Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day

Safiya Nygaard
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So for a long time I have seen other people "disneybound", aka dress up as a disney-character-inspired-outfit. So I decided to try my hand at this style challenge and pick a disney villain and a sidekick for Tyler and I to dress up as. How do you think we did??
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11 may 2019






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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Hace un año
HELLO FRIENDS!! i appreciate you taking a little break from your tea to come watch this very unrelated, silly little video! i've always wanted to try disneybounding, so we did!! what do you think of our final outfits?? xoxo, saf
Angel Kibinda
Angel Kibinda Hace un día
*I Love your Vids Safiya*
Connie Clark
Connie Clark Hace 2 días
BTW price florian is snows hubby
Connie Clark
Connie Clark Hace 2 días
Julia Hace 16 días
THe shoulderpads say "HECK YES!!!"
Itz Nova
Itz Nova Hace 21 un día
Safiya Nygaard gwEc
Random Person
Random Person Hace 4 horas
Safiya: Maleficent doesn’t really have a partner me who has watched Descendants 3 many times: HADES
Parascheva Paul
Parascheva Paul Hace 8 horas
I wish you guys did meg and Hercules! I'm a little sad about that.
Aria Washburn
Aria Washburn Hace 18 horas
Ok but u DID steal this from buzzfeed though..
Adrienne Simpson
Adrienne Simpson Hace un día
For some good shoulder pad action, the 1940s was a good decade too.
Aminath Arshee
Aminath Arshee Hace 2 días
Hi 🥰😋
Aminath Arshee
Aminath Arshee Hace un día
Who freakin liked my comment I am so freakin happpy thanks ♥️🤍
felicia widastra
felicia widastra Hace 2 días
Oh ive watch the aladin
Nura's GachaVideo's
Nura's GachaVideo's Hace 2 días
Sofia : goes too a mall to buy Me : I’m just going find some in the closet
Mitzi Robertson
Mitzi Robertson Hace 2 días
the shoulder pads say yes.
Rin’s Randomness
Rin’s Randomness Hace 3 días
I think the best pair for Malificent is the magic mirror
Leah Sizer
Leah Sizer Hace 3 días
but ezema(?) from emperors new groove
Maulin Ariola-Truong
Snow White’s Prince’s name in the animated version is Prince Florian but in Once Upon A Time he is named Prince Charming to which they got wrong as in the Animated Version Cinderella’s prince’s name is Prince Charming.
Ginny Weasley!
Ginny Weasley! Hace 3 días
I loved it when Tyler was MATING with the acrylic parrot
Ginny Weasley!
Ginny Weasley! Hace 3 días
Someone thought u were Carmen Sandiego Edit: oh wait u said that
Stef Eckford
Stef Eckford Hace 4 días
I want to do a peter pan or scar disney bound. it'd be great. heck, peter pan could also be Robin hood. fun :)
Ava Gemini
Ava Gemini Hace 4 días
Do they still have the mask rule?
Lauren Barnett
Lauren Barnett Hace 6 días
I think my little pony and cartoon bounding should be a thing too.....like spongebob from nickelodoen lol
westzed23 Hace 6 días
You should now switch; Tyler as Jafar, and you as Iago.
Cailyn Michael
Cailyn Michael Hace 7 días
“My last two brain cells deciding what i should wear ” 😂🤣
more espresso less depresso
18:52 You mean, this is _Bazaar_ :D Sorry-
Llamapotatoqueen !
Llamapotatoqueen ! Hace 7 días
I can’t help but imagine that crying child Saf called out will eventually be watching this 😂
~Naomi-Moon~ Hace 7 días
Can i get cherrios?
Lexi Lulu21
Lexi Lulu21 Hace 8 días
Descendants fans know that Malicifent does have a romantic interest
salty._.pineapple Hace 9 días
you guys would look cute as lilo an stitch.....maybe? maybe not?
Georgina Prempeh
Georgina Prempeh Hace 9 días
prince charmings name is prince Florian
Baby Pineapple
Baby Pineapple Hace 9 días
“No Masks” heh
kələm xoxanov
kələm xoxanov Hace 10 días
veronica sawyer could never
Ellie Dickerson
Ellie Dickerson Hace 10 días
Can u do a part 2 plssss
xxitsFefexx Hace 11 días
I feel like safiya looks more like a trendy Mary poppins but when she stands next to Tyler, it’s more noticeable
Nicole Cicchillitti
Nicole Cicchillitti Hace 12 días
I think disneybounding is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever heard.
Jazmine Corkill
Jazmine Corkill Hace 13 días
they’re like the perfect match like i don’t believe in soulmates but they literally are made for eachother
HyperHaterIan Hace 14 días
Id try to do Ariel or Mulan (Most likely Mulan cause Im asian and i now have short hair)
Hadley Frith
Hadley Frith Hace 14 días
Annabella Ventresco
Annabella Ventresco Hace 15 días
No one: Safiya: Alright Lol I love her!
Julie jeffry Jeffrey
Julie jeffry Jeffrey Hace 15 días
Jafar is hotter!??????
Youtube fan
Youtube fan Hace 16 días
I love fresh prince i have seen it about 100 times
Manila Synchrony
Manila Synchrony Hace 16 días
You should have done cruella da vil and tyler as a dalmatian or one of her sidekicks BUT you did GREAT!!
Zane Demianeuk
Zane Demianeuk Hace 18 días
Add an alien tattoo on you
Anabel Shrapnel
Anabel Shrapnel Hace 18 días
Tyler and saf are as weird as each other it's great!
《• A l e x a n d r a •》
You should dress like Veronica Sawyer and J. D. (Jason Dean)
Hadley Mayfield
Hadley Mayfield Hace 19 días
Next Time you do cruelly de vil and a Dalmatian
Ice_tea _xoxo
Ice_tea _xoxo Hace 19 días
Prince Charmings name is prince Florian
Schier Squad
Schier Squad Hace 19 días
PART 2 please!!!!
Kathleen Frazer
Kathleen Frazer Hace 20 días
Welcome to the videooooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dowka 29
Dowka 29 Hace 21 un día
*me watching this at universal studios* *(by the way, i watched this in summer of 2019)*
A Random Trans Kid
A Random Trans Kid Hace 22 días
my dad thought you were lightning maqueen
Korean Kookie
Korean Kookie Hace 22 días
Anybody else hear Mr.Postman playing in the backround while getting Tylers clothes?
Regan June
Regan June Hace 22 días
That could have been Aladdin and jasmine
Fatema Rose
Fatema Rose Hace 23 días
racyrolyte Hace 23 días
saf: “you will buy churros and marry me.......... to the princess” i think tyler blacked out for the second part
Jilly Rutherford
Jilly Rutherford Hace 23 días
The two people to the side walking past at 19:06 also are following them three second later.
Jilly Rutherford
Jilly Rutherford Hace 23 días
And now we imagine the Aflac duck doing the mc hammer dance. Wow.
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe Hace 24 días
Sofia I like your style
SNL Fan Hace 24 días
Nini Panini
Nini Panini Hace 25 días
*it’s been exactly 1 year since this video was posted-*
Maddie Dahlen
Maddie Dahlen Hace 25 días
I want to do this with my friends now...
E C Hace 25 días
Its funny how similarly will smith looks like the fresh prince of bell air
_LilaOm_ Hace 25 días
Please do more decade fashion videos! They are my favourite and you do them so well! Maybe 20s, 30s, and 40s? ❤️🧡💛🖤💛🧡❤️
Commander Bacara
Commander Bacara Hace 26 días
Do a part 2
Alex L C
Alex L C Hace 26 días
Haha Snow White is 14 and Prince charming is 31
It's just Keegan and Bandit
You should’ve done Gaston and Lufo
Maria Tivanova
Maria Tivanova Hace 27 días
‘The shoulder pads say no’ is my new favorite catchphrase
HyperHaterIan Hace 28 días
i wanna dress as mabel from gravity falls but i dont look like her face wise cause im asian
Pickle The dinosaur
Pickle The dinosaur Hace 28 días
Diablo (the bird) is a mane character in maleficent
Leslie Plagenza
Leslie Plagenza Hace 28 días
I just realized that my first name is Leslie and my middle is spelled Kay AHHHHHH
IPutNoSpacesInThisToAnnoySomeoneOneDay ThankYou
I know she wouldn't have but I wanted her to do lilo and stitch! I love that movie
Gacha Twilight Angel
Gacha Twilight Angel Hace 29 días
The new Aladdin is still my fav movie
Amber IDK
Amber IDK Hace 29 días
I LOVE Will Smith he’s so cool and funny
SkippyJj The Weeb
SkippyJj The Weeb Hace 29 días
Is it just me or does Tyler low key rock that iago look?
4v3r493 k1d
4v3r493 k1d Hace un mes
the way she says 'alriight' is just awesome i love it
Marlee Albertine
Marlee Albertine Hace un mes
You can do Jazmine and Tyler can be aladen
Do You Know
Do You Know Hace un mes
3:32 he has a name it is floren.
Annabel Enright
Annabel Enright Hace un mes
bum bum * man behind the slaughter noieses *
Abiosawus Hace un mes
you could also be the boogie man from princess and the frog
meliiX Hace un mes
_Cherry_Crush_ Hace un mes
It might just be me, but i'm a bit mad she didn't pick Stitch, personally i LOVE stitch and was hoping she'd pick him 😂
Calli Buggles
Calli Buggles Hace un mes
Watch descendants 3 and you’ll see maleficent’s partner than after coved you can Disney bound w/ tyler. Btw love ur vids big fan and btw maleficent’s is mal’s mom
Grace Moorman
Grace Moorman Hace un mes
if your going to disneyworld GO ON THE RIDES THEN
Dakota Snow
Dakota Snow Hace un mes
in a bad way
Dakota Snow
Dakota Snow Hace un mes
did you see that gurl that looked at you and looked like😱
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