Akumo, The Father of All Saiyans (Part 1)

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The Father of all Saiyans, Akumo, invades Earth and it’s up to Goku to stop him in this Dragon Ball Super Movie Fan Edit/Animation. Thank you to the Patrons for Supporting us: www.patreon.com/mastarmedia
This Fan Edit/Animation is made for fun and I do not own the rights to Dragon Ball or work for Toei, Funimation, or Fuji TV. Full credit to Toei animation and Akira Toriyama
Animated by Mastar
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3 abr 2018

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MaSTAR Media
MaSTAR Media Hace 10 meses
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Dev Ahmed
Dev Ahmed Hace 14 horas
This is very popular
Enrique Ayala
Enrique Ayala Hace un día
that's just broly
Dragoz Shi
Dragoz Shi Hace 3 días
ShaaaaaaAaOaaaA shiiiiiaaaa min 5:28 satánic super sayayin
Leandro Daniel Criollo Garcia
Akumo aparecerá en la segunda entrega de Dragon Ball Super : Otra batalla de los Saiyayín .
Sunil Yadav
Sunil Yadav Hace 5 días
MaSTAR Media
King Sharif
King Sharif Hace 5 minutos
Bruh it look fan made, but the animation is so good
3japanj Hace un hora
Know your role, damn saiyan!
Jane Song
Jane Song Hace un hora
He look like broly
Gaming Knight
Gaming Knight Hace un hora
It was pretty well animated, so props there. And respect to the creator, but I'm really happy this wasn't what the movie was. It was very predictable that 'Akumo' was going to be the one who 'created' Ultra Instinct. Saw that coming from a mile away. Not to mention, if he is an ancient saiyan, why is he wearing Frieza force armor?
Sav Kvd
Sav Kvd Hace 2 horas
This soundtrack... It's amazing...
ah boom
ah boom Hace 2 horas
NO NO NO broly the son of paragues
Michael Guirouard
Michael Guirouard Hace 3 horas
3:25 song ??
Vegito 56
Vegito 56 Hace 3 horas
I’m not hating on this dude or anything but he took some of the new Dragonball Broly super movie scenes from it just saying
Chris Davenport Jr
Chris Davenport Jr Hace 4 horas
Axolytus Hace 4 horas
Shaggy: "Impressive, Akuma or something dude. You made me use 3% of my power, man." (Btw, don't start a war in the Reply Section.)
Mark Anthony Salviejo
Let me guess. When Goku turned Super Saiyan God (Red), he ascended further by going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, a.k.a Super Saiyan God Blue. So, if you follow that trend, most likely, he will ascend further from Ultra Instinct by going Super Saiyan while on his Ultra Instinct form. Don't you agree?
Shizzy Mack
Shizzy Mack Hace 7 horas
Is this yugimon?
Siradj Eddine Ghiri
Siradj Eddine Ghiri Hace 8 horas
this looks freaking good ....until you watch the real movie
Florian Landwehr
Florian Landwehr Hace 9 horas
Please more this is Sick bro probs ❤
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev Hace 10 horas
Inspired by Madara, named after Akuma. Great Success!
shalyssec Hace 11 horas
He's not the dad of goku
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Hace 12 horas
Dope as fuck.
AnSeM Door to Darkness
God this is fucking stupid
Luis G
Luis G Hace 13 horas
3:02 what did Goku say about Honda motors being incredibly strong?
Unknown Hybrid
Unknown Hybrid Hace 13 horas
Broly vs Akumo Or is Broly Akumo?
Rahmat Wungkul
Rahmat Wungkul Hace 14 horas
Mantap betul, sangat bagus, lanjutkan. Tapi untuk ultra insting itu tidak di ciptakan oleh seseorang seperti halnya jurus atau tekhnik kamehameha dll, tapi dikuasai seperti halnya kemampuan untuk bisa menguasai super saiya
연기 스르르
연기 스르르 Hace 14 horas
일본어 읽을 줄 알았으면 좋댄다ㅜㅜ
anythings name
anythings name Hace 15 horas
Akumo is actually the first super saiyan god.....I AM RIGHT!!
Blue Steel
Blue Steel Hace 15 horas
Why do the Father of all Saiyans have Freezas battle armor?
CalikingsBoxing Hace 3 horas
Sophi Dartz lmao 😂
Sophi Dartz
Sophi Dartz Hace 6 horas
Because he invented it.
Zolido Network
Zolido Network Hace 15 horas
Akumo meet AKUMA
Yurhomi 24
Yurhomi 24 Hace 16 horas
I thought this was canon, rip
GERALD THWALA Hace 16 horas
Do Yourself A Favour DO NOT WATCH PART 2!
Josh Owens
Josh Owens Hace 16 horas
This is funny because its baisically clips from the super movie and if i remeber corectly the legend of the super sayin was only in univers 7 and if he was in 3 other universes then the legend wouldnt exist and freeza isnt on another one so the armor would exist either
vamshi nandhu
vamshi nandhu Hace 18 horas
This scene is from super broly movie
خالد دوسيري
خالد دوسيري Hace 18 horas
إليكــــم وتســاب الخـــــــاص ب ذكــــتور "00212621577701" مقــــوي جـنسي ومنشط بدون حبوب فياكــــــرا جربت كـــــريم رجال الصحراء أحس الان قضيبي ينتصب كل مساء و صباح بهذه الطريــــقة تزيــــــد القدرة الجنــــسية في أقل من أســــبوع
M.G status
M.G status Hace 18 horas
I still think vegeta will become the god of gods of destruction. And Goku will be crowned king of the universes zeno status but who knows find out on the next episode of dragonnn ballll ULTRA 🤣🤣🤣
El Gamer Crack 4 LIFE Dad :v
Is yamoshi
Miguel Hace 21 un hora
Low key the sickest arc plot ever
Random Videos
Random Videos Hace 21 un hora
Since we have seen the real dragon ball super broly movie we know that broly is a good guy
J J Hace 21 un hora
Is this legit or fan made
ThaiMovie Fanaticz
ThaiMovie Fanaticz Hace 21 un hora
Calling Thanos to stop this guy
J J Hace 21 un hora
A saiyan that doesn’t have a high pitched voice damn
Nihar Parekh
Nihar Parekh Hace 22 horas
Now the broly movie came out so I don't think that Akumo will come.
Nightbot Hace 22 horas
I hate this
Kgnightcry Hace 21 un hora
This video was ass
specter's Gun
specter's Gun Hace 22 horas
Oh cool, the new Broly movie is posted on this channel.
Next Box Musical Radio
Info người dịch Việt Nam :v
Duo R Production
Duo R Production Hace 23 horas
Hoot Zoot
Hoot Zoot Hace 23 horas
akumos father is shaggys grand grand son akomu
CP1 Records
CP1 Records Hace un día
E Jbrown
E Jbrown Hace un día
Good shit bro lol
DeQuan Gregory
DeQuan Gregory Hace un día
Part 1was better than 2
OSBORN ODELL Hace un día
They made goku sound like a homo
Vinny Fogle
Vinny Fogle Hace un día
Im yo grand daddys grand daddy daddys of all daddys 😌
Vinny Fogle
Vinny Fogle Hace un día
Omgoddddddddddd you invented what o my god 😂😌
Vinny Fogle
Vinny Fogle Hace un día
Pika ForroTM
Pika ForroTM Hace un día
along ilham
along ilham Hace un día
Which episode is this?
StefixMaster Hace un día
This was uploaded 10 months ago how did he know that goku was dancing before fighting broly ???
Αθανασία Χιντζου
Y'all this is fake, I see a lot of people saying it isn't
Jay Dreamz Gaming
Jay Dreamz Gaming Hace un día
Wooow amazing
0fficalJason Hace un día
6:49 *He bout to get wooped*
Obito uchiha
Obito uchiha Hace un día
Broly is the person in the new movie
Bethzaida Pratts
Bethzaida Pratts Hace un día
Toriyama should be ashamed that a fan made it better 20 minute videos that he has and he invented I guess this kit invented this it was like saying Toriyama was Goku in the little kid that invented it or the kid that invented it was the father of all Saiyans
Bethzaida Pratts
Bethzaida Pratts Hace un día
I believe this is better than the actual movie if they would have continued with this it would have been a great movie but they like always f****** everything up
Dan Moua
Dan Moua Hace un día
Uhm fan-made?
Ilustrado Hace un día
Is this fan made or legit canon? Wow. Edit: I'm stupid and didn't read the description. OK. Bye.
たーーーー Hace un día
Light Black
Light Black Hace un día
If this was real, I can say Akumo is weaker than Beerus. He cant knockdown Goku with two hits but for Beerus it was like a piece of cake.
Dewonde Taylor
Dewonde Taylor Hace un día
Follow my channel I'll follow yours
Jason Laborin
Jason Laborin Hace un día
its fake
Hector Calviillo M
Hector Calviillo M Hace un día
Partele su Madre Goku o Saiyans Kicked ass sayauni CarNalitos
Steven Ruest
Steven Ruest Hace un día
When he brought up the universes that were erased in the past, the realization of what Universe 7's wish meant hit so hard. That's a great way to keep super going. Omg
Adam Suryono
Adam Suryono Hace un día
Little T Duong
Little T Duong Hace un día
I haven't watch DB in over a decade... gets me hooked in every time I encounter it. ❤️❤️ What's the song in the background ??? Sounds great!!!!... never mind, read the description 😂
bokura kyo mo ikiteru
they are like cats and dogs talking..both doesnt make senses. you might as well use english dub. good anime anyway.
birdperson Hace un día
Absolute shite
onefree76 Hace un día
This still better than new Dragon ball Broly!!!
Mutanity Hace un día
Lmao this guy would destroy superman
Saint blade
Saint blade Hace 16 horas
Who wouldnt?
Snotty Beaver
Snotty Beaver Hace un día
Is this a Mandela Effect? Because this whole concept is new to me, i seen Anime War, the Jiren Goku Fight, and the Broly fan movie but this one seems to be brand new yet it's been here for a whole year.
YungSwaveyBeats Hace un día
7:50 Goku has finally met his match
Jameel Daya
Jameel Daya Hace un día
There should be a movi about akumo
Marvin Allen
Marvin Allen Hace un día
This is definitely dope
silentsnake hill
silentsnake hill Hace un día
Goddammit, it's becoming more n' more like DRAGON BULLSH@$&T to me
Birgo Music
Birgo Music Hace un día
sub to sub guys im a dragon ball lover too
YaBoiAkira Hace un día
i've never seen such an inconsistent animation in my life.
Daniel Carthen
Daniel Carthen Hace un día
This is badass!
Dragoz Shi
Dragoz Shi Hace un día
Cool excelente animation and trama
Fakhrul Zikri
Fakhrul Zikri Hace un día
Luz Barragan
Luz Barragan Hace un día
I wonder if goku can put Kioken on top of MUI
Jax G
Jax G Hace 2 días
This is broly its 2019
xHeroOfTheWindsx Hace 2 días
its just Broly but Ultra instinct
genesistyou Hace 2 días
great plot, best fan made ever
DJ Den\ The Gaming DJ
Someone who doesn't watch dragon ball: why are those guys putting on wigs
asdf Hace 2 días
goku is fucked lol
Abelitro Hace 2 días
wrong, it was broly this whole time lol
James Sunderland
James Sunderland Hace 2 días
aka Gouko
Calligraphy cursive
Calligraphy cursive Hace 2 días
Goku sounds like tobi.....an this broly dude sounds like sage of six paths
Rodrigo Villarruel
Rodrigo Villarruel Hace 2 días
Akumo es increíble seguro que Goku superara sus límites y lo derrotará el padre de los Saiyan
Jordon Jackson
Jordon Jackson Hace 2 días
Which series of dragon Ball is this??
Godofspeed5000 Legend
I meant its fake
Godofspeed5000 Legend
Do fake
TrixTriteGamer Hace 2 días
Akumo transformed to super sayain and u took a part from Brody movie u lazy copier
Βαγγέλης Παπαγεωργίου
Nibba this is Broly
Andres Sogamoso
Andres Sogamoso Hace 2 días
akumo vs los dioses malignos
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