Eating At The WORST Reviewed Food Truck In My City (Los Angeles)

Brennen Taylor
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In today's video we decided to try the WORST Rated Food truck... and boy did we find it....
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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8 feb 2019

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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor Hace 6 meses
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ポテト可愛い Hace un mes
Did anyone notice that Brennen liked his own comment. xD
james wilton
james wilton Hace un mes
*brags up "Mexican heritage"* *Looks like a white guy* Pronounced quesadilla "casidila" *subliminal racist*
james wilton
james wilton Hace un mes
You look whiter than my French girlfriend, you're not latino. You just want to play the victim card
Aurillo Cruz
Aurillo Cruz Hace 2 meses
To many ads!
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Hace 6 días
William Hernandez
William Hernandez Hace 7 días
Eggs is a chicken!! 😂😂
Mauricio Mejia
Mauricio Mejia Hace 7 días
He’s Latino but doesn’t know how to say carne Asada
JL BREMER Hace 9 días
I went to a Taco Festival locally and a lot of the vendors all had pre prepped frozen meat that they threw on the grill. I guess it’s because it’s prepared from a main location then brought to the truck as a means to make it faster I don’t know. But yeah that food looks gross.
zabrine ekström
zabrine ekström Hace 9 días
7:50 omg! brennan please put your toung in😳👎👎
Matthew Hace 10 días
By the word of god he will burn that food truck so that it doesn’t exist and people don’t have to suffer
Santiago Ortega
Santiago Ortega Hace 10 días
I mean thats a true taco it need Cilantro and Limon but thay basically the real one
Saint Grizzly
Saint Grizzly Hace 10 días
Con Hace 10 días
"This is some gourmate shit" nahh gotta betch
Maryann Stephens
Maryann Stephens Hace 12 días
That looks like the tacos at my shcool in the wrapers
mikkel thybo
mikkel thybo Hace 13 días
Brayan Palmas
Brayan Palmas Hace 13 días
what if the cilantro n the lemon n stuff were on the side
ツProdigy boxed you
ツProdigy boxed you Hace 14 días
I thought you were asain lmaooo
Kevin Shepard
Kevin Shepard Hace 14 días
Dethaw lol
Blondie Hace 16 días
*Brennen why don't u recreate the meals u make and make them BETTER? I think that's a great idea tbh and rate difficulty to make and compare prices to make vs what u paid LIKE SO BRENNAN SEES THIS VIDEO IDEA PLEASEEEEEE* 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕❤️
Andoinks Hace 16 días
Deejay Blackwell
Deejay Blackwell Hace 16 días
''I've never made nachos'' ummmm..?
jellyguy96 Hace 17 días
For those wondering...thats shredded cheese on the nachos.. Cheese actually melts...cheese really does melt believe it or not. Thats why I dont rate any video...sometimes Bren is saying truth but other times he lets the reviews get to him and overreacted
Mex1canPapi1 Hace 17 días
Boomer Bomb
Boomer Bomb Hace 19 días
Eggs is a chicken 😂
Osianny Zagal
Osianny Zagal Hace 19 días
You melt the cheese first then put it on
My Name Is Sarah
My Name Is Sarah Hace 19 días
Bruh I don't even like nachos and I'm offended
Dez and darkness
Dez and darkness Hace 19 días
Just by the looks of those nachos, you can get nachos from my nearest convenience store for 2 dollars, that has melted cheese, salsa, and non stale chips, definitely not worth the money to come to this taco truck
Kratos Gutierrez
Kratos Gutierrez Hace 21 un día
Crappy and expensive
Jose Garriga
Jose Garriga Hace 22 días
I would’ve got my money back
Kyler Colbert
Kyler Colbert Hace 22 días
The breast and rib is the most expensive, and the wing thigh and leg are the cheaper pieces, tho the wing is white meat like the breast and rib while the thigh and leg are dark meat
Melissa Stewart
Melissa Stewart Hace 22 días
Just think chicken salad lol it's cold
Blacklightning Hace 23 días
Jokes on u I already got Gucci cologne
Markus Ikast
Markus Ikast Hace 24 días
I Got hooooooooooooooooooes Your turn
Megan Ziegler
Megan Ziegler Hace 24 días
How do they clean the walls in the bathroom? Imagine that just soaks up the smells. Ew?
Leebones Hace 25 días
that EP3
that EP3 Hace 26 días
Its Angel City Brewery in LA btw. And yes fuck those tacos.
Maya ildefonzo
Maya ildefonzo Hace 26 días
On behalf of everyone from Jalisco, our deepest apologies. Try some real authentic Mexican food from Jalisco 🥳
Yessenia Pozuelos
Yessenia Pozuelos Hace 28 días
Dark meat is legs and thighs . White meat is breast . Wow food bloggers on youtube legit dont know shit about food or how to cook or anything about food
Yessenia Pozuelos
Yessenia Pozuelos Hace 28 días
At Korean bbq tbe meat is frozen but its thinly sliced then u cook it so frozen is always bad but in this case yes 100%bad
Ryanne Van der Burgh
Ryanne Van der Burgh Hace 28 días
Dude your lucky you didn't get food poison or worse it looks disgusting 😣😣😣😣😝😝😝😝
Nick Razo
Nick Razo Hace 29 días
Weed and Taco Bell keeps me healthy, wealthy, and wise. True story💯
Rich Heathcote
Rich Heathcote Hace un mes
The dark parts are the best for tacos because breast dry out quik
Rich Heathcote
Rich Heathcote Hace un mes
If you are ever in Ventura California come to pierpont tacos and I'll hook you up with some great tacos ask for Rich
EpicGamer Hace un mes
Everyone knows jake Taylor and you always shout him out🤔
Zoey S
Zoey S Hace un mes
Taco Bell has a whole box full of nachos for $5.00, including a drink! I could get a whole meal for my family ($15.00) at Taco Bell, which would be 10x better.
Konrad Hace un mes
Hey, I'm from Germany. I love your photos!!
OmgItzLily Hace un mes
Of course you cant get salmonella from frozen chicken you guys are idiots omg
NKDuisburg02 Hace un mes
All these types of videos have a problem: Someone rated them for you already and from that moment on you try to sell that rating to us. Shit looks bad enough, no need to overact all the fucking way.
Ananymaouse Man
Ananymaouse Man Hace un mes
2:14 that’s funny, I’m black btw
Angela Martin
Angela Martin Hace un mes
Does that guy ever remove his hat?? I’m starting to think he was born with it.
Siyon Richard
Siyon Richard Hace un mes
The setup for your Sponsor was slick bro istg 🤣👏🏽
Taemeister Hace un mes
Bring in the Soyboys from Antifa to harrass this "restaurant"
Aydeed Amanut
Aydeed Amanut Hace un mes
Love the poopy noise
Alexis Brandon Isbell
Y’all so extra! Good video tho
lilianna vandevender
I’ve never seen a food truck inside
Ryan Underwood
Ryan Underwood Hace un mes
You're doin a food review show and don't know that you could get salmonella from chicken? And took you a minute to realize eggs are from chickens 🤔 I do like the show tho. Very entertaining 👍
Chyleen Lopez
Chyleen Lopez Hace un mes
This guys a fucking idiot
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Hace un mes
Just advertise the product don’t try and seamlessly add it into the intro it’s just cringe.
HFTYS Hace un mes
When I put meat into a freezer and wait a day, meat fat doesn’t suddenly appear on it, idk if that’s just my weird ass tho 8:28
HFTYS Hace un mes
You’re supposed to put the onions and cilantro on yourself
Lachlan Hace un mes
Sauce was probably old motor oil from the truck
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace un mes
How could they WHAT DID THE FOOD DO TO YOU!!!???
Maggie Ramirez
Maggie Ramirez Hace un mes
“You scared the shit out of me. I thought there was like a grasshopper coming out of the grass”
Jr 94
Jr 94 Hace un mes
The music in the background at 6:55 makes it even better with his reaction 🤣
Piski Hace un mes
You guys are picky with food, when half the world is starving. 😵
TheBoyBluu Hace un mes
Yall actually sound dumb af
Michael Lichtenauer
What, you´re Latino? I wouldnt have noticed that even tough i follow your channel quite a while!
Charlotte Harbaugh
Charlotte Harbaugh Hace un mes
It depends on which taco bell your at also, I've been to one in one state like 40 times it was good, then I went to one in the state I'm in now, and was 1000 times worse than what they are eating! Soo
Jayne Ann
Jayne Ann Hace un mes
That food truck is a disgrace to not only Mexican food but food trucks everywhere.
Maya Baker32
Maya Baker32 Hace un mes
No one: Brennen :“An egg is a chicken omggggg”
alizabeth Jones
alizabeth Jones Hace un mes
I hope i don't have to bring out my angry black man
l l
l l Hace un mes
I love it!!!! “I’m a LATINO” ♥️♥️♥️ lol 😘 guess what Brennen-“I’m a Latina too” I love your videos, you’re awesome and may God continue to bless you now and always
Grega Bolta
Grega Bolta Hace un mes
Latino?=? doesnt realy look like one
Bilgehan Bulut
Bilgehan Bulut Hace un mes
After the 10th video of this series im convinced that i need to subscribe 👍
charcs_7 Hace un mes
Brennen: I’m aboutta eat frozen meat *scoffs* what I do for the tube Brennen ur acting like ur about to eat the animal alive frozen meat isn’t the worst ALL the time💀😂
Sliver Phoenix
Sliver Phoenix Hace un mes
That guacamole look like freaking snot 😷
Contessa Garrett
Contessa Garrett Hace un mes
“fOr BRenNen.”
Brooke Garrison
Brooke Garrison Hace un mes
7:22 😂
GaMeR_ReD _
GaMeR_ReD _ Hace un mes
What’s wrong with chicken
Raymund Amoin
Raymund Amoin Hace un mes
Why not you guys try to eat at a restaurant without checking the reviews. Because so far, your comments about the food depends on the previous reviews.
Milk_Here GLVM
Milk_Here GLVM Hace un mes
Frozen chicken products have been identified recently as a cause ofsalmonellosis. ... Thus, the presence of Salmonella in frozen products may pose an infection risk if the product is improperly cooked.
Jazmine Vasquez
Jazmine Vasquez Hace un mes
tell me why the "melted cheese" looked green
SunkissedMalice Hace un mes
*jUiCY tHiGH MeAt*
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