Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN - Dr Phil #12

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Dr Phil guy thinks he is batman, IS IT REAL?
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11 feb 2019






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Redstone Sausage
Redstone Sausage Hace un hora
Me: sees start of vid Me: *Grabs popcorn*
Kurt_ does_ things
Kurt_ does_ things Hace 2 horas
Wait Bruce wayne is batman
Abdi Maxamed
Abdi Maxamed Hace 2 horas
I have a solution just marry Pewdiepie he's a millionaire and plus he not delusional
Henrik Dahlborg
Henrik Dahlborg Hace 2 horas
And they send him to a doctor that thinks he is a motorcycle! About 13:59 in the clip
Heather Fryler
Heather Fryler Hace 2 horas
*The Editing Could Have Been Better*
Emre Ofkeli
Emre Ofkeli Hace 2 horas
Brad 2's editing for 18 minutes.
Ruth Barrett
Ruth Barrett Hace 3 horas
Next episode:person things they are an anime character and does anime kicks all day
Mad CheeseBills
Mad CheeseBills Hace 3 horas
Lit series keep it going
Arctic Seraph
Arctic Seraph Hace 3 horas
If he identifies as Batman then we all need to acknowledge that he is Batman.
T series- I have an army PEWDS- WE HAVE BATMAN
LMO Hace 3 horas
The editing is awful
ligma balls littlekiddys
If These People are getting wives wtf am i doing wrong
Kyy Hace 5 horas
i have been sigle for all of my life and this batman wannabe have a loyal girlfriend, the world isnt fair.
Canalian Man
Canalian Man Hace 5 horas
Dude you missed the part where she said they been together for more than 10 yrs and that she has bee waiting to marry him
Random Music
Random Music Hace 5 horas
I'm not broke, I just have no money. Being broke is just a mind set. - goose Wayne.
Indira VNair
Indira VNair Hace 6 horas
Is he wearing his headphones over the hoodie?
Elias Björkman
Elias Björkman Hace 6 horas
How do we make a 5min video longer for a reaction video? JUST PAUSE ALL THE FCKING TIME
Benny R. Grau
Benny R. Grau Hace 6 horas
that's too awesome to be real XD No hotness level Russian Girl will hang out with some unemployed bald slob running away from reality in his fantasy world online where he he is so trolling. unless he's trolling paid actor, running away from the engagement and giggled because it worked or caught himself in the funniness of the script or... planning to make a youtube channel and live off of that... hmmmm
MsBear1122 Hace 7 horas
With mask - Batman Without mask - panda Anyway, I think he got too involved with Mr. Glass
Jacob Daughtry
Jacob Daughtry Hace 7 horas
Pewdiepie go's to Dr. Fills show to stop Tseries
Drag Leo
Drag Leo Hace 7 horas
His fiance is 😍😍😍..
Vslgallace _
Vslgallace _ Hace 7 horas
Lol we got a Brampton Batman here in Ontario. Man is a celebrity
Nathen Drake
Nathen Drake Hace 7 horas
This guy is batshit crazy
Mr.Wolfie 456
Mr.Wolfie 456 Hace 7 horas
This video liked its self
Simone Barca
Simone Barca Hace 7 horas
I saw this when it was live and I was dead
NuClEaR DrEaMz
NuClEaR DrEaMz Hace 7 horas
HE LOST ALL THE FIGHTS this guy is a different story😂😂
CeCe Cervantez
CeCe Cervantez Hace 8 horas
the adult ranch
I feed off souls
I feed off souls Hace 8 horas
He protecc He attacc But most importantly Hes a batt
King Vlad666
King Vlad666 Hace 9 horas
*Clicks on this video* *DC Universe ad plays* Me: Welp, time to go kill me. Too many ads.
Whiplash's Junkyard
Whiplash's Junkyard Hace 9 horas
Neapto Hace 9 horas
man this editing is really good,good job brad 2
; 10
; 10 Hace 7 horas
_but it could've been better_
just some1 on yt
just some1 on yt Hace 9 horas
Up next: Elon Musk thinks he’s Robin
JustSophie 46
JustSophie 46 Hace 10 horas
You can tell his wife is disappointed.😂
Dfw. Diana
Dfw. Diana Hace 10 horas
Lmao i got i dc ad before this
Puja Thaker
Puja Thaker Hace 10 horas
This is why Ben Affleck left
Trevor Rogers
Trevor Rogers Hace 10 horas
Something is off to me about the girl. I mean I know she probably had time to let feelings settle and time to comprehend, but wouldn't you think if someone you love enough to marry is starting to have this sort of mental breakdown, you wouldn't be talking about it so calmly and stoically? Let alone let him go on the damn show...I swear I really think most of the ill people on this show have families/spouses that contributed to their illness, who the hell would put a loved one on that show for millions to see?
I like purple drinks
I like purple drinks Hace 10 horas
I am watching this an that I get a fricking Batman ad 😂
hahAnOob Hace 11 horas
liek if u cry every tim!!111111
Rogue Ninja Rod
Rogue Ninja Rod Hace 11 horas
Geez just imagine this guy on Halloween ....
Isaac Reed
Isaac Reed Hace 11 horas
wait bruce wayne is batman?
snellycat1 Hace 11 horas
Hahahaha hes taking trolling to The next lvl. Guys this guy is god of among gods!!!!
Let's Eat
Let's Eat Hace 12 horas
I’m Batman
fallout fan76
fallout fan76 Hace 12 horas
Pewdiepie kinda sounds like the joker
kelton campbell
kelton campbell Hace 12 horas
Bored with life
Stinky Hace 12 horas
He said persona not fursona
Zawat Afnan
Zawat Afnan Hace 12 horas
So basically, he is *Batman* for _cyber bullying._ Cyber Batman to the rescue!
Thursday Hace 13 horas
He looks like a racoon😂😂
Tara Murray
Tara Murray Hace 13 horas
I don't think he is legally able to change his last name to Batman because I think Marvel will sue him idk just a theory!
snipex 19
snipex 19 Hace 13 horas
Batman needs b lasagna
Taylor Blue
Taylor Blue Hace 13 horas
Just leave him at comic con😂😂
Ben Crawford
Ben Crawford Hace 13 horas
"I don't have a job, but I have a dog." lol
Evan Willey
Evan Willey Hace 14 horas
Who else got a DC add?
Im not human
Im not human Hace 14 horas
I actually feel really bad for the guy
Steven Gosage
Steven Gosage Hace 14 horas
I made my fam sub to u
Gay In Space
Gay In Space Hace 15 horas
I agree with batman dude, the editing is awful
Bambi Jones
Bambi Jones Hace 15 horas
Goose Wayne? More *Loose Brain* No but seriously I don’t mind that this dude is acting a little... you know.. just don’t hurt yourself or your relationship with your fiancée lol
Noah Deschenes
Noah Deschenes Hace 15 horas
Alexia Santamaria
Alexia Santamaria Hace 15 horas
Tell me how an ad popped up halfway and it was a trailer to a Batman movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diego Fernandez Quintero
Poor guy
Trap Urself
Trap Urself Hace 16 horas
Leonie Maat
Leonie Maat Hace 16 horas
He looks like a panda xD
Jack Loudon
Jack Loudon Hace 16 horas
It’s goose the goth who protects Gotham
Ifan Stoddart
Ifan Stoddart Hace 16 horas
*clap clap* GOOSE WAYNE
Unusual Retail
Unusual Retail Hace 17 horas
We made a Batman list and our top fantasy pick is Aaron Taylor Johnson. But, we had Armie Hammer in our top three because we know he's probably gonna get the role
alexander tran
alexander tran Hace 17 horas
at least da guy worrys oabout people
alexander tran
alexander tran Hace 17 horas
dat guy isfat
TheAsherShow Hace 17 horas
I had to rewatch this video to see how bad the editing was
socially awkward potato
Idk how she kept a straight face all through the interview
Nolan Fleming
Nolan Fleming Hace 18 horas
He needs a better woman that actually supports him
Death shadow
Death shadow Hace 18 horas
Logan Laskey
Logan Laskey Hace 18 horas
Sub 2 Pewds
Sparkles.2 Hace 19 horas
Can you react to the Swedish ESvid community
Rain JoLix
Rain JoLix Hace 19 horas
Why T-Series Using SubBot? Its Not Fair ESvid! Please Report T-Series!
arianator _foreva
arianator _foreva Hace 19 horas
Next episode: girl thinks she's mia khalifa
Δƞςιεƞτ Hace 20 horas
Cyberfootball Hace 20 horas
Guys we need to watch all his vids , so YT algorithms can get some people his vids in recommends.You get just watch the vids
Retineyzer Hace 20 horas
bulian Hace 20 horas
Goose Wayne on ESvid the best
SSp00kYY Hace 20 horas
You should have Aimed for the head
SSp00kYY Hace 20 horas
Girl: as soon as I can Boy: will you ever leave me? Girl: no are you crazy? Boy: do you love me? Girl: yes alot Boy: have you ever cheated on me? Girl: no never Boy: will you ever kiss me? Girl: every chance I get Boy: will you ever hit me? Girl: definitely not Boy: can I trust you? Girl: yes Boy: Babe now read it backwards
18 Soul
18 Soul Hace 20 horas
Omg... it's Läderlappen !!!!!
Transport Simulator Nation
Go to the Hood🤔
Mersian Arts
Mersian Arts Hace 21 un hora
Are people not going to talk about the woman? Despite his fiance acting like that, she still didn't leave him. (MAYBE NOT YET..)
Karenni Boy
Karenni Boy Hace 22 horas
He cant go to bank with mask
EricMaskinen Hace 22 horas
Send him to the gas station !
leon for president
leon for president Hace 22 horas
Who is here after t series beat pewdiepie
Rachit Singh
Rachit Singh Hace 22 horas
I think I am batman too!
SrPurple Hace 22 horas
Noir Osain
Noir Osain Hace 22 horas
Even batman doesn't wear mask always .
Yung Gravy
Yung Gravy Hace 23 horas
Yo atleast shes committed hahahaha
William Huff
William Huff Hace 23 horas
7 mil views for his 80 mil subs
Thành Vinh Vi
Thành Vinh Vi Hace 23 horas
good too pewdiepie
CrayZ Hace 23 horas
the editing could actually be better
Trace lol
Trace lol Hace 23 horas
The editing could have been better
L7 Gaming
L7 Gaming Hace 23 horas
Gooes wayne
30 subs with no videos
Sive is too good at editing this video that it is 720p. Nice job sive1. Anyone from sive1's video?
kie is dad
kie is dad Hace un día
this is very similar to a god complex, a mental illness where you fully believe you are god, hmmm batman complex
Alice Lee
Alice Lee Hace un día
Just love how pewds so into this tv show
ninja god 2000
ninja god 2000 Hace un día
What does it say on your hoody
Alone And Lost
Alone And Lost Hace un día
*Doesn't he listen to his mom ?*
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