev Hace 7 días
So cool!
John Earl De Guzman
John Earl De Guzman Hace 7 días
Too much talking
Mingyao Liu
Mingyao Liu Hace 7 días
I know where to stick this into. .........
Subodh Mahobe
Subodh Mahobe Hace 7 días
Really like the video... Very well explained and cover all the things that you do. Thank you so much for a great video. And Yes definitely you are Subscribed.
Ahmed AL-Masry
Ahmed AL-Masry Hace 8 días
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed Hace 8 días
the thumbnail looked like you were using a machine-gun LOL
Modern Archive
Modern Archive Hace 8 días
I don't even know what it is yet and I need it.
Cool Netflix documentary named joe
Looks like a gun
Grasmaijers Junior
Grasmaijers Junior Hace 8 días
makes the camera look like the scanner form Alien (1979)
Crazy Rich Wu Mao
Crazy Rich Wu Mao Hace 8 días
can you use it as a leaf blower also? asking for a friend.
Mundo g
Mundo g Hace 8 días
I could use it to reproduce the Blue Man Group concert section when they inserted a probe down of an audience attendee's mouth.
King Delirium
King Delirium Hace 8 días
Great lense. Won the prinsess in a jousting mach with it
I agree with you.
I agree with you. Hace 9 días
thats dumb
Sourav Mishra
Sourav Mishra Hace 9 días
10:25 . nope, that wasn't the fun one
johnny jitsu
johnny jitsu Hace 9 días
not even into cameras ( or lenses ) but still watched the whole thing lol da fuckkkkkkkkkk
Z zz
Z zz Hace 9 días
말 존나많네
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