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Dua Lipa - One Kiss / Electricity [2018 American Music Awards]

Dua Lipa
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Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss
Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson
The Complete Edition is here!! dualipa.co/completeedition
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10 oct 2018

dua lipacalving harrisone kisssilk cityelectricitydiplomark ronsonamasamaamerican music awards






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Mauro S
Mauro S Hace 13 horas
DIOS QUE HIJA DE PUTA la mejor performance ever la amo
godomymusic Hace 15 horas
świetny występ ,wow
MrDietmint Hace un día
Good !!
Mj Robianes
Mj Robianes Hace un día
i love the hard working steps💀
Amanda Lopes
Amanda Lopes Hace 2 días
e vc pabllo vittar?
Ci Silver
Ci Silver Hace 2 días
When she did that trust fall, I was like DAMN!
Summer Rose
Summer Rose Hace 3 días
Best performance ever Love you Dua
Brenda araceli Gomez
1:53 no sé cómo hizo para no gritar 😰
Graphic Animation
Graphic Animation Hace 3 días
I did not see the need of this boslhibeckrt 3:33
mostafa shahdadi
mostafa shahdadi Hace 5 días
Jéssica Lima
Jéssica Lima Hace 5 días
Só essa performace ja merece um grammy
chandra gupta
chandra gupta Hace 5 días
Who invited Rita ora
Daniel Brosky
Daniel Brosky Hace 6 días
So sorry for these honest and sincere comments (as I expect MAJOR abuse here), but really - WHY and HOW did she and this song win a Grammy?! It is most definitely NOT hard to sing and dance at the same time, if you have real talent and training. And, FYI - not liking a performer or performance is NOT = to hating! She looks good, and exploits her 'feminine charms' to make money by selling records. But, can she really sing?? Listen to Linda Ronstadt, Annie Lennox, Luisa Sobral if you wish to experience singers with real talent singing songs with real meaning. Also, Jackie Evancho and Darcie Lynne - and she doesn't even move her lips!! It is more than prancing about the stage shaking the 'girls'/tatas and her booty. In all the videos I've seen of hers, and I've honestly, and with an open mind, tried to see why so many find her the 'in thing', and to me, she is simply forgettable ... and utterly boring.
Nitin Rathee
Nitin Rathee Hace 7 días
Grammy for Electricity. Yeahhhhhh
Chesco Hace 7 días
Facundo DC
Facundo DC Hace 7 días
1:53 oof * insert roblox sound* :v
Mor 0666
Mor 0666 Hace 7 días
03:33 Some girls got really in the moment lol
NC Vman
NC Vman Hace 8 días
Why the zoom in at 3:38? Nasty
sHisHtAr JuNgKoOk sNaTcHeD
The meme song
Ingrid Alutshi
Ingrid Alutshi Hace 9 días
Dua lipa Are falling And dua lipa Are you sure !!!!!!!? ....
kurosaki adhitya
kurosaki adhitya Hace 9 días
Still cant believe a real "voice first dance later" singer like her could collaborate with a lipsync group dancer.....
koke tobar
koke tobar Hace 9 días
pam zamudio
pam zamudio Hace 12 días
Sometimes the right stage presence can make a huge difference. Not hating. She’s doing great and I do believe she’ll get better and slay all of us
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace 13 días
For her defense the choreography was shit and awkward but she still needs to improve I wish she improves! ^^ and stops doing that choreography because she can't dance
guilherme ramos
guilherme ramos Hace 16 días
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Ikah Soria 2
Ikah Soria 2 Hace 16 días
Yura Uro
Yura Uro Hace 16 días
na Ra
na Ra Hace 16 días
Amazing Performance !! 👍👍I got an electric shock !!!
Dayhanna Aracelli
Dayhanna Aracelli Hace 16 días
You Mee
You Mee Hace 16 días
kenken ken
kenken ken Hace 17 días
Irgi M Yusman
Irgi M Yusman Hace 17 días
Who's here 2019?
Jayle Campos eulogio
Jayle Campos eulogio Hace 17 días
La mejor presentacion de la noche✌
Şule eilish
Şule eilish Hace 19 días
Şule eilish
Şule eilish Hace 19 días
angela tracy
angela tracy Hace 19 días
i think dua needs to work with an award winning choreographer, like someone who’s worked with beyoncé or michael jackson, bc sis needs to learn how to move those hips properly and connect with the audience. her stage presence is 😬 atm but i do believe she’ll get there one day with hard work.
Don Lucchese
Don Lucchese Hace 19 días
Sta je to? Gde su srbske pevaljke?! Nema uspeha van balkana. Sirovina.
Parmida Behnia
Parmida Behnia Hace 20 días
Big as Daddy
Big as Daddy Hace 21 un día
Haters back off ya r just mad ya can’t be like her
Wojoud Hace 21 un día
The best performance I have ever seen
Wojoud Hace 21 un día
Cannot find a word to describe what I just saw!!!
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy Hace 21 un día
she is lesbian ewwww
TheItsmemaya Hace 22 días
honestly some of y’all should stop thinking your opinion on performance art is valid because you sound incredibly uneducated. black lights and bring colors =/= good performance
owing Cook
owing Cook Hace 23 días
Net.Tv check
CAM Hace 23 días
The sound she made when she fell 💀
RosizaMarinova Asiye
RosizaMarinova Asiye Hace 23 días
Ryner Ryner
Ryner Ryner Hace 24 días
no stage presence😴😴😴😪
Kevin Mora Martinez
Kevin Mora Martinez Hace 27 días
Your are sooo beautiful😍😍❤
Kevin Mora Martinez
Kevin Mora Martinez Hace 27 días
Sweet Aninhas
Sweet Aninhas Hace 28 días
Dance please...
Nay Lovely
Nay Lovely Hace 28 días
The body rolls!!
Tiah Fisher
Tiah Fisher Hace 29 días
Moving around a lot doesn’t equal to stage presence. She has no stage presence lol
EphraimAdamz Hace 29 días
The song is good. Performance is basically a remake of the music video though. I thought she would come out with fierce high heels on or something and slay
/AZAGAMES \ Hace un mes
SELENATOR Hace un mes
she's so amazing
SELENATOR Hace un mes
see? dua lipa is not boring.
Renee Alberona
Renee Alberona Hace un mes
honestly this is better than all her new rules performances
Roy Perez
Roy Perez Hace un mes
Its got that ‘90s In Living Color Fly Girls dance routine vibe to it.
fab alv97
fab alv97 Hace un mes
Dua si atrae mucho 😏
Rosa Hermosa
Rosa Hermosa Hace un mes
The two girls kissing gave me free and happy vibes
Cah Lanang
Cah Lanang Hace un mes
03.33 🙄🙄🙄 kissing ??😱😱😱
savage.monsterr Hace un mes
Y'all can hate her but at the end she's the one with a successful career and a worldwide popstar 💋
house stark
house stark Hace un mes
Excuse me wtf?
NoneWhatsoever Hace un mes
She's moving around constantly, dancing, doing stunts, while STILL sounding good yet people are complaining. The standard for female singers is so unbelievably high, when male "entertainers" can literally stand still on the stage while sounding like SHIT and everyone praises them. Fuck outta here.
Cholpon Salamatova
Cholpon Salamatova Hace un mes
Gorgeous 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
KJRM408 Hace un mes
Shes so dam hot, thank you we 2018 for making this get best year.
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim Hace un mes
Love this song
Vinicius Ferret
Vinicius Ferret Hace un mes
tf? mess
Joyce A
Joyce A Hace un mes
Dedicate this song to Michael Jackson the man in my dreams.
EDA Hace un mes
Maritza Jiménez
Maritza Jiménez Hace un mes
Fred Yoda
Fred Yoda Hace un mes
Sans "auto-tune", force est de constater qu'elle chante faux en direct ... dès le début, même si ce n'est pas si aisé de chanter en dansant sans être essoufflée. Un peu de travail avant d'être la future Beyoncé.
Ho Quang Tuan
Ho Quang Tuan Hace un mes
Well, smt is still missing. She can do better than that, especially with her vocal at the start of the performance when she did not dance
Sitti Macabato
Sitti Macabato Hace un mes
Why is no one talking about the kiss!!! 20gayteeeeen! WAAAAAH! Hahahahahaha!
eugenia arijo
eugenia arijo Hace un mes
Government Paparazzi
Dua is best when she’s with her band, with no choreo, just doing what SHE wants and no unnecessary terrible choreo. It just needs to be stripped back a little like it used to be
Lee Rez
Lee Rez Hace un mes
Nakeya Brailsford
Nakeya Brailsford Hace un mes
She only have 9.4M subscribers. Why don’t she have more
Bethany Gibson
Bethany Gibson Hace un mes
This is much better then the other performances. Really hope she stays like that or people won’t go to her shows...
MxmiRxses Hace un mes
People say the performance is dull, and stop saying they're stupid or they're high or drunk because its their opinion, and i agree, her voice was not loud and confident, she was mostly quiet, and she doesn't sound like how she did while singing the song.
America HD Production
i love this song! who love like me?
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Nicole Therese Donaire
You are totally a LEGEND Dua Lipa💕😘
Oh my dua lipa
natalie murillo
natalie murillo Hace un mes
Who else say Brooke from whatsupmoms
CaapriceTube Hace un mes
Nice. Always said this girl has GREAT stage prescence and is a good performer, she moves well, but just needs to tighten up the footwork then she'd be amazing.
Ivan Lara
Ivan Lara Hace un mes
3:32 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩THE KISS
Lim Gashi
Lim Gashi Hace un mes
1:53 wowww
SMART GAMER Hace un mes
Amo Dua Lipa
Moni Pampeloni
Moni Pampeloni Hace un mes
Love dua but the dance moves were really lame. I would have rather than this have her stand in a red suit and move sensually like at graham Norton. It was simple but really aesthetic and cool. Or her performance at Kimmel was also cool - felt very free and unbothered. This was not good sadly. Somehow it just didn’t work, it didn’t flow well. Looked like it wasn’t finished or not thought through properly.
Pop Will Repeat Itself
Those of you who question people calling the performance dull - it's the voice people are commenting on. Yes, it's a colourful and dancey performance, but the voice is more important than either of those - i.e, the musical element of the performance. It doesn't have the power she's demonstrated elsewhere
MoiMoi Chong
MoiMoi Chong Hace un mes
DUI然后ipa jre8 Happy New Year 201 night beautiful girl Happy New Year very good song p212121 b21 Where you go song Baby One to One to One
questionable spam account
I dont understand why people say this was a bad performance. I'm not a Dua fan or a Pop fan but I thought as a whole this was a good performance
Maca García Sourse
OMG minute 1:53
Hi Shisters!
Hi Shisters! Hace un mes
Dona Pc
Dona Pc Hace un mes
This Performance was really good Haters can say what they want This was great
Ryan watt
Ryan watt Hace un mes
This is my favourite live performance ever
Ezraiamosi amosiezrai
troll_ wood
troll_ wood Hace un mes
I'm fall in your body language 😘😘😘😘😘
Ambie Dextrus
Ambie Dextrus Hace un mes
This performance makes me smile so much!
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