Dr Strange's True HIDDEN WEAPON in Avengers End Game: TIME STONE THEORY

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Time Stone Original Theory: www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/8z36ec/spoilers_infinity_war_you_never_once_used_your/
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31 dic 2018






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Barry Jeffrey
Barry Jeffrey Hace 3 meses
Avengers: Endgame is my most anticipated film of 2019, tell me if it's yours too :)
megajuice Hace 19 horas
10000000000000000000000% I saw the trailer I wanna watch it so much now!
Jzilla Hace 14 días
Ste ps
Ste ps Hace 14 días
100 percent
Bob Haynes
Bob Haynes Hace 15 días
Looks like another banner year for the industry. Star Wars IX will also be huge. It's just scary that with all of these big movies set to come out, they're all sequels, spin-offs, or remakes. Original stand-alone blockbusters are a dying breed.
martin garcia
martin garcia Hace 18 días
Hell yes
Hitech gaming
Hitech gaming Hace un hora
All I see is when ŤHAÑÓŚ used his time stone on his hand there was The time loop doc strange thingy which strange used on doormamu
Kevin Kang
Kevin Kang Hace 14 horas
this is genius!!
Wizardly Tberg551
Wizardly Tberg551 Hace 17 horas
He died and thanos has it idiot
sbowesuk Hace 19 horas
Weak theory. A time stone from another reality wouldn't work in the Avengers' reality. One of the main rules about the stones is that they can only work in their NATIVE reality. Since we saw Thanos use the time stone to great effect, it's almost certainly the real stone. As for the Avengers travelling through time, they'll almost certainly use the quantum real, not the time stone. This is why Ant Man is so important in Endgame.
darthdude Hace un día
ridiculous, he went forward in time 14 million times when he just had to travel back in time only once, more holes than swiss cheese
This NoodleHead
This NoodleHead Hace un día
When dr strange gets the timestone.. it comes out of a stone
Dakota Ice
Dakota Ice Hace un día
I thought that if someone went back in time and altered the past it would ruin the future. Granted thanos killed half the universe but i feel as if he’s going to regret going back in time to regain the mind stone from visions head. It got destroyed. It’s supposed to stay destroyed. Thanos l went back in time to get it. Poof, he screwed himself.
Prince Nacsua
Prince Nacsua Hace 2 días
I know why he didn't use Because it director's said
RiverSapinoso Loves Good Eating Asmr
Maybe all the things happened could be part of how the Avengers to win
Insane Zain
Insane Zain Hace 4 días
So you're saying there's 2 different stones from 2 different timelines? I don't think something as powerful as a stone could be replicated like that I think there's only 1 in all of reality
dsmiley250 Hace 5 días
This theory makes sense...
Sushil Thanet
Sushil Thanet Hace 5 días
how idiot someone can be! if reality stone isn''t in the solid form then why it is call reality "STONE" !! doesn't stone means solid ??
Lemonade Hace 5 días
Thor’s going to get a second chance to go for the head 😂
sbowesuk Hace 19 horas
I doubt this, only because it would be very hard for the movie to show without losing its PG-13 rating.
Natayo Hace 5 días
People saying : Why Dr.Strange is so OP I did not watch the movies of Dr.Strange, but his power is "Time" Time is the greatest power someone can have
CenturionS117 asdf
CenturionS117 asdf Hace 5 días
Sennott Tube
Sennott Tube Hace 6 días
Thanos use the time stone at the end of the movie explain that
Johnny savage Juicy J
He prolly went back in time to see how the first stone came to earth an how to get rid of it then went into the future to know how many different way to defeat thanos only had on chance out of millions different ways
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Hace 6 días
Like the video for stan lee
Leonardo Remmerswaal
2:12 He didn't pull the time stone out of nowhere. He hide it as a star in the background. Genuinely watch it again
Jōkēr ML
Jōkēr ML Hace 7 días
What if he use time stone to bring stan lee back
Noe Rodriguez
Noe Rodriguez Hace 7 días
RIP Stan Lee
KAOS GAMING Hace 8 días
I thought the stones couldn't be used against one another
bhatt urvish
bhatt urvish Hace 8 días
Nope in end games there will be rise of Adam warlock # it end thanos
Nathan Shietze
Nathan Shietze Hace 8 días
What if it’s all being controlled by a greater being or “god” that they’re not aware of so the movie comes to an end and camera pans out from the earth, to space, to universe ect and ends with a drawing table and paper and reveals Stan Lee creating this story as it goes and ends in a “in memory of” and you then you cry like a baby 😂
Cobra9876 Hace 8 días
but then what about when thanos uses the time stone to retrieve the mind stone, doesnt bust the gauntlet then
Mort Hace 8 días
' potential end game spoilers' that's pretty cocky for a theory channel ha
No One
No One Hace 9 días
*All I want is Stan Lee Cameo in Endgame*
Sagar Pandya
Sagar Pandya Hace 10 días
I know the plot.
TheMadWarden Hace 10 días
Now what if dr strange somehow told loki about his plan
Nathan Shietze
Nathan Shietze Hace 8 días
TheMadWarden that’s one of the theories. That dr strange went back and told Loki to give him the Space stone and also told hulk to lose to thanos because he needed him to succeed in his mission so dr strange’s vision would come true.
Ortund Gaming
Ortund Gaming Hace 10 días
The hole in this theory is that Thanos has the stone in the past as a result of the execution of this plan... So how did future Avengers get it away from him in Endgame to send it back to the fight where Strange hands it over?
walt teezy
walt teezy Hace 10 días
Is crazy and insane in the brain but yes it makes sense. 😊
XxHellRaiser23xX Hace 10 días
Stan lee didn't die he just took a nap and he's taking forever to wake up because the watchers left him up in space
Muhammad Bukhari
Muhammad Bukhari Hace 11 días
Why Dr strange don't rewind to the moment when they try to pull gauntlet from Thanos hand?
Marshal Ent
Marshal Ent Hace 10 días
Probably because that outcome doesn't work
OleMartin Hace 11 días
What if he saw that the only solution was to give away the stone which everyone believes will help to save them, because he saw that the living tribunal will punish those who has the gems?
JohnHarvey Gepiga
JohnHarvey Gepiga Hace 11 días
Not convincing and it will never happen because that's just bad writing.
Jaymie Suarez
Jaymie Suarez Hace 11 días
He he did use it by sending it to another dimension then retrieved it and gave it to THANOS thus making it useless being not of the origin of the 616 Universe. That’s why it frys out the gauntlet and explains Hulks presence in Wakanada in the trailer.
pocket_ Lint
pocket_ Lint Hace 11 días
What if banner gives his life and turns the soul stone against thanos? Hulk only comes out once banner either summons him or dies so if he dies that can explain why the Hulk is in the trailer battle sence
Sergio Guzman
Sergio Guzman Hace 11 días
Tony creates a robot that goes to the past to kill Thanos as a baby.
you know i think that if the edninng has to do with time travvel it will just ruin everything cause its so predictablee like when i orignally saw avengers infinity war my first thought was couldnt tthey just time travel and come back and change what they did so i am hopeing its something no one has excpected
Virgie Dadubo
Virgie Dadubo Hace 12 días
If im dr.strange i will reverse to the time when thanos dont have any infinity stones then kill him. But doctor strange didnt because we need to watch the endgame haha
unbox the best book DUTTA
He didn't use because space and time is related
Marauder Hace 12 días
Hey all! Hope you are all having a great day! If it wouldn't be too much to ask, please subscribe to my channel and help me get a rolling start! esvid.net/u-marauder
FanChengCheng Vegtables
This is probably the most sensible theory
Nizam Kadir
Nizam Kadir Hace 13 días
Blablabla just wait and see..
Hexyl 403
Hexyl 403 Hace 13 días
The real question is how did tony draw red blood from thanos but Thor drew purple blood
Hexyl 403
Hexyl 403 Hace 12 días
Zylo wdym
Zylo Hace 12 días
Hexyl 403 because it was a clone
CHILLED Hace 13 días
I feel like avengers end game was just ruined for me lol
ben harris
ben harris Hace 13 días
Doctor strange also said he put multiple curses on the time stone if anyone else was to try and take it so unless he changed key parts to the curse hidden on the stone they wouldn't be able to use and doctor strange runes active when placed in the gauntlet and it not being on him and then making it appear says more of he hid it in the quantum realm more than time travel how did they send it back by itself and one they didn't have the space stone based on your theory so physical time travel ain't possible but doctor strange was up to something and we will see in endgame he still a big player cause he made this outcome possible.
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju Hace 13 días
Damn good theory!!!
I Hate Everything
I Hate Everything Hace 14 días
So excited for endgame
Aleks Rayb
Aleks Rayb Hace 14 días
People: Really? omg! but why did... Me: D-uh!! These are all spoilers!! JUST WATCH THE F*N' MOVIE for (whoever's) sake!!
dmgbringer Hace 14 días
This may be nothing but if u look specificly where the time stone appear at 4:43. Now rewind 2 sec and look at the background, u can se some lights that i can only make out to be the stars in the sky. Now look what happens right after the time stone appear and Dr strange moves he´s hand. 1 star is missing. The time stone appears in the exact spot where the star is and just after that the star is gone. Again this may be nothing but why would they zoom in on it and remove a star from the sky in the exact spot where the timestone appears. I dont know enough about the Marvel universe to figure this out but it looks very suspect.
junky9 Hace 15 días
he did.. that's why when he says where in the end game now, he's not saying it sadly, he's like ha we in da endgame now biatch!! then check ...... I still say the stone is cursed or something hidden inside...
chinmay chandraunshuh
chinmay chandraunshuh Hace 15 días
Tony will have to be at that very place where doctor strange was when he sent the stone in the future to use it.
Fredric Bethune
Fredric Bethune Hace 15 días
Good theory, but what if it was a fake dusting? Thanos wouldn’t know if Dr Strange got dusted for real or not. The time stone was active when Thanos held it. What was it doing. Protecting its “master” Dr Strange as it did earlier in the movie. Sending him where? I’d bet to the one timeline he foresaw the avengers winning. Thoughts?
Bob Haynes
Bob Haynes Hace 15 días
The stuff about Tony "discovering" how to manipulate the Quantum Realm seems too superfluous to the plot. Ant-Man will introduce them to the QR.
Vaurith Hace 15 días
Am I the only one who noticed that Doctor Strange said: *Tony,there was no other way* When there was that one outcome where they win,which means he gave Thanos the stone for a reason,in order that outcome happens. Why would he change his mind all the sudden when he said something like: *If I'll have to choose between the stone or lifes of the two of you,I'll pick the stone*
EVRST Hace 15 días
My theory is that the time stone is cursed. When all the other stones are used they simply glow, but when thanos uses the time stone it does something else. It glows with the sorcerer symbol the same way Strange uses it. This doesn’t make sense because thanos cannot use the time stone the same way strange uses it because thanos is not a sorcerer. Maybe when the gauntlet was damaged that was because of the curse.
abhay bhardwaj
abhay bhardwaj Hace 15 días
SPYN09 Hace 16 días
Mind fucking blown.
AB shek
AB shek Hace 16 días
Black widow: thanks did what he said he was gonna do Pewds : you did very nice and what it tooks
Kaiver Teo
Kaiver Teo Hace 16 días
Dash star u my dog
rockz Funk
rockz Funk Hace 16 días
Blah blah blah a waste of bandwidth asshole
Azure Mason
Azure Mason Hace 16 días
my mind hurts
Clos Hace 16 días
It’s about the journey
Anthuny_ Hace 16 días
7:01 makes me tear because I hate to see stan lee sad, I know he isnt actually sad but the thought is very sad RIP Stan Lee you will not be forgotten
Austin Yarborough
Austin Yarborough Hace 16 días
It is and what if thanos turns good that will be very big in phase 4 it would be gaint size
aathens Hace 16 días
4:47 - 6:01 That’s a long explanation 😂 my brain
Kith Laders
Kith Laders Hace 17 días
Dr. Strange Placed a majic spell on the time stone which prevents Thanos from seeing through the past or future.. idk?
Bro ShurikeN
Bro ShurikeN Hace 17 días
Yeah yeah.... But can you please stop calling Tony "Tiny"
Bede Bennie-Steel
Bede Bennie-Steel Hace 17 días
Boy, this is one awesome theory
Jean Marais
Jean Marais Hace 17 días
best theory so far
Brianne Morris
Brianne Morris Hace 17 días
If they pull a fucking breaking dawn I will riot.
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles Hace 17 días
Because in the 1 out of a million battles the only one they won was when he hands over the stone retard
DustMonkey92 Hace 17 días
Also, if he had done the time loop you really think a man as strong willed as Thanos would just give up? The avengers would have just given up after awhile saying “eh who says he’s going to get the mind stone”
shiller joseph
shiller joseph Hace 17 días
Amazing my brother... mind blowing... 😲😲😲👍👍👍👍
D GEEZY123 Hace 17 días
Give me Shield.
Furious Sponge
Furious Sponge Hace 18 días
The wild stallions will save the universe using guitars in Bill and Ted 3
Lukh Bee
Lukh Bee Hace 18 días
Until now. I collect 14millions theory of Endgame from youtube, news, and anything. But only 1 will be true. Lol
Maximillian Matrix
Maximillian Matrix Hace 18 días
Ant-man is inside the time stone easily going into his ass
M. S. Mandeep Singh
M. S. Mandeep Singh Hace 18 días
Original Trust
Original Trust Hace 18 días
RIP Mr Lee . Ty so much for ALL the stories. Cant wait for END GAME!
Sese bv
Sese bv Hace 18 días
in one of 14,000,605 times dr. Strange verified the Ant man actually got in thANUS
Bakary Dembélé
Bakary Dembélé Hace 18 días
I think they'll be able to send the stone back in the time with the help of the Quantum Realm
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez Hace 19 días
He doesnt pull It out of nowhere...he hid it as a STAR ...that's why the star disappears after he picks it
Mestizo liftr
Mestizo liftr Hace 19 días
but the thing is not a lot of audiences will understand what i happening. just seems so complex. but its a 3 hr movie so there is a lot of time to understand.
H S Hace 19 días
Listen to first 4-5 sentences of full trailer...Downey Jr speaking as if he is Satan, out of the bottomless pit...mentioning crawling out of a cave like it was 1000 years ago...stating becoming a man (when Satan enters the man of sin -the antichrist) pulling off one last surprise...the NWO. The rapture are the characters that died/turned to ash...saying he loves us...another deceit... REVELATION chapter 20, verses 1-7 Read it! We r coming to end times. Wake up from the matrix, repent and save your souls. Accept Jesus Christ now! Time is short! This is no joke. You’re all being conditioned. Look up current events in Israel, biblical prophecy and rapture! We r close people!!! Heed the Word of God! Please!!!! A Prayer of Repentance - O Lord our God, good and merciful, I acknowledge all my sins which I have committed every day of my life, in thought, word and deed; in body and soul alike. I am heartily sorry that I have ever offended you, and I sincerely repent; with tears I humbly pray to you, O Lord: of your mercy forgive me all my past transgressions and absolve me from them. I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to amend my way of life and to sin no more; that I may walk in the way of the righteous and offer praise and glory to the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Racoon Evil
Racoon Evil Hace 16 días
What does Israel have to do with it
Mark Harvey
Mark Harvey Hace 20 días
Man this is getting so deep and I have a quick question Stan Lee has appeared in every film (R.I.P to the greatest of storytelling wizard) and the rumour is that he is supposed to be some cosmic being, are we going find out which one he is or what he is in end game ???
Kameron Rabidou
Kameron Rabidou Hace 18 días
He is the cosmic the one above all the most powerful entity in marvel
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Hace 20 días
Infinity War has a very unreal and complicated ending. LOL This is actually a really good theory that makes sense of everything. Thank you. :)
Interstellar Traveller
Thanos has the real timestone, he used it to reverse time and take the mind stone from Vision. How could this theory come even remotely close to holding water?
Hussein Hussein
Hussein Hussein Hace 19 días
Its a paradox where he can use it but it's not really there because it's being used in the future.
Snowmando Hace 20 días
This is a great theory 👍🏻
howtoeataham Hace 20 días
Damn this is a good ass theory. I think you’re right
The Gaming Bento PT
The Gaming Bento PT Hace 20 días
Rip stan
Delvengeance Vengeance
Delvengeance Vengeance Hace 21 un día
Sooo.. Why EXACTLY???..
David McNeil
David McNeil Hace 21 un día
Umm since when is Thanos immortal? Please explain?
Forever Indian
Forever Indian Hace 21 un día
The best theory I have heard. I firmly believe this is right. Good one Dash Star.
The one Ryuko Kamiko
The one Ryuko Kamiko Hace 21 un día
There’s also an older post infinity war comic where dr strange is replaced by a Druid as the sorcerer supreme. Because his corporeal form was left in limbo in the centre of the universe beneath reality do to some taboo he cast on the time stone. So he was stuck in a sort of time void.
Gen Seven
Gen Seven Hace 22 días
Avengers: Endgame is my most anticipated film of all times. Tell me if it's yours too :)
jerry de sesso
jerry de sesso Hace 22 días
Terrance Russ
Terrance Russ Hace 22 días
You might have Tony Stark go to wakanda and get his suit from wakanda cusses a better grade material and it don't break
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