DrDisrespect Reacts to Riot Games: Project A

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R.I.P. Scruffy!
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21 oct 2019






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Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter Hace un día
Michael Schwarz
Michael Schwarz Hace 2 días
looks like ass
Avopro Hace 4 días
Fuck that game more a copy of cs and overwatch.
guitargamery Hace 5 días
Rip scruffy. she truly took her trick to the next level, like a champion!
BlackDavincii Hace 5 días
the story was deep as fuck
ALE X Hace 6 días
Your headphones are hanted???
ALE X Hace 6 días
Thanks for the advice Doc!
Davide Finazzo
Davide Finazzo Hace 6 días
Anybody seen the lightsaber???
Ogel Mann
Ogel Mann Hace 6 días
When does it release?
Mil e
Mil e Hace 3 días
Trump TheTerrorist
Trump TheTerrorist Hace 9 días
Overwatch is fucking dumb and so is Apex.
Spastik Hace 12 días
Looks like shit
dipzoid Hace 15 días
Overwatch meets cs:go im into it
Flexsor Hace 16 días
"ʟᴇss ᴘɪɴɢ" xDDDD
Furtnot Hace 16 días
Drdisrespect more like drdogshitateverything
Sol Rebel7
Sol Rebel7 Hace 19 días
It looks like a old 80's anime shows come to life...
hanglewster Hace 22 días
Another kids graphic game :)
Mil e
Mil e Hace 3 días
Doesn't matter :)
mram3610 Hace 24 días
I would like to try this game. I hope they add more the skills seems like a good add on. The leather jacket part 🤣
MrBrucelee117 Hace 25 días
I noticed the past few years were filled with cartoony, overly colorful, childishly animated multiplayer games. What happened to the progression of more gritty, realistic, mature shooters?. I dunno about you guys but i often get dragged out of the immersion when all these whimsical and corny art styles, blasts of color and magic all over the place, increasingly terrible/lazy physics. I mean Fortnite doesn’t even ragdoll physics. Oh but it has rainbow colors launched at your face like a howitzer every second. Not only is it distracting but it seems it serves as a distraction for the low quality game design. We need more battlefield 4, pubg, modern warfare, Red dead, left4 dead, dying light, metro, mount and blade bannerlord, etc. Don’t get me wrong, i love sea of thieves, apex, and those types of games but i mean it’s 2020 and there aren’t even ragdoll physics? The details matter for immersion factor. I mean a game would be so much more funny and immersive if I hit a fat pirate in sea of thieves with a cannonball and it sent him backflipping across the galleon smacking into the side of another ship, or just cartwheeling up and belly flops with an audible WHOP when he hits the water. Maybe even his shirt gets caught on the center mast, it rips and you have to buy a new shirt, or maybe he gets tangled in the sail ropes and just dangles there until he gets rescued, or cuts himself loose. But no, we get a guy that gets hit DIRECTLY with a cannonball and just does the same little fall over animation and disappears before he even hits the ground every time. Its stuff like this developers neglect and the only devs that seem to get it is Rockstar, or maybe DICE. They get that games need to be truly progressive and need to mind the small details. Like mud in your shirt when you fall, etc etc etc. just having better resolution isnt a valid substitute for great game design.
Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq.
My team will be on Project A #sagaofslayers by Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-4hCb1iPXyfM.html
Nightline Gaming
Nightline Gaming Hace 25 días
looks like a team fortress / overwatch rip off
Mob 100
Mob 100 Hace 29 días
Just hope it has a story mode if, they show us the cinematic.
Mob 100
Mob 100 Hace 29 días
Just hope it has a story mode if, they show us the cinematic.
maathimself Hace 29 días
This is not tactical
Starilae Hace un mes
Riot making a "quality" game is a JOKE. Remember Riot is owned by Chinese censorship giant TENCENT. They will balance, nerf, buff, whatever it takes to separate you from your money. Their video is a bunch of broken promises and lies waiting to happen.
Максим Русин
Emilio Yap
Emilio Yap Hace un mes
3:47 that girl is hot and thicc and knows her stuff.
Comment Highlighted
“Supercakes.” Love it 🙂
C10 -32
C10 -32 Hace un mes
CS-GO + Apex?
LapisGoBlue Hace un mes
lmao leather jackets
AlphaPokemon Hace un mes
you aren't a true gamer unless you game in a leather jacket!
lampshade3123 Hace un mes
"They always make quality" LOL. It's been years since my League client hasn't been buggy: Right now I am waiting for 2 client bugs to get patched. Repair install doesn't fix. In-game pathing and collision mechanics are yikes. The newest honor system is actually a kudos system. Games still fail to load.. The list is too long and so is this message.
lampshade3123 Hace 9 días
​@Princeton Nguyen There is actually a message on the client about their screwup and the fix for it. If you have played in the last month you would see it.
lampshade3123 Hace 20 días
@Princeton Nguyen Pathing is about calculating the shortest route. If nothing is blocking you, and you click the same spot twice, the second click will logically be closer, so you should never turn around. In League, champions turn around ALL the time when they aren't supposed to, and small movements are important in RTS/ MOBA genre.
Princeton Nguyen
Princeton Nguyen Hace un mes
lampshade3123 games too, but what’s wrong w the pathing
Princeton Nguyen
Princeton Nguyen Hace un mes
lampshade3123 client bugs just might b ur pc
Brandy Taylor
Brandy Taylor Hace un mes
Losing a pet is horrible I lost one of mine this past may.
WeOuttaNames Hace un mes
all these EU pussies who go to NA servers in Rainbow Six so they can have peekers advantage wont be doing it here haha
Cakrabayu Budireksa
I really Want to know what Project A looks like it's just like CSGO
Hunter Grimes
Hunter Grimes Hace un mes
i dont understand the hype, it looks like what every game does now and thats copy little parts of all the good games and put them into on and that doesnt mean it makes a good game im sure itll be okay but im just not seeing the hype its mixing csgo with overwatch/apex and it kinda seems like those games clash each other.
xPNova Hace un mes
What about a 3rd person BR with melee combat such as bow and arrows? Not primal though. It's got jetpacks, grapple hooks etc. Aka, Darwin Project.
Luke Oehley
Luke Oehley Hace un mes
Lol that shit was fake af
David Van
David Van Hace un mes
So a shittier overwatch? Woman producer figures
Moise Gustave
Moise Gustave Hace un mes
Everything seems one shot
IDGAF TwisY Hace un mes
Will it be for ps4 xbox and pc
Astonishing Hace un mes
this looks like if Overwatch and CS hada baby
dpii Hace un mes
I'm so hyped for this game.
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Hace un mes
Riot making quality? LMAO RIGHTTTTT
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Hace un mes
Frankie Figz
Frankie Figz Hace un mes
That game looks like just another fking shit cartoon game. I'm good! Its just fking Apex 2... Dog shit!
djIIaSh Hace un mes
whats the pink mole in the middle of your upper lip? is that your lip?
MikeShotta Hace un mes
When Doc stops talking, you know its good.
MikeShotta Hace un mes
Im already sold at "precise gunplay"
Chris Van Middelkoop
Wtf doc! That is the most sad story I have ever heard!
Brendan K
Brendan K Hace 2 meses
Summed up fortnite pretty accurately at the end there. I hate playing it
ㅤㅤ Hace 2 meses
This looks like trash.
Adam Dombrowski
Adam Dombrowski Hace 2 meses
Doc gets a boner 1:17
drunken mother
drunken mother Hace 2 meses
The art style just makes me wish for a TF3
NTA Games
NTA Games Hace 2 meses
If Overwatch and CS:GO had a baby This is the result
hi Hace 2 meses
um one thing they really gonna have to work on is balance of power for all the characters you can play (:T)
HornburgMX Hace 2 meses
scruffy hahahahaha
ReinDawn Hace 2 meses
Hates Fortnite... plays Fortnite. I love doc!
Eddie Figueroa
Eddie Figueroa Hace 2 meses
Looks like shit
Kazial Hace 2 meses
The abilities will be the downfall of this game I can see it a mile away
BradJones Hace 2 meses
This was the first thing I thought. "It reminds me too much of Overwatch." I think part of the reason Overwatch failed was due to abilities. I think Riot would be smarter to tone this down and try to appeal to the CS crowd.
AddaStudio Hace 2 meses
is it just me or does it look like they copied overwatch a lot!
Bandy Bushido
Bandy Bushido Hace 2 meses
Be true to yourself fella and you will never fall. Love you Doc as many others do. x
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