Dremel Laser Cutter Update and Overview

Daniel Oliver McElroy
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Here is an update and overview from my wife about her new Dremel 40 Watt Laser Cutter.
Check out more of her videos at esvid.net/u-kathrynmcelroy23


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1 dic 2018






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Nomad Wanderer
Nomad Wanderer Hace un mes
Well you can make a 40 W Co2 laser cnc machine with a larger working area for 1000$.
Teresa Russell
Teresa Russell Hace un mes
What is the largest cut? Can you cut pvc material?
Norwilyn Ault
Norwilyn Ault Hace un mes
does this run completely on wifi?
Daniel Oliver McElroy
You can put a usb in it if you want. -Dan
Michael Hemmingsen
Michael Hemmingsen Hace un mes
Nicely done and helpful. Planing to cut balsa and light plywood for model aircraft structures. Have you found another source of wood besides Dremel?
Daniel Oliver McElroy
The Dremel would be perfect for that. You can buy any wood you want from any local store, the only thing you have to watch out for is making sure it is level. The laser won't cut through as well if it is bowed in different directions. -Dan
RIKEÕ Hace 2 meses
How’s the noise level?
Yosef Lopez
Yosef Lopez Hace 2 meses
At 9:02 is that grid measuring in inches?
nivasyl strongman
nivasyl strongman Hace 2 meses
$5000 is a lot for a Laser Cutter that only cuts wood. it would be nice if it could do thin aluminum or metal sheet. i don't know, i am a novelist to laser cutter. Sorry lady, but lazer is very risky. It's Very easy to break and expensive to fix. A cnc router plugged to a computer does the same job for less money.
StarsWithScars Hace 3 meses
Mhhm ok
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace 3 meses
I’m looking for a good laser cutting machine that will cut Acrylic. Can anyone help? Not too expensive...?
Harune Malik
Harune Malik Hace un mes
Daniel Oliver McElroy Thanks Daniel.. so your saying spend money and get a good one?
Daniel Oliver McElroy
This cuts acrylic beautifully. Remember, you either pay for it with $ or time to repair it and more $. -Dan
Christy Horton
Christy Horton Hace 3 meses
No personality
Frank Helsell
Frank Helsell Hace 4 meses
Can you please tell us where to find the "box maker app" you mentioned in one of your videos?
David Dawson
David Dawson Hace 4 meses
www.jpplus.com/ Try Johnson Plastics for you material orders, coincidentally they just started selling this cutter. I'm a foreman of a sign shop and use them as my main supplier for romark and engraving tools. I'm looking to purchase this for personal use and came across your video by chance... I'll probably be making this purchase before the end of the year. Awesome video btw!
G ISALL Hace 4 meses
Very nice laser cutter. just one comment. As a surprise to you. There is no such thing as outer space. Therefore there is no such thing as astronauts. The earth is Flat and motionless. Peace.
Richard Shortt
Richard Shortt Hace 4 meses
Can i ask how much did you pay for this item ? Also i see people commenting on Chinese ones any one have a link to some ?
Sanhe laser Clayderman
hello,any question you may ask me: Sanhesince2007@outlook.com/whatsapp +86 15729393963
s r
s r Hace 4 meses
Very loud....
Black Swan
Black Swan Hace 5 meses
but is it worth 5K?
George Correa
George Correa Hace 5 meses
Hi my name is George4And i would like tospeak with you about the dremel laser in comaprison with the other ones
DJJAW11 Hace 6 meses
Many thanks . do try plastics,abs etc.Is it suited for Metals?.
Josh Garrisi
Josh Garrisi Hace 6 meses
I just got my LC-40 and the tube is cracked in exactly the same spot!!! And of course it’s Saturday, and their support is only M-F... bummer!
Daniel Oliver McElroy
Oh no! I hope dremel gets you a new tube asap. We have about 30 hours of cutting on ours now and it is flawless. -Dan
Lawrence Scott
Lawrence Scott Hace 6 meses
Maybe you should try using a wood planer to make sure non-Dremel wooden panels are flat. Maybe that can increase your profit margin! Just a thought. 🤓🤑
Dante Russo
Dante Russo Hace 6 meses
Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar Hace 6 meses
How can i buy this. What is the price of this machine. My contect no is - 9631110706
James Jordan
James Jordan Hace 6 meses
you are purdy!
trình phạm
trình phạm Hace 6 meses
Could I get its caltalouge?
John Almonte
John Almonte Hace 6 meses
Thank you for the video. What is the cutting area? Can it cut a 12”x12” circle? Can it cut 1/4” acrylic in one pass? Thanks!
Sanhe laser Clayderman
hello,any question you may ask me: Sanhesince2007@outlook.com/whatsapp +86 15729393963
Jarko Limbo
Jarko Limbo Hace 6 meses
Edge Razors
Edge Razors Hace 6 meses
My estimation of Dremel went up watching this, Cool stuff.
pc Hace 7 meses
elizabeth holmes 2.0? please god, help us...
Joy Xue
Joy Xue Hace 6 meses
laser cutting machine WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18361445350 Web: lasermachinery.en.alibaba.com/ www.szchanxan.com
sahu 1800
sahu 1800 Hace 7 meses
I want to purchase
Andreu Martinez
Andreu Martinez Hace 7 meses
Dremmel likes noise. And bulky things... I think this laser cutter compared to Glowforge is like Dremmel mini-drill compared to Proxxon one...
electronic engineering
Nice and helpful thank you
Alex Uryuski
Alex Uryuski Hace 7 meses
Good laser !!!!!!!! Flat earth ,under dome !!!!!!! Fake 🌙 moon landings !!!!!!!!!🚀 ??????????? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤓🤔👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽
Creston Witte
Creston Witte Hace 7 meses
Are you ok?
SuperAgentman007 Hace 7 meses
It’s a pretty good machine for $6000
James Cullins
James Cullins Hace 7 meses
Your audio is very loooow ....... Ok now it's up a bit.
Mr J. O
Mr J. O Hace 7 meses
Air assist will stop burning as well
Master P
Master P Hace 7 meses
hi sir i want this machin send me your contact detail
Sanhe laser Clayderman
hello,any question you may ask me: Sanhesince2007@outlook.com/whatsapp +86 15729393963
Tiffany Stoppelmoor
Tiffany Stoppelmoor Hace 7 meses
Does this machine also cut acrylic? Trying to find something so I can make and customize my own acrylic keychains
Daniel Oliver McElroy
Yes it does. It does a great job cutting acrylic. -Dan
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Hace 7 meses
She's very pretty
charles bennett
charles bennett Hace 7 meses
She's hot
Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards Hace 7 meses
Great video and explanation. The price is probably average for Dremel gear. The 3d printer they did was a bit over the top for it's ability. I was surprised to see the separate cut lines at the end. Is there not a setting where you can have just one start stop point for outer edge cutting? Nice compact hobby laser though. Good luck with future products.
The Life of Jenelle
The Life of Jenelle Hace 7 meses
Have you ever used it to cut plexi glass
P Patro
P Patro Hace 7 meses
Apart from wood what material we can cut?
David K
David K Hace 7 meses
Go to Home Despot and ask for "underlayment:". There is "Luanne", and then a better quality one (forget the name). Try to avoid sending more money to Dremel as they have a huge markup. With a little effort, you could have gotten the same product directly from China (which is where yours was made anyway) for probably 1/3 the cost. Glass tube lasers are remarkably inexpensive. Epilog makes RF CO2 resonators which have very large advantages over DC glass laser tubes. Bit hard to explain here. FWIW, you can buy an epilog laser and with a bit of a hack, you could probably put that tube in this cutter. The majority of laser "engravers" and cutters of this type leave a LOT of char. That's essentially a sign of not having enough power and/or poor laser mode or alignment. Experiment with a chunk of balsa well soaked in water and see what you think. Adding your own evacuation fan to evacuate under the honeycomb, if using enough CFM, will reduce the amount of char (black) black, in your cut edges. Although adding an air pump like for a fish tank and a tube, directed onto the cutting focus will give you the same benefit. If anything from Dremel told you any of this pls let me know.
Taim Ahmad
Taim Ahmad Hace 7 meses
This is laud I mean really laud !
pooheadlou Hace 7 meses
Surely they could have worked out some kind of self levelling or focusing for the laser, for $6,000.
Bob Calgary Canada
Bob Calgary Canada Hace 7 meses
Thanks Cool
ujjawal soni
ujjawal soni Hace 8 meses
is it useful for metal cutting ? like gold silver brass material with precise cutting
ujjawal soni
ujjawal soni Hace 7 meses
@mohamed aziz any suggestion for metail cutting laser machine in compact size as above ?
mohamed aziz
mohamed aziz Hace 8 meses
it is co2 laser its not for cutting any metal
sifterbox Hace 8 meses
that laser head looked like it wobbled all over when you adjusted it
Денис Карабулин
компрессор подключи на обдув...
Craig List
Craig List Hace 8 meses
This shit is BUNK! Get a GLOWFORGE! Wow... TOTAL JUNK!
Craig List
Craig List Hace 8 meses
Fuck this!
Ronell Cross
Ronell Cross Hace 8 meses
Thanks for sharing the video, very insightful. BTW, be careful with that camera next to that laser.
Bruce Brachman
Bruce Brachman Hace 8 meses
What file format (or software) do you use to create the pendant? Adobe Illustrator? CorelDraw? Some other vector software? Just curious what formats the Dremel software imports.
FullFledged2010 Hace 8 meses
6k nah screw that. I rather buy 6 Chinesium ones and hope one of them works 😅
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce Hace 8 meses
$6,000...just wow! What MASSIVE rip off!!!
Dave N
Dave N Hace 7 meses
dremel is junk - it is designed to break prematurely for you to go back constantly to buy more dremel trash.
Fuzzy Johnson
Fuzzy Johnson Hace 8 meses
@Franky Doodle - If this is a great product then it is the exception for Dremel. Mostly what they make is consumer market garbage. All of their rotary tools come with the cheapest bearings imaginable and they don't hold up. Their cordless tools not only have bad bearings but they come with crap batteries as well. Having their products serviced costs 75% the price of a new one.
Franky Doodle
Franky Doodle Hace 8 meses
6000$ for this isnt a rip off you cant get cheaper laser but you get way less ease of use and lot less quality Dremel products are great for the price
Capt. George
Capt. George Hace 8 meses
Makes me want to hump the laser.
Ram-n_dodge Hace 8 meses
all for the cost of a nice used car
Sven C
Sven C Hace 8 meses
think back how expensive were the first inkjet printers, laser printers and scanners, for a few hundred you get already 3d printer, it just takes time
Tallguysrc Hace 8 meses
Can I borrow your amazing cutter.
Hkk Hgffh
Hkk Hgffh Hace 8 meses
This printer is hot!
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