Eagles vs. Raiders Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Las Vegas Raiders during Week 7 of the 2021 NFL season.

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24 oct 2021






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Comentarios 1 642
Derrick Sexton
Derrick Sexton Hace un día
98Union Hace 4 días
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez Hace 9 días
Kills me to watch these with Rugs still in there 😞
Peelyplayz Hace 12 días
yo raiders are the best
Hlwan Moe
Hlwan Moe Hace 16 días
Aaron Rivera
Aaron Rivera Hace 17 días
Your up by 23 why lol u
arcwall14 Hace 18 días
4:44 - Henry Ruggs III: Last NFL reception of his life.
Foster Parks
Foster Parks Hace 22 días
If only we played the way we did week 8 & week 9, We actually ran the ball in those games.
MrJustinRucker Hace 23 días
hopefully josh jacobs makes a quick recovery
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 23 días
God calls the philosophy of government mental health specialists foolish.
Lil_Jesse Hace 24 días
We lost to the giants
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 24 días
How much money does the federal government invest in order for me not to be able to understand?
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 24 días
If you bring an army that supports gay activity on the battlefield you won't make it very far.
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 24 días
How does it feel to be a gay nation America?
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 25 días
I was in fighting shape when I tried to box but I wasn't taught technique.
Garrett Schroeder
Garrett Schroeder Hace 12 días
Bro what
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 26 días
Who wants to stop me from worshipping God? Let God gloriously dominate them.
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 29 días
If there would be peace in the world between Jacob and Esau if I inpregnated their princesses to keep peace you think I wouldn't do that, not to mention Ishmael.
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 29 días
I am not a gentile, punk you live in my house Japheth. We are the superior race if we believe in the covenants.
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace 29 días
Come on America, let me see your born in gay USA dance because you love it.
Adrian Medrano
Adrian Medrano Hace 29 días
Raiders should of gone for it when it was 4th & 10 in the Red zone
J T Hace 29 días
I big fan
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace un mes
I would go outside right now but I don't have a big gun.
Nite Knight
Nite Knight Hace un mes
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Hace un mes
Can't wait to see Ruggs play Sunday... oh wait
john172867 Hace un mes
Difficult to watch knowing what we know now.
Omar Maldonado
Omar Maldonado Hace un mes
Abrams, hurts, Ruggs, drake , Jacobs , devante smith
Garrett Schroeder
Garrett Schroeder Hace 12 días
Abram played at Mississippi state
Omar Maldonado
Omar Maldonado Hace un mes
Ruggs last game . How many Alabama products on the field ?
Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez Hace un mes
That kid henry has got a bright future
Boba Fett
Boba Fett Hace 29 días
Something tells me he won't make it in the NFL
BassStrangla Hace un mes
Came here to watch ruggs last game highlights.
Amethyst Gekyume
Amethyst Gekyume Hace un mes
Ruggs last game
Bttg Eazyy
Bttg Eazyy Hace un mes
Carr has such great accuracy!!
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet Hace un mes
The raiders pooed in the Eagles mouths
PenguinREA008 Hace un mes
God bless you guys
PenguinREA008 Hace un mes
God bless
PenguinREA008 Hace un mes
God bless you
Hooded Dreamers
Hooded Dreamers Hace un mes
Came back to this just to put in perspective just how far Ruggs has fallen from grace.
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander Hace un mes
Ruggs last game as a Raider:( the kid was gonna be special.
chris martinez
chris martinez Hace un mes
@4:26 🤦🏽 threw his life away such a shame and loss for that woman who lost her life r.i.p 🙏🏽 🕊
Kabari Harding
Kabari Harding Hace un mes
America's gonna get smacked for what they did to me. God will judge.
J C04
J C04 Hace un mes
Just watching to see Henry’s last game :(
Genos Jenosu
Genos Jenosu Hace un mes
Crazy thing is, he didn't even play this game
Kxllz H
Kxllz H Hace un mes
anyone coming to watch henry ruggs last game
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne Hace un mes
I'm liking this Ruggs guy for Oakland.
Genos Jenosu
Genos Jenosu Hace un mes
john172867 Hace un mes
I know the reason for that emoji.
Daniel Cantu
Daniel Cantu Hace un mes
Crazy how Ruggs ended his career just after this
Mike Conner
Mike Conner Hace un mes
Raiders Nation.
Z P Hace un mes
Who's here after Henry Ruggs goes got arrested
Jakob Tate
Jakob Tate Hace un mes
Who here after the crash?
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia Hace un mes
This was ruggs last game
Wise Guy
Wise Guy Hace un mes
Rugs last game ever with the raiders 😭
Alec Reyes
Alec Reyes Hace un mes
This was Henry Ruggs III’s last NFL game of his career
Dave Weisbrich
Dave Weisbrich Hace un mes
Hey, remember when we had Henry Ruggs and we were going to build the offense around him for years to come?
Nate Searcy
Nate Searcy Hace un mes
Ruggs lll Last NFL Game He Got To Play
Joseph Gentile
Joseph Gentile Hace un mes
McKnightster Hace un mes
This is the last time you will see ruggs play so enjoy it!
john172867 Hace un mes
Hard to enjoy considering the loss of life and the ripple effect for all involved... Her family... His family... Teammates...
F.P ant
F.P ant Hace un mes
Man who new this would be ruggs last game ever in the nfl 😔😔😔 never drink and drive your life can change in a heart beat
Ej Hace un mes
Damn ruggs 💔
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Hace un mes
Playing in the NFL and money ain’t enough these days? Ruggs you stupid.
john172867 Hace un mes
Perhaps just not mature enough... It's so sad for all involved.
Oscar Coss
Oscar Coss Hace un mes
Ruggs last game, should’ve called an Uber
TadoeYT Hace un mes
damn ruggs 😞🖤
Earth Hace un mes
How can you have empathy towards him when he was the irresponsible one behind the wheel
Carlos Davis
Carlos Davis Hace un mes
15 garbage time points for the Eagles, this game had zero struggle when it came to the Raiders....idk wtf teams like to ease up in the 4th quarter with big leads just to allow garbage time points so it wont look like the other team got owned
Tammie Lynn
Tammie Lynn Hace un mes
Wish I'd been there! Awesome!
Francisco Barrera Sanchez
Número uno Raiders,,,, malosos 100 % Raidereto
Kaliba King
Kaliba King Hace un mes
Bruh just send Sanders to the Pats
Kaliba King
Kaliba King Hace un mes
Eagles have been a good 4th quarter team
банда Hace un mes
Philadelphia eagles philadelphia eagles philadelphia eagles
G Hace un mes
Hurts always runs to the right man
tycrabapple Hace un mes
How tf is a team being in Vegas "good for the kids"? Good to get them into gambling early I guess
Matthew Senavitis
Matthew Senavitis Hace un mes
Eagles suck.
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez Hace un mes
The funny part to me is I have been a raider fan since I was 16... no matter what happened no matter how many dumb calls from coaches trading players and so forth.. im 30 years old now.. and I will say it always have!!! SILVER AND BLACK!!! NEVER BEEN A BANDWAGONER!!! "JUST WIN BABY"!!! THE NATION FOREVER!!!!!!!! let's gooooo!!!!
L Hace un mes
Bill Belichick is wishing Gruden would have traded Carr to New England before he resigned
madwrestler 145
madwrestler 145 Hace un mes
Without John Gruden, the Raiders are better
Shakiem Jean Joseph
Raiders are 2-0 since Jon Gruden Resigned as Head Coach and 5-2 of the season ⚫️⚫️⚪️⚪️
Jesse Arcos
Jesse Arcos Hace un mes
Thang map food
Jesse Arcos
Jesse Arcos Hace un mes
Thang map food
Jesse Arcos
Jesse Arcos Hace un mes
Thang map food
Planet Hellgate
Planet Hellgate Hace un mes
This team makes me believe in silver and black.
rockafeller777 Hace un mes
Man when the raiders start winning the NFL gets exciting as hell. Win or LOSE RN4L
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia Hace un mes
That td to 89 was a terrible play design. Here son want to die today?
Paul Trahan
Paul Trahan Hace un mes
The most underrated player in the NFL, Alec Ingold.
DarkKirby14 Hace un mes
things I learned: - Jalen Hurts continues to stink when the game is in the balance - the OL wasn't too bad(only Mailata really looked rough) - run game needs to be utilized more going forward - Derek Barnett/Ryan Kerrigan/Eric Wilson are useless - Derek Carr quietly having an elite season - that 4th down is how you can make it look like you're running a route, take notes Eagles Lions winning on Halloween, book it
X-WRLD Hace un mes
From a Raiders fan, This might be the Division Records: Chargers: 13-4(If they dont choke) Raiders: 11-6 Cheifs: 9-8 Broncos: 4-13
raymondwise Hace un mes
Raiders end the season 12-4
Jimbo jaime
Jimbo jaime Hace un mes
King Powell II
King Powell II Hace un mes
That man Hurts be running for his life every play
Arthur Culbreth
Arthur Culbreth Hace un mes
I've been a Raiders fan since 1968.
Arthur Culbreth
Arthur Culbreth Hace un mes
I'm from Pennsylvania and I've been waiting for a long time to say this. Pennsylvania is now called Raidervania. We beat Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the same year. We plunderd, pillage and looted the state of Pennsylvania. We own the state. Raidervania is the new name for our state. Raider Nation
BDMKoi Hace un mes
Don’t you just hate when you see who going to win in the comments
Nicholas Wojton
Nicholas Wojton Hace un mes
We had more murders in Philly then we had completions. Eagles need to tighten up.
Jeff Tatus
Jeff Tatus Hace un mes
The problem with these young QB's (like Hurts) is that they watch Pat Mahomes. Watching is fine, as long as they don't try to emulate these "sidearm sandwiches" that don't elevate much. The Hurts fumble (just now, 6 seconds from 9:08) inside the 10 Yard Line, is a momentum killer for the offense who worked very hard to get that far. Many of their pass attempts are folly and should be thrown out of bounds. They are too young and are not ready for prime time.
Totspur 63
Totspur 63 Hace un mes
Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire
lesson to the SHEagles: don't talk trash after week 1 😤 that's when keeping it real goes wrong 😂😂
Tyquarious Robinson
They like to Blame Jalen Hurts but the truth is he had no O-line or Defense
Moonroof Hace un mes
Eagle D is soo bad
xXOOMYXx25 Hace un mes
Carr played a near perfect game here, the INT was a bit behind the receiver but it wasn't his fault really.
Doodle Pops
Doodle Pops Hace un mes
If the throw is behind the intended receiver, it's the QB's fault.
Herbie Garcia
Herbie Garcia Hace un mes
A Raiders vs. Cowboys SB would genuinely be the most entertaining one in a long time. Fans wouldn't know what to do haha.
Herbie Garcia
Herbie Garcia Hace un mes
Can't wait for them to beat to Chiefs. Yessuh!
Eddie Palecko
Eddie Palecko Hace un mes
i stopped watching the game after the 1st quarter
MischiefReaper Hace un mes
Honestly if Gruden was still coaching this game would've been way closer than it had any right to be.
Ryno Mclaughlin
Ryno Mclaughlin Hace un mes
There are three times in NFL history a QB had a 90%+ completion percentage, Derek Carr has two of them (Brees had the other one)
Ma'teau Kalua
Ma'teau Kalua Hace un mes
The Eagles love small running Backs it seems
:Johnn__Watkins: Hace un mes
Eagles need to start making different plans Hurts isnt their guy
LeBron to the rescue
Vistas 10 296 579
LeBron to the rescue
Vistas 10 296 579