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Ed Sheeran - 'Songwriter' [Official Trailer]

Ed Sheeran
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'Songwriter' is an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the world’s biggest artists - Ed Sheeran.
Filmed by Murray Cummings, ‘Songwriter’ details the creation of Sheeran’s third studio album ‘÷’ and gives authentic insight into his life through never-before-seen home videos. Witness his creativity firsthand, from the very first chord to the finishing touch - the sounds become the songs on August 28th, exclusively on Apple Music.
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18 jul 2018

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Andria McCormick
Andria McCormick Hace 14 minutos
The song that means a lot to me and my boyfriend is Perfect by Ed Sheeran, I can't wait to see the movie.😀😃
Sara Frich
Sara Frich Hace un hora
Goosebumps!!!! Love you bro 👊
Saffron Jones
Saffron Jones Hace un hora
I ♡ Ed Shereen
natacha Yo
natacha Yo Hace 4 horas
El se murio no
xXDominOXx Hace 13 horas
Ed Sheeran's songs bring peace and calm to my ears.
nbn xtxtnd
nbn xtxtnd Hace un día
Vn điểm danh
Ashari Hassan
Ashari Hassan Hace un día
Hi Ed Sheeran, It was really a fantastic performace. Oh by the way, can you do me a favour? Would you mind react to one of my favourite local singer from Malaysia, cover - Anne Marie 2002. Her name is Shila Amzah..... You can obtain the video from the following link: esvid.net/video/vídeo-FIee2w-A4Zg.html Looking forward for your kind comment and review. Really appreciate if you don't mind.... tq.
stijnkehh Hace un día
you have such a strong personality and i love that ❤️
Luis Alberto Flores Lalupú
hilfiah hilmy
hilfiah hilmy Hace 2 días
I love you, baby.
Mayrangeli  Torres
Mayrangeli Torres Hace 2 días
Ed I've grown a time where you were important. Your songs have make grow, made me laugh and cry. I really wish you the best of luck. And hope that the next album you bring to where I live I have the money to go to that concert.
#Music Girl
#Music Girl Hace 3 días
My dream has always been to meet you. Every time I think of meeting you I get so emotional. Your my inspo. Never stop writing songs. I hope one day i'll get to meet you because that's always been my dream and I truly wish that one day it can come true
Gum Bug
Gum Bug Hace 3 días
Getting teary
Caro _4575
Caro _4575 Hace 3 días
Amazing! ❤❤❤
Teddypupbear Hace 3 días
That was so cool 😎
Crazy creations Ore
Crazy creations Ore Hace 3 días
My teacher is called mrs Stanley!!!!!
Anime Songs
Anime Songs Hace 3 días
ارجو الاشتراك
meghana Revant
meghana Revant Hace 3 días
Aleja P. C
Aleja P. C Hace 3 días
Torn Saephan
Torn Saephan Hace 3 días
Show me the way to your love
Hwi Yeo
Hwi Yeo Hace 3 días
aoisjdaoi i didn't know this was a thing but oh god am i ready for this
Fez Hace 4 días
best musician of our generation
Alisha Hace 4 días
I've a Sheerious eddiction🎵🎵
Chelsea Tun
Chelsea Tun Hace 4 días
wait! Is this gonna be a movie
София Мальцева
Эд, ты очень красивый!!😍😘
Aslı Hace 4 días
You `re perfect ♡
Khrystine Ventura
Khrystine Ventura Hace 4 días
The making of the world's most relatable songs😍😍😍
Can I Be A Good ?
Can I Be A Good ? Hace 5 días
u are awesome
Kelbia e Ana danças da mão
Quando vai sair o clipe???
Duane Hace 5 días
Is he retiring?
Nora Hutabarat
Nora Hutabarat Hace 5 días
My favorite singer of all time!! 💕💕💕
Shivaliny Naidu
Shivaliny Naidu Hace 5 días
I think he wants to proof some "people" that he did wrote thoese song and i will support him...
Yologal420 Hace 5 días
Downloading the second it’s out #SHEERIOFOLIFEEEE
Lina Humpa
Lina Humpa Hace 5 días
Why only for apple??😭😭😭
Siderno Hace 5 días
Wow this actually made me go straight to apple music and play his album
Sonia Sochacka
Sonia Sochacka Hace 5 días
love it! ♥
Isabelle Estermann
Isabelle Estermann Hace 5 días
I Looooooove you You are THE best and m'y bigest wish is To meet you in real life . You are sooooo inspiering it is crazy And Evry time i am low i listen to your songs any time i am happy i love To listen to your songs I LOVE YOU .
hmmm raaj
hmmm raaj Hace 6 días
'A film by Murray Cummings' Someday I'm gonna be matured enough to say that without laughing.
chitra rekha
chitra rekha Hace 6 días
Ed you go💛
BL Rocky
BL Rocky Hace 6 días
BR 🇧🇷😁✌
Sarah Lou
Sarah Lou Hace 6 días
Annabelle Joy Manansala
Alan Sajju
Alan Sajju Hace 6 días
Ed is so inspiring. Thankyou ed we love you mate
Hanna Müllner
Hanna Müllner Hace 6 días
I love Your concert in vienna #night1❤️
True Unit
True Unit Hace 6 días
Ed divide is not your peak you can do so much better and divide was one of the greatest albums ever you can make the next one the greatest album
Ewa Krafczyk
Ewa Krafczyk Hace 7 días
Multi Tutorial Sub
Multi Tutorial Sub Hace 7 días
your fan from Pakistan 😍😍😍
I’m too broke :(
Ey Sami
Ey Sami Hace 7 días
Hello! Ed Sheraan, you are the maximum, I love you very much, who said I love you, you are the best. I love your songs, they reach my soul ... you know I had to search the translator in google because I do not speak English and all the comments were in English and I preferred to translate it so that you could read it easily ... May God bless you and I hope you read this message ... greetings from Venezuela. Venezuela te apoya- Perfect es mi cancion Favorita
lais legal
lais legal Hace 7 días
Como alguem da deslike ? Explica
kwaliu kunti
kwaliu kunti Hace 7 días
John mayer documented himself writing in repair so this isn't the first time someone's filmed themselves writing a song.
bts and riceopener and acrush
I got my boyfriend tickets to see him during his world tour for his birthday. He loves ed so much! I can’t wait to go.
AJ R. Hace 7 días
I like the idea of the film, makes people to be inspired to write, because some are talented but not creative enough and inspired
Yael Berger
Yael Berger Hace 7 días
I just got an ad for an apple product
- { Nay } -
- { Nay } - Hace 8 días
I CAN'T WAIT for this sheeeeeez
Rosmer Martínez leon
Muy buenas músicas
India Parkman
India Parkman Hace 8 días
So excited for this!!
Mikaela Rich Ermac
Mikaela Rich Ermac Hace 8 días
The trailer is already so freaking cool!
Frost Bite
Frost Bite Hace 8 días
Is this a movie
faye krit
faye krit Hace 8 días
I love his songs and I admire him as a person!!! Keep on being you Ed!!!🤗
Astro Boy
Astro Boy Hace 8 días
1:49 amazing
Julianna Xavier
Julianna Xavier Hace 8 días
Oh my God, I love Ed Sheeran so much!! I guess it wasn't one single time the I didn't cry watching the videos of his tours, I dream so much about the day i will finally got the chance to go to his show in Brazil, all my love ❤️
Chriis Hace 8 días
Only on ITunes? Naw that’s fucked up
A. Charles
A. Charles Hace 8 días
I aspire to inspire people with my music. Much love to anyone willing to give me a chance... Nearly at 400!
Luke Masters
Luke Masters Hace 8 días
I went to the ed Sheeran concert at Wembley stadium on the 16th of June it was the best day of my life
Thierno Ibrahima Diallo
Can’t wait to listen 👂 to this song the melody and beat are like Irish ☘️ 🎶 🎶 🎶
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 8 días
Galway Girl is on Ed's ÷ album, Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl [Official Video] esvid.net/video/vídeo-87gWaABqGYs.html&lc and so is his song Nancy Mulligan :)
Gab Riel
Gab Riel Hace 9 días
Ed Sheeran’s recipe Passion and consistency Now in full length movie
Rohaina Abdul Rasid
Rohaina Abdul Rasid Hace 9 días
August 8, 2018. Anyone??
Anna Gibbons
Anna Gibbons Hace 9 días
This man is a blessing to the music industry.
Jordan Hace 9 días
Fucking hell really? Cash grab much I like ed but seriously man why
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 9 días
yes it was done as an independent project over the last few years and was shown at some film festivals earlier this year... and now Apple Music have bought the rights to release the documentary. I'm sure it will be available on other platforms at a later date
Jordan Hace 9 días
Veronica M “independent” that’s why there’s a big Apple Music logo at the start......
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 9 días
Ed's cousin Murray filmed and direct the documentary as an independent film maker and invested his time and money, but lot of Ed's fans want to see bts of making Divide etc
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno Hace 10 días
He is a music genius
jay Hace 10 días
Shape Of You 👏🤪🎤
Brian Torres
Brian Torres Hace 10 días
So..is this a movie or just a video
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 9 días
documentary film
Ana Clara Nascimento
Ana Clara Nascimento Hace 10 días
Ed, you're always soo amazing!! Everything is perfect, thank you very much💫🖤
thebusyblondie Hace 11 días
Two days before I see him in concert! Magical! 👏🏻👏🏻
Rommy-Lenny Simon
Rommy-Lenny Simon Hace 11 días
❤️ I love it so much!!!❤️
Blackbird25 Hace 11 días
I feel like all the good songs are secretly written by ed Sheeran. He’s such a good song writer and his writing blows out hit after hit. And he takes it all with stride. I feel like Ed Sheeran could go his whole life happy without anyone knowing that those songs were written by him.
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 9 días
yeah Ed said he loves writing songs, whether he sings them or not, and just wants people to hear them. I guess that's why so many big named artists/bands have ended up with one of his co/written songs over the years. I think Ed will do more songwriting/producing as time goes by, rather rather than being in the public eye as much...
Sunkissed Sounds
Sunkissed Sounds Hace 11 días
I went to see him 24th June; best day of my life it was amazing
Psychopath Ways
Psychopath Ways Hace 11 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-QUhukRfTGn8.html MUST WATCH unreleased Justin song
Roopesh Shanbhag
Roopesh Shanbhag Hace 12 días
Ed Sheeran ❤️
steven talley
steven talley Hace 12 días
Ed is just a Perfect Artist ❤🤘
jackie desjardins
jackie desjardins Hace 12 días
Amazing singer and songwriter. Seen ed Sheeran at etiehad stadium 2nd night. Wow thank you for a fantastic night 😊
Yellow Night
Yellow Night Hace 12 días
I cant wait
fahad Hace 12 días
Ed’s songs are every feeling of mine
Esra Gürcü
Esra Gürcü Hace 13 días
why are artists releasing these kinds of amazing stuff only exclusively on Apple Music. Like: only the apple users can reach it, only the ones who are paying more than necessary for a phone.. This is so rich people privilege.. I love Ed Sheeran, I do really much, that's why this is breaking my heart, even if it's a little thing.. Bring it to androids too!!
Veronica M
Veronica M Hace 11 días
I think it will be on other platforms after the initial release on apple music. Ed's cousin Murray produced the film as an independent film maker, so he will want to make some money out of it :)
naneki Hace 13 días
by the way he's not going to do that but he is giving out take me to the bus she let me and him seeing so ha ha you'll be singing and stop talking to stop talk about him and he's he doesn't know you I annoying him and she she deserves to be with you she said it to you like that he called me and he said he teach Tudors riq and he said to you f*** yourself he wrote other Me Ed Sheeran does Tommy and she just told me that and he said please stop subscribing stop scaring me and stop commenting here and he hates it and and please this season please stop watching his video and he said that im allowed to watch Holly and let you guys so so my fault and she said that he's he's he's he's out he don't want to you don't want to do it he he he didn't want to do singing this is he said he wanted singing with me and sorry about that by and he said that I'm going to his I'm going to his tour and I'm going to sing me and him so now you guys not my fault by
FilthyAce Hace 13 días
1:04 so cute 😍
Aditya B
Aditya B Hace 13 días
wicked sixth
wicked sixth Hace 13 días
hes song's are just Perfect and dive right in to you :)
melania skalny
melania skalny Hace 13 días
Almuntaka Mahin
Almuntaka Mahin Hace 13 días
Is Songwritter your movie Ed Sherran or anything else
Melissa Hace 13 días
oh no it's on apple. fuck y'all
Melissa Hace 13 días
Robbie Rooney
Robbie Rooney Hace 13 días
Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance! What a combination! Throw in Ryan McMullan, Gareth Dunlop and a lot of the other Irish contingent you get something truly spectacular! Looking forward to seeing this. Keep it up!!
kay salmond
kay salmond Hace 13 días
Eranga Mendis
Eranga Mendis Hace 13 días
PKR D Hace 13 días
This would be so much fun to watch 😍
The random Fan
The random Fan Hace 13 días
I’m waiting for u Ed!! Lots of love from SA❤️❤️😂
Anandu A
Anandu A Hace 14 días
nkn skywlkr
nkn skywlkr Hace 14 días
You just made me fall for u even more....
Kirre Rendon
Kirre Rendon Hace 14 días
A continuación