Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie: NEW Trailer MEANING And Easter Eggs

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Everything you need to know from the new Dragon Ball super movie trailer announced at Comic Con San Diego 2018.
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Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 is scheduled to be released on December 14th, 2018. It’s the official continuation of Dragon Ball Super following the Tournament of Power. A trailer for the Dragon Ball Super Movie has just been recently released at the San Diego Comic-Con. We have new information and will breakdown the trailer showing all the Easter Eggs we noticed as well as discuss all the possible clues, hints and theories that may tell us about how the story may unfold.
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21 jul 2018

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I like my own comment cause no one will
Content Shizuoka
Content Shizuoka Hace 2 días
Broly looks kinda like Yamcha..COULD IT BE THAT YAMCHA IS BROLY .O. Jk. Yamcha is to powerful.
bumshell211 Hace 2 días
Lol ever since Super started nothing seems to make sense any more, it seems everyone is on "GOD" level now, even Krillin so i guess our beloved saiyans are just changing their hair colour, nothing else. Maybe they should just go back to changing their hairstyles instead, the power comes from the style not the colour it would seem lol
Kinokotree Hace 3 días
mastered ssgss
Namz Islam
Namz Islam Hace 4 días
6:58 that’s cabba
mike pulcine
mike pulcine Hace 4 días
No body remembers that broly is from one of three newly revived universe's that tried to conquer all of the universes???
Kartikey Mishra
Kartikey Mishra Hace 5 días
Poor Videl
Melissa Frazier
Melissa Frazier Hace 6 días
It looked tarble
The Bunz
The Bunz Hace 10 días
You missed goku going ultra instinct at the end of the trailer
Kenneth Vo
Kenneth Vo Hace 13 días
6:52 Goku is Natsu
Airix xv
Airix xv Hace 15 días
Airix xv
Airix xv Hace 15 días
Nasol Mar
Nasol Mar Hace 15 días
That two saiyans are paragus and cabba
Baby ninja Frm_904
Baby ninja Frm_904 Hace 16 días
I found one when he roars it’s to voices
Blazer Shot
Blazer Shot Hace 16 días
6:57 that's paragus and beeds Stupid
Blazer Shot
Blazer Shot Hace 16 días
Broly and paragus were together all these years King vegeta sent broly to a remote planet and paragus goes to that planet as well And paragus is working with freeza to steal the dragon balls or to kill goku and vegeta
Blazer Shot
Blazer Shot Hace 16 días
You don t now how to make theories
Ram Yadav
Ram Yadav Hace 16 días
Make a note they are in frieza planet not i. Earth watch trailer carefully
dylan the fox
dylan the fox Hace 16 días
Maybe in the broly movie goku will fight broly and broly Is too strong and goku will turn ultra instinct
Wiktor Korczyński
Wiktor Korczyński Hace 16 días
New motiviation Frieza still lives with sayans.
Travis Stanley
Travis Stanley Hace 19 días
Why is it broly Again.....he is played out already
Badsha Islam
Badsha Islam Hace 24 días
4:57 damn goku is at mui and broly is laughing as they both struggle
Badsha Islam
Badsha Islam Hace 24 días
And broly is in his base form
Kryz Clarence Panga
Kryz Clarence Panga Hace 24 días
this movie is great
Henry Juarez
Henry Juarez Hace 25 días
Good Day to y’all please subscribe to AmourShipping101 Thanks 🙏🏻
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Hace 26 días
I really can't wait
ionisator idk
ionisator idk Hace 26 días
i have an idea: broly gets defeated by yamcha
Syria Johnson
Syria Johnson Hace 26 días
Broly vs Jiren??????
Mark Ferniz
Mark Ferniz Hace un mes
So thats why vegeta is always angry of goku
Khadar Mohamed
Khadar Mohamed Hace un mes
are you high it was shown in the trailer when Goku tries​ to touch his father
Nathaniel Workman
Nathaniel Workman Hace un mes
im missing trunks in the movies more and more
suraaj olympus
suraaj olympus Hace un mes
Is GOGETA coming in broly movie?
The Hypocrite
The Hypocrite Hace un mes
the fact that the two hands may not be of Bardock and Goku can be proved by the movie "Bardock: Goku's father". In that movie, Bardock's space pod lands on planet vegita only after goku's pod is launched. Try a new theory
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace un mes
I look so smexy
Dyllan Rodriguez
Dyllan Rodriguez Hace un mes
Jesus ya’ll were way off in plot
friendly neighborhood fellow
They should add universe 6 sayins and Goku and Vegeta should fuse or Goku should use ultra instinct
Saif Zed
Saif Zed Hace un mes
6:58 the left is yamoshi in my opinion
Umut E
Umut E Hace un mes
The other saiyan is maybe vegetas litttle brother
Clark Wayne
Clark Wayne Hace un mes
Ashley R
Ashley R Hace un mes
My question is where does goku from universe 6 come into this movie???or is this a different goku and vegeta that we’re looking at
Guri Single
Guri Single Hace un mes
Kb A rhi h movie
A'zen • X
A'zen • X Hace un mes
I think they will remake the story we currently know and turn this movie into Canon just like they did with previous two
Alucard Devas
Alucard Devas Hace un mes
But now in that spacepod is Goku kid go check out Trailer #2 on my channel to see
oknarphian exkraveduccial
Regurgitated trash
oknarphian exkraveduccial
Stop destroying cannon
Jeremiah Pittman-Lyons
...broly stop get some help
Halo Comics
Halo Comics Hace un mes
3 babies in incubator: Vegeta's brother goku broly
Jordy Quezada
Jordy Quezada Hace un mes
who thinks broly is stronger because when he was a baby his power lvl is 10'000 and when goku was a baby it was only 2
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham Hace un mes
It makes ZERO sense that this would be an origin movie. We already know origins. There was an entire series ... Dragon Ball.... that went through the origin of Goku
David Shock
David Shock Hace un mes
The 2 other saiyans could be King Vegeta and the saiyan to the left of him could be paragus
طلال الكعبي
Maybe this is broly from universe 6
Givingwig 12
Givingwig 12 Hace un mes
Theses are interesting theories
Imeraj King
Imeraj King Hace un mes
U missed "IM fired up" reference to fairy tail
Niko Kocjan
Niko Kocjan Hace un mes
Broly will now be canon. Very good.
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed Hace un mes
Those two saiyans one of them looked like universal 6 Saiyan name caba
Noob Noob
Noob Noob Hace un mes
0:05 he's about to turn ultra instinct
Rayyan Raza
Rayyan Raza Hace un mes
Hiccup Haddock
Hiccup Haddock Hace un mes
What I don't like about the trailer is..... Broly being stronger then ssjgod....I mean. Wtf? Wasn't ssj god supposed to be like the Pinnacle of power? I mean they've degraded ssj blue too much.....like too much
MaQuGo119 Hace un mes
"Easter egg" GTFO my ngga
Miguel The III
Miguel The III Hace un mes
7:32 the one on the left looks like cabba
BLAZIN B Hace un mes
The part with the two new sayains it's broly father u can see the belt
Rapid Hace un mes
Who watching in 2019? If you are from 2019 imma just let you know this comment is from the past:2018
Yousuf Javed
Yousuf Javed Hace un mes
I wonder if there is ui at all
NoYezz Hace un mes
ooh, what I'm hearing here, I don't believe it, why don't they just wish planet vegeta back?
Luis Serna
Luis Serna Hace un mes
Raditz will never be in a good movie
NerdTopia Hace un mes
For the dragon Ball theory that's was the 4th dragon Ball so Goku was probably just carrying it around
Shezz No
Shezz No Hace un mes
i just want ultra insticts to return
Anahad Singh Sehra
Anahad Singh Sehra Hace un mes
Is it the official trailer?
berondu1 Hace un mes
One of those saiyans might be shallot
berondu1 Hace un mes
Does broly know sonk goku's brother
TheWhatUpDawg Yt
TheWhatUpDawg Yt Hace un mes
Maybe we'll see Baradok
Janged Propane
Janged Propane Hace un mes
In dbz broly was non canon
Kody Lalande
Kody Lalande Hace un mes
Those too random sayians look like an older cabba
Andrei Murillo
Andrei Murillo Hace un mes
I think the other Broly is non cannon
Guillaume Paquette
Guillaume Paquette Hace un mes
Broly come from another universe
Darrel Oliver
Darrel Oliver Hace un mes
What About Lord Beerus Ordering Frieza to Blow Planet Vegeta up?
VazntTv Hace un mes
Ask yourself this if broly was frozen for that whole amount of time how did his body grow?
Fizzlehound945 Hace un mes
Broly's a genetically engineered saiyan created by Frieza, why else would Frieza say "Magnificent! His power is incredible!" He's never been so positive sounding when a Saiyan is the subject of conversation, and He's always ended up falling short to Goku and Vegeta, so what better an enemy to defeat them than another Saiyan? It would also explain the incubation chamber and the spaceship may contain remains of a long-dead Saiyan (maybe Yamoshi's) whose DNA they could use to generate a new type of Saiyan. I know they've pretty much already done this with Cell, Android 21, etc. But as far as I can tell, this is the only semi-solid theory I can come up with that holds a little, if any merit. Lol
the_ragingmustan YT
What if broly is a good guy and is getting controlled by his father and in so way broly is trying to comunixated by fighting the
Dead Silent
Dead Silent Hace un mes
I really don't think Broly is going to die at the end...at least not now because why would they make him Canon for only one thing? Unless it's another excuse to show off to powerful UI is, Broly's not dying this one. Especially since Broly brings in a bunch of $$$. Or maybe someone is gonna wish for Broly back like Sorbet did Freiza. Idk but I'm excited af for this
Zen Vega
Zen Vega Hace un mes
Dragon ball series should end...it is such a shitty and embarrassing series.
paagal aadmi
paagal aadmi Hace un mes
No matter what happens in the end broly's gonna take the L
royal atharav
royal atharav Hace un mes
In last second of the trailer I saw ultra instinct aura in goku's legs
Janet Hairston
Janet Hairston Hace un mes
It's my second time looking at your videos but you mentioned planet sadal and that tall person looks like cabba or its just a suit that cabba wore in the tournament of power but could cabba had grew up and he was with someone like a friend and came to earth to see his master vegeta but runs into the fight to see vegeta and goku vs broly and maybe decides to fight with them but all of them gets beaten badly then vegeta gets injured bad and cabba goes into a fit of rage but that's just a theory but you find out if it's true or not after all I'm just a kid who loves dbz and a true fan likes everything even db dbz ,dbz super,db gt,dbz Absolon,and the new db heros eps okay bye
Anime TV
Anime TV Hace 2 meses
Didn't burdock went back in time when planet vegeta was blown and kill chill ( Friza ancestor) in a super saiyan form
ZyreX Hace un mes
He still had family. At the end of the movie, Chilled (that ancestor) said to his soldiers that they must warn his family of the saiyan race.
poke 2.0
poke 2.0 Hace 2 meses
Goku still has the zen-oh button right?
Jesus The YouTubeBoy
That a boy broly this is why your my fav
No Gym Neededジムが要らない
This is trash lol
Bryan Casnaw
Bryan Casnaw Hace 2 meses
What if the 2 sayins are king vegeta (then prince) and grampa vegeta (then king)?
Christian Cunanan
Christian Cunanan Hace 2 meses
Those two Saiyan at the end are Cabba and Universe 6 Sainya King lol it's too obvious
Angel Joel
Angel Joel Hace 2 meses
Isn’t this a different multiverse Broly becuz of 17s wish in the tournament to bring back all the universe that was Destroyed n brought back ancient races due to the fact that his wish wasn’t Specific enough
DJjones84 Hace 2 meses
When the dragon ball is falling there is something down there where its falling
Black Gogeta
Black Gogeta Hace 2 meses
In the trailer why does it say "whom we've never seen" he's had three other movies
Damarion Gibbs
Damarion Gibbs Hace 2 meses
lol ya dummys his names amono he fougt goku,remember reserect all unis hes from the 18 universe and he maid MUI and the super dragon balls and... hes not broly-make sence THINKKKKKKKK I WATCHED THE TRAILER AND MOVIE I HAVE EARLY AcTcEsS and he claimed all univ befor and trina claim gokus univ- 7 and broly died...
ŤH3 J0K3r
ŤH3 J0K3r Hace 2 meses
Do it broly
David Obillo
David Obillo Hace 2 meses
in the end of dragon ball super we saw friezas whole troops and the ship then how the hell did broly take his ship oh wait in the trailer i was thinking frieza was fighting just to get his ship back lol
Bingo Lalmalsawma
Bingo Lalmalsawma Hace 2 meses
Is broly immortal? How is he always alive?
DiaMante Day
DiaMante Day Hace 2 meses
They need to have jiren helping them. That'll be dope
Racoonman 217
Racoonman 217 Hace 2 meses
That would be crazy if planet vegita was revived.
Miyu Miyu
Miyu Miyu Hace 2 meses
Their armor looks like Cooler's army tbh, the Frieza like spaceship just makes this more obvious, or not.
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