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Official “EATING All The WEIRD Cereals of 2019” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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22 jun 2019






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Kyron Rubaine
Kyron Rubaine Hace 23 horas
Did he pour the milk first
SuperGamer Omega/SGO plush productions
Dislike on the video for pooring milk before cereal
Rosa Flip ante
Rosa Flip ante Hace un día
His face at 11:56 was so funny 😂 😂😂
Lee EightiesBaby
Lee EightiesBaby Hace un día
Ugly and extra af...
Pickney Hace 2 días
Love watching ur vids u make fucking giggle hard!! One question though u live cleaning? X
Sunni Dominique
Sunni Dominique Hace 2 días
Why the giant spoon and all the bowls ?? What a waste of milk etc.... yikes :/ is messy your thing or do you think people watch more because of the over doing everything lol
Eman B
Eman B Hace 2 días
You did not just disrespect Krave
JustCade_07 C.
JustCade_07 C. Hace 2 días
The mermaid cereal is great
Oro Rosa
Oro Rosa Hace 2 días
U are great u funny as fuck much love from los Angeles
Sscorpion Richards
Sscorpion Richards Hace 3 días
I like this videos but this is very wasteful
Caitlynn Walker
Caitlynn Walker Hace 3 días
My mom would kill me having all those boxes of cereal open at the same time.
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza Hace 3 días
Omg try that Dora cereal from a long time ago it’s soo good
dreamqueen317 Hace 3 días
He keeps saying askED. Because white people criticize black people for saying Ax. This ain’t our language anyway, evil devils.
Sheri Rich
Sheri Rich Hace 3 días
This video made me die with laughter. Is the one where he tried to use the power of HULK trying to open the bag till the last pull and it popped open 😂😂😂 and the one where he said "caca"
T Hall
T Hall Hace 4 días
Its at toget
izzaaa Legaspi
izzaaa Legaspi Hace 5 días
"we need some milk" viiiineee
Jada Crews
Jada Crews Hace 5 días
Video popped up on my recommended list and I’m so glad it did
Autumn Randolph
Autumn Randolph Hace 5 días
smore is my fav
Nora M
Nora M Hace 6 días
I know the saying that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, but I was crying of laughter.
That’s So - Kacie
That’s So - Kacie Hace 6 días
Just tried the s’mores and I’m definitely not disappointed!!😍
ToxicTony 17
ToxicTony 17 Hace 7 días
4:16 did he just put milk before cereal 😡
Luisa Salazar
Luisa Salazar Hace 8 días
I hope he does not make a fricking Nazi nuke with Al the cereal when he had to take a crap
TheRegart Hace 8 días
This is the only video I've seen that had me craving cereal. That Honey Bun one sounds good!
Shelby Robinson
Shelby Robinson Hace 11 días
Someone has to notice he puts his milk first before his cereal. I’m not judging but that’s different
Emaleigh Coreyann
Emaleigh Coreyann Hace 11 días
12:05 to 12:18 had me dyingggggg
Quinisha Collier
Quinisha Collier Hace 11 días
Them honey bun cereal hit hard, they are sooooo good😍😍😍😍😍
Nijay's life101
Nijay's life101 Hace 11 días
You funny
Jasmine Boston
Jasmine Boston Hace 12 días
Usually when people eat it grosses me out and makes me cringe but when he does it it’s low-key satisfying lol But when he be maken messes IT DOESNT GET ON HIS SHIRT how tho????????
Shania Sallan
Shania Sallan Hace 12 días
8:49 - 9:02 😂😂 I died 😂😂
Queen Mufasa
Queen Mufasa Hace 12 días
He worried about his shirt being distracting but then he gone use a big ass spoon for no reason and make a big ass mess AND HE PUT THE MILK BEFORE THE CEREAL! Sir, help is on the way!
TANK Hace 12 días
Holy shit this was funny af to watch
K NATION GANG Hace 12 días
This man is funny I liked to peed on myself while watching this Lol. 😂😂😂
Daniel Samsel
Daniel Samsel Hace 13 días
He pores the milk in first😳
Bailey Jay The Rapper
Bailey Jay The Rapper Hace 13 días
Not gonna lie, am I the only one who wishes he didn’t waste the cereal...?
Hayo hai
Hayo hai Hace 14 días
My man...my man...did both pour the milk before putting in the cereal and after- PICK A SIDE MY DUDE!!!
Miss Gallant
Miss Gallant Hace 14 días
Holy that was a weird video and he put milk in the bowl first? Like wtf.
Kunai Just
Kunai Just Hace 14 días
Hahaha bruh your stomach sound at the end 😂😂😂😂
Only Lenciii
Only Lenciii Hace 15 días
His face kills me every time he take a bite 🤣
Lara Hunter
Lara Hunter Hace 17 días
I died when he said “that’s the driest birthday cake he ever had”
Gracie B
Gracie B Hace 18 días
Wait does he not own spoon
clayton griswold
clayton griswold Hace 19 días
Have of the video was slurping and crunching lol
AmyJo Garza
AmyJo Garza Hace 19 días
Lays Potato Chips with Tobasco Hot Sauce
She Cute82
She Cute82 Hace 19 días
Triple D
Triple D Hace 19 días
Triple D
Triple D Hace 19 días
10:33 is funny as hell bro😂😂
Jaqueline Felix
Jaqueline Felix Hace 19 días
The mess hes making is making my eyes twitch ,..
Elaine the Food Reviewer
love your energy!!!!
TJ Miles
TJ Miles Hace 19 días
*clank clank clank* "Dinnah!"
Treasure Patrick
Treasure Patrick Hace 20 días
It almost taste like kaka😭😭😭
GD UbiVoiD
GD UbiVoiD Hace 21 un día
Maybe... it WAS 'Fruit'.
B Wright
B Wright Hace 21 un día
If anybody’s tastic sour patch serial nasty
Theawesome24 Gross
Theawesome24 Gross Hace 21 un día
I think it tasted weird cause he ain’t wiping off his dang spoon 🥄 like WHAT
Dark Heart2
Dark Heart2 Hace 21 un día
Fun fact for most people the most sugar you should have daily is about 48 grams
King gay
King gay Hace 22 días
Me when I get high.
Slifer549 _YT
Slifer549 _YT Hace 23 días
Talk about amsr
guadalupe c
guadalupe c Hace 26 días
“It tastes like a mixture of fruity pebbles... and sea water”
julia Webb
julia Webb Hace 26 días
I just need to know... d you clean all that mess up, or do you have a cleaning service, because you go hard on some messiness lmao.
Kayla -mixedbreedkay
Kayla -mixedbreedkay Hace 26 días
the face he made eating the sour patch kids😭😭😭😭
Shelby Painter
Shelby Painter Hace 27 días
You waste so much...
PerznGodiva Hace 27 días
Subscribed less than 2 minutes in 😂
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