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20 dic 2011






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Mel Marien
Mel Marien Hace 8 horas
This is the greatest unintentional find just yet.
Gysellyalvesp Hace un día
Rita Jasso
Rita Jasso Hace un día
BEAUTIFUL..🎶🎶🎶..JB939♥️🥰🎶💛🎶Sweet Melody 🎶
aysgl dgn
aysgl dgn Hace 2 días
güzel şarkı bacımsular
Daniel walliams
Daniel walliams Hace 2 días
is this a still image im so high on acid right now and i need to know
LIZETH Valencia Gallardo
Riccardo Brugnaro
Riccardo Brugnaro Hace 2 días
4.47 wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Rokusho Hace 2 días
I am such a troubleman :(
Maya kashyap
Maya kashyap Hace 3 días
You won't believe I was searching this song for years I guess 2 finally found it and makes me so nostalgic. I and Sophia used to listen this back in 2013-14 but then one day they took her and after a month I heard she has committed suicide and now all those memories are here again and it's unexplainable incurable melancholia I really miss her I can't believe I came this far 5 years omg thank you for listening take care and keep loving and stay close to your loved ones
Tiago DM
Tiago DM Hace 3 días
8 years later and this 8 minute song makes me so calm, smooth, on another planet I loved this song here in Brazil
André Filipe
André Filipe Hace un día
sempre tem br mano
Maya kashyap
Maya kashyap Hace 3 días
You won't believe I was searching this song for years I guess 2 finally found it and makes me so nostalgic. I and Sophia used to listen this back in 2013-14 but then one day they took her and after a month I heard she has committed suicide and now all those memories are here again and it's unexplainable incurable melancholia I really miss her I can't believe I came this far 5 years omg thank you for listening take care and keep loving and stay close to your loved ones.
Ari Chama
Ari Chama Hace 3 días
Hello, my name is Ariel, I am from Mexico. I am trying to raise funds to be able to return to university since I had to abandon it to help my mother and my brother, I currently work repairing clothes, and I do some work such as rehearsals or crafts but I cannot go back to school, I am trying to develop bags for myself, my idea is to incorporate organic materials that do not pollute the planet, so I can help myself to work and thus be able to go back to school, I want to study architecture, please take the time to read my story and my idea to get ahead, if you can help me by donating or sharing my message to more people I would appreciate it, if you have questions ask me, the least I want is for them to think that I want to scam them when all I am looking for is to achieve my dream of being an architect. This is my campaign where I explain my situation and my idea I hope you can help me: www.airfunding.net/project/173862?hl=es& I also made a video that is on youtube if you want to see it: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E6Xn4ETzC5k.html You can also make a direct donation in Paypal which is linked to my fundraising campaign: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=SXU2EUQ899GQU&source=url With all my heart thank you for taking the time to read my situation, thank you very much, blessings!!.
Joe Iacovino
Joe Iacovino Hace 3 días
How is this so good, but everything else I heard so far from this group pretty bad. Am I missing something? Is there more from this band like this?
Natalia Ruiz
Natalia Ruiz Hace 4 días
Exquisite song
Camilo Lopez
Camilo Lopez Hace 4 días
me cago en dios
anna tsou
anna tsou Hace 4 días
HOW DID I JUST NOW RANDOMLY COME ACROSS THIS SONG?!??? i have never been more in love
Nabiha Tahsin
Nabiha Tahsin Hace 2 días
maybe she's got it bad for u? XD
melow elf
melow elf Hace 4 días
Okay my hears just heard something really good that instantly distracted me from my work. Why am I only discovering this now. Thank you youtube.
Priyanshi Bahadur
Priyanshi Bahadur Hace 2 días
I have an assignment to submit but guess I'll sit here and keep on listening to this song :)
Enzo Di Pasquali
Enzo Di Pasquali Hace 4 días
ROMANE je t’aime je suis sur que tu verras ce commentaire un jour !!!!
Illiden ian jr
Illiden ian jr Hace 4 días
Can’t stop playing it in loop🤯🤯🤯
Draco Volantus
Draco Volantus Hace 4 días
I can't play, I have better cards but I loose becase I'm distracted, go to hell
Comte Hades
Comte Hades Hace 5 días
Aarsten Whocares
Aarsten Whocares Hace 5 días
I listen to this every day, one time at least.
Link_Lonk Hace 5 días
Songs like these make me want to learn to animate animatics for (insert every single fandom I'm in)
The Dveb
The Dveb Hace 5 días
im 9 years late but im [i tried to think of a joke for the entirety of this song im so bad at this]
Nabiha Tahsin
Nabiha Tahsin Hace 2 días
haha... it is ok i got... i too found this song recently :')
Shyssa Logroño
Shyssa Logroño Hace 5 días
Sublime ❤️ im melting mentally with this song.
Baby Yoda!
Baby Yoda! Hace 6 días
I'm the 1k comment 😃
JaybayJay Hace 6 días
Isn't there a faster version of this song, or am I thinking of a different song that sounds just like this?
kernbread Hace 6 días
The shiniest diamonds are hidden, same as this song
Kal Yan
Kal Yan Hace 6 días
There's no guitar tutorial... 😢
roma1474 Hace 6 días
Muy bueno
srinidhi nagarajan
srinidhi nagarajan Hace 7 días
WhAt In ThE fRiCk????!!! Why hadn't I discovered this sooner! This is amazing in every way!!!!
Ma Na
Ma Na Hace 7 días
Can't stop replaying it! :)
Nabiha Tahsin
Nabiha Tahsin Hace 7 días
I have got heck of a good song recommended right now!! TwT
Entraya Crosshill
Entraya Crosshill Hace 8 días
this song is long enough to give me abandonment issues when it finally ends
Daniela Barriovsky
Daniela Barriovsky Hace 9 días
I'm just loving this song out of nowhere. I wish you have an amazing day 💫
R W Hace 9 días
What a great ESvid recommendation this is. Just beautiful.
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire' Hace 9 días
holy shit I forgot about electric guest. but what a fucking treat to see they have a new album out, i'm so excited to give it a listen. edit: wait no it's TWO albums. jfc time moves WEIRD when you get older wtf
E Rodriguez
E Rodriguez Hace 9 días
This was in my "Up Next" autoplay - I immediately love it!! Thanks YT algorithm
Dan Snow
Dan Snow Hace 10 días
eu poderia ficar horas e horas ouvindo isso.
Khalifa Alajeel
Khalifa Alajeel Hace 10 días
drop n slide through mechanism
Zoraug Hace 11 días
I think i might be fallen in love of a girl who listens to this music.
nida çötok
nida çötok Hace 11 días
Tiberius galiba. Belki Octavianus.
Nutsa kh.
Nutsa kh. Hace 11 días
You know it's a good song when it's like 9 minutes long and you still can't help but replay it multiple times.
thenewvoice8 Hace 2 días
Shit, truly I hadn't even realised it was that long!
Dawson Hace 8 días
every day*
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire' Hace 9 días
you also know it's a good song when you accidentally forgot it existed for like 4 years but somehow still know most of the words (true for the whole album actually).
K M Hace 11 días
I hope I am number 100 001 ;) 🤗
James Bond
James Bond Hace 11 días
They hit 100k subs today yay
AK-draws06 Hace 11 días
I can’t help but associate this with (best show ever created) Babylon Berlin. It can’t be just me
AK-draws06 Hace 3 días
@Bryan Lucas it’s a Netflix Original by the way so it is totally accessible to anyone with Netflix
AK-draws06 Hace 3 días
@Bryan Lucas it takes place during 1920s Berlin Germany. (Yes it is originally in German and I recommend it over the dub) It follows Detective Gereon Rath, a man suffering from shell shock after WW1, and wannabe detective Charlotte Ritter, a…woman who would do anything for work. It is a Neo-Noir, mystery, and “German Angst” show. So far it has 3 seasons- a fourth has been announced- and it is supposed to lead up to the rise of Nazi germany through a German viewpoint rather than that of the common American or media portrayal. It is super good and emotional- I highly recommend it! Word of advice you won’t really understand what is going on until around episode 5 then you will know pretty much everything you will need to know :) German Tv does not really do exposition so you have to figure it out for yourself
Bryan Lucas
Bryan Lucas Hace 3 días
@AK-draws06 Never heard of, what it is all about?
AK-draws06 Hace 5 días
@Constantin Raileanu OMFG THANK YOU!!!!!!! God I mean Dark is another show that is seriously underrated BUT no ONE talks about Babylon Berlin!!!! Despite it being one of the best TV shows I have ever seen my lord!!!!
Constantin Raileanu
Constantin Raileanu Hace 5 días
babylon berlin is THE BEST
megapanka Hace 11 días
This is so good. What the fuck.
N. Dilay Sunan
N. Dilay Sunan Hace 11 días
Mashungam Ningshen
Mashungam Ningshen Hace 12 días
Change the music to just slow piano, orchestra, tune down the tempo and you have a James Bond theme.
Sonam Nathani
Sonam Nathani Hace 12 días
I love this song so much, holy shit
Calm Relax Station
Calm Relax Station Hace 12 días
Have a wonderful day and stay safe everyone!
R W Hace 9 días
You too. Greetings from England 🇬🇧.
Tafhim Ul haque
Tafhim Ul haque Hace 12 días
dude i guess I have a curse on this song MY HEADPHONES ALWAYS GO OUT OF CHARGE ON THIS SONGG!!!! NOW I am writing with pain and sorrow in my heart.. lmao
manu Hace 13 días
damn this is good. best accident click ever
Different Mike
Different Mike Hace 13 días
Does anybody know who is on the cover?
FedTY Hace 13 días
i love french fries
i love french fries Hace 13 días
this song is too good.. anybody knows any other songs that are just like this?
Hannes Kbig
Hannes Kbig Hace 13 días
i feel you! just put it on repeat... :)
Lucius Fong
Lucius Fong Hace 13 días
is this augustus caesar?
Andrea Nicole Florida
Andrea Nicole Florida Hace 13 días
this is the random click that changed my taste in music
Chicken Life
Chicken Life Hace 13 días
john taghoy we all are
john taghoy
john taghoy Hace 13 días
we on the same boat
WI-FI Ultrasnoop
WI-FI Ultrasnoop Hace 14 días
When ESvid recommendations actually works. On a more serious note, has the recommendations been getting a little to good recently?
Shook Girl
Shook Girl Hace 2 días
Yeah definitely
ede Hace 5 días
I am very satisfied with the youtube algorithm recently. :)
boiledelephant Hace 6 días
Yeah I got here by recommendations and it's an instant favourite. Been trying to find more folky road music like this for ages.
Jake Godfrey
Jake Godfrey Hace 8 días
Dude, since C-19 I’ve been getting nothing but 🥇
WI-FI Ultrasnoop
WI-FI Ultrasnoop Hace 10 días
@Blood Sport Maybe this will give you an insight into how the bots/algorithm works: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R9OHn5ZF4Uo.html
구독 Hace 14 días
인생 노래 찾았다! 노래 겁나 좋네
Ismael hoyos martinez
Ismael hoyos martinez Hace 14 días
The lyrics are strange, at least to me, looking on internet ¨shelbssson¨ made a really good explanation of the lyrics: ¨I think this song is about accidentally ruining a relationship by over thinking it and creating problems where they don't exist. The "troubleman" is reflecting back on how he had a perfectly good girl and a perfectly great love, but he was constantly worried about "what if" scenarios that weren't real which lead to the loss of love.¨ Evidence: 1: "she's got it bad for me, she's got it bad for me, the only game she played, now turned the other way" Although the girl genuinely loved him, the Troubleman always assumed she was playing games with him or being dishonest because he was too insecure to accept that she might really love him. When he reflects back in this song, he realizes that she wasn't being deceptive and that the only "game" she was playing was enjoying what they had. Now that he has ruined it, the game has turned the other way and she is not interested. 2) "Back at the start, I was still in love with the way. It's a long way, From what's become." When you first fall in love, all you notice is the good things about a person, big or small. Here, he is saying that in the beginning he was in love with "the way", which to mean that he was simply in love with the way she was and everything about her. There were not any pet peeves, annoyances, mistrusts, or doubts at the start. As time wears on, the honeymoon affection wears off and "troubles" and the worries set in though and now they are a long way away from the feelings they had in the beginning. 3) "Filling my cup, Playing at the edge of the shore. See the way she moves, I broke the spell." I don't get this verse as a whole, but I think parts of it can be taken in different ways to suit the overall theme. "Playing at the edge of the shore" could be his sentiment that they almost had it and were almost there, they were playing so close to love but he couldn't fully dive in. "See the way she moves, I broke the spell" goes back to the line we talked about above where he said "I was still in love with the way". At the beginning he was in love with the small things about her like the way she moved. By overthinking the relationship and causing arguments over nothing, he has made her insecure and made her act differently, hence "I broke the spell" 4) "oh no, try to fix it before you break it then it's gone" This one is one of the most obvious. The troubleman was too focused on fixing problems that didn't exist and that caused a breakup. He fell in love with her because of who she was then was always afraid she was too good to be true instead of just cherishing her. For example, perhaps he was so in love with her and scared to lose her to someone else that he had major jealousy and constantly accused her of cheating when she was doing nothing wrong. This kind of constant unfounded persecution drove her away. 5) "troubleman, you wished it all away" Again, semi-obvious. He was too caught up in daydreaming up "what if" scenarios to focus on the present, and that kind of thinking lead to it's demise.
Addie Hace un día
No one except you explained my first and currently only relationship i ever had in the past, she was just so perfect and i wasn't even near here on looks, personality, aura, and even more she just came out of nowhere and before i knew it we had the same feelings i wanted to keep her forever thinking of the future on ways how to do it forgetting the present, she was so sweet and happy and everything else you could ask for in a relatio ship, 7 months later my insecurities mix with overprotectiveness was weighing down on her she was my first i still dont know what i was doing or why i just wanted to do everything perfectly forgetting how she feels about my suggestions.....
Nabiha Tahsin
Nabiha Tahsin Hace 6 días
@Bahadır Demir same same!! Hi5 bro!! XD
Bahadır Demir
Bahadır Demir Hace 13 días
I found this song now and i think it’s gonna be my favorite
I'm ECIR Hace 14 días
good explanation bro!
Kennedy Hace 14 días
Story of my life :(
Yugesh Sharma
Yugesh Sharma Hace 14 días
God This is good! Can anyone recommend such amazing extended musical pieces?
alejandro guevara
alejandro guevara Hace 15 días
I don't know why my Alexa can´t find this on Spotify!!
Moment Of Joy
Moment Of Joy Hace 15 días
German Rudecindo
German Rudecindo Hace 16 días
Now after a couple hundred of times listening to this masterpiace, now it sounds like " something in the way by Nirvana" just a little.
Luis Eduardo
Luis Eduardo Hace 16 días
This song is amazing!! Thanks a lot Eletric Guest👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Avtuka Hace 16 días
4:30 >>>>>
FiddleWiddle Hace 16 días
very good music, wonderful
Pretty Fancy
Pretty Fancy Hace 17 días
How did such a long song take such a long time to reach me? Worth the wait.
Junhyeok Jeon
Junhyeok Jeon Hace 17 días
beautiful... it's art
Sara Teixeira
Sara Teixeira Hace 17 días
BigBiteFishing with Robert Raley
Sounds like Parcels. Really good
Shinrai Hace 18 días
The "gun in hand" line is really fucking good for some reason. I love it.
Jared Montgomery
Jared Montgomery Hace 18 días
2020 just found it
Yashi Kamal
Yashi Kamal Hace 18 días
Never too late to find a good song. Now I can listen to this on loop. So will my cats.
anathemaoftruth Hace 19 días
This sounds way better at 1.5x speed
Julie Amaral
Julie Amaral Hace 19 días
I sent this to my Pablo, i hope he like it
Julie Amaral
Julie Amaral Hace 7 días
@Absolute Rose yes 🤍
Pablo Hernán Espejo Muñoz
Here i am, and i like it!
Absolute Rose
Absolute Rose Hace 11 días
did he?
badlovekills Hace 19 días
Oded Fried-Gaon
Oded Fried-Gaon Hace 19 días
Excellent. #OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic #Audioded
Lisa Hace 20 días
Is it Virgil one the cover? Does anyone knows?
Chevocon TV
Chevocon TV Hace 21 un día
Im 60 ...seen a lot, listened to more ..into Jazz fusion, rock, indie, motown, downtempo..you name it! But this song and its movements hits me like a ton of bricks every time I listen to it!
Aaron Chesler
Aaron Chesler Hace 18 días
dude I went to check out your profile to see who you are and your video on your car is nice. Well maintained classic vehicle. Wholesome dude, I'm your newest subscriber if you want to show off other cool things you have.
Nitwit's World
Nitwit's World Hace 21 un día
old ass song but yet still feels like it's new
Mister Ix
Mister Ix Hace 21 un día
Sent this to my crush she said my music taste is weird... Can someone tell me who's weird pls?
cyonide Hace 21 un día
better weird than flat
Areteo Hace 21 un día
Repetitive, soothing and long. Perfect music for having in the background while working.
Guilherme Reichardt
Guilherme Reichardt Hace 22 días
I have just heard Electric Guest for the first time! Absolutely lovedi it!!!!
battlecry 11
battlecry 11 Hace 22 días
Just felt so comfortably numb
QuestionEverything Hace 23 días
This might be the best thing ESvid has ever recommended to me.
badr issaad
badr issaad Hace 23 días
It is the best for me
Didnt realise almost 9 mins were over :)
Rijul Savio
Rijul Savio Hace 17 días
This song is perfect to put on while having a quick bath!
una popovic
una popovic Hace 23 días
Truth Hace 23 días
Rock on, Augustus.
NaT TurTL3
NaT TurTL3 Hace 23 días
i havent came back and listened to this song in 2 years. everytime i listen to it my heart breaks and reminds me of my friend Kenna Dadey, she committed suicide January 10th 2017. the day that forever impacted my life, we all miss her down here...💜
NaT TurTL3
NaT TurTL3 Hace 16 días
Trippy_Trolls lmfao so then leave?
NaT TurTL3
NaT TurTL3 Hace 16 días
John Smiley thank you :(
John Smiley
John Smiley Hace 16 días
RIP man. I'm sorry to hear that.
Trippy_Trolls Hace 17 días
No one asked
NaT TurTL3
NaT TurTL3 Hace 19 días
Steak Fries lmfao go fuck yourself kid
Chérie Hace 24 días
Who else feels like happy, sad and just melancholic for no apparent reason? Let me know ❤️
CreatedBySid !
CreatedBySid ! Hace 22 días
yea man, i feel like being on a death bed both mentally and physically
Ceanna marie
Ceanna marie Hace 24 días
This song is like life it comes and goes in waves
bk-x records 記錄
bk-x records 記錄 Hace 24 días
π ά ν τ α ⚡️💟
blarblablarblar Hace 25 días
Sometimes I see a pile of clothes on the ground and think it's my cat, before I realize my cat's been dead for like a year
Sebastian Hace 25 días
He had something to say.
Sayuli Casablancas
Sayuli Casablancas Hace 25 días
Es primera vez que escucho esta hermosa canción y ya se convirtió en mi canción favorita 7u7
Sayuli Casablancas
Sayuli Casablancas Hace 23 días
@Dylan Ospina jajajaja siiii tambien yo 7u7
Dylan Ospina
Dylan Ospina Hace 23 días
Oye que curioso ayer la escuche por primera vez también, la estoy repitiendo por 3 vez jajajaj
Ananya Mishra
Ananya Mishra Hace 25 días
8 years, 8:52 minutes, 8.3M views, 855 comments
Daniel Lascano
Daniel Lascano Hace 25 días
Very good music
Sky Throne
Sky Throne Hace 26 días
Random pick, and love this song. To find something you love without looking!
Rainer Tangdililing
Rainer Tangdililing Hace 26 días
I love this song..
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