DPR IAN - So I Danced (Official Music Video) 

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DPR IAN - So I Danced (Official Music Video)
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13 sep 2023






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Dream Perfect Regime
Dream Perfect Regime Hace 12 días
Don't Go Insane 🫠
Thai Gei
Thai Gei Hace 12 días
We love you guys so much ❤
Meraki Vita
Meraki Vita Hace 12 días
Too late I’m in a mental hospital
KaiO Hace 12 días
Sonam Bissoo
Sonam Bissoo Hace 12 días
Too late 🫠
Dreamby Hace 12 días
Con tremendo arte igual y si me vuelvo un poco loca, PERO grandeess DPR nunca Decepcionan ❤️
Lullabye K
Lullabye K Hace 9 días
Of course the song is amazing but the MV?? I can't put into words how cool it is. You're such a talented artist, Ian, in every sense of the word ❤❤
Элис Микаэлис
I also respect the clip. I wonder who worked on it?
°TeSZa° Hace 7 días
Yeah it's really cool, like I've been listening nonstop I'm not even joking!!!
tatiarrochela Hace 7 días
This man is a genius! And this MV is just mind-blowing!! This is pure art! So happy to see you keep growing and growing. I'm so thankful to be your fan and get to see your journey!
hasna Hace 6 días
Наталия Hace 23 horas
Я в небольшом шоке, от того, как все это потрясающе. Второй день знакомства с DPR, его музыка и песни - бомба! Мне очень нравится, я наслаждаюсь. Спасибо.❤❤❤
Gremling Gucci
Gremling Gucci Hace 10 días
I truly wish for DPRlive and ian that their music reaches higher and bigger. They’re truly doing a original difference, their music haves a special touch that makes it unique. The quality of the MV, the music, the scenarios, the characters he has created of himself. I am stoked with Mito coming back 🖤✨ my bittersweet sweet love mito. I’m obsessed
Alwaysbeminoz Hace 11 días
Ummm can someone check if IAN and his team are okay? Cause they must be tired after dropping this masterpiece! This was such an amazing MV. The music, the directing, the editing/graphics ... EVERYTHING is on point!! Ian really wasn't kidding when he said they took it to the next level once again! My anticipation for Dear Insanity is growing each day!!
Sunflower Sky
Sunflower Sky Hace 11 días
Right! I see they are working so hard and amazing, and they make amazing songs, too!
Mommy Hace 10 días
Eternal7 Hace 9 días
When is the album coming out actually, I can’t find any info on it??? Can someone pls tell me?
Maha Lbm
Maha Lbm Hace 9 días
​@Eternal7I think it is in October, you will find information on the website
CHEERee Hace un día
No words to describe how utterly confused yet satisfied and amazed I am??? Ian you always put in your best work, and this MV proves that. Of course the song is amazing, but the MV is just another level. I remember listening to your live and you trying to explain MITO, a lot of it went over my head but all I can say is your work is always stunning. I would love to see you on tour if you come to the US again 💕
Cloudy Hace 8 días
This is more than a MV literally this is ART, ian really worked so hard with his team to bring his imagination to life, i love Mr insanity SO MUCH!! i really can't wait to listen the rest of the album!!♡
I_Need_Snacks Hace 10 días
Thank you for making music the way you do. It’s oddly relatable but still abstract enough where people could get “turned off” because of the STIGMA. A few months ago I realized I hated journaling. I want my writing to be more meaningful. So I wrote poems with the intention of them some day being sung. I even started taking classes at city college. And then right after I started doing that I embarrassingly late discovered K-POP lol. And more specifically DPR Rian on a podcast from like a year ago talking about the creation of MITO and the story being told. It’s very thoughtful and extremely creative. For me discovering your music is like the fucking perfect timing. Stay healthy my friend and don’t ever stop making art.
Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts Hace 11 días
Omg I'm so invested in this universe. Like this song is amazing, obviously, and the storytelling elements in the music video are just *chef's kiss* so good. Every time, every time the DPR team creates absolute masterpieces. Ian thank you for creating this and sharing it with us!
Moonbin 문빈 🌙
Moonbin 문빈 🌙 Hace 12 días
Dean Nitza Elizabeth
Dean Nitza Elizabeth Hace 12 días
we're almost there eep!! his passionate artistry, warmhearted nature and Healing existence taking over the world ♡ dreamers love you ian. ALWAYS
lunathemoon Hace 12 días
Dean Nitza Elizabeth
Dean Nitza Elizabeth Hace 12 días
@lunathemoon indescribably proud of our team and the neverending creative genius they carry, they had so much FUN & it shows-- mentally kissing joon over these costume details, some nostalgic pieces!! cinematic masterpiece in all its glitter speckled vibrancy im Screaming ♡
그럼에도 불구하고
번역이 DPR→북한ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅠㅠ
아기사과 꽃
아기사과 꽃 Hace 8 días
LA_26_SPH♡ Hace 2 días
I listened to your song on release day and it literally inspired me cinematically. Like i imagined a whole entire scene, propably like 10sec long! So i sketched it out in my notes app later that day as i waited for my first appointment for therapy. Kind if ironic, but in these 20 min I was so focused like i havent been in a long time. It was like a flow and so beautiful!! You are truly my creative inspiration and your music and MVs make my creative juices flow🙏🙏🙏 For that I am so thankful I can't even put it into words.
Vika Moran
Vika Moran Hace 10 días
как будто целый фильм посмотрела. столько разных деталей, сделано не на отвали, а на приковывание взгляда, хочется рассматривать каждый сантиметр клипа. очень круто!
sunnyy Hace 11 días
shit, Christian and DPR did it again. Cinematography, the editing, the song itself... ITS ALL TOO GOOD. Stan DPR, stan passion and talent. 🫠🫠
sunnyy Hace 11 días
also MITO long time no see 😭
EEE H Hace 2 días
Chritstrian lol
Kim Mai Ngo
Kim Mai Ngo Hace 10 días
huuuge respect for all the cgi artists behind this MV the result is insaaaane !! Love it as always, thank u DPR IAN
ARUNA Hace 10 días
This art is meant to expose his reckless, unlawful character, revealing another dark side of him, as he attempts to restrain the reckless part of himself. A lot of mental transition within him. He translated his struggles into an amazing work of art. I’ve never seen this before. Very proud of you❤️‍🩹
jaeminsjamjam Hace 10 días
I immediately began smiling bcs of how good the song was when it started to play in loveeee with mr.ian’s voice and omygoshhh one heck of creatives DPR 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 the visuals go wayyy outta the world something never seen before the colours waowwwww I’m such a proud dreamer! 🙌🏽😻👌🏽
Hyun_Soo Hace 12 días
DPR IAN NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! All his MV songs are unique and creative with these visual FX!
KalPlays Hace 12 días
u mean never disappoints right? "never fails to disappoint" meaning he does disappoint lmfao xD
Hyun_Soo Hace 12 días
@KalPlays OOPS! XD was too excited with his MV got my words mixed up! Hahah LOL.
Marina.Blanch Hace 8 días
The production on this video is insane. Korean music industry take MV to a such a level of perfection... and the song!? Ten out of ten 💜💜💜
Arlo .
Arlo . Hace 9 días
Man i LOVE his music videos and my god the songs always hit different 💖💖💖
joohoney one hunnit
joohoney one hunnit Hace 11 días
I LOVE the over stylization of his MVs. Nothing can beat it!
za kary
za kary Hace 10 días
new masterpiece from dpr crew! it’s insane! the idea, the style, the plot, and of course the music - the chef’s kiss! your video quality became better and i don’t know how it can be coz even before the quality was crazy good! i’m in love. thank you, love you
gabriela Hace 5 días
I've watched this so many times that the mv plays in full whenever I listen to the song...... Lets GO 1MILL!!!!!
это великолепно, у меня нет слов!
JREKML Hace 12 días
valerie obehi
valerie obehi Hace 3 días
They deserve so much more recognition. This is amazing work
Leeyah Fareed
Leeyah Fareed Hace 5 días
His songs and MVs always match my mental state of mind and i love this whole insane babygirlism going on
Sara Hace 10 días
That was fucking AMAZING!! That MV was crazy looks like a movie. I love you style a lot, it's very original, mysterious, dramatic... This is a masterpiece ❤️🤩
PimpinDistress Hace 7 días
I normally don't come back to mv's I've already seen but I get drawn in to the world DPR Ian is creating and find myself watching and rewatching his mv's
suki Hace 11 días
Everything about this is epic. No words can explain my feelings towards this masterpiece
xnara archive
xnara archive Hace 12 días
THANKYOU FOR THE AMAZING ART!! you all really did your best, we’re really proud!! DPR keep goin, dont forget to love yourself first, take cake of yourself, eat well and sleep well!!! DPR NEVER DISAPPOINTS🥹🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Undo441 None
Undo441 None Hace 12 días
Dean Nitza Elizabeth
Dean Nitza Elizabeth Hace 12 días
nothing but facts ♡ so proud of our team and what awaits soon, 30min to go!!
Dam Hace 12 días
​@Dean Nitza Elizabeth30 seconds
Jas Tavares
Jas Tavares Hace 2 días
I watch this over and over, I love it. The visuals, the music…it’s just everything.
carowkart Hace 10 días
oh my god. This is literally one of the best music videos I ever seen in my life. DPR IAN IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL. The mix between guitar and violin??????????? this is nowone of my favorite songs and mv forever
DRKYJK Hace 11 días
Nurul Azmi
Nurul Azmi Hace 11 días
SutS Hace 5 días
Такая классная атмосфера клипа!! И песня великолепная
chantil monique
chantil monique Hace 12 días
The art the visuals are always amazing but the story is so dope the different personalities and the different perspectives I’m obsessed this concept and album is gonna be so amazing dpr never disappoints !!!!!! It’s giving old school Jim Carrey in the mask I’m so ready to listen to this on repeat 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️
Dean Nitza Elizabeth
Dean Nitza Elizabeth Hace 12 días
3:20 ian gifting world's collide of mito x mr insanity has my every nerve LEVITATING ♡ the chills of such a glitter speckled, cinematic Masterpiece lingering-- so proud of our team!!
Komi Shouko
Komi Shouko Hace 7 días
I love his music so much, he deserves the world❤
ɗʋɗą Hace 8 días
PERFEITO SCRR, amo tanto o ian
Normedian sendili
Normedian sendili Hace 10 días
This MV is really on another level of cinematography ❤
Lillie <3
Lillie <3 Hace 10 días
This is beyond perfect! This is a cinematic masterpiece, I enjoyed watching the m/v. The creative work put into this, is fantastic. As expected from the greatest 👏❤‍🔥
愛 ♪
愛 ♪ Hace 3 días
Regina Aprilia
Regina Aprilia Hace 12 días
I just watched the music video, and I am blown away! It's beyond incredible - the visuals, the storyline, and your talent shine through every frame. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! Your hard work and dedication have indeed paid off, and it's clear that you poured your heart and soul into this project. The creativity and passion behind it are evident and a testament to your immense talent. I do not doubt that this music video will make waves and capture the hearts of many. You should be incredibly proud of what you've accomplished. I can't wait to see the full album of Dear Insanity…!🖤 Hopefully, there are other music videos for other songs😜 Congratulations on this amazing achievement, DPR's team (ian, john, jon, eddie, ronald, rami, hoin, jay), and thank you for sharing your art with the world🖤
silver galaxy
silver galaxy Hace 9 días
I'm madly obsessed with every single piece of art he & his team creates. Can't get enough!
sxxsan Hace 6 días
Anna  Faun
Anna Faun Hace 11 días
How his songs and MVs are always so perfect???
Sima Sayın
Sima Sayın Hace 10 días
Beğenerek dinledim.Klip müzik ile uyumlu ve çok sanatsaldı.Dpr Ian yaptığı çalışmaları çok beğeniyorum.❤😊
SHY Hace 11 días
Ian, you and your team are such visionaries! I absolutely have loved all of your releases and I'm so excited to continue to see your story unfold. ❤️
Miss Insanity
Miss Insanity Hace 12 días
This is practically a movie indeed! Kudos to everyone involved behind the scenes the MV is so good!!! DPR always deliver!! 💚🌕🤡🐺
Solène Hace 8 días
I watched it sooo many times already 😂 I'm blowned away once again. The MV is a pure masterpiece, I looove the representations of MITO and Mr Insanity, I love the atmosphere of the other side and all the little details like the fan-made doll in the last scene. And of course the song itself is 👌👌👌 Congrats to Ian and all the DPR team for making this. I can't wait to hear the entire album 🥹
CC’s Sea
CC’s Sea Hace 8 días
Wow MV is so amazing it’s a whole damn movie and IAN DID NOT HAVE TO GO THIS HARD??????? Man’s too hot 😢
a-lu Hace 9 días
Eu amo esse homem.
Jayden Lim
Jayden Lim Hace 9 días
[Verse 1] There's no hellos On our way to the show Your sweet face is turnin' cold As the fires begin to draw a little closer [Refrain] I left all the water running at home (Oh, shit) Then drove around with a car that we stole All of a sudden, they just wanted to know How I really feel [Chorus] So I just danced (Feel you) (Feel you) (Feel you) I just danced (Feel you) (Feel you) [Verse 2] (Ooh!) Hello (Uh), your beautiful roses are flat Flamingos are turnin' into giant pink rats (Uh) Let me know how many knives are in my back Don't get cold, your world is just about to crack
Merita Mustafa
Merita Mustafa Hace 10 días
on repeat all day all night damn i love his sound
ZIZI Hace 10 días
There are a thousand and one things to say about the storyline, but the emotions I felt outside of that while watching... Well, IAN's music videos and songs often inspires them, but I've never found myself actually crying as I watch my own mind played back at me. This comment is long, and not so much about the story itself as how I relate to the imagery and journey, but I thought maybe I should relay it anyway. It's not really accurate as to what IAN is telling, but more what the video means to me. As with most of IAN's videos, I watched thinking, "Ah, all too familiar," but even still, I wasn't ready for MITO's final manifestation at the end. The only thing constant is change, of course, but I know the manic joy, the subsequent or simultaneous battle in and with the high, and the desperation to run from the coming manic low. To know that the things you're doing only tease MITO out of where he hides... self-sabotage is a strange thing. So I'll find myself taking gambles with my mind, inevitably running directly into my version of MITO's storm, into a place where the darkness is filled with chaos - with lightening that can and will strike you and leave you burned and frozen, with destructive, unpredictable winds threatening to take you for good as you try to find a way out from the creeping void. Even as the lows and highs wage chemical warfare in my brain, I know that one or the other will gain strength and pull me up or under. Highs and lows that make me dance to whatever tune they play. So for this video, I wasn't ready for MITO's full manifestation. I never am, so at that point in the video, tears were streaming down my face. Still, it's not hopeless. There is a key and an escape, I just have to trust what's been given to me and keep moving forward. To try not to lose it, to try and meet the depression and the mania together, face them down with what weapons I have, and the strength and knowledge I've gained so that I can wield them. And to not fight one so hard that the other wins. There is a way back from insanity, even if I do go insane. This is an incredible video, an incredible story, and I'm grateful for everything he and the DPR crew have given us all. I'm blown away by the cinematography, the editing, the use of color and costumes, the transitions and attention to detail. The lyrics, the beat and melody, the variations in IAN's vocals that flavor the moods of the song so beautifully....I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for creating this.
FalseFaith Hace 12 días
i really love the MVs tbh. as an editor, i can most definitely appreciate the transitions and all, but it's not just that. I love how it's all really well-linked to the song itself, whilst adding another layer of meaning to it. i love how this is direct yet indirect, simple yet intricate. lovely MV, and it most definitely surpassed my expectations :D
Mariona Romans
Mariona Romans Hace 9 días
Amazing MV and the music it’s so perfect thanks for the music
Milica Hace 8 días
I remember exactly the feeling I experienced for the first time when I listened to his first ever song that came up to me, in the evening, with the headphones turned up to the limit. Christian is one of the few people I will forever admire more than anyone. Just a few small glimpses...his hand movements and foot position, the confidence he has in his femininity as much as his masculinity, the way he dares so vividly to express his most repressed points. Every time he has to release a new song I get scared because "what if I don't like it", and if it were so - nothing would happen, but the expectations that this man raises in me more and more. It is not enough to be only a good artist today, but also such a person, and the other day I was thinking just how no artist can truly create art if absolutely everything in them is not branched out from being violently cut into sub-parts. Sometimes "what the writer wanted to say" is not so important, maybe just the feeling is enough. Just maybe. And so after 3 years of listening to him, tonight I experience his undulating voice again and again without any remorse. the man who mixes peanut butter and tears, ribbons and winter, blueberries and drug addicts, i love.
🔥Facundo Mansilla 🔥
yaegerboom Hace 10 días
DPR IAN keeps bringing legit insane and freshly unique concepts and songs like wtf does this man eat to make this omg
Asmaa H
Asmaa H Hace 11 días
DPR team never disappoint I’m always amazed by how talented and artistic each one of you are ❤
K J H Hace 12 días
This is absolutely amazing. The song, the costumes, the set up, the editing, the concept, etc. - Dude I am NEVER, absolutely NEVER disappointed. These are the only times where I gladly fall back into my school days and start analysing and interpreting. Well done Dpr team. Everyone that contributed did amazing 👏
Sara Hace 10 días
Diooooosss!! Está guapísimo el vídeo, parece una pelicula. Oh man me encantó, el estilo de DPR Ian me encanta es como super... no sé, diferente, misterioso, dramático... Buenísimo, obra de arte este videoclip
Fuad Albar Nst
Fuad Albar Nst Hace 15 horas
all music videos DPR presenting are really artistic, great story board, extreme details and out of class. they are the new class.
Ana Espinosa
Ana Espinosa Hace 10 días
tomato Hace 9 días
Ian, create many more masterpieces and please your fans. I will always support you, with love from Kazakhstan🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
Maisa Hace 4 días
Oh God, I'm so addicted on this song! It's masterpiece! ❤ Love it❤
e_jii_ Hace 12 días
Did i just watch a movie or a mv?! My eyes and ears have been blessed by this. DPR IAN... you've done it again . I need to see this live one day!!
Samuru Hace 3 días
É incrível como eu consigo AMAR todas as músicas q ele lança
Odalys Hace 8 días
solo sigo a artistas que me enamoran con toda su música, todas las canciones de DPR IAN son especiales o asombrosas #dprian #DprIan #DPRIAN #SoIDance #soidance
oh so sabo
oh so sabo Hace 10 días
THIS HIGH LEVEL OF PRODUCTION!!! DPR you keeeeeeep surpassing the bar each and every time
Yuki x94
Yuki x94 Hace 6 días
Amazing music video really and DPR IAN has a wonderful singing voice ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻
cj_cheesy Hace 10 días
your artistry is unmatched 😫 the story is so compelling and the collision of Mito and Insanity is beautifully executed 🤩 bro i love you so much, and i can't wait for the album‼️🔥
Aileen DeMong
Aileen DeMong Hace 12 días
DPR IAN really is THAT artist. Just everything he comes out with, everything he does, everything he produces is absolute gold and just amazing. I am just constantly in awe.
Paulina Kurtz
Paulina Kurtz Hace 10 días
OMFG that's just so amazing! It's a bop just from the first sounds and omg it's only getting better with every second! The appearance of MITO gave me goosebumps, it was so powerful both visually and musically! I FUCKING LOVE IT! I love it even more because for the past months the great majority of the music that comes out is just not my cup of tea and meh, it's hard to find anything that I genuinely enjoy. But THIS! This is just so MY type, I love your music so much I'm always happy whenever you release anything ❤
Lah Hace 6 días
i started to listen to him not too long ago and I'm so addicted, he's so creative! i really enjoyed watching this music video, it's just soooo good and fun to watch
Near Yoshi
Near Yoshi Hace 4 días
Como ñ se apaixonar?!
Ap_ple Hace 9 días
The visuals and vocals in this MV is making me cry in a good way
Calico word
Calico word Hace 9 días
Não paro de escutar!!!
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia Hace 12 días
MR. INSANITY AND MITO COLLAB!! The song and the VISUALS were everything 🤩 I’m even more excited for the Album…DPR did it again 😌
Michel Ramírez Rodríguez
No se por que pero eata canción es.tan buena que se quedo en mi mente tras escucharla por primera vez ❤❤ la ame😊
vania Hace 8 días
Es que esto está fuera de lo que imaginaba 🤯 es increibleeee una verdadera obra de arte. La producción de todo el mv estuvo alucinante LETS GOOOOO
D N Hace 11 días
Just...WOW Ian's and his team's creativity is so always beyond my mind, IN LOVEEE
Areej Hace 8 días
CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL IAN PUTS INTO EVERYTHING? Mr. Insanity and Mito having their own colors, those colors showing in ian’s eyes, them having their own music genres and messing the techno with the dark classical, their own identities all together fusing into who is ian. The chase that ian is thrown in the middle of !!!! The ending where mr insanity pulls out the little mito plush from the ribbon video segment? This man creates ART. I could watch his work over and over and over and never get tired of hearing his voice and learning his story. I wish I could talk to HIM about his vision. Musically also?? This might be my favorite track to date. It’s so beautifully done, so so beautiful. Well done DPR.
Eli Hace 5 días
esto es arte, no tengo más palabras para decir lo perfecto que es
Evangelia Odoms
Evangelia Odoms Hace 12 días
Wow this was something straight out of a graphic novel. The editing is out of this world. I love all the bright colors surrounding Mr. Insanity. You can def distinguish the diff colors/moods between the diff personalities. This felt like a movie!!!!! I'm so blown away by your artistry and the way you tell your story. So captivating. My eyes didn't leave the screen once. You never disappoint!!!!! We love and support you/DPR gang always !!!! Proud DREAMER here.
Janaína Mariano
Janaína Mariano Hace 7 días
my first time listening to IAN and this mv was so refreshing and creative! I loved
Zhoumi ♡
Zhoumi ♡ Hace 11 días
This video is the best I've watched this entire year, apart from Peanut butter and tears, the quality of the scenes are incredible, the cinematic visuals are perfect~ IAN and his team did a great job! I think i loved the energy of Mr insanity because he represents Ian in his manic episodes and i understand that feeling so well... This is my favorite MV ♡
Camille D
Camille D Hace 11 días
This is ART! The video looks amazing (and funny ahah), the music is perfect, the story is so interesting (I felt like I was watching a short film). Can't wait to see the next episodes!
Bunga Lembayung
Bunga Lembayung Hace 2 días
my small mind is super blown by the creative & awesome graphics in this mv 🤩💥
Wlee Hace 8 días
We call it an Art...I can't even tell how much effort IAN put into this work of art.... .💫
Jay Hace 12 días
I’m obsessed. The music, the lyrics, the visuals, the effects and editing, the story, literally everything!!! Thank you to the DPR crew and Ian for creating this masterpiece for us. We are forever grateful for the content you give us. I love you guys ❤️💚💙
Kskz Znxnxnz
Kskz Znxnxnz Hace 10 días
The production level is very high, it has a great production, it looks good and IAN's voice is perfect
LuvEXO🫧 Hace 8 días
UMMMM HELLLOOOOOOOOO!! BROOO THIS IS THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN IN THIS YEAR FRRRR literally every single thing in this mv is a masterpiece IMMMM OBSESSED definitely going to my playlist
megan Hace 9 días
Love love love the cinematography & the vibes!
혜현 Hace 9 días
와 뮤비 퀄리티 진심으로 역대급이다 .. 말도 안된다 더 성잘 할 수 가 있었구나 이게 디피알이지
ziggy vonmars
ziggy vonmars Hace 10 días
I'm obsessed, his creations are my obsessions. He is amazing. Ian shows slices of mania but makes them beautiful in ways noone else could. I'm a writer and bipolar and noone could create a more perfect protagonist. You're a genius babe. Love the MV and everything the team worked on as always just tops what comes before, I'd love to scoop the protoplasmic goop that is firing amongst the synapses of your brains to create such awesomeness and bathe in it.😈🤯💘
Cam ali
Cam ali Hace 12 días
I'm so proud and grateful of IAN and the DPR team💛 another masterpiece, got me so emotional😭
Centerstagerayray84 Hace 10 días
I showed this to a family member who struggles with BP1 and this is so relatable. Fight the stigmas you are amazingly talented. I love your honesty.
Adriana Ovalle
Adriana Ovalle Hace 7 días
ESTO ES UNA OBRA DE ARTE (⁠๑⁠♡⁠⌓⁠♡⁠๑⁠)
Try Dsgr
Try Dsgr Hace 8 días
forever one of my favorite songs and mv
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