Dreaming of a 1000hp Kseries powered Jet Boat!!! Click the cards

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It鈥檚 an interactive experience watch for the icons! 馃槈 Continue following along while we start the Honda k series engine! We are search of a 1000 hp and are preparing for the engine dyno. Not wanting to waste valuable time fixing minor issues on the engine dyno we decide to run it on the floor and boy oh boy was it glorious!! Oh and be on the look out for the links! It鈥檚 interactive folks!! Join in and hang out!
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PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Be sure to watch for the Interactive icons to keep the experience alive!! Beta test ! You guys are the best!
krampp24 Hace 5 meses
@Pfispeed keep up the awesome work, I plan on bringing a sleeper of my own to you guys to get tuned...We will call it the soccersleeper.
krampp24 Hace 5 meses
@Dylan White jet boats have a jet drive that propels the boat... No propeller or big ass out drive below the boat to hit rocks. With a jet boat you can drive in 2feet of water np as long as there are no jagged rocks or anything to rip. Into the hull
El lee oh
El lee oh Hace 6 meses
Just an idea for some content and build. PFI/boosted bois v6 AWD pikes peak hill climb monster with active Aero just a thought but a good one 馃槒 馃憤馃憤 from this guy
Graham Jones
Graham Jones Hace 6 meses
JDM ShMobbi鈥橬 that is how they are cooling it, and that鈥檚 how I鈥檇 say most but not all boat engines work, they take up cool water from the lake and run it through the engine the same way it normally does, think of the lake and it鈥檚 water as replacing the radiator and the coolant tank in a normal automotive system. This works great because you have the whole body of water you happen to be on as the supply of cool water. Since this is a jet boat, and has basically a water pump for propulsion, they feed off the pumps highly pressurized water, run it through a water regulator/valve, feeding into the engine in and out as normal, and then feeding back into the lake. In the video they used a water hose, hooked up to the shops water, run directly into the engine, in place of the jet pump & lake/river etc.
Tobius Jeffries
Tobius Jeffries Hace 6 meses
PFI Speed thank you for the intel... you guys are awesome can鈥檛 wait for the next video.
jcnpresser Hace 3 meses
Man that engine sounds NASTY!!!
Mikael Gaiason
Mikael Gaiason Hace 3 meses
lol I use my finger as a rough guide or a transfer all the time. I thought everybody did.
angus L.
angus L. Hace 5 meses
I need a Sharter for my k
Diggs72 Hace 5 meses
HangLoose_OG Hace 6 meses
When is the next taco days at the new shop?
Connor Doran
Connor Doran Hace 6 meses
Jesus Shaun explaining his fingering technique
Karen ashcraft
Karen ashcraft Hace 6 meses
Brent do you want to buy my racecar?
PistonAvatarGuy Hace 6 meses
That shop is heaven on Earth.
I came to see the 1000hp K-car
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe Hace 6 meses
Sounds likemy 754ss Dr high school
Emery Booker
Emery Booker Hace 6 meses
The hard part is knowing what each wire does and what each sensor is for and where it is located on the engine and goes to on your ECU or aftermarket ECU. That's why with like Hondata or Holly systems it's much easier because everything is actually labeled. With all that knowledge wiring becomes simple until then it's a nightmare.
Matthew Neuforth
Matthew Neuforth Hace 6 meses
Who's dynoing their PT at 14:30?
Matthew Neuforth
Matthew Neuforth Hace 6 meses
I wish I could get mine over there for you guys to check out lol. Only have a few videos of it on my channel, but I'd like to see how your dyno measures it out. E85 16g PT GT. If only you guys were near Missouri!
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Jamie is the dodge guru
DEFCON Hace 6 meses
What is better 625 or l19 head studs?
DEFCON Hace 6 meses
PFI Speed on arp website it says l19 260,000psi tensile strength vs 625 260,000-280,000psi does this mean 625 is much better with the handling aspect too? Or in the end at 1xxx hp+ they still hold the head down the same?
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Personally I like 625 just because they鈥檙e more user friendly, customers doing their own work a lot of times don鈥檛 understand the care you need to take with l19鈥檚 so on that aspect I like the 625鈥檚 they both work great.
apugali Hace 6 meses
Good patience with the boat guy
chilote66 Hace 6 meses
do the vents work in the shop?!
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
They do, it clears quick
Jack Fool
Jack Fool Hace 6 meses
what would be a decent turbo honda swap for a 2000 ford zx2?
Gswaps G23VTEC/G22VTEC
Love your guy's Chanel just curious as to if you had a way to pump the exhaust gases out to the out side ...you guys have to watch out for hydrocarbons great video guys tho
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
We do have an evac she cleans it out pretty quick
Kyle White
Kyle White Hace 6 meses
I NEED A CAGE IN MY EK how do I get that done by y鈥檃ll?
Kyle White
Kyle White Hace 6 meses
PFI Speed email sent!
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Sales@pfispeed.com Josh
Samuel Rubio
Samuel Rubio Hace 6 meses
Chase Pittmon
Chase Pittmon Hace 6 meses
step 1. pick a project. step 2. show the public. step 3. FINISH A PROJECT. promise it will bring more views!
Honda Land
Honda Land Hace 6 meses
now the cover is not over tightened as well
William Shima
William Shima Hace 6 meses
I would like to ask a question Brent . I have a 99 Integra with a b18b1. My son and I are working in it slowly as a homeschooling project. We found that the oxygen sensors are gone as in they are not existent. It has a header back exhaust should I at least replace the first one for now! Cash is hard as I am on disability so it's a one at a time deal thank you.
William Shima
William Shima Hace 6 meses
Here is the link to the channel. Any advice you can offer would be great the car will be his when we are done with it right now it's the only wheels I have to get around where I am. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-MRIpEadLFys.html
William Shima
William Shima Hace 6 meses
@PFI Speed thank you so much for the offer. When I get my check next month I will. The car will be used for Street use. We don't have the money to do the aftermarket ECU yet we are hoping to go that way. It's a homeschooling class for his senior year. Basic mechanics to teach him right. Again I cant thank you enough...
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
If the car is used on the street you will need them, if you are going aftermarket ecu and 鈥渙ff-road use only 鈥 then you can have none or install a wideband for tuning. We have a lot of used ones laying around email sales@pfispeed.com , pay some freight and I鈥檒l send a couple to you.
SUBIEKEV Hace 6 meses
Awesome stuff guys! You guys always keep me coming back for more!
D` Tuned
D` Tuned Hace 6 meses
Epicness !!
Thadeus Coffin
Thadeus Coffin Hace 6 meses
Thumbs up for a full smoke out of the shop boys.. Lol damnitbobby. Guess that puller shop fan works choooch it. What about boost pipe ?
lars kristensen
lars kristensen Hace 6 meses
you should try and get a old opel kadett D engine. even if belt snaps pistons wont hit the valves.
Bill Allen
Bill Allen Hace 4 meses
Those are called clearance engines...... low compression ratios I think are why no-one uses them...... or mechanics got mad not replacing valves all the time had lunch with the engineering dept......job security.......from Wyoming USA 馃敨馃
STAY WHITE Hace 6 meses
Plot twist: This is for their pit bike. Lolz
Mike Wrist
Mike Wrist Hace 6 meses
hek yeah i use my fingers too!!
pdelmo79 Hace 6 meses
glad i dont live where it snows
Selai Letica
Selai Letica Hace 6 meses
Been running my k24 in a jet boat here in nz for about 18 months.Jet boats need torque not hp i doubt you will be able to use that hp as the jet unit will limit your rpm regardless of blade/nozzle choice.Keen to see how you get on.
Junkyard Ripper
Junkyard Ripper Hace 6 meses
I was literally thinking about a k series boat the other day 馃く
swissmochaj Hace 6 meses
I'm not a honda guy but that engine is thumping!
Effin Casual's
Effin Casual's Hace 6 meses
Maybe it's just me but im just not into the boat, everything else you guys do is AMAZING! Keep it up guys!馃馃槻馃
john reece
john reece Hace 6 meses
Can you install knock sensor's in these engines?.
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
HighDef Gaming
HighDef Gaming Hace 6 meses
In the UK it doesn't mean peace it means F off with fingernails forward.
neil w
neil w Hace 6 meses
That throttle body and intake are fecking huge!!
jsundy3699 Hace 6 meses
Lost the videos keep it up!!! Im thinking about swapping a 1jz vvti into my is300. Everything bolts up but im scared about the wiring, you make wiring look so easy (and everything else). Hopefully my friends and I can "get 'er done!"
Austin Norflet
Austin Norflet Hace 6 meses
it almost seemed like you guys were annoying each other because of too many chefs being in the kitchen, but i been waiting for another vid from you all for days it feels like im over here refreshing like a fein ahaha
Bad Luck Garage
Bad Luck Garage Hace 6 meses
I'm not even a Honda guy and I've even gotta admit that engine is friggen sick!!!
Terrell Chapman
Terrell Chapman Hace 6 meses
Brent jumped up fast when dude stared messin with the turbo oil line. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
brettyh1 Hace 6 meses
Ryan Rohauer
Ryan Rohauer Hace 6 meses
That thing is going to blow the fuck up boat motors are a different animal they endure some abuse constant load constant rpm boat motors need to make tq effortlessy with no spooiling, Boost and drama to work good i see blown head gaskets, hurt rods, burnt rings and pistons in the future
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Sounds like a blast to me. You are probably like us, love being told we cant. So we do and learn, and nothing better then bringing you all along for the adventure.
Brian A Rademacher
Brian A Rademacher Hace 6 meses
goofybuilt with the worm clamps lol
STAY WHITE Hace 6 meses
A lot of guys running really high boost in the Evo forums chat about how they have switched to regular old worm clamps because they hold boost better than other types.
mrLrg mouth
mrLrg mouth Hace 6 meses
That thing is gonna pull the boat like it was in a crx .I hope he gonna wear a helmet ..nice
Sgt.Herbert Hace 6 meses
Bent was on the phone and homeboy was talking about baby making
TossedSaladMan iPreferSyrup
I use my finger to play a game with my younger brother. it's called "smell my finger and tell me what I did a few minutes ago". he doesn't like that game much for some reason. lol.
Alyn Penners
Alyn Penners Hace 6 meses
Afroman plug! 馃槀
Atheer Athman
Atheer Athman Hace 6 meses
We K-swapped an engine stand, classic. Funny stuff bro bro.
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues Hace 6 meses
I want to hear that with a water cooled exhaust
Mike Rivera JR
Mike Rivera JR Hace 6 meses
brent you should frame this as a photo 22:50 a master at work
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Hace 6 meses
If y鈥檃ll had a dollar for each time you pulled that balancer you would be rich lol 馃槀 just kidding but this is why I could never be a mechanic 馃懆鈥嶐煍 no patience lol
CorwinINaDSM Hace 6 meses
All those exhaust vents and you never use them.
CorwinINaDSM Hace 6 meses
My bad, figured you would just hook up a pipe to them. But shows what I know. Always love your content man, you rock. @PFI Speed
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
They鈥檙e always runnin my friend
The Wakz
The Wakz Hace 6 meses
I'd like to see some fire extinguishers right next to you guys testing/starting engines for the first time / looking for fuel leaks etc. - Fire Marshal Bill
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
We have one by every bay door, let me tell yah somethin you got a bottle of nitrogen oxide in one hand and a lighter in the other .. that鈥檚 a recipe for disaster... Let Me Tell yah somethin!! Hahahaha
Ant Man
Ant Man Hace 6 meses
Cuz he got high cuz he got hiiiigghh! Great job fellas
TufGriz Hace 6 meses
Most important thing with wiring..... Dont Let the Smoke Out!
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Fact 馃槀
TufGriz Hace 6 meses
why not just swap the hoses? on camera they look different lengths
Travis Slattery
Travis Slattery Hace 6 meses
Don't you want a lot of torque in a jet boat that's why you usually find Oldsmobile 455 and all those big blocks that make a lot of torque just wondering how you think this will do I mean I see the thousand horsepower
KINO DER KING Hace 6 meses
@25:10 we can wire the alternator? I thought that ALL the wiring was done!!! ^_^_
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Hace 6 meses
Alternator had an obd1 plug on it and harness had obd2 just made a small jumper until he gets the new alternator
Unfitproduct Airborne
Here I am driving a Focus ST like a sucker....
ScienceofSpeed Hace 6 meses
32:25 Anyone else thinks it looks like Brent is behind a green screen here? Or something
gsppuffer Hace 6 meses
Dam I wouldn't run a dirty water cooling system I would do closed loop with heat exchanger especially pushing that motor so hard
Rldtravels Hace 6 meses
Yeah you need to intercool these injector wires because these damn electrons when they run hot you lose power
ScienceofSpeed Hace 6 meses
Astro tools is being phenomenal to you guys! Thanks to them!
Fordman7575 Hace 6 meses
When it was idling, during your encore, the exhaust tone almost sounded like it had a little beat going to it. Like it was part of a drum line. The beat of the K-series.
Klassen Kustoms
Klassen Kustoms Hace 6 meses
I鈥檝e been tossing around the idea of getting a 70s or 80s Sanger superjet and doing a 500 Cadillac engine in it ..... I already have a 90鈥 Sanger skier/barefoot boat with a 350 馃
Gerardo limon
Gerardo limon Hace 6 meses
S铆 que saben divertirse
Hayden Hace 6 meses
What does aem mean
Nigger Baby
Nigger Baby Hace 6 meses
Hayden no problem
Hayden Hace 6 meses
Ah okay thanks
Nigger Baby
Nigger Baby Hace 6 meses
Hayden it鈥檚 a car parts company, their quite good
Symbiotic226 Hace 6 meses
Bust out another thousand b-0-a-t
dirtbike mike87
dirtbike mike87 Hace 6 meses
LMAO I measure the same way at work. Ppl think I'm stupid but it does work
Caleb Bitz
Caleb Bitz Hace 6 meses
Youre not supposed to use power tools on a harmonic balancer but whatever.
MoTorBLocK2330 Hace 6 meses
Sup with all that Fumes.
Seth Bergile
Seth Bergile Hace 6 meses
I really enjoy the hand held camera work. Makes it feel more like a friend helping me out over Skype. Brent = Everyone's helpful friend!
K1NGOF FINNESSE14 Hace 6 meses
Imagine this motor in #Shonuff
nunya binis
nunya binis Hace 6 meses
Q- What do ya do when its really snowy outside? A- Take a Subaru for a rip!
Wide Open Throttle Garage
Love the Engine Stand start up!!!!! Congrats guys sounds mean!
Miguel A Santos
Miguel A Santos Hace 6 meses
deuces roxy
deuces roxy Hace 6 meses
I like ur homemade sauder wire setup! Never thought bout that
area 71auto
area 71auto Hace 6 meses
Love pfi been here since day one. These dudes always look high asf all the time love it. Thinkn about getting the rsx back out may be time to build. 馃馃馃馃
Vance Holloman
Vance Holloman Hace 6 meses
I'd give it a 8.8 on the Honda Chop Scale ; ) Good job guys as always! God Bless!
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