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The Father of all Saiyans, Akumo, invades Earth and it’s up to Goku to stop him in this Dragon Ball Super Movie Fan Edit/Animation. This is my prediction of what I believe the New Saiyan Villain to be, NOT CONFIRMED OR AUTHENTIC. Don’t listen to anyone who uses the images or information from this animation as real. Thank you to the Patrons for Supporting us: www.patreon.com/mastarmedia
This Fan Edit/Animation is made for fun and I do not own the rights to Dragon Ball or work for Toei, Funimation, or Fuji TV. Full credit to Toei animation and Akira Toriyama
Animated by Mastar
Massivity - Warpath
Massivity - Stoneburner
Massivity - Immaculate Destruction
Magnus Christensen and Ryan Franks - Shatter Game
2WEI - Catapult
2WEI - Neptune
Two Steps from Hell - Freedom Fighters
Two Steps from Hell - None Shall Live
Two Steps from Hell - Flight of the Silverbird
Two Steps from Hell - Amaria
Jo Blankenburg - Leaving Lemuria
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3 abr 2018

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MaSTAR Media
MaSTAR Media Hace 5 meses
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John Garrigues
John Garrigues Hace 21 un hora
Dude. Continue this story. It explains the origins of Brolys power. Since Broly is now cannon bring this dude into the picture and maybe one day he'll be cannon too
karan pkatarki
karan pkatarki Hace 16 días
MaSTAR Media i wish they include this character instead of broly.
Akumo Hace 26 días
Akumo Hace 26 días
MaSTAR Media petreon no patron u stupid
hulk smash hulk smash
hulk smash hulk smash Hace 29 días
I want to the whole fight please
10,000 subscribes but no videos ?
Tbh I’d put my money into this
Marcquis Gaines
Marcquis Gaines Hace 3 horas
Part 2!! Make a part 2!!
riley jones
riley jones Hace 7 horas
So this is the original super sayin vegita was talking about.
adi zeneli
adi zeneli Hace 9 horas
Can u countinue this video
TheUltimateChuchu Hace 10 horas
I called it that this story would be better then the new Movie. Now I know it is Broly and that I am right
Maelria Hhs
Maelria Hhs Hace 21 un hora
ChipHyzi GVA
ChipHyzi GVA Hace un día
Holy shit, to much work, awesome!
Snow_Blood :3
Snow_Blood :3 Hace un día
Y.....you are the master of.......Ryu ?!
jeswin thomas
jeswin thomas Hace un día
Where is 2 nd part
Joby Ortega
Joby Ortega Hace 2 días
Es falso
drama6446 Hace 2 días
You should finish this film
elpoderosaso Hace 2 días
why do people assume that he is old, even goku assumes that he is old. Just because his universe has been erased for millions of years that doesnt mean him is millions years old. This is no different then Jiren getting erased and then brought back to life.
Vidit Singh
Vidit Singh Hace 2 días
Really amazing, waiting for part 2
Goku Hace 2 días
Subscribe me if you are Dragon ball z fans
Ymovik Serguey
Ymovik Serguey Hace 2 días
Nice, continue ton travail.
TIMDesign Publicidad
Si este tipo es broly que pereza que decepción esperaba otro personaje mas legendario. Al menos que esta sea otra película diferente ala que se esta promocionando
DragonMontage Bird
DragonMontage Bird Hace 2 días
mastar media part 2
Corey Graham
Corey Graham Hace 3 días
This would be better than fight broly again
Lorenzo Davis
Lorenzo Davis Hace 3 días
Conexão The_Dark_Lord_BR
Essa história cairia melhor, com esse personagem diferente e novo, do que um Brolly, DE NOVO, mas fazer o quê né, autor gosta muito de simplicidade mesmo kkkk
Olen Smith Jr.
Olen Smith Jr. Hace 3 días
"Broly" damn spell check 😆
Olen Smith Jr.
Olen Smith Jr. Hace 3 días
Your Belly two part was fantastic!!!! But I must admit I would also love to see Akumo the father of all saiyans continued as a separate saga with new characters added. It would stand on its on. UR great!!! and go Vegeta😆
Leysi Daza
Leysi Daza Hace 4 días
betea la miarda mentiroso
Loudshet Hace 4 días
sub indonya terlalu cepet ilang , jadi susah mbacanya !!
Quinix Yashieyama
Quinix Yashieyama Hace 4 días
For anyone who is wondering what the name of that song is at 5:05, its called: Two Steps from Hell - He who brings the Night. I do not know why they dont have that song listed ( which in my opinion is the best song to play with his badass transformation) but now you know. Your Welcome.
Y Riv
Y Riv Hace 5 días
Rai Ganesh
Rai Ganesh Hace 5 días
We want more this episodes
Ramos A
Ramos A Hace 5 días
He said king of everything? What if he challenge zeno sama and grand priest hmm lets see if hes a king of everything if he defeat he will said in "im king of weakness"
Goku wont reach his ultimate potential until he becomes a black saiyin with dreads lol
José Clarence
José Clarence Hace 6 días
epic film
Llanin Ayala
Llanin Ayala Hace 6 días
Am glad to know brody is cannon
xAsmir Hace 6 días
wow, i had no idea...true super saiyan god using ultra instinct :)
Almighty Push
Almighty Push Hace 7 días
Bruh this animation was so clean.. and even a better story line.. please like buy dragon ball X super and animate it yourself 😂💙
Best Experiments
Best Experiments Hace 7 días
I am here
Phương Duy
Phương Duy Hace 7 días
Lời nhìn dơ quá
B0ruto Uzum4ki
B0ruto Uzum4ki Hace 7 días
Tomou na Jabirasca
B0ruto Uzum4ki
B0ruto Uzum4ki Hace 7 días
Rhuan Ferreira Ruas
Rhuan Ferreira Ruas Hace 8 días
There is an error, the symbol on the back of the goku changes throughout the fight, but the fight was good.
rcpattee Hace 8 días
L. Smith
L. Smith Hace 9 días
Damn dude! They should hire you as an animator/ consultant. At the very least to pick your mind for ideas. This would ROCK! Much rather see this than Broly any day of the week!!👍👍👍
Tho Nguyen
Tho Nguyen Hace 9 días
Tên này là Akumo (bố của Akuma =)) ) bố của tất cả dân Saiyan. Nó ở trạng thái nguyên thủy xanh và lên bản năng vô cực nên nó là vô đối, thần còn phải nể nó. Đấng sáng thế tạo ra 18 vũ trụ và chia ra làm 3 nhóm, chỉ định các thần cai quản, sau đó đấng lại xóa sổ mất 6 vũ trụ, trong đó có 3 vũ trụ nó đang cai quản và nó cũng bị xóa sổ cùng luôn. Điều ước của Androi 18 khi đánh thắng Jiren lại vô tình làm phục hồi cả những vũ trụ đã bị xóa sổ trước đây... Quả này nó trở lại là muốn làm vua của thiên đàng, địa ngục, vua của muôn vua, nó về kiếm Zeno để phục thù thù vụ phá mất 3 vũ trụ của nó, nó xuất thân từ vũ trụ 18 ... không những thế, nó muốn chiếm luôn cả 18 vũ trụ bằng quả đấm thép ....
Project Zombies
Project Zombies Hace 9 días
Dude, he couldn’t have invented it... it’s the angles power, and it’s true some gods can use it
Sinan G
Sinan G Hace 10 días
I like this fan made "Movie" but i think it was a Bit to much as he said "i innvented the ultra Instinkt"
Dave Gorman
Dave Gorman Hace 10 días
Damn that was good
Vinayak Hotkar
Vinayak Hotkar Hace 10 días
akumo stronger than cumber.
Mrigank Ranjan
Mrigank Ranjan Hace 10 días
We are waiting
Mohamed Amr
Mohamed Amr Hace 11 días
Does anyone know the music in the background around the six minute 6:00 mark?
Macky Danz
Macky Danz Hace 11 días
Lol I will rule everything with my iron Fist He should join the iron fist tournament
Ghoul Trooper
Ghoul Trooper Hace 11 días
Smh Brooklyn’s form at least could’ve made something better instead of re entertaining the old form we mostly saw
Mirajul Karim
Mirajul Karim Hace 11 días
this god of saiyan isn't even half strong broly is
Luke Blow
Luke Blow Hace 11 días
This one sucked. Please don't make another
gaming shqip
gaming shqip Hace 11 días
15 million wiews 👏👏👏
Tiago Assis
Tiago Assis Hace 11 días
Olha esses gráficos é de mais de 8 mil !!!!
Christopher Hatch
Christopher Hatch Hace 12 días
Reminds me of Madara
Francisco  Ibarra. Jr
Francisco Ibarra. Jr Hace 12 días
Eduardo Medina gil
Eduardo Medina gil Hace 12 días
La película donde se ve q sale yamoshi peleando con goku es la misma donde saldrá brolyc
Viljo Vaan
Viljo Vaan Hace 12 días
you never continue these videos just make new scenarions which also end at cliffhanger. for viewers it is highly unsatisfying. sadly im unsubbing becouse of this.
matthew bosco
matthew bosco Hace 12 días
For this custom video I got a good story for this long ago after the sayians conquered and made a new home planet vegeta this new sayian was born the first ever super sayian he was anointed protector and leader of the planet until Beerus the destroyer god had that vision of being destroyed by a super sayian god so he came to vegeta and locked this sayian up kept him in stasis but while in stasis he could sense what was happening similar to Bardok in a way he sensed how his people got subjugated by frieza how they allowed themselves to get wiped out how some sayians that survived became soft and chose to defend one planet instead of conquering and fighting and after a long period of time and sit of anger building up he breaks free and sets out to take care of beerus who is on earth with whis and as he arrives he has a light greenish yellowish aura and he looks for them so after they leave beerus and whis he arrives and is looking for beerus and as he searches he notices goku and vegeta being fellow sayians however he notices they have no tails he asks them where are your tails your source of powers they respond with we cut them off ok so to him that’s a huge sign of disgrace like once u cut it you lost your right to call yourself a sayian like your tainted in his eyes and he’s the type to eradicate the tainted type and the fight begins who would win I don’t know tough one but I know not one person can beat him it’s gonna take a lot more than one just like goku black grand Zeno comes in to take care of it
BrandonClip Hace 13 días
6:49 what them is that
elpoderosaso Hace 13 días
"Because im the one who invented it" shit he even had me scared.
John Castillo
John Castillo Hace 13 días
The theme intro looked intense
Jeremiah Queen
Jeremiah Queen Hace 13 días
Aw man we didn't get to see super saiyan three the true transformation :'(
Mama kabira
Mama kabira Hace 13 días
PART 2!!!!
10,000 subscribes but no videos ?
Hey some guy stole your video and uploaded it as his own
10,000 subscribes but no videos ?
Still keep watching this over and kver
Sjskd Ejdkdk
Sjskd Ejdkdk Hace 14 días
Who is this guy broly or a new sayian
Shawn Youtt
Shawn Youtt Hace 14 días
5:30 - Animal - love it
Mark Bayless
Mark Bayless Hace 14 días
lets get this guy on sharktank or get people to invest in him or set up a go fund me. let him work a comfortable shift weekly and make us more awesome anime
Ricky Lopez
Ricky Lopez Hace 14 días
Man the whole Dragon ball organization better step it way up^!!! This fan film was freakin awesome!!!!!!!
Louis310tank Hace 14 días
This was dope you need to finish this please 🖖🏼🖖🏼
Miguel Villegas
Miguel Villegas Hace 14 días
For once goku is smart.
Lo Mejor De Dragon Ball Z
El que quiere ver dragon ball z de la saga de los sayayines en español latino que visite mi canal y me dejen su comentario si quierem mas contenido soy nuevo hasta luego gracias por leer esto
Abdur Rahman Quddusi
Abdur Rahman Quddusi Hace 14 días
please release anime war ep 8 and have been a dragon ball z fan for 7 years and still am and always will be
Wouter Tiemens
Wouter Tiemens Hace 14 días
Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap
Laydle ChickenTony
Laydle ChickenTony Hace 15 días
Zeno 1st zamala 2nd dashinkan 3rd Angel 4th Goku-Vegeta 5th Lord hakai 6th
nahuel fire
nahuel fire Hace 15 días
Estaría espectacular esa pelea en película
Mohd Areeb Khanzeei Zee TV
Bro you killed it 😻😻
worl boss
worl boss Hace 16 días
Wow just wooooow , the story line was just amazing, it will be a damn shame if the movie does not come out as great as that, talk about perfect writing, watching this keeps ur heart pounding Everytime
claytonadriano aliberto
Dos Sayagim
claytonadriano aliberto
O pai de todos os deuses
S.S Graphics.
S.S Graphics. Hace 16 días
Babai Sarkar
Babai Sarkar Hace 16 días
Part 2 kab ayega?
Pan Pan75
Pan Pan75 Hace 16 días
8:31 yeeeees! That was awesome!!
w1f am i doing? HERE?!
2:30 Jesus 2:35 Christ
w1f am i doing? HERE?!
Not Gonna Lie, The Animation Is Awesome And So Is The Film, Its Hard To Believe He Invented The Ultra Instinct, Its Like He Teached Angels Or Something
Duttraj Kulkarni
Duttraj Kulkarni Hace 16 días
When you will release it's part 2
Frostghost 75_6
Frostghost 75_6 Hace 16 días
Why does ultra instinct Goku look familiar?
Joshua Ontiveros
Joshua Ontiveros Hace 16 días
I want to see part 2
Patchy Bigfoot
Patchy Bigfoot Hace 17 días
So awesome
Devil Smile Gaming
Devil Smile Gaming Hace 17 días
This story interests me more than the movie thats coming soon. This would be a cool movie or even a story arc to follow. Good Work
Pirdaus Sangalang
Pirdaus Sangalang Hace 18 días
Judul nya apa ya please coment..
Zachtron272 productions
If hes a god how will goku stop him and if hes so power full then the angels cant win nor the destroyers!$^"*)*%"@!!!!????????
Zachtron272 productions
DanyXsX Hace 18 días
Esta vaina es pa niños ratas, definitivamente.
Antony Garcia piera millant
Je trouve pas le titre de la musique quand Akumo se transforme avec l'ultra instinct
Ghost_of_ Nomad
Ghost_of_ Nomad Hace 19 días
Must feel pretty stupid after the trailer lmao
Brody400 Hace 19 días
This in all honesty, should be made cannon.
James Hammond
James Hammond Hace 20 días
Even with a canon Broly reboot, I think this is a better premise for a DBS movie personally. It shows that 17’s wish had bad repercussions, and everything wasn’t hunky dory besides Frieza’s revival.
Roderick Thames
Roderick Thames Hace 20 días
Beat Beat Beat Beat because I'm the one who invited it I'm the one who invited it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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