Double Belgian Waffle Maker - Round Demo (WAF-F20)

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The professional quality Cuisinart Round Double Belgian Waffle Maker cooks two thick, delicious Belgian waffles at the same time. With its extra-deep 1-inch waffle pockets, non-stick coated waffle grids, and adjustable browning controls, you'll have light and fluffy waffles in no time!
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31 mar 2017






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Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
I am amazed that this video was produced by a huge company like Cuisinart. First why use yeast? It adds time and complications to the recipe. Almost all waffle recipes do not need yeast. Doesn’t Cuisinart know we all work or have a house and kids to care for. Second, why do we have to use oil to “help the non stick surfaces release the waffles?” Isn’t that what ‘non stick’ does? And isn’t there Oil in the recipe already? We need more? Third, blow big is the measuring cup? And “she could have put more batter in? Isn’t that what the cup is for? Forth, she is representing the company and she screws up the timer and the waffles are not brown enough? Why didn’t they just reshoot the video? Almost every home kitchen cooks video on ESvid has better production value!
j002cd Hace un mes
Does she even know how to make waffles hahaha
j002cd Hace un mes
@Bob Caputo I know right, it seems like such a nice video to get such poorly made waffles like that. I'm surprised they didn't make her redo the waffle part.
Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
Is this really the best Cuisinart could do? I hope the waffles iron I just bought is of better quality than this video.
Thank you I got this best waffle maker
Huber Hacker
Huber Hacker Hace 3 meses
Huber Hacker
Huber Hacker Hace 3 meses
Your waffle batter is super thing and clumsy .... you suck .... you’re a lousy cook... very sad
J.R. Williams
J.R. Williams Hace 5 meses
LOL she mentions how the included measuring cup gives you the perfect exact amount of batter you need. A few minutes later the waffles come out and clearly needed more batter. So much for the perfect cup. With that said the waffle looked like it probably tasted great. I ordered one of these a few days ago and should have it in a few days.
J.R. Williams
J.R. Williams Hace un mes
Bob Caputo welp, makes really nice waffles. But, unless I just have crappy luck this is the 2nd Cuisinart appliance that has stopped working correctly after just a short time. I bought their bread maker 3 years ago. After 3 loafs it no longer worked at all. In their defense I called and they sent me a new one no questions asked. And that one still works beautifully. After using this maybe 10 times, one of the sides doesn’t always stay latched. I looked at it and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Sometimes it works perfect and other times I have to hold it shut. It doesn’t open and spill everywhere but it won’t cook properly when it’s not latched. Looks like I’ll be calling them soon about getting a replacement. But it makes fantastic waffles and quick too. The best recipe I’ve found - Google Waffles of Insane Greatness. They come out fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside. Turn it down if you want less crisp. My waffles come out with perfect even coloring. And with that recipe you don’t have the oil the surface
Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
Cherie Liu Not only is the sugar “refined” organic? So is the very white flour. I guess the eggs were from organically raised chickens?
Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
J.R. Williams How is your new waffle iron?
Cherie Liu
Cherie Liu Hace 3 meses
J.R. Williams 😂 I have the same thought
Alteir Hace 6 meses
So what are the exact measures for the dough? Also, why does it HAVE to be organic sugar and not everything else?
Chris Budge
Chris Budge Hace 6 meses
How many are just going to use Krusteaz?
Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller Hace un año
I never in my 65 years put yeast in waffles.
Dak Amum
Dak Amum Hace un año
Jai H
Jai H Hace un año
😮😮wow (time saver) too late now but when I have my next waffle upgrade I'm getting this.
Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds Hace un año
Recipe would be nice
daluke61 Hace un año
Kudos! No editing or redo's used to show off a more perfectly cooked waffle; just an honest hands-on demo with what looks to be a super tasty recipe... me hungry!
Ivan Ospina
Ivan Ospina Hace un año
How long does it take to preheat?
Sandra Camp
Sandra Camp Hace un año
I forgot to add that the Warring 600 is the absolute best double waffle iron.
Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
The Warring 600 was discontinued and replaced by the Cuisinart unit above. Con air owns both companies. wafflemakercenter.com/waring-pro-wmk600-double-belgian-waffle-maker-review
Sandra Camp
Sandra Camp Hace un año
Too bad that Cuisinart made the hinge housing out of cheap plastic. It will melt over time. Check reviews on Amazon.com.
Bob Caputo
Bob Caputo Hace un mes
Sandra Camp At lease it has a 3 year warranty.
J.R. Williams
J.R. Williams Hace 5 meses
I do see that mentioned in a few reviews, I also see this product has 1,696 reviews and averages 4.6 out of 5 stars. I'd say the issue you mention isn't an issue.
Chris A
Chris A Hace un año
Can you use just one side or must you always use both sides?
iPhilYa23 Hace un año
Common sense says you can use one side
Rob Shell
Rob Shell Hace 2 años
Oh, and I am glad you're refined sugar is ORGANIC. Of all the ingredients the sugar would be the one ingredient I would want organic also.
Dulce Glezz
Dulce Glezz Hace 2 años
For how long do you need todo cook?
Nichole Williams
Nichole Williams Hace 5 meses
@Cuisinart I just purchased one and received it yesterday, this morning we watched this video and have made several waffles with NO BEEP!!! After 15 minutes we finally just removed the waffle the first time. Next several batches we removed when light went off but we were watching it, any other time we will most likely be cooking other foods and will be unable to sit and watch the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuisinart Hace 2 años
The waffle maker has a built in timer and will beep when your waffle is ready, depending on the browning option you chose.
Jason Hace 2 años
I'm glad there is a video of this product. Now, that the waffle maker has been well explained, and I know I can get good results without having to be perfect, I'm looking forward to to purchasing it.
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