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The Trailer for DRAGON BALL SUPER MOVIE BROLY has been released and wow, so much to talk about!
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19 jul 2018

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Christian Mariano
Christian Mariano Hace 5 meses
He keep saying broly is taking 2 super saiyan blue in his base form while jiren is stomping goku and vegita in blue and 17 at the same time not even powering up lmao
Bigbang Beatboxer
Bigbang Beatboxer Hace 5 meses
Wait did anyone else see goku’s aura at the end of Broly yelling and the ki wave going twords goku (it looks like ultra instinct maybe a ki wave himself to block it)
Craig McKenzie
Craig McKenzie Hace 6 meses
broly , goku and vegeta have all met befor in dragon ball Z
hosna kadri
hosna kadri Hace 6 meses
guys this spoils the fun of watching the movie the movie is interesting when u dont know the story okay
Glitchy shot
Glitchy shot Hace 6 meses
is it me or does it look like broly has white hair.. idk 5:21
_xchewy _
_xchewy _ Hace 6 meses
not in base form his eyes change if u look closely
Lay Vong
Lay Vong Hace 6 meses
Will this new movie be in English? Or it be with English Subtitles?
PR1NCETD0T Hace 6 meses
Unless he gets in Beeru's way or Beerus has to 'destroy' him, he won't get involved. Look at Ressurrection F, Frieza destroyed earth and Beerus didn't care.
Brandon Crites
Brandon Crites Hace 6 meses
I think somehow, goku and broly are brothers
Anwar Harris-Joyc'e
Anwar Harris-Joyc'e Hace 6 meses
Broly is the eldest son of bardock paragus is merely the nappa to him so to speak watch you'll all see.
Jake_ Animations
Jake_ Animations Hace 6 meses
Actually he’s in ssjbase form
Jake_ Animations
Jake_ Animations Hace 6 meses
Jake_ Animations
Jake_ Animations Hace 6 meses
John Dockery
John Dockery Hace 6 meses
Dude he is not in base form...he has 5 transformations!
The Legendary Gamer21
Great video Mastar you always make great videos. I have a question for everyone, my question is does anyone know the exact animation software Toei Animation is using for this Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie id like to know if anyone can tell me thx.
Official T-Funny
Official T-Funny Hace 6 meses
And Goku won the fight with another STUPID UPGRADE. Hoo Sorry Vegeta😔 maybe ONE DAY, MAYBE ONE DAY!
Kerim Artun
Kerim Artun Hace 6 meses
Broly is not in base form his eyes are yellow
pablo schulz
pablo schulz Hace 6 meses
MASTER Jiren vs Kanba ssj - Fan Animation - Super dragon ball heroes UHG
the titan buster team nightmare
Broly is an enraged angsty teen
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 6 meses
I think goku beated broly with the ssb thats why broly transformed and vegeta i think he's going to transform into ssg
Hey ItsMe
Hey ItsMe Hace 6 meses
There's not gonna be no disappointment
Edger Mendez
Edger Mendez Hace 6 meses
This is beerus premonition!!
Shawn Hueston
Shawn Hueston Hace 6 meses
Be for real is jiren gonna be in this and I don't want them killing broly hes to broly to be killed
Lakhan Motwani
Lakhan Motwani Hace 6 meses
I love the trailer but this movie will not release in India so how can I watch this movie cause I am a huge dragon ball fan
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 6 meses
Goku MUI vs Broly final form = Vegeta SSB Evolution vs Broly final form = Beerus vs Broly final form = Jiren vs Broly final form = Yamcha vs Broly final form = Monaka vs Broly final form = GOD Toppo vs Broly final form = Post your guess :)
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Hace 6 meses
Aly Kouyate
Aly Kouyate Hace 6 meses
anime war episode 9 please
Mxcah Hxnn
Mxcah Hxnn Hace 6 meses
Whis gonna bring the universe 6 saiyans as back up gonna take caulifa and kale to assist to defeat him lol
Yolan Segadavan
Yolan Segadavan Hace 6 meses
I think towards the end of the movie beerus will reveal to everyone that it was broly who he saw in his premonition of the super saiyan God and he will fight him in the end... thoughts??
Martin A.
Martin A. Hace 6 meses
Another option to beat him is Gogeta Blue!
kill me
kill me Hace 6 meses
Vegetas smirk is the best part of the trailer
karuso hoste
karuso hoste Hace 6 meses
is this legit ?
Hay Jake is it December 2018 or January 2019 was it pushed back till January ????????
cali 760
cali 760 Hace 7 meses
So he's basically like the hulk now
Rai tutorial
Rai tutorial Hace 7 meses
Anime war next episode fastly upload
ジレンJiren Hace 7 meses
“~A Buch of Weakling~Hmph”
Oscar Chacón Castaño
When Broly shows his berserker mode and his destructive comes to Goku , Goku transforms in MUI
Tibly Hace 7 meses
Just how many times broly got killed by goku already????
kyale thompson
kyale thompson Hace 7 meses
Goku will learn a new form
Mahwish Rafi
Mahwish Rafi Hace 7 meses
Wow am very excited
hridaykhattry Hace 7 meses
Why do I get a feeling that they might show Broly and Goku to be brothers, somehow.
Konex Matrix
Konex Matrix Hace 7 meses
nah jiren will come in and beat him that will be the ending
Fercurix Hace 7 meses
Broly... again... srry... bored.. I liked your creation of the ancient frozen saiyan inventing unltra instict a lot better!!
Wolf Kid
Wolf Kid Hace 7 meses
I think they might fuse to beat him
Silver Hace 7 meses
sorry but after Jiren i cant take Broly seriously
Prestige Worldwide
Prestige Worldwide Hace 7 meses
Movie is going to be awesome, like the old animation much better though.......so far!
Sage of the East
Sage of the East Hace 7 meses
Sorry no UI but we'll get a new transformation with Goku and probably Vegeta as well. Don't be surprised if they give them their tails back.
Jwill 1982
Jwill 1982 Hace 7 meses
They should let Jiren join in the fight with Goku in the Movie.
Gammale Joseff
Gammale Joseff Hace 7 meses
I think the fight against frieza is when he recruits broly any thoughts
random bpt
random bpt Hace 7 meses
I think that Freeza ia the first one to get his butt kick and then goes to earth to warn Goku and Vegeta
Arius Pierre
Arius Pierre Hace 7 meses
The new style reminds me of lupin
dworkx1 Hace 7 meses
Jiren would mop brolly he didn't have to let anybody last in t.o.p before his first power up. Imahgin bBrolly going to Jirens planet to take it over! he'd be screwed!
Night Of Day
Night Of Day Hace 7 meses
I hope it’s 2 hours long
Everett Smith
Everett Smith Hace 7 meses
When 17 wished all universe's back it should've restored all those who died like when Goku wished back everyone Friza killed I'm just saying
Αντώνης Δρόσος
I hope this is something like what happened with the battle of gods movie. Witch was actually an introduction to the dragonball super series. I want broly to be casual in dragonball. I fucking love the dude 15years already.
Αντώνης Δρόσος
Beerus should stay aside and watch as he eats pudding. Or he will get fucked!
OrcThenics Hace 7 meses
i like beerus, but broly is an all time favourite. i hope he mops the floor with all of them and then leaves them half-dead, telling them to train more.
Ricky Douglas
Ricky Douglas Hace 7 meses
What if broly was brought back to find his daughter Kale at the end of super when 17 wished all The universes back? That’s how broly came into play again, and now he’s on the rampage to find kale that’s his daughter ? Hmm
Chris Torres
Chris Torres Hace 7 meses
Can someone please help me understand?? How does Goku and Vegeta not know who Broly is in this trailer? There are already movies with Goku vs Broly from the original Dragon Ball Z.. it doesn’t make sense to me.
Muraz Abbasov
Muraz Abbasov Hace 7 meses
Please anime war
Bane McDeath
Bane McDeath Hace 7 meses
Exactly how many Broly movies are there and where do they fit in the timeline? Are the old movies discounted? Actually, maybe all the movies and series I wouldn’t mind seeing a timeline and /outline timeline bubble. Eh... it’s cool that there’s more DB to feast on.
Destro Hace 7 meses
why the fuck would they make another broly movie. we already have two existing broly movies
Harshu Khandelwal
Harshu Khandelwal Hace 7 meses
mad see in the end Goku becomes Ultra instinct A little hint in the last see it
Michal Mateja
Michal Mateja Hace 7 meses
Again. Goku is amazingly powerful being, but hey, there comes broly to whom 20x kioken blue is NOTHING. For once they could think of a story line where goku doesnt get fucked and needs to develop a NEW amazing form which will be usless against another new enemy.
Jay Gregorio
Jay Gregorio Hace 7 meses
This is bullshit! Broly is already dead right?. Fuck!..
So , what about BROLY VS FULLPOWERED JIREN ! I will choose JIREN !
Saiyan Warrior2
Saiyan Warrior2 Hace 7 meses
This was posted on my birthday july 19
shahriar mullick
shahriar mullick Hace 7 meses
Don't need to be panic. Kakarot will defeat broly. Because at the end toriyama will pull kakarots ass.
chef boy
chef boy Hace 7 meses
Goku call zeno samaaa
Otaku Gaming
Otaku Gaming Hace 7 meses
Why is it Januaru now december?
giovanni gervacio
giovanni gervacio Hace 7 meses
broly will break the necklace that is why frieza will not be able to controll him..take a closer look at brolly, the necklace was taken out in some of the fight scene...
Allen Green
Allen Green Hace 7 meses
That is why the old broly wanted to fight goku so bad to get stronger. Its a pure sayian thing. Even goku wants to get stronger so yeah this will be the movie that tells it all
Allen Green
Allen Green Hace 7 meses
So this is Cabba planet Vegeta promise was about or is this something different from what vegeta promised to Cabba? Is this his King! The girl saiyan who was afraid to transform.. She transform into the same form as Broly! She couldnt control her energy but as she fights she gets stronger n stronger just like Broly.
Et zozo
Et zozo Hace 7 meses
This is what I thinks bouta happen “Brody’s dad is a servant of frieza, but is staging a coup, but to do that he needs someone strong enough to fight him so he grows Brody from his dead son, then when he starts the coup frieza fights Broly and gets his ass beat but makes it to earth to earn goku and vegeta
ro g
ro g Hace 7 meses
care to point out where exactly in trailer do u get that ssb kaioken is getting handled by broly? cus i don't see that anywhere....
Manuel Loregian
Manuel Loregian Hace 7 meses
Spoiler alert: Yamcha and Chaozu are gonna use the potaras. Yamcha will die putting on the potara. Chaozu accidentally fuses with dead Yamcha, both dead.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia Hace 7 meses
What if the three babies in the capsules are goku, vegeta, and broly Making them the strongest saiyans
haz Hace 7 meses
They better show Ultra Instinct in this movie.
Roy Charming
Roy Charming Hace 7 meses
Broly killed jiren’s master, I’m calling it lol
Azntim9 Hace 7 meses
Animation reminds me of naruto for some reason
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz Hace 7 meses
For Everyone Asking this movie Is cannon The old broly movies are no longer cannon .
Marvin Barnett
Marvin Barnett Hace 7 meses
I think Vegata got the super saiyan god form now
J Daniels
J Daniels Hace 7 meses
MaStar Media ? why not ss5 from gt .... by far goku' s strongest state from the Asian creator
Angel Valentin Mojica
I love this art design. It looks like dbz. I love it
Infamous Mouse
Infamous Mouse Hace 7 meses
Hay maSTAR just a personal fort but chould this be like when kale learnt to control beserke. Hear me out we saw in past when Broly saw goku/ kakorot on a planet with some one sort of controling him ( how looks like the white haired guy ) then Broly remembered his past and lost control of his power but chould we be seeing a mature controlled form of Broly like when kale controlled her power in the tournament of power against goku ?
Razerownz Hace 7 meses
Gohan and Trunks going to defeat Broly
eddrush209mph Hace 7 meses
Broly & Kale Potara Fusion, lets see it!! 💪💯 😆😆😆
micnpark Hace 7 meses
He never was canon. He is a totally new caracter. Goku and vegeta DONT know him. He IS NOT the Broly you know! He IS NOT a legendary super saiyan, lssj DOESNT EXIST in the official time line!!! Dam, is it so difficult to understand??
Kopie Hace 7 meses
Thank God for megalobox! Old school animation is coming back!
Gummie Bear
Gummie Bear Hace 7 meses
Hehehe, this makes me laugh, not the trailer, but all the stupid theories MaSTAR and others did on the movie. The saiyan baddie theories sounded good, but were extremely off. Glad to see Broly coming back, forming into the canon. But one thing that is a little off is how powerful he is. I know he is a Legendary Super Saiyan and all, but how can he be more powerful than a Super Saiyan God or the God Blue form?
eddrush209mph Hace 7 meses
Ikr, I always saw him as some immensely powerful (but an irregular or abnormal) SSJ3. If you catch my drift. If there was some realistic power scaling to go by - he shouldn't be more stronger than Super Saiyan God.
David George
David George Hace 7 meses
There’s a third option to defeat him other than beerus/UI.. fusion?
One Flip
One Flip Hace 7 meses
Could it be possible that the entire multiverse could be in danger of being wiped out by broly immense God like power that it drives Goku to seek and recruit warriors from across the multiverse in the fight against broly
One Flip
One Flip Hace 7 meses
What if Goku travels to universe 11 to find Jerin in an attempt to recruit him in the fight against broly
Duane Scott
Duane Scott Hace 7 meses
Goku will have to master blue. This aint the TOP broly has full intent to kill him so hell never be able to linger on the edge like he was in the tournament. Ultra instinct aint happening
Error 404
Error 404 Hace 7 meses
3 pods 3 saiyans goku, vegeta and broly are they experimental saiyans? Is this fate
Rob Hace 7 meses
Really Broly Again! Can they not develop a new Character. Sure new story but it is Broly. Not happy about this,but obviously it is just my opinion
Sam the Onion Man
Sam the Onion Man Hace 7 meses
I can't wait to see what the comments have in store for us.
Narcissus Hace 7 meses
What's annoying about this video is that the dude is making a bunch of assumptions based on a 2 minute trailer and acting as if his opinion is fact. Remember the idiots who though Caulifla was the LSSJ from the trailer? They were quick to blow their loads and were completely wrong.
Sveno V
Sveno V Hace 7 meses
pfffff, power levels. seriously? after DBS you're still talking about power elvels? cmon man......
Saridipat Arunaditya
I bet goku will go ultra instinct again
Jp Jp
Jp Jp Hace 7 meses
Never heard of Brolly before? Not like there weren't a couple other Brolly movies in DBZ.
Supernatural Observer
Dude, I can literally FEEL the excitement pouring from your voice
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