Eating At The WORST Reviewed Food Truck In My City (Los Angeles)

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In today's video we decided to try the WORST Rated Food truck... and boy did we find it....
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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8 feb 2019

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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor Hace 10 días
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Equal Opportunity Offender
That is the kind of food that will give you the Tiajuana Two-Step.
Austin Miranda
Austin Miranda Hace 6 días
You know its not safe to eat raw and cooked chicken together
Austin Miranda
Austin Miranda Hace 6 días
I thought you cant eat raw and cooked chicken together
mckeen Hace 8 días
how old are you
Lan Feng
Lan Feng Hace 8 días
We're sorry if you die☹️
Amanda S
Amanda S Hace 3 horas
An egg is a chicken OMG hahaha
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin Hace 4 horas
Take a bath because it’s good for the homeless people in your city
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin Hace 4 horas
Is post to be take it back not take a bath
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin Hace 4 horas
I know where your addresses
Zayden James
Zayden James Hace 5 horas
The notchos look green like the cheese
Cielo F.L
Cielo F.L Hace 8 horas
Next Video: "I'm In The Hopistal"
Peter Jr
Peter Jr Hace 13 horas
I've had the Tacos there. They're good, not amazing. But very pricey $3-4. I agree they should step up their game cause they're in a prime location Angel City Brewery. There's a couple food trucks at night outside as well and various places next to the brewery. But for a quick snack the tacos are def convenient.
Games For You
Games For You Hace 14 horas
Cosco flavored taco bell nachos 💀💀
HopezZ YT
HopezZ YT Hace 16 horas
Brennen the way he says right
Brenda Aleman
Brenda Aleman Hace 19 horas
Michelle Lauren
Michelle Lauren Hace 20 horas
The USDA grades meat based on quality. Chicken is graded A B or C. The lower the grade, the lower the quality. They use lower grades in dog foods etc. Who knows what grade that was 🤢. Receipt: culinary degree.
All Abored
All Abored Hace 20 horas
What's gross is the cold sore on his lip.
valeria hernandez
valeria hernandez Hace 21 un hora
I remember watching his old videos 🤕
wilbro420 Chairman of the Boards
Being completely real this is a drug front they aren’t selling food as their main source of income
Ricardo Dank.
Ricardo Dank. Hace 22 horas
Eat shit. Next.
Brianna Grubbs
Brianna Grubbs Hace un día
Y did the white guy not wash his hands
Sammi Walters
Sammi Walters Hace un día
Those nochoes look like someone.puked on it
United we are one!
United we are one! Hace un día
The fart noises 🤣💨💨
Coaster Cupcake
Coaster Cupcake Hace un día
This isn't the scoop
djcraftBLOX Hace un día
salmonella has entered the chat.
Diarmuid Dallat
Diarmuid Dallat Hace un día
PhilipSolo smell way nicer than you dude.
Dee Buzzin
Dee Buzzin Hace un día
Brennen bugs me , pink mother fucker .
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer Hace un día
They need to be on kitchen nightmares
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer Hace un día
They need to be on kitchen nightmares
Hon Ayres
Hon Ayres Hace un día
Nooo 9PM has the best idea to do that for you but it doesn't make it a lot better but it's still the only one you have in the app for
Pumpkin Marks
Pumpkin Marks Hace un día
fookydooky Hace un día
The fart in the food shot had me weak af
El Teddy
El Teddy Hace un día
This channel is like a train wreck, but you just can’t stop watching it. You & your crew are either THAT dumb or THAT stupid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you must be living off Uber Eats Chipotle because you guys are acting like chumps like you eat 5 star on the silt.
brayden ridley
brayden ridley Hace un día
you should clab with guava juice
American Gentleman
American Gentleman Hace un día
Nah getting sick off partially cooked chicken is extremely rare.
YukiMoonlight Hace 2 días
Poor Jessica.
IOS GAMING! Hace 2 días
“DANG you smell really good.” Best acting ever
TJ Hace 2 días
"Maybe that was a form of racism" no.... no it wasn't ¬_¬ he added the "angry black man" bullshit so people would say that sort of stupid bullshit, he was probably hinting it as well... Nothing like racist double standards by constantly accuse white people of being racist.
Amy Stephan
Amy Stephan Hace 2 días
Def didn't let us know this video was sponsored. Still loved the video, though
babypooh4u2006 Hace 2 días
Downtown TACO CO.
Olivia Hace 2 días
I know exactly where that is. I never buy anything at that taco truck, because it is way too expensive for that type of quality. I rather eat from the hot dog stand outside for way cheaper lol.
Aran Tripathi
Aran Tripathi Hace 2 días
jayla vanison
jayla vanison Hace 2 días
ew wtf who serves three day old meat don't they know that meat turns into maggots
Weeb Hace 2 días
Fede SoulPus
Fede SoulPus Hace 2 días
You are not giving credit to the channel where you took/stole this format. On top of that, you are anoying as fuck man....
Gossip Heart
Gossip Heart Hace 3 días
If this idiot goes to a 10 star hotel and gets served this food without him knowing it came from this food truck,he will eat it and request for some more. Hypothetically retard.
GodJesusDevany 01
GodJesusDevany 01 Hace 3 días
GODJESUS are coming.JESUS on way to GOD.one life then judgment DIOSJESUS ya vienen estan listos? JESUS unico camino a DIOS. Una vida luego juicio
Renee Sprinkle
Renee Sprinkle Hace 3 días
artichokez Hace 3 días
i think we need to get a lawyer or politician or somebody like that and draft a new bill of law, stating that restuarants can be fined for selling nachos that do not have melted cheese
Chey Skye
Chey Skye Hace 3 días
listen if the salsa doesn't come in plastic baggies the food truck is trash.
Error 10-7
Error 10-7 Hace 3 días
Frozen chicken is pre-cooked sorry to ruin your Sickness
Makailaa xx
Makailaa xx Hace 3 días
No one: My last brain cell cell in 1st grade: 7:24
ManicallyMetal Hace 3 días
Is that guy wearing a magnums ice cream hat?
A T Hace 3 días
In America white meat chicken is priced and valued higher than dark meat pieces... In other countries, like China, it’s the opposite. Dark meat chicken is valued higher. I’m latino but think that dark meat is waaaay tastier than white meat. I feel America just brainwashed it’s people to think white meat was better because they get it shipped in cheaper from those countries 😂. Same way they brainwashed us to think LowFat foods and Aspartame were healthy.
Tim Vartto
Tim Vartto Hace 3 días
Should probably name and shame that food truck. They obviously have no concept of food safety, let alone care about the quality of their meals. Someone may actually die from eating their meals someday. I worked in a commercial kitchen with strict food hygiene standards and this place is breaking all the rules. They need some very firm feedback and change or go out of business. And to be charging that much. Just my thoughts.
Yve Souza
Yve Souza Hace 3 días
Uh? Yeah! Most restaurants buy wholesale. Otherwise, they aren't making money.
John Lawler
John Lawler Hace 3 días
RIP Brennon Taylor
John Lawler
John Lawler Hace 3 días
JӦYの貓 Hace 3 días
The guac look so gross
Isay Hi
Isay Hi Hace 3 días
Stealing video ideas..
Slimetastic Jeffrey
Slimetastic Jeffrey Hace 3 días
The Nachos look as bad. It’s probably the best thing there.
Mike Pinero
Mike Pinero Hace 3 días
you've never made nachos?
Alexis Orellana
Alexis Orellana Hace 3 días
Default Bois
Default Bois Hace 3 días
Co to the taco truck near Compton and near the train tracks
Jon Franco
Jon Franco Hace 3 días
This is literally the dumbest and most ignorant video I’ve seen in a while, so much that I spent 25 minutes figuring out my old ESvid user and password in order to leave a comment, but have you actually done any research about this place or came in already planning on leaving a bad review. There is literally food every 10 steps in every direction of angel city, there are so many restaurants in that specific area that offer quick service or sit down, so what the hell were you talking about no food anywhere around? Also, I’ve eaten at this food truck before and you have to DRESS YOUR OWN TACOS you baboon. There is literally a giant dressing bar with everything you could ever dream next to the truck that you can grab whatever you want and how much you want. Lastly, the food is really not bad. It’s not great, but to say it’s the WORST shows me you have not really experienced many other Mexican food trucks in the area. But hey, maybe you’re just mad at the owner of this truck for breaking up with your sister or something like that and you’re getting back at them. Who knows? Anyways, this review is trash and I’d advise everyone to check it out because honestly it’s not too shabby. Don’t like it? Walk outside, take a right or a left, there are so many other places around there! I’d suggest wurstkuche or Lupetti’s!
cindy gordon
cindy gordon Hace 4 días
What was it 😑
Bookiemooks Hace 4 días
hxcdsal89 Salazar
hxcdsal89 Salazar Hace 4 días
Wtf Angel city??? Wtf
KudaroKoi Hace 4 días
Are these guys gay? Honest question
kathrine dsilva
kathrine dsilva Hace 4 días
looks like if the restaurant is 5 stars they be like good..if 1 2 star then eww..they dont give chance
Aaron Wrecks
Aaron Wrecks Hace 4 días
Litrally is not a fucking word!!!!!!!??!
AMADEOa7x Hace 4 días
Dude fuck this shit is just a bad quality copy from PhilipSoloSuck
Lauren Sullivan
Lauren Sullivan Hace 4 días
I'm in the process of building a food truck. It is not cheap to buy all the equipment and have it installed. Not to mention the cost of licensing and permits. If you are going to drop that kind of dough, you better make good food.
Eduardo Francisco
Eduardo Francisco Hace 4 días
What city do you live in
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Hace 4 días
bruh they suppose to ask if u wsnt toppings on the tacos. Worst taco truck ever🤦‍♂️
Dominic Monaco
Dominic Monaco Hace 4 días
The fact that the chicken was cooked and still frozen, means it was previously cooked, then frozen, which is a big no no. Bacteria starts to form and can get someone very sick, I would’ve asked for my money back and called the health department
Mackenziecow101 T.V
Mackenziecow101 T.V Hace 4 días
Love how they are doing this right in front of the truck
Cnotes Makeup
Cnotes Makeup Hace 4 días
You know it’s not an authentic taco truck because they didn’t put cebolla y cilantro and they sell nachos.... 🤔
Navy Formula
Navy Formula Hace 4 días
Smooth plug brennen
Areli Hace 4 días
Are you going to address that you copied Philipsolotv? You started these a month after he made his video and his was high in views. Will you at least give him credit?
Halle Stevie
Halle Stevie Hace 4 días
I work at a Mexican restaurant and our nachos are cheaper/ wayyy bigger portions
Breeze H
Breeze H Hace 4 días
Jake is my favorite
Kaylyn Dancel
Kaylyn Dancel Hace 4 días
He always says my stomach hurts and he smiles in joy like awkwardly
NavyCop0105 Hace 4 días
"An egg is a chicken" lmfao.
Adamogreat Hace 4 días
Lmao... I’m glad I always skipped on eating at the truck... Drink only at Angel City Brewerie
Detoxive Hace 4 días
Dude like even I can tell you guys are exaggerating. Wahh no cilantro? no onion? Wahhh. Like dude who actually cares. You made it out to be some huge deal. It's obvious you're making up some of your "critiques" on the spot.
Joshua Nieves
Joshua Nieves Hace 4 días
I would have walked up 10 miles to McDonald's rather than eating the cold nachos a little cardio never hurt anybody
Abubakkar Films
Abubakkar Films Hace 4 días
Why is a hispanic kid calling quesadillas kesadillas.
T Hace 4 días
can you change the name of your channel to "complaining bitches"
Lovely Lilax
Lovely Lilax Hace 4 días
I mean of course if you go in thinking “this is gonna be so gross” and talk loud as hell about how bad the food is before you even eat it, of course you’re not gonna like it.
Tiffani Hank
Tiffani Hank Hace 4 días
Wow you’re annoying
Tokyo Rose
Tokyo Rose Hace 4 días
8.10 First time ive seen Jake without his glasses 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Allmightyx Hace 4 días
Bruh stfu so dramatic I bet if they randomly came to this truck they would distroy that food and not complain. Anything for views.
Killer Miller
Killer Miller Hace 4 días
Its not because the shop at Costco is it becuase it bad! Costco has great ingredients and if I knew it was from Costco I'd be like "right on". But it comes down to how you store the mat, to how fresh the food was cooked, to how its tastes. Was it cooked right. Frozen meat, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you store it right and not have it frozen for more than a few months
Killer Miller
Killer Miller Hace 4 días
Dont put ads on your link, makes you look desperate.
Kimberly Hace 4 días
They should give you a refund! That's bullshit.
Kimberly Hace 4 días
What ever happened to Kim? Do you guys still talk?
Aaron Gorton
Aaron Gorton Hace 5 días
gotlogg Hace 5 días
Mexican tacos dude.. In jalisco all street tacos come as just meat in a corn tortilla. Thats why there are many sauces available!
John Bravehawk
John Bravehawk Hace 5 días
Manual rewrite is unintelligent and I don't want to fix it so hope you got what you were looking for.
Aron Raza
Aron Raza Hace 5 días
Yo y’all gay as fuck
taylor erskine
taylor erskine Hace 5 días
"Then there's the more expensive parts of the chicken like the chicken thighs, and the chicken breasts" I do'nt know what this guy is talking about but wings are more expensive than thighs and drumsticks are usually about the same price. Quality of chicken meat really has more to do with freshness and how it is prepared. When it comes to a chicken their really isn't any bad meat on it unless you're talking feet and gizzards wich once again some people love and are expensive. Now if you wanna talk processed chicken then quality can go way up or down. Oh and yes thigh meat always has a pink tinge to it. 2nd video I've watched of this guy and I do'nt think he knows what he's talking about when it comes to food. Moving on and I suggest you do the same.
Shisui UchiGOAT
Shisui UchiGOAT Hace 5 días
Thought u we're Asian lmao
Noah Maboloc
Noah Maboloc Hace 5 días
Catelynn Barnes
Catelynn Barnes Hace 5 días
Brennen : A EGG IS A CHICKEN OMG 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
GBlock LongLiveSiko
GBlock LongLiveSiko Hace 3 días
Fuck off
Ava Sarkies
Ava Sarkies Hace 3 días
GBlock LongLiveSiko
GBlock LongLiveSiko Hace 3 días
PRO-TONE Hace 5 días
Why the heck do people even go to such places. Let these places wreck.
Derek Obert
Derek Obert Hace 5 días
An egg is not a chicken. Its the byproduct of the period when female chickens get it. NOT a baby chicken
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