Dumb Arguments

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18 mar 2019






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Min Suga jjang jjang man bbong bbong Yoongles
I once had an arguement with my twin sister over how a math question. She had 1 mistake on the test and it was 20 questions. I had to yell at her how a parenthesis works
im just a cow
im just a cow Hace un hora
5:47 i sans icecream (that's what i translated)
MangoJooce Hace 2 horas
0:54 Domics: **Doesnt mention pewdiepie vs Tseries.** 9 year olds: omG wHat AbOuT pEwDs!
shyguy Hace 2 horas
"Guess that sponsor! NordVPN. "It's AUDIBLE!" Wha-
Kool kat Kol
Kool kat Kol Hace 3 horas
Sometimes it’s hard to find who is causing the problem or what the problem even is also sometimes both side are contributing to the problem(s)
ZENOVANIA Hace 4 horas
The weebs are still arguing on which waifu is the best (Rem vs Emilia)
Ricardo Alemán
Ricardo Alemán Hace 10 horas
That was really toxic
Gieann Pervera
Gieann Pervera Hace 11 horas
R.I.P. dom and his ex who HOPEFULLY knows how unsmart she sounds
Lyrical Pirate
Lyrical Pirate Hace 11 horas
why did it unsub me *WHY DID IT UNSUB ME*
Phil Up
Phil Up Hace 14 horas
I love how anyone who takes a picture is a photographer nowadays
Jerry Vogl
Jerry Vogl Hace 14 horas
It's to toxic I'm dying HELP!!!!!!!!
Adam Musson
Adam Musson Hace 16 horas
hi domics i want to start animation but i need help can you help me
Sir_Jatican Belloli
Sir_Jatican Belloli Hace 23 horas
PS4 v xbox
ZuRriX Hace un día
This is such an important video.
ZuRriX Hace un día
4:21 - Why people argue about dumb stuff 5:01 - Passive aggression 5:56 - Logical fallacies used during an argument a.k.a. people are cunt 6:15 - Ad hominem 6:33 - Hasty generalization 6:52 - Tu quoque 7:30 - Stop using the past as an argument 7:37 - Stop making yourself a victim a.k.a. do not be a cunt
ZuRriX Hace un día
Damn. What a cunt that ex is.
Mr. Mod
Mr. Mod Hace un día
I currently have 32 likes
Sharkyplaze Hace un día
4:38 it’s okay chill out the gun has an orange tip on it it’s fake 👌
Natalia Deocampo-Stites
I have 1 like from myself
Sabarin Hassan
Sabarin Hassan Hace un día
Nope From me
Charbel Chehadeh
Charbel Chehadeh Hace un día
Yo i srsly can’t describe how much I enjoy you’re vids man (i never comments tho) i think it’s ur voice ?😂
bondbros01 gaming
bondbros01 gaming Hace un día
Android is Bayer the Apple
ti dauben
ti dauben Hace un día
His X is is a f###### b####/ entitled brat.
Sub to Pewds
Sub to Pewds Hace un día
Thank u, next
Ligaya Seo
Ligaya Seo Hace 2 días
Hannah Van de visch
Hannah Van de visch Hace 2 días
Jack Animations
Jack Animations Hace 2 días
you are cool
Slothley Hace 2 días
Lately passive aggression is responding to a long text with "k." "K" is fine and "K." is kinda bad but "k." is basically calling you all the swear words
Emerald Shot49
Emerald Shot49 Hace 2 días
Rip everyone who watched this video died from toxicity
Pink Pencil
Pink Pencil Hace 2 días
I love watching ship wars, i dont argue all that much and if i do i try to be respectful, ive had a couple of arguments that made me mad but i just back out when i get mad because i know that wont help anyone. But i still love having debates, it's my jam.
Franco Scirpatempo
Franco Scirpatempo Hace 2 días
I had an argument today about whether he-man or naruto would win in a fight (I walked into class with people already arguing about it and I joined in). We ended the argument by watching a Video of he-man and Naruto fighting in a wwe game
AFK JJ Hace 2 días
Unwind is so good
ArthursAnimation Hace 3 días
I love audible, I use it soo many years now ^^
Danna Casila
Danna Casila Hace 3 días
With my CURRENT and past relationships
Kollin Blood
Kollin Blood Hace 3 días
My uncle and aunt had a argument on how many holes a straw has two years ago... they still have that argument today
lola bee
lola bee Hace 3 días
OML that's exactly the Promised Neverlands plot
lola bee
lola bee Hace 3 días
most akter
most akter Hace 3 días
Why that orange gun tip though
Turner Fore
Turner Fore Hace 3 días
Chant with me android is better android is better android is better
Ben likes geography
Ben likes geography Hace 3 días
Great video Domics, keep up the great work.
Natasha T
Natasha T Hace 3 días
The live show is on my birthday
nhico endaya
nhico endaya Hace 3 días
pinoy here
yonydraco Hace 4 días
run morty ruuuun!!!!
Oriene Hope Jereza
Oriene Hope Jereza Hace 4 días
Pota. Triggerrrrrred. Disclaimer: Filipino peeps will understand.
PrizePG1 Hace 4 días
Okok DOMZ! I need you permission to use that funny music in my channel! EDIT: I know you added the link but I mean I need the animation, Im planning on making a funny video using just the part of ur animation and the music but I just need your permission first. Hope you reply soon! (I'll add your channel in the description too!)
anti force gamer
anti force gamer Hace 4 días
Even its not my conversation in the vid i feel i little rage 😂😂😂😂😂
DGS Hace 4 días
I always lash out at my boyfriend, he just looks at the calendar then buys me chocolates
Rafael Marquez
Rafael Marquez Hace 4 días
To be honest, I thought the beginning was an ad and i looked for the skip ad button but then i realized it was actually your voice
Aeron Tumanut
Aeron Tumanut Hace 4 días
*Filipino Pro-Duterte Left the Group
Mahou Skittles
Mahou Skittles Hace 4 días
Once MY MOM dropped a glass of milk and proceeded to yell at me how it was my fault when I was just sitting there and being a good little girl and then she started to yell at me about how I’m such a bad child and after all the yelling I said but I didn’t even drop the milk?
Vic Toria
Vic Toria Hace 4 días
Apple=like Android=comment Let the war begins
Roblox Insider
Roblox Insider Hace 17 horas
Roblox Insider
Roblox Insider Hace 17 horas
Max Stories
Max Stories Hace 5 días
Love the video dude
AMF Videos
AMF Videos Hace 5 días
Arguments are a waste of time. Social interaction is a waste of time. #BeAnIntrovert
James Dela Cruz
James Dela Cruz Hace 5 días
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA toxic relationship huhu sad naman
•Spud Buds•
•Spud Buds• Hace 5 días
My friends have been arguing about M I S C O M U N I C A T I O N. It’s so stupid and have been going on for more than a month
endrede 545
endrede 545 Hace 5 días
MAYBE it's a imrovisation translation of this russian vidoe esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-P7epuam9j-U.html
chihiroberry Hace 5 días
reminds me of my TOK classes
DracO PlayZ
DracO PlayZ Hace 5 días
Is your every single video sponsored
Xayah Hace 5 días
"Yeah but i think the political correctness.."
Cattle Bee
Cattle Bee Hace 5 días
I would go on April 26, buttttttt ENDGAME CONES OUT AND I CANT MISS IT
raid Hace 3 días
you are a legend :)
noeme sitoy
noeme sitoy Hace 5 días
Dom's ex will be the next Karen who will Not Vaxx their child, and hide it from the father. :)
Aim Silaon
Aim Silaon Hace 5 días
Omg i read unwind and found it super good (this was when i was 15 im 19 now) The concept is super interesting. Never thought someone would talk about it after all those years! If anyone has spare time definitely give it a read!
Real Talk
Real Talk Hace 5 días
It's official your ex is a feminist and that is just sad , she needs lots of help and attention
Monster_JN21 Hace 5 días
Trippy_liz 02
Trippy_liz 02 Hace 5 días
2:13 is me when my friends tell me some tea
fr e sh a voca do
fr e sh a voca do Hace 5 días
wait hang on i just watch this video and i am now sending it to my dad to smack some knowledge in to hes head
Mya Burtch
Mya Burtch Hace 5 días
5:30 - 5:36 This scene absolutely killed me. I’m dying of laughter 😂😂😂
Enjinks Hace 5 días
Hmm, I actually was annoyed you tried to argue about not giving the girl credit for the picture lol Like yeah, it's not much so just apologise and do it 😂 No need to drag the issue and make her feel she's crazy for asking something so simple
WOLF'S DESTINY Hace 6 días
from all the classmate i have, im the girl with so many or overtop with pride
Renee Iz Boredith
Renee Iz Boredith Hace 6 días
Dom: Set your pride aside Me: *stops being gay* (please don't take this seriously, I've learned that many people on ESvid have no heccing humor)
Kimberly House
Kimberly House Hace 6 días
How about you argue about if Die Hard is a Christmas movie?
Kimberly House
Kimberly House Hace 6 días
How about you argue about if Die Hard is a Christmas movie?
AnonymousJohan Hace 6 días
" I can debate with a thousand of wise man but it is impossible to debate one dumb man " - i dont remember who quote this
FUNKO TIME Hace 6 días
1.7 k got their Pride Stuck up THEIR ASS.
Sketch TV
Sketch TV Hace 6 días
Burner 1415
Burner 1415 Hace 6 días
Have y’all seen this pickle me 3 yet! With groo and the onions
YUNG PIKL Hace 6 días
5:48 It says I want ice cream I legit spent 30 minutes decoding it rather than studying
KillerHero YT
KillerHero YT Hace 6 días
I hate b*ch
Kris Madas
Kris Madas Hace 6 días
I kinda like having dumb arguments. Like me and my older brother will go at it for like 2 hours about some Marvel movie crap and its so much fun. I guess the difference is we know each other and know that it is 100% a dumb joke. And we're laughing and faux-screaming at each other. Sometimes our opinions get altered but never really changed. Then one of us just says "I'm done" and walks away. Then we laugh and remanence about how hilarious our stupid, overly long, the argument was. But yeah what Dom talked about was absolutely the worse.
Strawberrysunset23 Hace 6 días
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName Hace 6 días
2:40 *liked by **_69_** people*
ريم محمد
ريم محمد Hace 6 días
4:15 I’m dead 😂😂😂
Tattertot_gamer 1
Tattertot_gamer 1 Hace 6 días
5:50 omg that’s windings and I know what it says.
Tattertot_gamer 1
Tattertot_gamer 1 Hace 2 días
Isabel Than It’s ok yes you did offend me and yes I won’t reply anymore because I have a life to live bye.
Isabel Than
Isabel Than Hace 2 días
why is this the only thing you care about? you have a life to live. Live it. why are you wasting your time on a comment like this? sorry if i offended you man
Tattertot_gamer 1
Tattertot_gamer 1 Hace 2 días
Isabel Than Ok well now I stated it after you started acting like a jackass and being rude happy now?
Tattertot_gamer 1
Tattertot_gamer 1 Hace 2 días
Isabel Than More and More excuses you got a bucket full?
Tattertot_gamer 1
Tattertot_gamer 1 Hace 2 días
Isabel Than Everyone has a life lol. Did you know 7B people have a life.
Giraffel Tower
Giraffel Tower Hace 6 días
Omg my name is the first half the title of this video!!!
Planet Wild
Planet Wild Hace 6 días
4:21 Dom, we need to talk...
Daily Videos
Daily Videos Hace 6 días
1:44 was that your eyebrow or your eye
큐핏Cupid Hace 6 días
Me always with my “friends”
Just Some Guy With No Mustache
How DARE you critique people who like to argue? Let’s see YOU do better...actually jk you SUCK so shaddap don’t even try. All of your videos are dumb
IDoAlMoStEvErYtHiNg Hace 6 días
I realised that I have a dog named nala...... and so does (or did) domics
Natalia Plaza
Natalia Plaza Hace 6 días
You played Naruto music, during that music, after the argument from ur ex and stuff o - o ( IDK I just thought I should say that for no reason :/) I'm still LIKING the video tho :3
Gacha doopy
Gacha doopy Hace 6 días
Did your stupid ex really called you stupid
Ebony Molloy
Ebony Molloy Hace 6 días
*I fEeL bUlLiEd aNd mIsStReAtEd*
Ebony Molloy
Ebony Molloy Hace 6 días
I had a dumb argument with my bff Now we aren’t friends.
Karnpreet Bains
Karnpreet Bains Hace 6 días
Why is my sister like your ex-girlfriend
Oliver Aishite
Oliver Aishite Hace 6 días
Dom’s argument with his ex reminds me of the James Charles blue neon skull drama
notfack1 Hace 6 días
Im late but my freind told me a girl would not stop kicking his chair and putting her foot and his chair he told on her she acted like the victim and said i was just trying to make my foot feel comfortable he said our teacher said im not stupid she is one of those petty girls
M&M Gacha
M&M Gacha Hace 6 días
Are we getting that vid about Steve or nah?
Sunstar Arts
Sunstar Arts Hace 6 días
Yo dome. I think that you’ll like the book “warcross” its good
Hello Arland
Hello Arland Hace 6 días
I’m the type who tries to win an argument to be honest not really proud ;-;
Mr. Prince
Mr. Prince Hace 6 días
2:40 nice
It's meh Thracy
It's meh Thracy Hace 7 días
2 0 1 9 ?
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