Dumb Arguments

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18 mar 2019

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Ramen Hace 3 horas
6:25 Literally that entire segment is my school teachers and the douche bag kids or rude popular kids who act dumb for the sake to sound better.
Night Parrot
Night Parrot Hace 4 horas
so me and my friends usually argue about dumb stuff, but we know it’s just a joke and we enjoy it. but sometimes, some people think we are generally arguing and try to break it up. i mean i appreciate you trying to save our friendship, but we got this.
thatdudeinthecotton Hace 5 horas
So, you borrow a picture from your GF and post it: She asks for credit (In a seemingly neutral manner). You send a message indicating complete surprise. GF then overblows how important the picture is. You respond that the credit doesn't matter because it's just a picture of Nala. That last statement was pivotal as it does a couple of things. By saying that it's just a picture of Nala you indicate that either (A) The picture is unimportant due to it's simplicity [even though GF established that she liked the picture] OR (B) You feel that you don't need to credit her because you both cooperatively own Nala [which GF already clearly disagrees with by asking for credit]. Either way you are very obviously disregarding her opinion on the matter, which is rather disrespectful given she's the one who bothered to take the picture in the first place. This disrespect of her opinion is what actually sparks the larger conflict. After that she states angrily that if you don't want to give credit then don't use her stuff. You then *assume* that there's something else going on and for the rest of the conversation either ask if she's angry at something else (obviously showing that you think she's being irrational). After your assumption that shes mad at something else she states an easy way to give credit, then you overblow how important this is to her (as if this isn't a super simple request). She states that shes more pissed off at your mentality. This is her directly calling out what you have been saying as the main issue here and you don't acknowledge that possibility at all. She then states that photographers deserve credit. A fairly safe statement to make. Instead of agreeing however and admitting any wrong, you state that you "trusted" that she wouldn't care. Congratulations, you have now gone back to square 1. She says that you didn't notify her that you'd post it under your account, essentially stating that you took her pic without asking. I imagine that if the conversation continued she'd loop around to saying that since you borrowed the pic you are obliged to give credit. However she doesn't get to that because... You then state that she wanted to argue and that you'll wait until she's more rational. This is a massive dick move. Throughout this entire conversation you act as if she's a child that doesn't know how to handle her emotions when she's infact being incredibly direct about what's bothering her. Jesus christ man, I like your videos and all that, but you acted like a total prick in this conversation. When someone says they feel a certain way, maybe believe them? or at the very least respect them as you'd respect yourself in their shoes? The only way this conversation makes you look good is through the filter of assuming your GF is wrong before she even says anything.
NiHal IsUrSoUp
NiHal IsUrSoUp Hace 12 horas
NiHal IsUrSoUp
NiHal IsUrSoUp Hace 12 horas
Sadness and sorrow
Zelda Wolf
Zelda Wolf Hace 15 horas
I get confused between Elord and Domics
what am i doing with my life?
Bruh I know this video is about arguments and all but, NIGGA WHY IS NOBODY SPEAKING ABOUT THE *69* LIKES NIGGA HOW DID NO ONE NOTICE IT
Aesthetic Hoe
Aesthetic Hoe Hace 22 horas
“Females act on emotion not logic.” -mike wheeler. It’s honest facts.
Mr Mister
Mr Mister Hace un día
This is for my brother
Coolguy 298
Coolguy 298 Hace un día
My dad could beat up your dad
Lemar D.
Lemar D. Hace un día
She wanted clout bro that’s why she wanted the credit
Tarq's Picks
Tarq's Picks Hace un día
The demand for credit of a picture of your dog... I got no idea. I suspect she was arguing about something else. Perhaps she felt you were not good about giving credit to others. I have no idea. I wasn't there. She may, in fact, be bad at relationships as well. That does not mean you're right. That just means she's a train wreck too.
Tarq's Picks
Tarq's Picks Hace un día
2:29 is another fallacious argument. I don't think your girlfriend ever asserted that you woke up and decided to offend her on a whim. There are so many logical fallacies in that small segment that it's hard to name them all, so let's just focus on one term. "Straw man"; look this term up, memorize it, and work on it. It's not doing you any favors.
Tarq's Picks
Tarq's Picks Hace un día
At 2:20 you argue that because you didn't have any overt (look that word up - it's important) motivation for attacking your girlfriend, she was wrong to presume your repeated transgressions were innocent. A) Lots of people do things for lots of different motivations, not all of which are obvious or overt. That does not - and should not - stop us from understanding a pattern of behavior and acknowledging a possible or likely motive for those behaviors. That's just a basic, beneficial survival skill. You have it too. If you were standing in front of me, it's easily demonstrable. B) Ignoring someone's responses to the way you speak and the things you say IS a thoughtful action. Doing it repeatedly IS premeditated.
Tarq's Picks
Tarq's Picks Hace un día
You start the introduction about your ex-girlfriend by first insulting her for liking to argue (other people like to argue too, they're called great thinkers). You then insulted her again by gloating that she was now an ex-girlfriend. You lay a third attack down by (arrogantly) asserting that you were always misconstrued, rather than acknowledging that you may have misspoken. Given that you attacked her three times in the space of six seconds, I'm pretty confident I know why she felt you attacked her too often. For the record, I am a male. I have very healthy and long lasting relationships throughout my life. I am not a pinko liberal hippy. I do understand communication though. To some degree at least. I also know how to argue constructively.
sɑӏsɑ cօօƙíҽ
Haha grape.
Gaming Pizzas
Gaming Pizzas Hace un día
A:Everything you like and your existence is garbage B:Youre right thats why youre garbage...im sorry i like you😏😎😂
Chris Tauer
Chris Tauer Hace un día
7:37 feminists take this message
KingKiller 25
KingKiller 25 Hace un día
When me and my brother argued me would make fun of me then i say i win
Raymond Phan
Raymond Phan Hace un día
Apple is clearly superior.
René Alucard
René Alucard Hace un día
I know how you feel, Dom. I had a girlfriend like your ex once. She stole a lot of money and other things from me, including trying to steal my cat. She beat me down and made me feel terrible about everything I enjoyed and thought. I'm incredibly glad I'm out of that relationship.
Maria Carvalho
Maria Carvalho Hace un día
I've just had a philosophy lesson ahah thank you domics
DudeBro Hace un día
Dom: *breathes* Dom's Ex: is that like a personal attack or something
Zilla BNP
Zilla BNP Hace un día
Me and my gf don't hangout irl a lot but we make sure to call each other everyday. Like a week ago I went to go visit my mom in the hospital (it's nothing serious, I just wanted to see my mom) and I forgot my phone. I didn't think of it that much, I was just going to be there for a few hours. I went to the hospital and had a great time with my mom. When I was about to leave my grandma asked (she drove me there) if I wanted to go out to eat for lunch. I agreed, because free food you know. My grandma also suggested that my brother, her, and I should go see a movie. I like being out of my house so I was down. 6 hours had passed and I made it home, but my phone was dead. So I let it charge for like an hour while I made dinner. Finally I made it to my phone. I had 15 missed calls from my gf. I called her back and as soon as I picked up she started screaming at me. She said that I was unmature for not calling her every 2hours and telling her where I would be all day.
Luchee Hace 2 días
Donkey Kong is a god though
Edgar Complexediterxx
I heard that
Isabelle Ung
Isabelle Ung Hace 2 días
4:17 Your welcome 😂😂
Mofe Salami
Mofe Salami Hace 2 días
This is actually a really good video!
the kindi brothers
the kindi brothers Hace 2 días
That doesn't look like a karen
Issac The Small Engine
Wait what about arguments about dumb arguments?
Zxekhariah Austria
Zxekhariah Austria Hace 2 días
Thats what you call "entitlement".
Kaiju Slayer333
Kaiju Slayer333 Hace 2 días
When I think of dumb arguments. I think of those weird pointless arguments friends have like if a person could take a dump while being upside down.
Calico Bunny
Calico Bunny Hace 2 días
Once I sent a friend a meme of an artist she liked, (it wasn’t even offensive, other people who also LIKED this artist LIKED this meme) and she took it as an attack, telling me how I’m so insecure I need to make fun of others to make me feel better about myself... What?
Rubber_Donuts Hace 2 días
2:36 did anyone notice the number of likes he got?? 😂😂
Benjamin Hager
Benjamin Hager Hace 2 días
6:31 the judges rebuttle would be “well welll ummmm ur in fat
answer me pewdiepie
answer me pewdiepie Hace 2 días
“Domics” this is your Ex Girlfriend, I dont care of what you think and Im disappointed, u added me in the video without permission.. im gonna sue you soon.
Ayanna Gleaves
Ayanna Gleaves Hace 2 días
4:16 is the absolute best
Dylan Stott
Dylan Stott Hace 2 días
You see the problem is my voice sounds sarcastic so any time I try to be really sincere I have to put on a voice so It doesn’t sound like I’m planning to kill them with a butter knife
Tricky Slayer
Tricky Slayer Hace 2 días
2:58 - 4:08 *mah asian friend rn* Asian brain killer (bk) : YOU ALL ARE SO MEAN MY GAME NEVER GETS VOTED all of us: ... bruh its just a game like even if it wasn't the winner in the vote doesn't mean its inferior Asian bk: BUT HOW IS THAT FAIR... YOU KNOW WHAT IF YOU DONT PLAY MY GAME TILL WE GET TO HIGHSCHOOL THEN IM GONNA GET YALL EXPELLED Me:......... anybody got a gun? random dude : i got you me: thanks *tries to shoot head* *asian bk destroy gun* Asian Bk: YOU WILL PLAY MY GAME U IDIOT Me:.... )_( here is another story of dumb arguments.. or something similar.. Girl who got crush on me (Gwgcom. soz for the long acronym but i dont wanna type all of dat.. wait i ctrl copy paste XD) Girl who got crush on me: hey i like u me: sorry i dont like you but i hope we can stay friends Girl who got crush on me: ok sure me: thanks *a week later* *INSERT NAME HERE* AND *INSERT NAME HERE* SITTING IN A TREE. K I S S I N G me: bruh just stop *WHITE MF'S KEEP GOING KEKEKEK KILL ME* me:....... *rage mode almost activated* please just stop *TRUMPET MUCH MF STILL GOING... WHITE MF'S* *rage mode activated* me: OK SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR YOU WONT HAVE A MOUTH *3 weeks later* *WHITE MF'S TRUMPET PHOTOSHOP SIZE UP AF ALMOST GO DEAF I MEAN DEAD* Me: God just stop oka....*TRUMPET BAND PHOTOSHOP POWERUP I ALREADY DEAF AND DEAD PLEASE SAVE ME FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *boom* Me: OI DO YOU WANNA GET EXPELLED *mind* YOU WHITE MF;'S* *they stop* phew
AdidasFanSqueet Hace 2 días
Филипп Ломакин
Me and My friends love debates but they're totally different from the debates you've described. We just debating because we think an opinion should have valid points and we also debating just for fun while still respect each other and other's opinions. I hope People would've debate like us - just for fun while still respecting each other and debating more about things like films, shows, games, ect.
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez Hace 3 días
410 that argument was so dum it made me laugh
Amy Hace 3 días
Those dislikes are all his ex-girlfriends friends
Aaron Branch
Aaron Branch Hace 3 días
Doms Ex:Which i respect you less! *Enter Naruto Music*
Angry Jim
Angry Jim Hace 3 días
Ex sounds like a narcissists...
dii vaa
dii vaa Hace 3 días
Sabar domics
S S15
S S15 Hace 3 días
Hey girl what do u wany CC copyright??
FellFelix wonders
FellFelix wonders Hace 3 días
I am one of those people who like to debate, just like your ex grilfriend. (The one that was mentioned in the video)
Ukap Ubih
Ukap Ubih Hace 3 días
Ha ha I always go for silent treatment 😂
Uchiha FuZZ
Uchiha FuZZ Hace 3 días
Sad well remake of a naruto soundtrack 4:08
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