Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie: NEW Trailer MEANING And Easter Eggs

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Everything you need to know from the new Dragon Ball super movie trailer announced at Comic Con San Diego 2018.
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Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 is scheduled to be released on December 14th, 2018. It’s the official continuation of Dragon Ball Super following the Tournament of Power. A trailer for the Dragon Ball Super Movie has just been recently released at the San Diego Comic-Con. We have new information and will breakdown the trailer showing all the Easter Eggs we noticed as well as discuss all the possible clues, hints and theories that may tell us about how the story may unfold.
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21 jul 2018

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Binj Bi
Binj Bi Hace 20 horas
In dbz broly was non canon
Kody Lalande
Kody Lalande Hace 22 horas
Those too random sayians look like an older cabba
Andrei Murillo
Andrei Murillo Hace 23 horas
I think the other Broly is non cannon
Guillaume Paquette
Guillaume Paquette Hace un día
Broly come from another universe
Darrel Oliver
Darrel Oliver Hace un día
What About Lord Beerus Ordering Frieza to Blow Planet Vegeta up?
Mr Eighty✓
Mr Eighty✓ Hace un día
Ask yourself this if broly was frozen for that whole amount of time how did his body grow?
Fizzlehound945 Hace 2 días
Broly's a genetically engineered saiyan created by Frieza, why else would Frieza say "Magnificent! His power is incredible!" He's never been so positive sounding when a Saiyan is the subject of conversation, and He's always ended up falling short to Goku and Vegeta, so what better an enemy to defeat them than another Saiyan? It would also explain the incubation chamber and the spaceship may contain remains of a long-dead Saiyan (maybe Yamoshi's) whose DNA they could use to generate a new type of Saiyan. I know they've pretty much already done this with Cell, Android 21, etc. But as far as I can tell, this is the only semi-solid theory I can come up with that holds a little, if any merit. Lol
the_ragingmustan YT
the_ragingmustan YT Hace 2 días
What if broly is a good guy and is getting controlled by his father and in so way broly is trying to comunixated by fighting the
Dead Silent
Dead Silent Hace 3 días
I really don't think Broly is going to die at the end...at least not now because why would they make him Canon for only one thing? Unless it's another excuse to show off to powerful UI is, Broly's not dying this one. Especially since Broly brings in a bunch of $$$. Or maybe someone is gonna wish for Broly back like Sorbet did Freiza. Idk but I'm excited af for this
Zen Vega
Zen Vega Hace 3 días
Dragon ball series should end...it is such a shitty and embarrassing series.
paagal aadmi
paagal aadmi Hace 3 días
No matter what happens in the end broly's gonna take the L
royal atharav
royal atharav Hace 3 días
In last second of the trailer I saw ultra instinct aura in goku's legs
Janet Hairston
Janet Hairston Hace 3 días
It's my second time looking at your videos but you mentioned planet sadal and that tall person looks like cabba or its just a suit that cabba wore in the tournament of power but could cabba had grew up and he was with someone like a friend and came to earth to see his master vegeta but runs into the fight to see vegeta and goku vs broly and maybe decides to fight with them but all of them gets beaten badly then vegeta gets injured bad and cabba goes into a fit of rage but that's just a theory but you find out if it's true or not after all I'm just a kid who loves dbz and a true fan likes everything even db dbz ,dbz super,db gt,dbz Absolon,and the new db heros eps okay bye
KB vines
KB vines Hace 4 días
Didn't burdock went back in time when planet vegeta was blown and kill chill ( Friza ancestor) in a super saiyan form
poke 2.0
poke 2.0 Hace 4 días
Goku still has the zen-oh button right?
Jesus The YouTubeBoy
That a boy broly this is why your my fav
No Gym Neededジムが要らない
This is trash lol
Bryan Casnaw
Bryan Casnaw Hace 5 días
What if the 2 sayins are king vegeta (then prince) and grampa vegeta (then king)?
Christian Cunanan
Christian Cunanan Hace 5 días
Those two Saiyan at the end are Cabba and Universe 6 Sainya King lol it's too obvious
Angel Joel
Angel Joel Hace 5 días
Isn’t this a different multiverse Broly becuz of 17s wish in the tournament to bring back all the universe that was Destroyed n brought back ancient races due to the fact that his wish wasn’t Specific enough
DJjones84 Hace 5 días
When the dragon ball is falling there is something down there where its falling
Nugget Hace 5 días
In the trailer why does it say "whom we've never seen" he's had three other movies
Damarion Gibbs
Damarion Gibbs Hace 5 días
lol ya dummys his names amono he fougt goku,remember reserect all unis hes from the 18 universe and he maid MUI and the super dragon balls and... hes not broly-make sence THINKKKKKKKK I WATCHED THE TRAILER AND MOVIE I HAVE EARLY AcTcEsS and he claimed all univ befor and trina claim gokus univ- 7 and broly died...
Kumail Hussain
Kumail Hussain Hace 6 días
Do it broly
David Obillo
David Obillo Hace 6 días
in the end of dragon ball super we saw friezas whole troops and the ship then how the hell did broly take his ship oh wait in the trailer i was thinking frieza was fighting just to get his ship back lol
Bingo Lalmalsawma
Bingo Lalmalsawma Hace 6 días
Is broly immortal? How is he always alive?
DiaMante Day
DiaMante Day Hace 6 días
They need to have jiren helping them. That'll be dope
Racoonman 217
Racoonman 217 Hace 6 días
That would be crazy if planet vegita was revived.
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu Hace 7 días
Their armor looks like Cooler's army tbh, the Frieza like spaceship just makes this more obvious, or not.
Sean Benton
Sean Benton Hace 7 días
This movie contradicts all the broly movies. Though i will watch this movie just pointing out the contradictions
Anghelo Airon Baliwas
broly is resurrect in dragon ball super because of he wish of ressurect all planet and god all people erase
Anghelo Airon Baliwas
the true is broly is alive because of wish of android 17 in dragon ball super android 17 wishes back all erased all god and planet all die in all episode thats why broly comeback
Ben Brace
Ben Brace Hace 8 días
Is broly gokus brother
Mauricio Leos
Mauricio Leos Hace 8 días
Omg Im Tired wtf
Unruly Hace 8 días
What about how Vegeta said “Hes learning during the fight” ?
Oliver-D Gagnon
Oliver-D Gagnon Hace 9 días
The babes are clonse of broly and the one at the end ise the perfect broly and is strangfe is from binge inplanted all the saiense strangfe and it wile provok ui soooooooo ui vs legendari super saiense
Roy Riparip
Roy Riparip Hace 9 días
Its cabba
Roy Riparip
Roy Riparip Hace 9 días
I cant for it
Mitchell Alorda
Mitchell Alorda Hace 10 días
That tall saiyan looks like cabba
edward maddy
edward maddy Hace 10 días
Im so tired of seeing a bunch of retards talk about my favorite anime and just make shit up. Good video but the rerards in these comment sections ruined it for me with stupid crap like vegeta being stronger now blah blah blah no one gives a shit, keep your fantasies to yourself. I think that the fans has been one of the biggest problems of the dbz dbs etc.. world. You guys realize that anime shapes based on majority of what fans want to see, so everyone wanted another broly movie after how many. Oh lets see em fuse again. Like fuck that i want something new. Im excited for this new movie but im not excited for the new gen of retards ruining a classic. Ive been there since the beginning where were you?
Electro Hace 10 días
7:14 it s vegeta s brother
Ugen Tam
Ugen Tam Hace 11 días
Well I think that those two saiyans are saiyans from universe 6 as there appearance is quite same as caba .. skinny and tall and as it's a continuation of dragon Ball super and all universe were restored so doesn't that make more sense ...that they came to meet universe 7 and specially Vegeta to thank him ....what do u think???
YamiFudo Hace 11 días
They need to find Gine alive, can you imagine a Saiyan Chi-Chi?
Zmaskua Pride
Zmaskua Pride Hace 11 días
Ultra Blade
Ultra Blade Hace 11 días
No, the saiyan on the left is young shallot
Yayanic Villanueva
Yayanic Villanueva Hace 11 días
i thot the name of this movie was dragon ball z brolly reborn
DejaVu 714
DejaVu 714 Hace 12 días
7:30 That man on the left strangely resembles Cabba from universe 6. We don't know when the movie takes place, but 3 years could pass easily and that could be Cabba with their prince after an invite to Universe 7 Earth. I know, empty plot holes every where in that theory but hey, it could happen, right?
DejaVu 714
DejaVu 714 Hace 12 días
Krishy playz Like I said Empty plot holes everywhere in that theory.
Krishy playz
Krishy playz Hace 12 días
cabba doesnt have a tail its someone else lol
RMV Tech
RMV Tech Hace 12 días
In the trailer they say what do you think is beyond that power?
Sociana Animates
Sociana Animates Hace 14 días
Eeeek Broly is canon now
Lolo Lolo
Lolo Lolo Hace 14 días
So in dragon ball super they never encountered broly before
Royce Insanity
Royce Insanity Hace 14 días
You never even considered the fact that broly might be from universe 6
Its Me Dawg
Its Me Dawg Hace 16 días
in my opinion strongest saiyans are Kakarot,Vegeta,Broly,and Yamoshi like if you agree
Utkarsh Sharma
Utkarsh Sharma Hace 16 días
Will ultra instinct be in this movie??
Javie Davis
Javie Davis Hace 16 días
When will this movie come out
H2G JORDAN Hace 16 días
The tall one is cabbe 🤣
Trending Boy
Trending Boy Hace 17 días
All please help me get 1.000 subscriber..let build together this anime Channel
Wesley Neilsen
Wesley Neilsen Hace 17 días
the scene of the tailed saiyans (the one with the cape) could be paragus and his father.-perhaps for the purpose of explaining something? A saiyans hair doesn't change, and the shorter saiyan in that scence's hair doens't look like broly. They say the movie partially takes place in the past, but they havn't said how far back it goes.
SR90Gaming Hace 18 días
“What could the purpose of the Dragon Ball be??! The NAME IS LITERALLY “DRAGON BALL” Super Broly
Shadow Flame
Shadow Flame Hace 18 días
Hopefully it is cannon but at the same time I don't like this new route he has taken with his series
Inu Dog
Inu Dog Hace 18 días
Bro. Why does paragus look like fucking buzz light-year with a dress lol
BooM Pow
BooM Pow Hace 18 días
Gotta censor them baby peepees
Asriel Might
Asriel Might Hace 18 días
the battle site is not on earth
William Winder
William Winder Hace 18 días
Broccoli had the best theme music
William Winder
William Winder Hace 18 días
5:15 Maybe when they're referring to the ledged of the super Saiyan they got it wrong and it has nothing to do with glowing hair.
Gavin Sheridan
Gavin Sheridan Hace 18 días
wrong.. broly hit the comet and it planted him on earth not a pod
ban the prince of all undead
i want this movie to portray broly's past as sad one and being manipulated by others . Portray broly as a villian but due to circumtances not by choice just like mael/estarossa like nanatsu no taizai . He should probably kill frieza in this movie so that he can be revived with cell to come back as pure evil not anti hero like that was portrayed in tornament of power
jose cool
jose cool Hace 19 días
That guy with the tail is from campa and with the cape is vegita
anthony ballatore
anthony ballatore Hace 20 días
I hope broly is goku brother
LuLeDx Hace 21 un día
Bet jiren still stronger than broly
Jonathan Norris
Jonathan Norris Hace 22 días
Its not the real Broly...its a clone
Saketh k
Saketh k Hace 22 días
The dragon ball that falls down seems to be a 4-Star dragon ball. That’s the one in usually related back to Gohan, when Grandpa Gohan gave it to Goku and Goku in turn gave it to his SON Gohan. Does that symbolise Gohan’s death or something?
joseph mobley
joseph mobley Hace 22 días
there is a game call dragon ball legends where the person your wandering is in there shallot is the main person in the game and look the same and is the same height
Carome Taylor
Carome Taylor Hace 22 días
i mean i still wantb to hear him scream kakarot at least
ImmortalGaming Network
What if Broly is related to Cumber? 😂
Malachi Edwards
Malachi Edwards Hace 23 días
An Easter egg that everyone misses At the end when Broly is powering up (when Goku scarily says “He’s getting stronger”), Broly’s green Ki becomes blue. It happens very quickly but it’s absolutely clear. Does Broly learn SSJB?
shadowrain 132
shadowrain 132 Hace 23 días
Rest in piece in saiyan heaven gok7
Giovanni Wiyanto
Giovanni Wiyanto Hace 23 días
2:23 REVIVAL OF F?!?! is this a new or old movie i know Resurrection Of F, but not revival of f
Ultra Byte
Ultra Byte Hace 23 días
Btw why is broly a new saiyanq
James Raymundo
James Raymundo Hace 23 días
Or maybe goku Will die and the new baby saiyan Will replace goku
Zα¢кυтσ Yυкαѕα {A Lot Stronger}
"I'm fired up!".
Zα¢кυтσ Yυкαѕα {A Lot Stronger}
That's Natsu's line.
BeelzeKid Hace 24 días
only ssj9k knows why gokus dende was all up on broly
Jhorman Ro
Jhorman Ro Hace 24 días
Is this Movie Canon?
Tayven Williams
Tayven Williams Hace 24 días
Mage 1519
Mage 1519 Hace 24 días
It must be cabba
Mia Green
Mia Green Hace 25 días
that probably king Vegeta and paroble in that picture
Dante Houston
Dante Houston Hace 25 días
How bar dock was trying to deafeat freiza and he died
MR JMAN Hace 25 días
Goku and Jiren vs Broly would be lit who agrees
MR JMAN Hace 25 días
How and why are paragus and broly always coming back
Yuri-Chan Gaming
Yuri-Chan Gaming Hace 25 días
more sayain: the one on the left might be tarbles (vegeta brother) since we saw him in super
John Jervic Dela Cruz
John Jervic Dela Cruz Hace 25 días
Bec the wish on tournament of power is "restore all the universe"thats why planet vegeta is restore
Ely Hace 25 días
Yes, this gets me more excited. Another epic fight but most importantly, the backstory of the saiyans
Lord Fezerellii
Lord Fezerellii Hace 26 días
Uhm its been confirmed that that its a mixture of suprr and minus
Jaurae Holman
Jaurae Holman Hace 26 días
5:41 pause...
Danilo 1310
Danilo 1310 Hace 26 días
Broly again???
Duckingz Hace 26 días
Theres a ui
Ford MoCo
Ford MoCo Hace 26 días
2 things will happen. Vegeta and goku fuse...or vegeta finally wakes up his legendary power. Frieza will be beat down.
Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods Hace 26 días
sick and tied of this broly shit
Lil_Motion Hace 26 días
i feel so bad for Broly his own king wanted to kill him and his Dad uses him like a weapon that f up his head
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