Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

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Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat, and train with Goku. Explore the new areas and adventures as you advance through the story and form powerful bonds with other heroes from the DRAGON BALL Z universe.


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9 jun 2019






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Naraj 85
Naraj 85 Hace un hora
This looks great, can’t wait to see krillin die for the 26th time
Raymond Hace 11 horas
Can’t wait to fight raditz again
Jaden Darmody
Jaden Darmody Hace 13 horas
1:21 FINALLY, glad that he finally says "Fool" I got so sick of him saying idiot or moron!
masr9300 masr9300
masr9300 masr9300 Hace un día
Yeah this is cool but I want a xenoverse 3
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan Hace un día
You fool!
DaveSenpai Cosplay
DaveSenpai Cosplay Hace 2 días
Me: Toriyama, just how many times are you gonna make Frieza kill Krillin? Toriyama: Yes.
Age FX
Age FX Hace 3 días
I hope we can get a naruto game like this as well 😄😄
DBZ Gamer
DBZ Gamer Hace 19 horas
Yuck naruto
jamil phillips
jamil phillips Hace 3 días
K..K..K.. Karrotkake
Luis Gonzalez Estay Enriques
Para cuando Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 para ps4
Ethan Vandergriff
Ethan Vandergriff Hace 3 días
Honestly feel like this gameplay style would've fit much better with Dragon Ball rather than Dragon Ball Z. Heck even GT. But...it is what it is.
goku ssjb
goku ssjb Hace 4 días
This game will be dope if it has the broly movie in it and you could fight broly and use gogeta
Jamesfan Hace 4 días
I want this game!!!!!!
cmuney101 Hace 4 días
SinzFN Hace 5 días
After this they should do one of these with super, the tournament of power would be so fun to play
VectorGame´s Hace 5 días
Where is Tenkaichi?
draco13100 Hace 5 días
anyone know the backround music used in this?
Rodrigo Sieja Bertin
Finally, a true DBZ game?
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
May contain content inappropriate for children..... child gambling 2k
Jeremey Quamina
Jeremey Quamina Hace 7 días
this is godly af
Shea Streichenwein
Shea Streichenwein Hace 7 días
Dragon ball
game play
game play Hace 7 días
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Hace 8 días
is the super arc included on the story line of this new db game?
Kakarot Hace 5 días
B Rabbit no
Baron_O'Beefdip Hace 8 días
the internet: wow, the Z story up to Frieza again? Pass. me: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY
Mark Masur
Mark Masur Hace 8 días
wish they would incorporate all the characters like they did in Budukai Tenkaichi 3
Nasisthegoat Hace 9 días
y'all better put the tournament of power arc in this game too
Afrika Chilz
Afrika Chilz Hace 9 días
When will we get Budokai Tenkaichi 3 remake
JOHN HATTAM Hace 10 días
anyone know were i can get this song
Ricardo Alfaro Camarena
I have a question. This video game of DBZ has all the success of the serie?
Dexvrr Hace 12 días
Kylan Harley
Kylan Harley Hace 12 días
What is the music to this trailer? * btw dbz kakarot made me hype *
Anthony Ponce
Anthony Ponce Hace 13 días
People sleep on DBZ Infinite world for the ps2 and for some reason this game reminds me of infinite world
Fotoarcart Pjpnzr
Fotoarcart Pjpnzr Hace 13 días
എറമു് ്
Renato Andrade Gonçalves
Cyber React
Cyber React Hace 15 días
Ok so I just want to touch the game so bad I am ready everyone like this comment if all of you are ready any questions comments below my comment
Dia Sonenclar
Dia Sonenclar Hace 16 días
Ok this looks better than any dbz game ever looked but as other have said what we need is a Dragonball story retelling and characters like kid Goku,King PIccolo, Tao, Jackie Chan etc.
werewolf873 Hace 16 días
I really hope this game has CC2's amazing QTE's
Brandon Judie
Brandon Judie Hace 16 días
It’s basically a majorly UPGRADED version of Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ MORE FOOD CHI CHI!!!! 😋😋😋
Plutt_Bug Hace 17 días
I see we get to eat as Goku, so like 80% of the game.
Eduardo Quintana Castro
F por krilin
Neltins Hace 17 días
Lol dragonball z legacy of goku for the current generation, this should be fun
Pinho Plays
Pinho Plays Hace 17 días
Opiate Holidays
Opiate Holidays Hace 17 días
They should've done Dragonball, there's too much Z.
Matheus valim
Matheus valim Hace 18 días
Por favor façam a dublagem para o brasil para esse jogo incrível
ali mohmmed
ali mohmmed Hace 19 días
is there a buu saga and beyond in the game ?!?!!?
Earl Canlobo
Earl Canlobo Hace 19 días
How to have the demo on Xbox One? Can you tell me please!
Syafiq Tofan
Syafiq Tofan Hace 19 días
Dragon Ball Z : Yamcha Im just sayin
Josh Moreau
Josh Moreau Hace 20 días
They've been making the same dbz game for the last 15 years
MILBOLT [AMV] Hace 21 un día
nillson the irsh
nillson the irsh Hace 21 un día
1:04 I want that track so badly
J Reed
J Reed Hace 23 días
This game will flop if it's gameplay is anything like Xenoverse. They need to learn all we want is gameplay like budokai tenkaichi 3
zavian Powell
zavian Powell Hace 24 días
Its dope how you get to see and do over gokus cool battles and story
King spud
King spud Hace 24 días
Is this an exclusive
Petra Smith
Petra Smith Hace 24 días
This game better not be a dumpster fire like jump force
Rey Montalvo
Rey Montalvo Hace 25 días
Dragon ball Z the series with most video games out well that an Street fighters with Mortal kombat
Akimichi Anims
Akimichi Anims Hace 25 días
Francesco Lino
Francesco Lino Hace 26 días
I need dhis game
Dflex of OHIO
Dflex of OHIO Hace 26 días
Man if they brought back the rock the dragon theme for this game. That would be PERFECT!
D4RK DR4GON Hace 26 días
Krillin Dead... Again...
Santiago Álvarez M.
Santiago Álvarez M. Hace 27 días
Seriously, what’s the name of the music for this trailer?
Angle Cifuentes
Angle Cifuentes Hace 24 días
Ik your mom
Fugeta20 Hace 27 días
Despite looking beautiful. The story is the same. And it gets boring quick. But hey, that's my opinion.
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