EGG DROP - Bobby Duke vs William Osman

William Osman
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Professional egg dropper William Osman challenges Bobby Duke to an egg drop.
Bobby: esvid.net/u-bobbydukearts
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16 may 2019






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Nayeli Nuńez
Nayeli Nuńez Hace un día
My phone percent was at 95% when he said that there a 95% chance that it would survive
Lil Stevers
Lil Stevers Hace un día
"I'm a bold guy. In fact; what was that guy? That guy who uh it was, uh , dadgummiticantthinkofhim hewasthatguy! You-You guys know what im talking about; that guy?" "That /guy/?" "you know that guy??" "Bobby there's literally hundreds of those." "Whatever.. theres not that many." I laughed so hard its 6:49am. T_T
GaffieYT Hace 3 días
Look it’s a big hairless dog downstairs
DNA Project
DNA Project Hace 5 días
2 guys in a attic making egg protecting mechanisms while talking about rat poop and a sky light
Xyomara Grace
Xyomara Grace Hace 8 días
Fola Joy
Fola Joy Hace 8 días
Let's sail these ships
It EGGsploded
Nicole Hopler
Nicole Hopler Hace 10 días
Wait how did he know that Michael looks horrifying when he has no clothes on
Jayce Schneider
Jayce Schneider Hace 12 días
William: loses Bobby: hold my bubble wrap
LUXO Hace 13 días
4x Ballons + Tape?
David Ferreira
David Ferreira Hace 14 días
Grace Muturi
Grace Muturi Hace 14 días
There is millions of that guys
Juliette Tait
Juliette Tait Hace 14 días
Poor mark you made him look bad
the Punks
the Punks Hace 16 días
Mark Rover
hannah bono
hannah bono Hace 17 días
Does he know suppository means a medication that goes up ur butt😂😂😂
ShadowChilly Hace 17 días
7:07 50 thousand on my head is disrespect.
me as a stupid lil idiot
you 2 look like brothers
Akatsuki Hace 18 días
Hey look it’s bobby I wawnt that wewd
NIKO Gunner 1
NIKO Gunner 1 Hace 19 días
NIKO Gunner 1
NIKO Gunner 1 Hace 19 días
BoomMan_52 Mc
BoomMan_52 Mc Hace 22 días
Jello and egg is EGGO you uncultured swine
Wagwan It’s Bonbon
Wagwan It’s Bonbon Hace 22 días
William: *gives up on taping popcorn individually to the outside of the jelly pots* Me: oh good so now he’s going to just put the jelly pots inside the popcorn bag and tape the popcorn bag shu- William: *tapes jelly to top of bag of popcorn* 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Dark Hace 27 días
My actual 2 favorite ESvidrs
ima cool human not
ima cool human not Hace 28 días
You guys saying that guy so much makes me want to legely change my name to that guy
blue7339 Hace 29 días
Bobby those eating noises make me want to shoot myself
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Hace un mes
best series on youtube
J Connal
J Connal Hace un mes
Will has a lisssp
Eric Davis
Eric Davis Hace un mes
Bobby Dukes interacting with Michael Reeves is probably the best thing i have ever witnessed.
Grady Legoman
Grady Legoman Hace un mes
I know the guy
Foo Doots
Foo Doots Hace un mes
Start doing this with gangster rappers n watch yo channel blow up
SHARK FINN Hace un mes
Ur not a rodent I love it
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Hace un mes
Im that guy
Leah Shinkle
Leah Shinkle Hace un mes
You know, that guy?
Dragos Daniel
Dragos Daniel Hace un mes
the bag is lighter there fore it gose up wile the jello is heavyer there for it gose down have your egg sit un on somthing that has somthing heavy to point it down ex have a bag of chitos with an egg inside baloon on top nut glued on bottom survives evrey time
NLvideomaster Hace un mes
Now I sort of want to know if the egg would've survived with just the jello and falling straight
TheKingDavid Hace un mes
You should had tried to drop it better
Isaiah is A soft trashcan
I thought it was the same people in the thumbnail for a second
Mr. Poopertron9000
Mr. Poopertron9000 Hace un mes
0:29 ASMR
Darkestrose2005 Hace un mes
I remember when I did the egg drop in school, I made a basket out of popsicle sticks and on the bottom of the basket I made a round fan structure out of sticks and paper and then gave it a parachute made out of paper. So I made a hot air balloon sitting on a big disc basically(I was having a lot of fun with this project). A bunch of kids in my class thought it would never work and yet when we did the drop, all the people who said it wouldn't, had their eggs smash on the ground and mine beautifully soared through the air in swaying circles landing perfectly on the ground. It was pretty damn satisfying considering unlike everyone else my egg wasn't strapped in, it just sat in an open basket lol.
EverLastThink Hace un mes
Claylings Hace un mes
Great collaboration, I love Bobby Duke
W1tch B1tch
W1tch B1tch Hace un mes
Dude you could’ve just stuck the egg in the bag of popcorn
joe ciocca
joe ciocca Hace un mes
3:01 Micheal haha
Em _
Em _ Hace un mes
We did this in elementary and our team just made an improptu parachute from a plastic bag and then we just wrapped the egg in a looooot of tape, once we finally cut it out of the taoe we discovered that it was only cracked so a win
Pufferfish 2074
Pufferfish 2074 Hace un mes
We've had idubbz, the u.s. navy, and bobby duke! I wonder who it could be next!
Strike 8
Strike 8 Hace un mes
What guy
pistachio test
pistachio test Hace un mes
Have you never heard of a popcorn ball?
Abigail Irwin
Abigail Irwin Hace un mes
William....why didn't you just put the egg in the popcorn bag? Even if it had to have been the eggjello contraption....why did they let you tape it on top of the popcorn??
Brandi McDonald
Brandi McDonald Hace un mes
u gay
[AMBERIONIK] Hace un mes
Why does every williams contraption have the same problem of only working when it falls verticly
Cheif Aw3some
Cheif Aw3some Hace un mes
U would have bought wewd Bobby
MARIO reviews 123
MARIO reviews 123 Hace un mes
Egg + jell-O = Eggo
Indigo Cat
Indigo Cat Hace un mes
should have stirred up the jello
cash sanders
cash sanders Hace un mes
i want bobby dukes sunglasses
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro Hace 2 meses
6:14 sharknado flashbacks
XxJackerooxX Hace 2 meses
Quick question.. has a Michael Reeves/William Osman egg drop challenge occurred? If so, link? If not... why the HELL not!?
Ashley McBrayer
Ashley McBrayer Hace 2 meses
You don't have to send me to Bobby. I already follow the "wewd" guy he's.... Amazing!👍🤙
Justen Siljan
Justen Siljan Hace 2 meses
the reason for wills failure is that the jello had no where to go but to compress the egg. if he made like holes for the jello to seep through i think it would have survived
ruwin 04
ruwin 04 Hace 2 meses
I thought you are brothers
Fredzedest1 777
Fredzedest1 777 Hace 2 meses
Do it with mark ethan and tyler
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