Eating At The WORST Reviewed Food Truck In My City (Los Angeles)

Brennen Taylor
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In today's video we decided to try the WORST Rated Food truck... and boy did we find it....
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Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
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8 feb 2019






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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor Hace 2 meses
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Just Extra
Just Extra Hace un mes
Some one call Gordon R.
Just Extra
Just Extra Hace un mes
you should slap the food upside down on the counter when u leave
Equal Opportunity Offender
That is the kind of food that will give you the Tiajuana Two-Step.
Gold Combat
Gold Combat Hace 10 horas
*Gordon Ramsay has left the universe*
Christine Harker
Christine Harker Hace 20 horas
This incredibly rude and potentially harmful to alot of decent hard working people who may have very legit reasons for your exaggerated live reviews. If you have the audacity to be so negative and go in under the impression of prior accusations online all to film them in such bad light, then you should also have the nerve and bravery to ask them about the impressions they are giving you as customer. How is this informative if not? Its slander for views. I understand the trend, but please inform yourselves of how it took off to begin with. It was not this hateful.
You should do the reviews too like what you read lol
the arc
the arc Hace 2 días
I hate how he says literally
tehh gamer
tehh gamer Hace 3 días
At 3:44 Justin winked
Kari Tacoma
Kari Tacoma Hace 3 días
My Taco Bell doesn’t serve Gorditas or chili cheese burritos anymore. ☹️
Jackson Fritts
Jackson Fritts Hace 4 días
Too expensive for nothing
EmiKo DaQueen
EmiKo DaQueen Hace 4 días
Are we going to ignore that he said “Kasadia”
DJ Rabe
DJ Rabe Hace 4 días
"AnD eGg Is A cHiCkEn! OmG'" I love Brennen's reaction
Victoria Jacob
Victoria Jacob Hace 5 días
This is making me not want to eat chicken again
MissNoFace Hace 5 días
Think thats bad? The Uk puts cold mozzarella cheese on their nachos... and dont even know what salsa is or proper guacamole. KILL ME
lexi2008 Hace 5 días
Yup Joe koy
GrayMudkip101 Hace 6 días
Bet you liked the amazing jams in the background more than the food
TheNitroPsycho Hace 6 días
Not sure if I got salmonella or not but I ordered chicken strips from Orlando Ale House, starting 5 hours later I threw up throughout the night.
Butthole Surfer
Butthole Surfer Hace 7 días
The fact that you guys think that you get mostly fresh meat and stuff at restaurants is mind boggling.
Alana Bachman
Alana Bachman Hace 8 días
This video came out on my birthday 😁
Evan G
Evan G Hace 8 días
Naw. Pinaud clubman smells better. That or canoe.
T Nasty
T Nasty Hace 8 días
I'm pretty sure you can't see salmonella... lol
Kari Tacoma
Kari Tacoma Hace 3 días
T Nasty , it’s from raw chicken and raw chicken looks pink. So I guess they can see it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
gabi120 981
gabi120 981 Hace 8 días
Derek Davis
Derek Davis Hace 8 días
Jackson Browne in the background music.
RowdyRodimus Hace 8 días
On chicken, you want the white meat (Breasts, wings) to be at least 170 degrees and the dark meat (legs and thighs) at 180 degrees. That kills the microbes, freezing doesn't necessarily kill all microbes. (I can make 24 chicken quesadillas using breast meat for less than $10).
Senyace Jimenez13
Senyace Jimenez13 Hace 8 días
Brennan’s shirt: “mentally gone” Me: “me”
Hope Prestridge
Hope Prestridge Hace 9 días
2:34 me and my friend have been arguing about this for a week now! Lol I won this argument!😂
Hope Prestridge
Hope Prestridge Hace 3 días
+Kari Tacoma yeah
Kari Tacoma
Kari Tacoma Hace 3 días
Hope Prestridge , about him being Latino?
Alex The Universal Mess
I'm a lady that wants to smell good for the ladies so let us go bois
sassy classy
sassy classy Hace 10 días
You should give to twinsburg,Ohio.. go eat at craker barrel it's really good I know mostly everybody there my mom works there
Blue Ivy Nation
Blue Ivy Nation Hace 10 días
Fart effects😂😂😂 Classic bruh🤣
SceneTurkey Hace 12 días
How about... GET THIS... and actually unique idea instead of just stealing other youtubers ideas.
SyscoVids Hace 13 días
You don't even know what raw chicken is you can't get sick from eating cold cooked chicken, Why does this shit piece me off so much I think it's your faces.
The Gear fam Gear's
The Gear fam Gear's Hace 13 días
it is the chicken leg or the drum stick that would be the cheapest part
blue trace
blue trace Hace 14 días
Imagine gordan ramsey going here
Amos Sykes
Amos Sykes Hace 16 días
Yes, an egg is a chicken
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw Hace 16 días
You could always take the food home and warm it up and then eat it after it's warmed up properly
Casandra Caballero
Casandra Caballero Hace 16 días
Disgrace to Mexican food
SeNs5e Hace 17 días
How can you take someone else’s review seriously when they said they never made nachos before these reviews is all a joke
AlyssaTokes Hace 17 días
Idk who Brennan Taylor is, and idk why he was in my recommended, I’m not disappointed though.. and he’s gorgeous 🥵
Lulu The Bts Freak
Lulu The Bts Freak Hace 7 días
AlyssaTokes I agree
Deion The Drummer
Deion The Drummer Hace 18 días
You have on hard jewelry skully lock ?
Ryder Ortiz
Ryder Ortiz Hace 18 días
I had respect for him but not anymore now he’s just finding small things to pick on and he thought you can get salmonella from cooked chicken
Ryder Ortiz
Ryder Ortiz Hace 18 días
You never get tacos with onions or cilantro you always have to ask or they have a side bar todo it your self and he calls himself Mexican
Kylie Franklin
Kylie Franklin Hace 18 días
Jon Saric
Jon Saric Hace 18 días
Half a quesadilla? No that's a full. Two tortillas is called a sincronizada. Latino? Don't ever say that again you can't even pronounce a simple word from your last videos.
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin Hace 19 días
Every time he says right it annoys me
Eddie Tallman
Eddie Tallman Hace 19 días
So as far as food trucks being worse than restaurants just shows ur ignorance when u speak.. first of all most food trucks gets health inspected far more often than any restaurant.. food trucks get surprised inspection and then inspected at most every event they go to.. I mean u can try to act like u talk about but when u don’t even kno that salmonella come from under cooked chicken just show u should do more research before wasting our time..
Christian Summers
Christian Summers Hace 20 días
You neeeeed to tell those dumm ass fuckers who cook that shit to fix there Shit
Peyton Truett
Peyton Truett Hace 20 días
Do this with colby
Peyton Truett
Peyton Truett Hace 20 días
I feel bad for jake because he alway has to hold the camera and he has to weight to eat his food.
Peyton Truett
Peyton Truett Hace 20 días
eeeeeeeew that looks so gross.
Peyton Truett
Peyton Truett Hace 20 días
I love how you just pop up in the video saying something you forgot to say while your editing 😄
HollyAnnxo Hace 20 días
I was a fan of you
Hatred Hace 20 días
why ol boy tuck his ear in his hat :/
Lyzet Nava
Lyzet Nava Hace 21 un día
Latina to Latino- you should try the tacos from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, also the breakfast tacos! The quality here wouldn't be like that.. just saying
Jdog Paulson
Jdog Paulson Hace 21 un día
EllieAnn Hace 22 días
9 dollars, for that? Lol wow.. that’s LA for you
70 impala
70 impala Hace 22 días
These fucking hipsters piss me off they bitch about the food and pay ridiculous prices but don't get there money back why complain if your not going to get your money back these fools are cringy
qboo Hace 22 días
Nice shirt jake
A F Hace 22 días
"It was frozen!!" 🤯 Y'all need to go out a little more 😭 The seafood from the chain supermarket, shrink wrapped chicken breasts? Defrosted. Unless you live by the ocean or slaughter house, your animal protein has been frozen at some point in its journey to your plate 🤷🏻‍♀️
I'm throwing my life away on this app
KuKu Mafia
KuKu Mafia Hace 22 días
Fuck all that ill smoke a blunt and enjoy tf out that food
Eren _Yaeger
Eren _Yaeger Hace 22 días
" we all love our darkness ya know what I mean" *wink* Me: BOI YES 👏🏻
Stopangel Caca
Stopangel Caca Hace 22 días
Your so fine 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
ii_ jxy
ii_ jxy Hace 23 días
Binge watching cause I'm bored but like....the ad I got was casa de carne and I feel bad but I'm not going vegan lol
Melissa Fuller
Melissa Fuller Hace 23 días
6:30 the fart noises 😂
joshua robles
joshua robles Hace 23 días
Yall pussies
sean m
sean m Hace 23 días
When he shined the light on the quesadilla did you see how shiny and greasy it was 09:55
Makai. Hace 23 días
He’s the whitest Mexican I’ve ever seen... he looks asian tbh😂🧐
Makai. Hace 23 días
Melissa Fuller idk
Melissa Fuller
Melissa Fuller Hace 23 días
Is he Asian at all?
Tyrone Bedford
Tyrone Bedford Hace 23 días
How bout angry mexican man
Brianna Banana
Brianna Banana Hace 23 días
7:25 is me when my teacher calls on me when I don't raise my hand
Laxnation 24
Laxnation 24 Hace 23 días
This guy is a fuckin retard
Dankenstein Corsentino
These Maricons are looking to hard for negative issues with restaurants.I like how dude says he's Latino,lol!!!
Heisenberg II
Heisenberg II Hace 24 días
First of all, frozen meat isn’t supposed to be cooked immediately, it needs sit for several hours in room temperature for it to properly thaw out, then you cook it. Second, cheese on nachos needs to at least be warmed up a bit for it to properly melt before being served. Not trying to sound like I’m a professional chef, but that’s just common sense. As someone that really enjoys real Mexican food, I find that food truck a disgrace to Mexican food.
Sam Friedman
Sam Friedman Hace 24 días
They should call that truck the suicide truck
Amber Price
Amber Price Hace 24 días
Hey Taco Bell is bae!!
Daniel Yanes
Daniel Yanes Hace 24 días
I bet the used condom would’ve tasted better.
Mr JukeDz
Mr JukeDz Hace 24 días
They complain about it being froze n, wtf do u think McDonalds is
Diego R V A
Diego R V A Hace 24 días
Shit don’t even look bad lmao
Jessiegamr Arias
Jessiegamr Arias Hace 24 días
Hey why are guys going to my food truck and being rude to my food u are a peice if 💩 you bi**h
Girls Are Property
Girls Are Property Hace 24 días
Cause you're food taste like ass and it even looks like it. Tooo😥🙊🙊👉🙊👉🌊😝🌊❤😚😘😘😱😝😊😘😂👄😂👄😏🌊😏👄🐔🐴🐻🐮🐻🐮🐴
karuna Tamang
karuna Tamang Hace 25 días
The fart sound 💨 though 😂🙈
Tonja Milan
Tonja Milan Hace 25 días
Can't even melt cheese!!!? What a disgrace.
peep tbgod
peep tbgod Hace 25 días
"ive never made nachos" bruh. im unsubing. lmao jk
Jason Kritzberg
Jason Kritzberg Hace 25 días
Got brisket nachos here once and I thought it was pretty good... or maybe I was just drunk from the bar
Frankisdank Hace 25 días
i hate that brennan thinks salmonella is part of a chicken
TheHorseLady1212 Hace 25 días
my fave thing to do is watch these vids while eating a delicious home-cooked meal. Makes them taste even better.
BW Baseball
BW Baseball Hace 25 días
Didnt this dude used to make funny vines. Now this nigga is guy fieri
David Leon
David Leon Hace 26 días
if you're a latino but pronounce foods the way he does you're white washed now i wait for the replies
David Leon
David Leon Hace 26 días
says ima latino and this and that but pronounces quesadilla like a white boy. smh.
papa shrek
papa shrek Hace 24 días
He is. Latinos are fucking annoying. You look like you smell bad dude.
Thecrazycluckers Gaming
1like = 1 pray for Brennan
Queen Mona
Queen Mona Hace 26 días
Tortilla looks like dog shit on bread
XxXSnow WolfXxX
XxXSnow WolfXxX Hace 26 días
I am a latina
Sara Laboy
Sara Laboy Hace 27 días
Probably all chicken left over into one container n made it that way
Beatboxer900 Lit
Beatboxer900 Lit Hace 27 días
It’s like 10:00 in the morning and I smell tortilla chips, and I smelled it as soon as the nachos came out
Beatboxer900 Lit
Beatboxer900 Lit Hace 27 días
The Tray
The Tray Hace 27 días
Those tacos look like tacos a four year old would eat
oraenges Hace 27 días
gordon ramsey is QUAKING
Ulises Evaristo
Ulises Evaristo Hace 27 días
Thats a used comdome with cum inaide of it
Raffy Alam
Raffy Alam Hace 27 días
Stop blurring stuff out.. your in public it's your 1st amendment right you can film w.e the fuck you want.. stop blurring and hiding shit.. there is no expectation of privacy in public.. 💯 expose as much as possible... Trust me they can't sue you for shit
BEAST BROS Hace 27 días
Behold, one of those people who finds a long word such as salmonella and throws it around constantly to make themselves sound smarter
ItsCC13x Hace 27 días
Ikr. It's obviously fucking cooked. Just cold.
lil Zak
lil Zak Hace 28 días
6:30 the farts lmao
BRAUUUN Hace 28 días
Their motto should be "Our food sucks but our bathroom is pretty cool, please stop by!"
Jeremy Ranson
Jeremy Ranson Hace 28 días
Either I'm high or I just smelled the cologne
artin Hace 17 días
Bruh same
David Savian
David Savian Hace 28 días
What's the point of doing these restaurant reviews if you won't name the restaurant or the location of the restaurant. smh.
Paradox Hace 28 días
A continuación
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