Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

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Always face down😐.
I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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18 mar 2019







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Yoxiv Hace 17 horas
*When you pick up a napkin and it slips out of your hand* The struggle knows no bounds
Arthur Kimes
Arthur Kimes Hace un día
Neighbors much have a hard time getting to sleep with all the drama coming out of that house.
M Hace un día
Fucking baby sheep like this
Pouwea Lord Of Spaghetti AQ3D
Bottle cap: Face Down Germs:I'm about to end this whole cap's career
{ATL} iiAquaFox
{ATL} iiAquaFox Hace 2 días
This legit how it be. In class, my brother dropped it face down and the class went silllent bruh.
Poccri Peardew
Poccri Peardew Hace 3 días
Welp time to down the whole famn drink in less than five minutes because you have somewhere to go but are too self conscious to throw away the drink and too much of a germaphobe to put on the cap unless you wash it with hydrochloric acid and fire.
Ciara Fletcher
Ciara Fletcher Hace 4 días
It's funny because for some reason if it falls on the flat part, it's still OK 😂
Mela_mc_el 1
Mela_mc_el 1 Hace 4 días
I know how it feels 😭
Melissa Thorpe
Melissa Thorpe Hace 4 días
This was funny and all but can someone explain to me what’s wrong with the bottle cap being dropped face down? I don’t get it lol
M Hace un día
It doesn’t make sense and it’s not funny.
Michael Jagella
Michael Jagella Hace 5 días
This is more than comedy, this is art.
Turtle Bob
Turtle Bob Hace 5 días
Props to the bug on the wall
Yasmine Hace 5 días
I just wash it off afterwards.
Jayla Alexander
Jayla Alexander Hace 5 días
I be hating when that happens
sec436 Hace 5 días
That bottle cap deserves an Oscar for it's performance 😂
galactic85 Hace 6 días
Top 10 saddest anime scenes.
Donovan Bohannon
Donovan Bohannon Hace 6 días
just run some water on it playa
Jack TheRipper
Jack TheRipper Hace 6 días
I would call that a face up.
Anonymous Mad Lad
Anonymous Mad Lad Hace 6 días
Finally, I've found someone who's acknowledged this
Dream Hollow
Dream Hollow Hace 7 días
Oh god, I felt that on a personal level.
Blender Artist: BirdieBronze
Never thought this was a bad thing till now .
M Hace un día
It’s not
blewprent Hace 7 días
Worst thing in the world.
Moosegooseoof Hace 7 días
Why didn’t he pick it up after five seconds
SlyassassinXX Hace 7 días
I relate, I don’t know why but I do
OGUNNS Hace 7 días
Can't you just wash the cap?
Dayday King
Dayday King Hace 7 días
What’s the name of the piano beat he plays
Iconic Uploads
Iconic Uploads Hace 8 días
Yo I thought it was only me 😩
Perplexe Hace 9 días
This is the skit where Caleb goes Super Saiyan
Eric community
Eric community Hace 10 días
I turned on my phone logged in and this started playing 😂
Gxoxls Hace 10 días
any of y’all know where Caleb got his hoodie shit is fye
Denise Stultz
Denise Stultz Hace 11 días
Huarache nice😉
Gabriella Dure
Gabriella Dure Hace 11 días
For some reason I get lucky and 65% of the time it's faced up
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace 11 días
Some people dont understand that you cant just clean it
ᴍɪɴ's ɴᴏᴠᴇɴ
i didn't know others felt this way. all that *diRt*
JayD Weston
JayD Weston Hace 13 días
lazy lama
lazy lama Hace 16 días
Thats face up
PyokerZ Hace 17 días
It happends to me too XD
DrawingWithZu Hace 17 días
Ey it’s still clean after 5 seconds :}
JustEdit Hace 18 días
If people were this dramatic in real life we would have an exciting world
Jeremy Bird-Fremont
Jeremy Bird-Fremont Hace 18 días
You broke it cause you'd dropped the lens cap face down and couldn't use it anymore?
Aries Parks
Aries Parks Hace 19 días
He has a lot of bottles of water lol
Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose Hace 19 días
5 second rule
oh yeh mr. krabz
oh yeh mr. krabz Hace 20 días
So im not the only one.
Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
_I should just throw the water away. I don't deserve water_
Boss Boy120
Boss Boy120 Hace 21 un día
Those who dislike this have no sense of hunor😂
UnknownPanda41 Hace 21 un día
We lost a good one today, boys.
ItsDerekWolf Hace 22 días
Bro so this what rappers mean when they say “no cap”
Murad Beybalaev
Murad Beybalaev Hace 22 días
You be all germy now.
gangbeastsking69 PS4
gangbeastsking69 PS4 Hace 23 días
I don't understand the joke
Longingmustinart Plays and reacts
He culd have just washed it doe
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace 11 días
No thats impossible
Amari Cole
Amari Cole Hace 23 días
ziggy stardust
ziggy stardust Hace 24 días
I can relate When the cap drops like that i hold my heart screaming inside
Homophobic Asswipe
Homophobic Asswipe Hace 25 días
what happened to the drink tho?
Marcos Barraza
Marcos Barraza Hace 25 días
anyone else noticed the pube at 0:35 in the lower right corner?
Eli A
Eli A Hace 26 días
Never have I seen a more relatable video.
K0I F1SH Hace 27 días
I honestly never understood what was wrong with bottle caps face down
Tech Support
Tech Support Hace 28 días
I thought it was just me that had a mental breakdown when this happens...
kamohelo kolanchu
kamohelo kolanchu Hace 28 días
It's funny cos it's accurate.
AtomictheMoon Hace 29 días
There's a big ass mosquito behind you. Watching you're dumb ass.
Azha F
Azha F Hace 29 días
Caleb: dropping bottle cap, faced down Germ: *It's free real estate*
Just Matthew
Just Matthew Hace 29 días
I've been there bro
_Midnight Hace un mes
Man what kinda kicks are those doe
Ebony Elice Gray
Ebony Elice Gray Hace un mes
Omgosh! 😂😂😂😂So me, but then I just throw it away.
Yaoi Otaku
Yaoi Otaku Hace un mes
Germs: It’s free real estate...
FreshAcy Hace un mes
Oh my God. I thought I was the only one that stresses over this
Tyler Collins
Tyler Collins Hace un mes
Literally dropped below his feet... Sprints & dives across room!
Dylan 123
Dylan 123 Hace un mes
Now you must live with your shame😂😂
trash content 101
trash content 101 Hace un mes
Im3Pac Hace un mes
Whenever this happens I chug the rest of my drink.
の刀ノ刀尺 Hace un mes
Afro Jazz
Afro Jazz Hace un mes
That's really how it feels tho 😂
No Robots Here
No Robots Here Hace un mes
I really hate that shit, so relatable
swaq Hace un mes
now you got to drink all the water
YedyyTV Hace un mes
You can just wash it.😮
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace 11 días
Actually, quantum mechanics forbids this
C J Hace un mes
I mean not to complain but who even opens a bottle cap with paper tissue??😂
Star Sign
Star Sign Hace 29 días
C J it hurts my hand without it
AirborneZombie7 6
AirborneZombie7 6 Hace un mes
Just fucking wash it lol
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace 11 días
You cant just do that
Pearlrae Thomas
Pearlrae Thomas Hace un mes
TrSp Dwarf
TrSp Dwarf Hace un mes
What's his face at 0:31 omg
• MiikoX
• MiikoX Hace un mes
*It be like that fr fr*
Eric community
Eric community Hace un mes
R i p bottle cap
whateverlolawants Hace un mes
I really love how he utilizes the hoodie in his anguish.
Evo Bowie
Evo Bowie Hace un mes
I thought that this was a thing that only I cared about hahahah
spongeboobs dan patriecks
My twin
ThatOneGuyKaboom Hace un mes
Bruh you never fell off and never sold out or lost quality and that’s what made you blow up keep it up bro
ThatOneGuyKaboom Hace un mes
@whateverlolawants I'm drinking literal doodoo water
whateverlolawants Hace un mes
I see you're drinking from a glass, that's a good way to avoid this sort of bottle cap heartbreak.
Kevin McAdams
Kevin McAdams Hace un mes
Hey are those honey buns cereal any good tho?
Opekx_Kxlo Hace un mes
U know when u drop a bottle cap and it falls face first and u wanna wash the cap off 😂😂
Sitzkrieg Hace un mes
What’s the piano music called?
Uzzy_ 25
Uzzy_ 25 Hace un mes
Ligit the day after this happened to me in school and I was like "meh" and drank the water anyways. 😂
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen Hace un mes
I thought I was the only one who was bothered by that
Apocalyptic Gamer
Apocalyptic Gamer Hace un mes
Can somebody please explain this, I don’t understand.
Richmane Hace un mes
Dammit, I dropped my water bottle top face down! Now it’s all dirty
Kimi no namae wa
Kimi no namae wa Hace un mes
j-just w-wash it....?
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace 11 días
@Kimi no namae wa basically quantum mechanics forbids washing the cap because reasons unknown
Kimi no namae wa
Kimi no namae wa Hace un mes
@mr theawesome enlighten me then
mr theawesome
mr theawesome Hace un mes
I dont think you understand the pain in this
Warren Turman
Warren Turman Hace un mes
Lmao dis dude have prob's
ZfreeZe Hace un mes
Is that a mosquito on the wall at 0:22?
daniel Hace un mes
Or you can just wash the cap or keep you floor clean xd
Marley Ginsky
Marley Ginsky Hace un mes
i literally thought i was the only one😭
Pepsi Bepis
Pepsi Bepis Hace un mes
As this happened to me before, I think I can say that this is 100% accurate
Jeremiah Call
Jeremiah Call Hace un mes
Wow some people are sensitive to germs. I didn't even know this was a thing.
Animation Failure
Animation Failure Hace un mes
At that point you have to finish drinking the rest of the water before you set it down again
Stella K
Stella K Hace un mes
omg me
Pogan Laul
Pogan Laul Hace un mes
Nah if that happened to me ill just wipe it on my shirt
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