Dr Strange's True HIDDEN WEAPON in Avengers End Game: TIME STONE THEORY

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Time Stone Original Theory: www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/8z36ec/spoilers_infinity_war_you_never_once_used_your/
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31 dic 2018

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Barry Jeffrey
Barry Jeffrey Hace un mes
Avengers: Endgame is my most anticipated film of 2019, tell me if it's yours too :)
Shannon Hurley
Shannon Hurley Hace 4 días
This was the best fan theory I’ve encountered
At Bangkok
At Bangkok Hace 8 días
I'm sorry but Toy Story 4 is.
Jayden Wong
Jayden Wong Hace 9 días
Mine too!
XDIE Protocol
XDIE Protocol Hace 9 días
+Cancerous Trash No, I mean I'm dedicating myself to going to an expensive theater lol...
Cancerous Trash
Cancerous Trash Hace 9 días
+XDIE Protocol It's 'dedicated' not dedicating.
Tilak Umredkar
Tilak Umredkar Hace 3 horas
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Chucky Chabbers
Chucky Chabbers Hace 6 horas
Kiefer Sutherland could beat Thanos.
Creates Flip
Creates Flip Hace 11 horas
Btw what if SPIDERMAN riding on the bus is actually after the events of FAR FROM HOME......Just in my own opinion...
AGTV Hace 12 horas
That little memorial credit at the end of this clip was very touching. RIP STAN LEE.
Bishnupriya Pattnaik
Bishnupriya Pattnaik Hace 14 horas
F all i want stan lee to save the universe from that mad titan
Durako 787
Durako 787 Hace 17 horas
Durako 787
Durako 787 Hace 17 horas
As you can see all the stone are not glowing only the time stone
Durako 787
Durako 787 Hace 17 horas
Wait Dr.strange saud the won one battle but in the movie they lose the battle so maybe Dr.strange he using the time stone wild everything its happen soo the time stone its been use when he gave it to thano
newton3010 Hace un día
Seeing as how Doc used a time loop to return to a point in time after his death there no reason why he wouldn't use that again, other than the writers being asses. Its just a matter of when he will return.
Isak Svensson
Isak Svensson Hace un día
Your More Genius Then Tony Stark
Larry Howard
Larry Howard Hace un día
You'll so right about how DR. Strange use the time stone Iron Man will use it to beat thanos right now my favorite is Dr. Strange
Ryan Kiemele
Ryan Kiemele Hace un día
Most anticipated for sure!
Sword IV
Sword IV Hace un día
6:18 XD and really!! Domino from deadpool 2!!!
doge power
doge power Hace un día
Cool dude
Jason Li
Jason Li Hace un día
I’ve seen 1400605 times of possible that my test could be
jeevesme Hace 2 días
Karlo Mlinarić
Karlo Mlinarić Hace 2 días
This is not avengers 4 endgame it is avengers 3
PILLOW CRAP2 Hace 3 días
I thought that he actaully died
Nabbanuj Chakraboorty
This theory is more convincing than the most i have heard..lets see which one plays out!!
LightningJet Hace 3 días
Holy shit
trev whit
trev whit Hace 3 días
He had so many more stories to tell 💯😭😭😭
Shovel KnightXD
Shovel KnightXD Hace 3 días
Would the ending be different if banner could transform into hulk?
Jason Hattrich
Jason Hattrich Hace 4 días
Something I just noticed.. @2:54 when thanos locks the stone in, the green energy doesn't flow through him. It just turns the green time ring on to his wrist. Ithink strange did some time loop, and thanos got locked in when he took it.
Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson Hace 4 días
The only win the avengers infinity war was letting thanonos "win"
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
I am Supeman prime pre comet. Enki.2020
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
Dr. Who Ahknaten - The 5th Element, Apokalips and Darkseid. And the FLASH EVENT. I AM STARBRAND
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
We had to go make a multiverse in which we are part of.
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
Warlock is Prince Adam of Titan
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
The masters of the universe Redskelator
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
Tezzert /Abbadon is coming to wipe out everything. Then there is no balance.
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
Thanos we are family. Darkseid is coming
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
I am Warlock earth prime
Bryan Harold Fuller
Bryan Harold Fuller Hace 4 días
Thanos owes me. i am Orion. There was no other way. Thanos you know what i mean.strange you know.
Brian Erlandson
Brian Erlandson Hace 4 días
This theory sounds possible, is there more?
Bono cat
Bono cat Hace 4 días
time stone sent to howard stark
simmond3 Hace 5 días
Definitely one of the most insightful theories I have seen. Good job!
mohammed larie arimiyao
Brilliant. You make me more interested in the end game. This is a sweet spoiler, thanks
Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz Hace 5 días
What if Dr. Strange said "Won " not "One"? After all, it seems odd he chooses his words so carefully. Perhaps he means they already have "won" but in the past, and that they WILL go back in time as we suspect. He even says "It WAS the only way" not "Its the only way" and he chooses his words carefully there as well. Just a thought as to how it might be a bit of foreshadowing in the wording there
Elijah Mojica
Elijah Mojica Hace 5 días
Wait, the time stone was still glowing when he was talking to iron man. Should it have stopped once he stopped looking forward in time?
Halo Mr.
Halo Mr. Hace 5 días
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson Hace 6 días
I watched this at work...that clearly was a mistake considering the fact that I can't think about anything else OTHER than this.
wearediffrent Hace 6 días
may11th in cinemas
John Kastelic
John Kastelic Hace 6 días
Except in the audio track they tell you that Dr Strange hid the time stone among the stars.
Bo Gus
Bo Gus Hace 7 días
I am not going to *any* movies until this comes out because I don't want to see any trailers. at all. Going first day too, so stupid people don't have a chance to ruin it for me locally too.
Chio Zamora
Chio Zamora Hace 7 días
He didn't even use the stone, keep dreamin
Miguel Ojeda
Miguel Ojeda Hace 7 días
Boom! I hope you get sleep tonight lol. Well done 👏👏👏
Jon Colley
Jon Colley Hace 8 días
This was nowhere close to what’s gonna happen lol
Brian Thongkhamthaeng
Anyone think Dr. Strange reminds them of Invoker?
Apollo Parnassus
Apollo Parnassus Hace 8 días
One of the only leaks that actually makes sense. Ur amazing m8
rapidmeatsh Hace 8 días
In the End... Thanos saves us all!
James M.
James M. Hace 8 días
Theory. They put the Dr Strange looking into future possibilities scene to get videos like this. While in reality, when he said there was no other way. He really meant it.
Brandon Law
Brandon Law Hace 9 días
Mysterio WTF!!??
Shokhi Srivastava
Shokhi Srivastava Hace 9 días
OMG!! This theory makes soooooo much sense! One of my favorite theories👍👍
Muntather Zerj
Muntather Zerj Hace 9 días
your accent made it sooo hard to understand had to watch it like 3 times but after all, it makes sense
Mark Keith
Mark Keith Hace 9 días
Retro causality. Perhaps the future dictates the past. The one scenario Dr. Strange sees as the one win; that scenario would play out in such a way that the past; seemingly hopeless as the ending went, progresses into a win from the actions in the future.
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez Hace 9 días
You know what I just noticed and obviously most people have already come to these kinda observations. When Dr.Strange is coming up with all these outcomes, you can see the green rings going back and forth. Meaning he is going back in time as well to figure out how to beat Thanos . It’s confirmed. There is time travel in HAhahah
Stevie D
Stevie D Hace 9 días
'Time' will tell if this is true. Thanks for sharing.
Serhat Ilgaz Yöner
Serhat Ilgaz Yöner Hace 10 días
I'm sorry but i have tell you that your voice and accent are really annoying, i couldn't continue watching the video until the very end...
Dash Star
Dash Star Hace 10 días
It's fine. Plenty of other youtubers around!
Bo Gus
Bo Gus Hace 10 días
One of my theories is that when Eitri forged Stormbreaker, he included in it's magic something specifically intended to be used against Thanos, as retribution for killing all of his kin. This explains why Thanos was unable to heal himself after being impaled with it by Thor. I also agree that there is something happening with the time stone that caused the glove to become apparantly nearly destroyed when it was used. #3 the infinity stones may be connected to each other in the quantum realm, so that no matter your location, you are surrounded by, or near them in some way. This gives Scott the ability to act in some way. Of course he has no idea what is going on, but perhaps Stark will be able to deduce what happens when he finds Pyms rig, and can communicate to Scott what he must do.
Tessa Logan
Tessa Logan Hace 10 días
potential spoilers.. err no ,your stupid thoughts.
Flávio de Souza
Flávio de Souza Hace 10 días
Chato pra CARALHO!!!
Mohammad Alam
Mohammad Alam Hace 10 días
loved stan lee in the end. RIP
Robi Penaverde
Robi Penaverde Hace 10 días
I love dr strange!!!!!!!
MCtwist PlaysMc
MCtwist PlaysMc Hace 10 días
Well this is definitely wrong BC if Dr strange was using it Thanos wouldn't have been able to use it
Samerah Mera
Samerah Mera Hace 10 días
I hope dr strange did something clever, that will shock us.
Sunny Goswami - Vlogger
Good theory. Well explained. I also noticed that Dr. Strange had seen the "winning" combination of events and therefore his giving up the time stone is a not a "defeated" move but a stratagem based on a long term strategy.
r s
r s Hace 10 días
Time mark 2:20! Is pretty much this theory!!!! marvel avengers assemble season 2 episode 7 esvid.net/video/vídeo-tDSpjxFvUFI.html
Bryan Restrepo
Bryan Restrepo Hace 10 días
Loved this video thank you
shaun humphreys
shaun humphreys Hace 10 días
Yeah that sounds completely sound.
Alwesh Singh
Alwesh Singh Hace 11 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-VU6ft_tKxqM.html | Erik Selvig to Tony, "it wants to show us something..A NEW UNIVERSE"
simmond3 Hace 11 días
Love the thought of dr strange putting everything in place
Charles Scott
Charles Scott Hace 11 días
This whole theory hinges on the assumption that because the time stone was glowing, it must mean that it is being used. However, something to keep in mind, is that in every scene where the actual stone is shown, it is glowing. Even when Strange merely shows it to Tony. This leads me to the conclusion that the theory is incorrect. It seems more likely that the stone's glow was merely done for purpose of eye candy for the audience.
Whippet Run
Whippet Run Hace 11 días
He also gives him the stone ONLY after Tony drew a "drop of blood". That line from the very first time I heard it in the theater felt strange , (no pun intended) A drop of immortal blood with unlimited time due to timestone could be interesting
yashwant kashyap
yashwant kashyap Hace 11 días
perfect theory till now i heard
Robby Patterson
Robby Patterson Hace 11 días
omg forgot Silver Surfer
Robby Patterson
Robby Patterson Hace 11 días
Loki is going to kick ass and Wolverine
FLshadyrock Hace 12 días
dr strange put his soul in the time stone!!! *spoiler bitches*
ManikandaRajan S
ManikandaRajan S Hace 12 días
Had anyone noticed Dr strange's head is BIG when he comes down? Is it a CG mistake or your head is supposed to be big when you see too much future? Been noticing from the beginning
blue balls
blue balls Hace 12 días
Dr.strage put a curse on the stone before he handed it over.thats why the gauntlet blew up just like hr told ebonyma it's hard to break a dead man's seal
Kurt B.
Kurt B. Hace 12 días
I love tis
Bike feeder Boom
Bike feeder Boom Hace 12 días
Chuck Norris can kill Thanos with a towel flick to his immortal fat balls 👊🏼
SenArya Fate
SenArya Fate Hace 12 días
Time stone is the strongest stone in earth
Kevin Jarret Serra
Kevin Jarret Serra Hace 12 días
reality stone beats time
diGritz1 Hace 12 días
Better then mine. I thought the time stone would turn out to be kryptonite that breaks reality causing the Marvel and DC Universes to converge. Then Aquaman would show up and force feed him bad shellfish.
anzley arneho
anzley arneho Hace 12 días
Sounds accurate n make sense
Afraz A
Afraz A Hace 12 días
The thumbnail looks as if Thanos is about to go, 'ACHHOOOOOOOOO'
Riyan Gajbhiye
Riyan Gajbhiye Hace 12 días
You are thinking too much
Single Lonely Dad
Single Lonely Dad Hace 12 días
the gauntlet can't be broken, thanos uses it to escape after the snap
If you watch the time stone come in at the clip at 4:27 you see a star in the background and when doctor strange puts his fingers together the star almost turns into the time stone because when it pans away the star is gone. I hope this kind of made sense
unscriptable plays
unscriptable plays Hace 12 días
What about venom
Singularity Bound
Singularity Bound Hace 13 días
This was a gj
Logic Monkey
Logic Monkey Hace 13 días
So They live in the timeline in which they failed yet the timeline that made sure at least one succeeded?
Trouble Ship
Trouble Ship Hace 12 días
Logic Monkey he said there was only one reality they win. Just happens to have sacrifices.
slowcoach52 Hace 13 días
Stan Lee is The One Above All. R.I.P
G.S. Carlos
G.S. Carlos Hace 13 días
I was just going to make this theory video...now i dont.. Thanks mate
Joel Antunes
Joel Antunes Hace 13 días
holy damn...i would love that to be true
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Hace 13 días
A good theory none the less but Thanos actually uses the time stone himself to reverse time to collect the mind stone from vision. Would this be possible if the time stone was already activated?
manuel kyriakakis
manuel kyriakakis Hace 13 días
He put a curse on whomever used it.
Azel Destyano
Azel Destyano Hace 13 días
I think we could just see from endgame trailer that cap beard is shaved which means that they did go time travel back then
Calvin Workman
Calvin Workman Hace 13 días
Tony Stark is not the only smart one left. (does anyone know if Bill Foster was snapped away). He was a genius, he could use the time stone. 🤔🤔
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