Dr Strange's True HIDDEN WEAPON in Avengers End Game: TIME STONE THEORY

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Time Stone Original Theory: www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/8z36ec/spoilers_infinity_war_you_never_once_used_your/
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31 dic 2018

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Barry Jeffrey
Barry Jeffrey Hace 7 meses
Avengers: Endgame is my most anticipated film of 2019, tell me if it's yours too :)
Bollywood Singers
Bollywood Singers Hace 5 días
#BarryJeffrey Were you a fan of #boymeetsworld?
Maurice Kimbrough
Maurice Kimbrough Hace 3 meses
Just saw it last night on early release! It was greatness!
Mr. M
Mr. M Hace 4 meses
Of course
megajuice Hace 4 meses
10000000000000000000000% I saw the trailer I wanna watch it so much now!
Optimum Energy
Optimum Energy Hace 4 meses
Lionheart XV
Lionheart XV Hace 2 días
Stark in a bruce lee T
Mac Tek
Mac Tek Hace 6 días
Captain Everyman
Captain Everyman Hace un mes
Well, to me, the Endgame story is very inferior compared to the Infinity War story. The use to time travel is especially a dumpster fire. Too bad ESvidrs didn't write the storyline, they would have done a much better job. The MCU writers just trashed so many story threads from Infinity war and put in "cutesy" stuff that added no substance.
feroz31 Hace un mes
Dr. Strange can see only those possible outcomes, in which he was alive in the future. So All possible outcomes only what he could see.
BeckhenPlayz - Minecraft
Finally I got more clear theory xD
Spicy Chicken Marsala Cucumber Salad w/ Pico
Ssooooo None of this mattered?
Thanos Titan
Thanos Titan Hace un mes
Why did you completely copy WarStu’s video
Thanos Titan
Thanos Titan Hace un mes
When he puts the time stone inside the gauntlet it shows dr stranges symbol as it goes in
Thanos Titan
Thanos Titan Hace un mes
Because it was kept away so Thanos couldn’t take it from him unless it was to save Tony... simple.
Matthew Apolinar
Matthew Apolinar Hace un mes
I hope we get an Illuminati series on the Big Screen!
Matthew Apolinar
Matthew Apolinar Hace un mes
Hey bro guess what. Dr. Strange also didn’t lie when he said if it meant Tony or the Boy’s life would gladly be sacrificed before he gave away the time stone.
Dash Star
Dash Star Hace un mes
Fantastic!! Adding this to an upcoming callback vid
Robert Sandee
Robert Sandee Hace un mes
Wrong though
SC Hace un mes
Why not just wait till it came out? You made this vid like right before. So no goofy speculation.
Plainrock124 Hace un mes
Tony die iron man die.
デスヴァレーDeath valley
So I have a problem with the 1 in 14mil thing because in all the other time lines why wouldn’t he do the same thing and look into the future of other timelines
Audie Seevers
Audie Seevers Hace 2 meses
ShiYan Lu
ShiYan Lu Hace 2 meses
Yeah Dr. Strange is too smart 😂
Treebore Hace 2 meses
I might not be on purpose and may have no meaning, but Dr. Strange pulls the Time Stone right where a star in the background is shining.
Regie G
Regie G Hace 2 meses
The asguardians put the cube around the space stone, its not the stone
SuperSaiyan3985 Hace 2 meses
Very complex theory, but clearly that’s not what happened. At the end of the day he still used the time stone LOL, too look into the future. He knew exactly what he had to do to ensure they won. What more could he need?
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace 2 meses
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace 2 meses
You read my comment yay
Isaac Nestlerode
Isaac Nestlerode Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one who saw the magic sigil ring on the gauntlet when thanks put the time stone in
Ross Helton
Ross Helton Hace 2 meses
The space stone could have negated the time stone. Space-time are linked together. Putting up a spatial bubble would have protected thanos from the effects of time.
melanjester Hace 2 meses
Lol almost
josh lycan
josh lycan Hace 2 meses
That is real doktor strange hidden weapon?
EdPlayZ12 -Mobile Gameplay
Dr strange should use the reverse when he have the time stone
DeadlyEye32 Hace 2 meses
Mark 50 is more cooler Then mark 85
Ron Flowers Jr
Ron Flowers Jr Hace 2 meses
I suppose this is moot but it would seem that this theory has fallen to the wayside. Strange did not use the time stone. Though, I would argue that the time stone worked against Dormammu--an actual god--why were Kaecilius and Thanos who are mortal, able to get around it? I know, I know the video says Thanos is immortal but he does eventually die so...
Bloody Sugar Cube
Bloody Sugar Cube Hace 2 meses
I would say why but it’s pointless now since endgame came out
Ben S.K
Ben S.K Hace 2 meses
I watched the first 2 minutes of the video and it already sounds like a really stupid theory. Edit: Okay, now that I watched it completely and it sounds even more stupid. P.S: Your voice and the way you talk is unbelievably annoying.
Jon Luther
Jon Luther Hace 2 meses
That's my theory. On LSD.
Mr. Fuccboi
Mr. Fuccboi Hace 2 meses
3:55 *It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable*
Casiana Salvatierra
Casiana Salvatierra Hace 2 meses
We all now that doctor strange had a time stone
Sour Gum
Sour Gum Hace 2 meses
He did it for plot, because he could’ve turned Thanos into a baby and done what Rhodey wanted to in endgame using the Time Stone to reverse older Thanos into ugly-grape-baby Thanos
Alexandra Hefnerová
A proper analysis of the scene would reveal, that the Time stone delivered to Thanos wasn't taken from another time, it was hidden in the background as a star. You can see the star, where Strange holds the fingers, then the stone turns in seemingly "out of nowhere" and after he moves his hand with the stone, the star's gone from it's place. People think that Strange can only do tricks with time, but he's the Sorcerer Supreme, he can do other stuff like the mirror dimension, creating portals and other things actually not related to time itself, so hiding the stone as a STAR, instead of sending it through time was not only posible, but also the case here. And judging from a footage used in a trailer, that Hulk will be in the final fight in Wakanda? Yeah, really. The movie trailers mostly differ from what we'll see in the final movie, Thor having both eyes in a scene in the trailer, while in the final movie, in that scene he has only one, Steve holding Thanos'es hand with the glove having only 2 stones in it, while in the movie it was at the time, Thanos had already 5 out of 6 stones there. Trailers are just that, they are edited to show, what they want, not what will be in the final movie. They showed Hulk there, because he's an Avenger, the movie is called Avengers: Infinity War and it was supposed to be their final fight against Thanos, so they've shown them all, Hulk included. It doesn't have to do anything with the final fight being altered by time travel or whatever. It's a nice theory, I give you points for being creative, but working with a trailer, assuming they would use this scene (or similar) for recreating the final fight in Wakanda with the whole Avengers team and more, it just comes a little bit off. Sorry. Well this is after Endgame now, so you already know, how it went and that your theory wasn't that spot on. Still one of the better theories out there.
Bahama Jackson
Bahama Jackson Hace 2 meses
bitch please...
Juju DaDon
Juju DaDon Hace 2 meses
Someone simplify this for me . Please ,
Stinky Kraken
Stinky Kraken Hace 2 meses
Dr Strange: Thanos, I’ve come to bargain Thanos: Wut? Dr Strange: I’m about to end dis man’s whole career
Sean Tyree
Sean Tyree Hace 2 meses
not cool
unknown matter
unknown matter Hace 3 meses
lol coming here after endgame
ethel baya
ethel baya Hace 3 meses
Why don't doctor strange stop the time and put thanos into the other dimension and then get the infinity stones? XD
Alexandra Hefnerová
The "other dimension" like the mirror dimension you mean? He tried, Thanos broke through. It's also shown in this video.
Joseph Vanlalpeka
Joseph Vanlalpeka Hace 3 meses
It was a good theory but it was wrong
WILLY Z Hace 3 meses
Strange Uses Time Stone To Travel At Endgame, Lends A Hand, Goes Back, Then Gets Saved By A Rat Who Used Ant-Man's Time Machine Correctly.
DjStiv3 Hace 3 meses
thanos is imortal? where does it say that? hes only 1000 years old and thor is a GOD and 1500 and odin is i think like 600k + and those "celestials" even more..i heard buuuuut thanos is immortal? mm yeah idk.. why would he be. that means all his people on titan would have been too. the hell
ravenclawtom Hace 3 meses
Dr strange gsve up the time stone so the ancient one would give the time stone to hulk.
sudha p
sudha p Hace 3 meses
i like doctor strange
Jordan Eng
Jordan Eng Hace 3 meses
Dr. Strange: Thanos, I've come to bargain! Thanos: What is this? Dormammu: oh...not this crap again.
rafik maatallah
rafik maatallah Hace 3 meses
I came from the futur to tell you (after watching endgame)... That's bullshit :)
anti mine
anti mine Hace 3 meses
nothing what u said came thru
Juneteenth 2019
Juneteenth 2019 Hace 3 meses
He' saw Ant-Man. He played a big role in Endgame. To get them to go back in time to undo what Thanos did
Lara Baltazar
Lara Baltazar Hace 3 meses
Why Did Dr strange dont make thanos old 🧓 RigHT THATS what am i THINKING BEFOReTHE ENDGAME
Mr HB Hace 3 meses
We all know now that all these theories are not as we expected after watching endgame
KillerSpike 25
KillerSpike 25 Hace 3 meses
false theory 5:39 that is the toll and overwhelming power of all six stones combined when used, even thanos takes damage, im from the future btw.
TTK SHOTz Hace 3 meses
Thumbnail a bit over the top
bluejayfett fan
bluejayfett fan Hace 3 meses
That's a hell of a good theory..I like it alot
Chris Arnold
Chris Arnold Hace 3 meses
I'm writing from the future. You're totally wrong! lol
Coolkat Hace 3 meses
He's almost right dude...
Tyler Piper
Tyler Piper Hace 3 meses
I’m just here to let you know your theory was shit.
Scott Golliver
Scott Golliver Hace 3 meses
The fact you used Bill and Ted makes me crack up after seeing the movie
Maurice Kimbrough
Maurice Kimbrough Hace 3 meses
This is looking pretty spot on after Endgame, now!
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles Hace 3 meses
In your face and in the face of your stupid asss theory like I commented before the only win dr strange saw was when he handed over the stone willingly!!!!!!!! #stupidtheory
Ancient Rain04
Ancient Rain04 Hace 3 meses
That's why it's called a theory, Anthony
Eddy Jin
Eddy Jin Hace 3 meses
One thing I've learned from this movie. That all you so called experts know squat. All your thinks what will happen, most likely, and so called guesses. You couldn't be more wrong. Please quit your job and apply for taco bell or the special needs position at Walmart. Where they stand by the exit and they do absolutely nothing.
John G
John G Hace 3 meses
AROUN DEEN Hace 3 meses
oooooh so he gave him a chance to snap so now hes weakened and now hes able to lose they still lost
killua cat
killua cat Hace 4 meses
Its untrue,just watched the movie.
Makin Waves
Makin Waves Hace 4 meses
...Sooooooo, anyone else notice domino strolling threw one of the most dangerous fights in the galaxy, and “luckily” survives and is completely oblivious to what’s going on around her??? Also does this mean the X-Force/Men will show up in Endgame? Like come on they are both Marvel comics and if I’m not mistaken they are the only ones who haven’t been shown in the avengers series, someone please make a video on the possibilities and likelihood of this happening PLEASE!!!
averageliving Hace 3 meses
its already confirmed
chasemoore Hace 4 meses
Pyro Hace 4 meses
Damn, this is actually really well thought out theory. Shower thoughts 100
Jammer Hace 4 meses
If i spoil endgame will you be mad?
txlted Hace 4 meses
Iron man dies lol
Ricardo Richie Mata
Ricardo Richie Mata Hace 4 meses
Just let me know if the theories wer even close to actually happens. Nd how good it is compared to infinity war?
Jammer Hace 4 meses
@Ricardo Richie Mata Ok just about to watch it
Ricardo Richie Mata
Ricardo Richie Mata Hace 4 meses
Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang Hace 4 meses
this is genius!!
Wizardly Tberg551
Wizardly Tberg551 Hace 4 meses
He died and thanos has it idiot
sbowesuk Hace 4 meses
Weak theory. A time stone from another reality wouldn't work in the Avengers' reality. One of the main rules about the stones is that they can only work in their NATIVE reality. Since we saw Thanos use the time stone to great effect, it's almost certainly the real stone. As for the Avengers travelling through time, they'll almost certainly use the quantum real, not the time stone. This is why Ant Man is so important in Endgame.
darthdude Hace 4 meses
ridiculous, he went forward in time 14 million times when he just had to travel back in time only once, more holes than swiss cheese
This NoodleHead
This NoodleHead Hace 4 meses
When dr strange gets the timestone.. it comes out of a stone
Dakota Ice
Dakota Ice Hace 4 meses
I thought that if someone went back in time and altered the past it would ruin the future. Granted thanos killed half the universe but i feel as if he’s going to regret going back in time to regain the mind stone from visions head. It got destroyed. It’s supposed to stay destroyed. Thanos l went back in time to get it. Poof, he screwed himself.
Yellow Holes
Yellow Holes Hace 4 meses
I know why he didn't use Because it director's said
RiverSapinoso30 Hace 4 meses
Maybe all the things happened could be part of how the Avengers to win
Insane Zain
Insane Zain Hace 4 meses
So you're saying there's 2 different stones from 2 different timelines? I don't think something as powerful as a stone could be replicated like that I think there's only 1 in all of reality
dsmiley250 Hace 4 meses
This theory makes sense...
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