Draw My Life ( For 100,000 )

Conan Gray
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Trying to sum up my whole life in a video was very complex, but I hope you enjoyed my attempt. I'm so grateful for all the love that i've been given, and for all the people in my life who've supported me. ESvid has changed my life forever, I never expected this, and I can't take credit for this God given blessing. Thank you for watching, and I will see you again soon!

For anybody worried about my almost two month long absence, don't fret! The only reason I was gone for so long is because my computer broke, and I was unable to fix it till now. I hope i didn't scare too many of you guys!

Places to find me!

Snapchat: @conanxcanon
Instagram: @conangray
Twitter: twitter.com/ConanXCanon
Tumblr: conangray.tumblr.com

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11 jun 2016






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Bailey Hace 2 años
and look at conan now. he's becoming less and less of our little secret...
School Hace un año
I like how he casually transforms into a world famous singer.
Rewatching this (especially the parental situation) hits different after listening to Family Line and Summer Child
luvsqhar Hace un año
He’s a singer, He’s aesthetic, he’s got clear skin AND he can draw? Wow
As a military child, this quote couldn't be more true.
28 Hace un año
I am kinda annoyed that i only discovered this wonderful human in 2020.
natalia cheung lam
natalia cheung lam Hace 2 años
You can hear his voice shaking, I have so much respect for Conan now he’s so brave
Chase Detrick
I literally just finished listening to his song Family Line and this hits different:(
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace un año
He should've been a teacher like those marker skills are everything
Moon~ Hace un año
I am so annoyed that I found this so late in 2021. I love how he never removed or deleted these videos, we can kinda see him grow into what he is today and what he's gonna become in the coming years....just lovely ❤️
asthetaeʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Imagine if he was aborted...and we never get to hear lookalike... Heather... Idle town... Comfort crowd... And soo much more...Im crying af... You're so inspirationally motivating...
caveboy Hace un año
its hard to believe that he has gone through all this and more, and he was only 17 back when he filmed this. i cant describe how much im proud of him.
Aysha Hace 2 años
Is no one talking about how good he’s at drawing?!
Sleepy. Hace un año
conans bullies texting him today "hey dude whats up"
Daniel Lopez
piecing this together after hearing family line, im so proud of how far he’s come and how much more comfortable and talented he’s become
zeno stoppato
rewatching this after family line is something else…
Kel 💕
Kel 💕 Hace un año
He can:
Maya Ortiz
Maya Ortiz Hace un año
Hi, Conan. If you’re reading this;
caroline Hace 2 años
"my sister convinced me she was magic" my sister told me i was adopted and born on Mars and she made a whole story about outer space orphanages and I BELIEVED IT FOR LIKE 7 YEARS
florence Taylor’s Version
Looking back at this Conan. I’m so proud.
Family Line
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